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treble awnings. Nothing could when, in September 1507, the be done outside that proteo Portuguese seized the place tion until about six o'clock in and its riches, and reduced its the evening, when an hour inhabitants to subjeotion, with might be anatohed before dark. no siroumstanoe omitted of ness closed the scene. Laft audacity and oruelty. There could not therefore be con- the Portuguese remained, in sidered as a possibility for a complete lordship, antil 1622, “naval base,” in spite of its when, after a siege of three other decided advantages. months, Hormoz fell, with

It was late in Jane when Kishm, before John Company's we steamed back through ships, aided by a Persian force. Clarence Strait, and anohored Beside the ruined fort there at its eastern entrance off the are many ancient tanks, now town of Bandar Abbás, which empty and dry, out into the stands on the mainland rooky heart of the island. In here, and is faced by that the days of its splendid youth, famous island, Hormaz. Bagra water for these reservoirs was at the head of the Gulf, and brought off in skins by boat Hormuz at its mouth, are from the river Mirab, ten names to take you back, as miles away. There is no other on & Magio Carpet, 2000m. moisture obtainable, save for panied by Sindbad the Sailor, a saline triokle from the bills to a sandal-scented and roman- after rain. The general aptio past. Until the seventeenth pearance of the little island century Hormuz was the Mart is very remarkable. It oon. of the East, where all the sists of a rounded lump of riohes of India met in ex- bills, with three or four central ohange with the pearls of conioal peaks, seven hundred Bahrein, with the attars, the feet high. The lower parts, pungent gums, and spioery all completely barren, are of Araby the Blest; with dyed striped, and patobed, and garments from Basra, with barred with a geological silks and carved work, dam. “dazzle - painting” in oohre 890ened weapons, and delioate and red, brown, purple, and filigree of silver and gold buff, while the surmounting from Baghdad the Fortunate.cones, in strong contrast, are Iohabod! The glory has de- pure white. The whole effoot parted, indeed! Not a vestige is that of some monstrous now remains of it all, save dry padding, standing on the blueruins, houses orumbled so small and - white plate of the sea, that the few poor fishermen over whose apex has been who still oling to the place poured (in pre-war days!) a cannot utilise them as dwell- large jag of thick cream. iugs, but make for themselves , telegram was waiting us rude wigwams of date-palm at Bandar Abbás, which leaves. On & low point above ordered as to Maskat, to the village is the battered but await the next mail steamer, still threatening remnant of a which was bringing written fort built by Albuquerque, orders for further survey

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work required, before I four sides of a central courtshould leave for England. yard. You come into it We sailed at once, rounding through an arohway at the Cape Magandam, the Arabian baok, and find a broad flight gate-post of the Gulf, where of stairs on the right hand, it is only twenty-five miles leading to the oool verandah aoross to the Persian shore, and living-rooms on the first The extremity of the point is floor, whioh thus are well a tattered peninsula of bills raised above the heat of the whose heart is penetrated by ground, and look widely forth deep voloanio fiords, the whole on the harbour. Mrs Resident being joined by a narrow neok was a lady whoge kindness of to the mainland to the south- heart extended itself far past ward. On its barren slopes the plane of humanity, and there olings a settlement, said roached down, oven, to our to be formed of the last distant and nasty little relromnants of the aboriginal atives, the Apes. She kept, inhabitants of Arabia, ohildren in the courtyard of the Resiof Shem, andilated by the denoy, & collection of the more restless Bedouin blood of Ish- highly-coloured of these oreamael, the race now dominating tures. No Thamos barge, the remainder of that highly brilliant in red, blue, and undesirable land.

yellow, on display more It was refreshingly cool at startlingly effective bows, or a Maskat, outside the Gulf more originally conceived stern limits, for the Monsoon had doooration than could these “broken." The gracious mois. Simian guardians of the stairs; ture and coolness which the and no bargee ever had such Monsoon brings aoross the sea & command of the language to India does not aotually of exeoration as they. They reach these deserts; but it goashed their teeth, yearnaffects the whole Indian ocean ingly, at the unfortunate generally, so that every coast- visitor; they leapt and danced line bathed by its waters re- at the full extent of their joices therein. The five days straining waist-chains, oluckthat followed at Maskat, while ing and gibbering at him, or we waited for the mail, were hideously shrieking battle, pleasant enough. There was murder, and sudden death; a good deal of back survey. they seized the hand-railwork to be plotted and reports meroifully a stoat one, and to be written, and the busy they could only just reach itdays on board the ship were and shook it in impotent fury. usually ended by cheerful sun- In brief, they put the wind downings at the Residenoy, up you. By closely hugging with tennis and tea. The the wall on the starboard Residenoy was a house, how. hand, and not hauling to the ever, to be approached with wind again, antil well past some siroumspeotion, in spite these dangers, it was, however, of the hospitality of its inbabi- just possible to oircumnavigate tants. It is built around the them; and the delightful wel


come that greeted the visitor to oarry the tea things up that on the top landing made quite atrooious precipice. In my well worth the Passage Peril. cowardly and sympathising ons below. One day there was heart I could not blame him. to be a pionio, which (it was Not so Mrs Resident. With 80 arranged) was to take place high originality of method, on the top of the steep rooky and entire knowledge of orags that rose immediately human - and especially of behind the Residenoy, to a Arab-nature, she summoned height of about three hundred to the verandah her whole feet. There was no path, it household,—there seemed to was real mountaineering, and be about twenty of them. involved stepping upwards, Selim was then ceremoniously nearly perpendicularly, from conduoted to the largest and one dangerous and precarious grandest chair, while the refoothold to the next. It was mainder of the “boys" were supposed to be cooler up there directed to pass before him, than on the shady verandah, there enthroned, and to salaam, and in any case it was a deep and lowly, proffering reohange. Suoh pionies had speotful salutations to one who often taken place before, and had grown so great as even to special wooden trays, upon equal the Mem Sahib in the which to carry up the tea giving of orders — the very things, formed part of the Mem herself, upon whom the Residential equipment. No eyes of all, hitherto, had dimination was permitted in waited! It was great fun; the glory of the repast. It and no strike was ever more was set forth on the topmost effootively or good-humouredly orag as exquisitely as on the broken. By the time the fourth verandab; the silver, the linen, reverential mooker had passed, the delioate china-all had to Selim bad had enough of it. be carried ap by the “house. He leapt from the chair, seized boys." No difference whatever his tray of silver, and preswas allowed, and they must ently, with several others, his have been jugglers of no mean chamois - assistants, was soalattainments to have soaled ing the difficult peaks, where these precipioes, as they con- presently we followed them, stantly did, carrying the deeply impressed. heavy trays, without either The mail steamer came at smashing or spilling anything. last, and the orders she brought When we, from the Sphinx, were for us to visit, and report arrived that afternoon and on, Chahbar, a good-sized bay, had suocessfully evaded the 150 miles away on the Makraging monkeys, we were in ran ooast, opposite Maskattime to witness an impressive whether Persian or Beluobi, soone and to learn a lesson in it would be diffioult to say. It household management. was of strategio importance,

It appeared that Selim, head and that was enough for os. house -boy, had struok! He We sailed immediately for that had refased point-blank again deleotable spot, and spent

there five days in obtaining plunged us at once into heat replies to the strenuous string and drought nearly up to of questions to which it was Persian Gulf standards. As I my task to find the answers. lay in my oarriage gasping for The old Sphinx rolled cease- air, parched with thirst, the lessly and abominably day and train drew up at the platform night on the Monsoon swell of some unimaginable place of which swept in and round the habitation in the wilderness, bay; but apart from that, and and there came in at my apart from its almost entire closely-shuttered window-for barrenness and laok of water, I had a whole carriage to the place certainly had possi. myself-& voice which said: bilities. In the pursuit of “Would you like some iced angles and heights, I olimbed grapes ?” I imagined at first, the hills that lie beyond the ip some dismay, that this was plain on whioh the little town only “light-headedness," and stands; and I have often won- the premonition of a heatdered since if any True Believer stroke; but it turned out te be oame aorong and oursed my a real offer, whioh almost imheel-marks in the sand. India- mediately materialised. If Mr rubber heels were compara- Bell, of the Indian Polioe, and tively new in those days, and his sister have forgotten that mine were sorewed on with a kind aot, and how they shared metal arrangement which left the contents of their ioe-box & olearly marked impression of (without which no sano Indian & Geneva cross behind it, travels by train in the height easily to be oonstrued by an of the summer) with an unimaginative native into a sign known griffin wayfarer, who of the times! We left Chab- had no such equipment, they bar, our work oompleted, pro. may now know that it has foundly sympathising with the ever been remembered by a staff of the Indian Telegraph ceaselessly grateful recipient! Station there marooned in the I sailed from Bombay in the desert, in tantalising tonoh good ship Arabia, and got with the news and the affairs home at the end of July, cool of the great world, and, like onoe more, and happy, bringlighthouse - keepers on some ing my sheaves with meisolated rook, in sight of its sheaves, in this oase, of reports passing ships, but oondemned and oharts, which included, I to stand outside it, & lonely may humbly believe, discoveries link in the chain of Eastern of & useful character. The Empire.

Admiralty letter of thanks, Three days later I was which in due course they packed up, and steaming away evoked, made a stimulating into the night, by the 10.30 glow in that dark corner P.M. train from Karachi to where each one keeps, or should Bombay. The line goes across keep, a oritioal estimation of a great stretoh of desert, and his own deeds.




Call it what you will, prize mand of the waters was such bounty, prize award, prize that few enemy merobant ships fund, it is all the same thing ever ventured into the high—the King's prize money ways of ocean, earned by his seamen and As Mr Laird Clowes once marinos in time of war. pointed out, prize money was

After hundreds of years it is the strongest incentive to still regarded as the rightful servioo in the Navy during the reward for the Admiral of the eighteenth century. The one Fleet and the ship's boy. side of the gamble was this Surely none oan begrudge this change of wealth. The other extra remuneration to the side appears in the statistics men who spent the fulness of the Seven Years' Campaign of their years on the grey seas, against Spain. Of 184,893 who went down to the deep 808men and marines employed, waters in queer ramshackle only 1512 were killed; but ships, seeking the unseen, who 133,708 died of disease and were endured and fought and gained missing – deserters in many great viotories.

cases, owing to the wretohed Thus shall it remain as an conditions of naval life. We encouragement to zeal and have no suoh gamble to-day. gallantry and enterprise - Early in 1914 the Admiralty though in aotual reality, prize abolished prize money, holding money has had its day and that “the private enrichment its glories have departed for of individuals by aots arising ever.

out of warfare is not compatNo longer oan an indomitable ible with the highest oonoepAdmiral, impoverished by oir- tion of the military or naval oumstanoes, despatoh his fri- profession.” The proceeds of gates in war-time to pick ap the sale of captured enemy a fow prizes to fill his purse. ships were to be used instead No longer oan an Anson wait for a system of bounties in for a treasure - ship worth a whioh the whole of the Navy, million and a half. No longer in place of a limited number do seamen "fry” silver of fortunate orows, might watohes over the galley fires share. Thus arose the Naval in an effort to expend their Prize Fund. suddenly acquired riches.

By the Order in Council in Possibilities of huge hauls of 1915, His Majesty deolared his treasure at sea did not exist intention to grant bounty (by in the late war. The largest virtue of the Naval Prize Aot seizures of ships took place at of 1864) to the officers and the inception, and our com- orews of such of his ships of

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