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extremity, will teach him to cry, “Abba, Father;" and, however trying the circumstances may be, sustaining his infirmities, and “bearing witness with his spirit that he is a child of God.”


Jesus, we hang upon the word

Our longing souls have heard from Thee;
Be mindful of Thy promise, Lord,-

Thy promise made to such as me;
To such as Zion's paths pursue,
And would believe that God is true.

Thou say'st, “I will the Father pray,

And He the Comforter shall give,
Shall give Him in your hearts to stay,

And never more His temples leave;
Myself will to My orphans come,
And make you mine eternal home.”

Come, then, dear Lord! Thyself reveal,

And let the promise now take place;
Be it according to Thy will,

According to the word of grace !
Thy sorrowful disciples cheer,
And send us down the Comforter.

He visits oft the troubled breast,

And oft relieves our sad complaint ;
But soon we lose the transient guest,

But soon we droop again and faint,-
Repeat the melancholy moan,
“Our joy is fled, our comfort gone!”

Hasten Him, Lord, into each heart,

Our sure inseparable Guide: O may we meet and never part

O may He in our hearts abide! And keep His house of praise and prayer And rest and reign for ever there



God, who as at this time didst teach the hearts of Thy faithful people, by the sending to them the light of Thy Holy Spirit ; Grant us by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things, and evermore to rejoice in His holy comfort; through the merits of Christ Jesus our Saviour, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the same Spirit, one God, world with. out end. Amen.


And suddenly there came a sound from hearen as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting ; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost."-Acts ii. 2, 4.


MHERE came a sound from heaven.” And where

fore came the sound from heaven? The words of the promise, if duly considered, may sufficiently explain. “Because the Spirit of truth," which Jesus

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engaged to bestow, "proceedeth from the Father," from whom "every good and perfect gift proceeds." For every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from Him, “with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning.” cept a man be born from above, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." The sound resembled that of a “rushing mighty wind,”—significant token of the almighty, irresistible influence of the Spirit of truth. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked," and nothing less than an omnipotent influence were equal to the work of its purificar tion. Christ, who knew its contents, has given us an account of its natural productions. (Mark vii. 21–23.) It is a dark catalogue ; but such as the experience of all sincere souls assures us to be true.

Could we imagine an unhealthy room polluted by the breath of disease, and the vast concourse of patients of all classes confined within its walls, with all the distressing consequences which attend the collection of numbers and the exclusion of pure air, we might form, perhaps, some faint idea of the diseased condition of the human heart. The only conceivable way by which 80 polluted a chamber could be purified, would be, it may be supposed, by the admission of a rapid and free ventilation, the windows on both sides being raised, and a complete draught allowed to pass through. In


like manner, when Christ raises the windows of the natural heart, and lets the mighty breath of the “Spirit which proceeds from the Father," sweep through its chambers, forth fly the corruptions which festered within-forth fly the innumerable train of diseases which tainted its atmosphere. Satan and his legions disappear, and the whole man, restored by the converting process, grows up into a holy temple for the Lord. This is the perfection of glory; and what is grace but glory in the bud ? “ And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.” Its effects were not confined to one or two individuals. As they all had met to seek the Lord, He was found of all. Now though He is nigh to all those who wait upon Him—where “two or three are gathered together in His name," He is, in an especial manner, “in the midst of them.”. He loves the social worship of His children; and there is no music so sweet to His ear as when their united voices ascend before His throne. There were, in the apostle's times, and should be in every age Christian assemblies for the worship of God, and for mutual edification. The communion of saints is a great help and privilege, and a good means of steadiness and perseverance. Let us not, then, “forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhort one another, and so much the more as we see the day approaching."

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