Pathways of the Pulp, صفحة 297

الغلاف الأمامي
Stephen Cohen, Richard C. Burns
Mosby, 2002 - 1031 من الصفحات
This book has been a market leader and book of choice in dental education and practice for many editions - the 8th Edition is completely revised and updated to bring you the latest techniques and materials developed for root canal work, apical surgery, the restoration of endodontically treated teeth and infection control. Provides thorough information on all requisite topics in endodontics: pulp development, structure and function; pathology; microbiology, knowledge of instrumentation, diagnosis of pulpal disorders, skills important to cleaning and shaping, surgery and retreatment.
  • Latest on retreatment devices and techniques, including new concepts and techniques for removing broken instruments and posts
  • Latest theories and methods for identifying extent of trauma and latest procedures for stabilizing patients
  • Current infection control guidelines and regulatory recommendations that apply to endodontic techniques
  • Latest devices for shapingroot canals, including applications of nickel titanium for hand and rotary files as well as other instruments
  • Challenge section contains over 400 multiple choice questions, many case-based and illustrated to help readers test their knowledge of important content.
  • Four completely new chapters Introduction, The History of Endodontics; Chapter 13, Endodontic Micobiology and Treatment of Infections; Chapter 17, Endodontic-Periodontic Interrelationships and Chapter 26; Digital Technologies in Endodontic Practice
  • Over 1000 new illustrations, including six 2-page full colour inserts
  • Chapter outlines presented at the beginning of each chapter
  • C-T scans of human teeth in chapter on Tooth Morphology

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    Endodontic Diagnoses and Management
    Preparation for Treatment Gerald N Glickman and Roberta Pileggi
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