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footsteps he flung himself easily outwit kings and milidown on the earth, and lay tary commanders, and that no there trembling antil the prison might long contain sound died away. At length, them, And he resolved that after muoh wandering, he he would not return to the reached the palisade that oity, but that he would jourguarded the camp, and was ney towards the mountains of able to climb it without being Ping, and take refuge with observed by the sentries. He certain Holy Hermits who fell heavily into the wet ditoh dwelt in those fastnesses. on the other side, and as he Now, when it was discovered orawled forth from it he heard in the camp that the prisoner a loud olamour arise in the had gone, there was a great oamp. Then he cast off his outory, but the King immediouter garment and fled into ately gave orders that Ti Yung the night with a speed that Seng was to be allowed to had rarely been attained by escape. This olemenoy was any philosopher. When, at due to the intercession of the last, being utterly breathless, Princess, who had stated that he was obliged to halt, he Ti Yung Seng was a complete saw lights moving about the imbecile, and that it was oruel oamp, and the noise of shout- to expeot him to understand ing oame faintly to his ears. or to remember even one of her Then the lights died out and Rules of Honour. The Prince, the blamour ceased, but the also, was of the opinion that silenoe that followed was even Ti Yang Seng was not worth more terrifying to Ti Yung , the trouble of a ceremony or Seng. He felt that stealthy the expense of a rope. So the purspers were close on his hanging was cancelled from traok, and he bounded and the orders of the day, and the ran like & frightened hare Orphrites advanood and easily until his limbs collapsed from took the city. And they reatter weariness, So he orept leased the Emperor from his into a wood, and lay there till iron cage and treated him with the day broke.

the honour due to the father of But when the dawn had the Princess; but he had passed painted the east with her so long a time in the cage that pageant of colour his spirits he continued for the remainder revived, and he began to of his life to regard himself as think once again that he was a bird, and he would twitter an extremely olever person, and and sing, and the light of his that the Goddess of Wisdom mind was darkened. had specially protected him, Ti Yung Seng journeyed for and that the Orphrites were three days towards the moun. bad sentinels and very great tains of Ping. He was exceedfools. And he composed ingly hungry, and found nothing several Wise Rales which to eat but berries and roots; demonstrated that philoso- nevertheless, his heart was phers of divine origin oould exalted within him, and he gloried in the magnificence of an aged man who possessed his wisdom, and anticipated great wisdom and foresight, with great pleasure the en- rebuked the others, and caused thusiastio reception that would him to be drawn up to the be accorded to him by the Holy edge of the rook. Ti Yung Hermits. In the afternoon of Seng was still very angry the third day he arrived at the when he stepped from the mountains, and after orossing edge of the basket, and dethe lower slopes he found & manded that the Hermits who small wooden shrine which had held the ropes should be was built at the foot of a punished instantly and severe. precipioe. The shrine oon- ly; the Chief Hermit, however, tained a bronze image of the appeased him with soothing Goddess of Wisdom and a words, and led him into the large gong; Ti Yung Seng monastery, and gave him food made the minor obeisanoes to and wine. The Chief Hermit, the goddess, resolving that a also, had been one of those statue of himself should be set who were clothed in pink ap in the shrine by the side of feathers and exposed to publio the bronze image. Then he insult, but he made no allusion smote lustily on the gong, and to that painful inoident. after a few moments a large Now when Ti Yung Seng basket hung on ropes began had eaten much food and bad to descend the precipice, and drunk great draughts of wine, Ti Yang Seng could see the his heart was yet more exalted, Holy Hermits far above him and he informed the Chief watobing its descent. He Hermit that he had been apmade the Five Gestures of pointed by the Goddess of Attainment, and the Hermits Wisdom, who had appeared to did likewise; then he climbed him in a vision, to be the head into the basket and was drawn of the monastery; he also slowly up the faoe of the rook. made allusion to his divine

But some of the Hermits origin, and gave orders that were they who had been an image of himself was to be dressed in pink feathers by set ap in the temple of the oommand of the Emperor, and Hermits. The Chief Hermit when Ti Yung Seng was suffi- bowed, but said nothing, and ciently near for them to reoog. presently led Ti Yung Seng nise him, they ceased to haul to his own dwelling, which the ropes, and took counsel to- was situated near the edge of gether. Ti Yung Seng was the precipice, and commanded very angry, and quoted the & wide prospeot of the plain Wise Rules, and put ourses below. And the tongue of Ti upon them; but when they Yung Seng was anleashed, and heard the Rules and the ourses he gave an account of all his they began to lower the basket. exploits - how he had comAnd Ti Yung Seng stamped in pelled an Emperor to send lordly anger, and almost fell forth a mighty army, and how from it. But the Chief Hermit, he had himself fought with VOL, CCVIII, -NO, MCCLXII.


great valour, and how he had doubtless be, 0 Omnipotent 8804ped from the prison One, but was it truly benefi. and the oamp, and the cent to make wars wherein so matter of the slaying of the many young men suffered torgentry. And Ti Yung Seng ture and were slain, and so waxed exceeding eloquent many women and children and shameless, and he oried : were left desolate, and 80 “I am the King of Life and many fair lands devastated and the Lord of Learning; the peaceful dwellings pillaged and Armies of the Unbeliever saw burned ?” But Ti Yung Seng me and were soattered; the laughed in soorn and oried: mighty Captains fled like dogs “I made wars in a just and before me. The Holy and righteous oause, and therefore Wise of Earth shall kiss my I rejoice in the destruction sandals, and the man apon that I have wrought and in whom I look askanoe shall the slaughter that I, even with become even as a dead worm." my own right arm, have acAnd he commanded the Chief oomplished. And my sword Hermit to fetoh more wine; shall flame out over all the and when it was brought, he world, until all men hail me drank and oried: “I am a as Chief God.” God; yea, one of the ohief of "Dear me !" said the Hermit, the Gods, born of the mighty appearing embarrassed. “Yet San and the tender Moon. we are taught that mildness The earth is mine, and all and pity are attributes of the men shall worship me. For Gods. But perhaps you posit is 80 written in the Wise sess these also ?” Rules."

“Verily do I possess them," The Chief Hermit bowed low answered Ti Yung Seng. and said: “What is written is “And I will give you a proof. written." And presently he I have not ceased to lament said: “Come, 0 Ti Yang Seng, the fate of the unfortunate ohild of the Gods, a little nearer sentry whom I was compelled the edge of the rook, to the to smite, and the memory of end that you may more con- that regrettable sotion baunts veniently survey the Earth me continually." And he which is yours.” And he led wiped away a tear. Ti Yung Seng to the platform Then the Chief Hermit was whenoe the Hermits were wont more angry, and said in his to let down their basket. And heart: “Now do I know that Ti Yang Seng surveyed the the man is a fool and . world, and uttered much fool. hypoorite as well as a bragishness, orying out that he was gart, for the smiting of the bountiful and beneficent, and sentry was the only sensible that the Earth should flourish act that he ever performed in exceedingly under his rule, his life." Bat he dissembled And the Chief Hermit waxed again, and said: “Wherefore, wroth, but he dissembled, and 0 Ti Yung Seng, should so said: “ Bountiful you will small a matter trouble your divine intelligence ? For it are a menace or a hindranoe was necessary for the good of to the Wise may be removed, the world that the sentry even by foroe, from their should be removed from your presence.” path.”

“I have no recolleotion of And Ti Yung Seng shed any such Rale," answered Ti more tears. Then he answered: Yang Seng ourtly, for he dis“Assassination is forbidden by liked greatly that other men Rule four thousand one hundred should venture to quote the and twenty-three A.”

Wise Maxims. The Hermit said inwardly: “Perhaps this may help you “O fool absolute and anteaoh- to remember it,” said the able, and pedant vile beyond benevolent and patient Herthe vileness of a dog." And mit. Then he lifted up his aloud he said: “But Rule nine foot, kioked Ti Yung Song thousand five hundred and over the edge of the precipice, eighty-two teaches us that and went thoughtfully home knaves and valgar men who to tea.

MAHSUDLAND, 1919-1920.



“MORNING, oh, my merry Derajat column sat about buzzer. What's the trouble Kanigaram, and save for 06that fetohes you out of your oasional sniping, peace lay downy couch before nine o'olook apon the land. But the of a spring morning?"

Mahsud had developed a fondThe staff officer, stretohed in ness for telephone wire, hence luxurious ease upon & sand- this story. Knowing the bag settee built around the Mahsud-his ohildlike habits, stone-and-mud fireplace in the his glorious lack of cobedug-out tent of the 1st In- sion as regards any system. fantry mess at Khaksar oamp atio harassing of our L. of in Mahsudland,

oast his C.-one oan role out any idea cigarette - oase over to the of Musa Khan's general staff signals officer who, slipping arranging widespread wiredown the worn sandbag steps, cutting on Sinn Fein lines as flopped despondently upon the part of its plan of campaign. gettee.

No, the Mahsud presumably Wire's gone again, Major. annexed wire from sheer joie Bally blinkin' wire's out again de vivre, though what he did both ways as usual.”

with it, exoept possibly tether He lit a cigarette and re- his animals, Heaven only lapsed once more into a gloomy knows. But for days now the silence which the staff officer R.E. sergeant-major (who sympathetioally shared. went not out upon repair

For many days now the work) gleefully reported half Signal Section at Khaksar an hour after dark: “Up wire camp had led a topsy-turvy out, sir,” disappeared, reaplife, spending their days trek- peared fifteen minutes later: king disoonsolately ap and "Down wire out, sir,” and down the river, putting new retired joyfully to bed. The lengths of wire into the tele- wretched linesmen, on the phone cables leading either other hand, retired sleepily way, and their nights sleeping each night, muttering their the sleep of the unemployed. sole adjeotive, to crawl out Their

proper programme in the cold thankless dawn in should have been iddy-umpty- the wake of the pioqueting ing messages most of the troops with drams of oable, night, and restfully fishing the returning late each afternoon, pools in the river by day. still blasphemously using the The fighting had died down foroeful but threadbare adeven right in front where jeotive.

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