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former stage drive off. Find out that Night being come, the two brothers there are no borses in. Perquisitions arrived to accomplish their project; and reluctantly and indolently made for you while the eldest kept watch, Berard at the doctor's, squire L.'s, &c. unsuc- began to penetrate the wall, in that part, it being the landlord's interest to detain where he had seen the pork hanging. you ; and hence,

But he quickly perceived that nothing. Misery 8th. -A day at a country was left except the string by which it was taverp, no books, amusements or com- suspended. “The bird is Aown,” said pauy, (see Washington Irving's Stout he,“ we are come too late.”

Travers, Gentleman ;) no good wine, no agreeable whom his dread of being rubbed kept prospect, no pleasant scenery, no pretty awake, thinking he heard a noise, waked chambermaids. The day seems like a his wife, and ran to the oven to see if the little eternity,

pork was safe. He fonnd it there ; but “Nothing there is to come and pothing pass."

as he was also apprehensive for his barn

and stable, he determined to make the Misery 9th.- Arrive at your destina. circuit of them; and went out armed, tion-hotel full-are corkscrewed up with a hatchet. Berard, who had heard five pair of stairs, to a little low dark him go out, took the opportunity to chamber with two beds. The servant

pick open the door; and approaching vanishes under the artful pretence of the bed, and counterfeiting the voice of filling your dressing pitcher; but returns

the busband, “ Mary,” said he, “the not-no bell-grope down to the bar

pork is removed from the wall. What every one busy with the previous cus- have you done with it ?” “Don't you, tomers, in their new coats and smooth remember, then, that we put it under skins :

: bar-keeper, from your muddy the oven," answered the wife, “what, has travelling frock, and long beard, takes fear turned your brain?"

« No, no," you for your own servant, and minds no replied the other, “I had only forgot. thing you say: dressing to go out-find But stop, I will secure it.” In saying that everything you want is pre which, he lifts the pork upon his shoulcisely at the nadir of your trunk, which ders, and runs off. is not quite so bandy as an elephant's :

After having gone his rounds, and. clothes full of wrinkles-cravats yellow carefully visited the doors, Travers requizzed by the native dandies, in the turned to the chamber. “I have got a reading and bar rooms ;-nobody to whom busband, said the woman, “who, it you have cards at home your banker in must be confessed, has a curious bead the country, to stay a fortnight-little

upon his shoulders, to forget money and no credit--see a tine girl in moment what he had done with his pork the streets laughs at your old fashioned another.” At these words Travers set coat, instead of falling in love with your up a cry. '“ I told you, they would comme de raison; find the reverse of steal it from me; it is gone, it is gone, the old proverb, about a prophet in his and I shall never see it more." Yet as own country, true-treated rudely at the the thieves could not be gone far, he had table d'hôte-quarrel-no friend to take still some hopes of recovering it; and your note-make your dying arrange- instantly ran after them. ments, no friend to leave them with

They had taken to a by-path across bound over to keep the peace, no friend the fields, that led towards the wood, to be bail-get into the coach to return where they intended to hide their booty. every thing worse than before, because Hamet went before, to secure the way; you have no curiosity to gratify, and have and the brother, whose load was a consiiired your body and mind into a state of derable impediment, followed him at a querulous despondence-arrive at home, small distance. Travers soon came up and learn that in your absence your firm with the latter. He saw him plainly, has failed, and your mistress married and recognized him. “ You must be your rival.–From an American Paper. somewhat tired,”, said he, assuming the

voice of the elder brother; “give me the THE THREE THIEVES.

load, and let metake my turn,” Berard,

who thought his brother was speaking to [Concluded from Page 224.]

him, gave Travers the pork and walks on. TRAVERS adopted his wife's advice. But he had not proceeded an hundred He took down the pork and laid it under ds before, when, to his great astothe bread oven, at the opposite end of the nishment, he falls in with Hamet. room; after which he lay down, but with “ Zounds !” cried he, “I have been a pind ill at ease.

ensnared. That rogue Travers has taken


[blocks in formation]

me in; but see if I cannot make amends' return, we shall see what method they for my folly.”

will devise to get hold of it again.” The He then strips bimself, puts his shirt one then made a fire, while the other over his clothes, makes himself a kind of divided the carcase, and put it piece by woman's cap, and in this trim runs as piece into the kettle; they both then fast as he can by another path to the seated themselves to watch it, one on house of Travers, whose arrival he waits each side of the fire place. at the door. As he sees him approaching, But Travers, who was almost exhausted he comes, appearing as his wife, to meet for want of rest, and fatigued by the him, and asks, with a feigned voice, operations of the night, soon began to whether he had recovered the pork shew a propensity to sleep. “Go, and “Yes, I have it," answered the busbond. lay yourself down," said the wife, “ I will «'Well, give it me, and run quickly to take care of the pot; all is fastened, the stable, for I hear a noise there, and I there is nothing to fear. At all events, fear they have broke in." Travers then if I should hear a noise, I'll give you throws the carcase upon the other’s notice.” On this assurance, he threw shoulder, and goes once more to make himself in his clothes upon the bed, and his rounds. But when he returns to the immediately fell fast asleep. The wife house, he is surprised to find his wife in continued for some space of time to bed, crying, and half dead with fear. He watch the cauldron; but drowsiness then perceives that he has again been began to overpower her likewise, and at cheated. Nevertheless, he was deter. last she fell asleep in her chair. mined not to give up; and as if his In the inean time, our thieves, after honour was concerned in the adventure, recovering from their alarm, had returned he vowed not to resign the contest, till to the oak; but finding there neither by some means or other he came off pork, oor man in chains, they easily victorious.

unravelled the plot. They conceived He suspected that the thieves this trip themselves dishonoured, if in this conflict would hardly take the same road; but of stratagems, Pravers should finally he knew the forest was the place they have the advantage : so they returned to would make for, and accordingly went the his house, resolved, for the last time, to shortest way to it. They had in fact strain their ingenuity to the utmost. already got there; and in their triumph

Before they undertook any thing, and eagerness to taste the fruit of their. Berard looked through the hole he had dexterity, they had just lighted a fire at made in the wall, to see if the enemy was the foot of an oak, to broil a piece of upon his guard. He saw on the one the meat. The wood was green, and

hand Travers stretched out upon his burnt but indifferently; so that, to make bed, and on the other the wife, whose head it blaze, they were obliged to go and nodded from one side to another, with a gather some dry leaves and rottea ladle in her hand, while the pork was branches.

boiling in the cauldron. “They had a Travers, whom the light directed to mind to save us the trouble of cooking the thieves, takes the advantage of their it,” said Berard to his brother: “and distance from the fire. He strips himself indeed it was the least they could do, entirely, climbs the oak, suspends himself considering what work they have given by one arm, in the position of a man who us already. Be steady, and rest assured had been hanged, when he sees them that I will help you to some of it." He returned, and busy in blowing the fire ; then went, and cut down a long pole, he roars out with a voice like thupder, which he sharpens at one end. With this “Unhappy wretches! you will come tó pole he climbed to the roof, and letting it the same end as me.” The two brothers, down through the chimney, sticks it in confusion, imagine they see and hear into a piece of pork, and raises it up. their father, and think of nothing but Travers at that instant happened to their escape. The other quickly snatches wake. He saw the manquvre, and his clothes and pork, returns in criumph judged, that, with such expert enemies, to his wife, and gives an account of his peace was preferable to war. « Friends,” recent victory. She congratulates him cried he, we are both to blame ; you, with a kiss, on so bold and well executed in breaking through the roof of my house;

“ Let us not yet fatter and I, in not inviting you to partake of ourselves with too much security," said my pork. Come down, and let us feast he, “ these queer fellows are not far off, together.” lle went and opened the door and as long as the pork subsists, I shalí to them. They set down together at not think it out of danger. But boil table, and were heartily recouciled to. some water, we'll dress it; and if they each other.

a manoeuvre,


nexions dying from positive exigence, To the south of Fort Cumberland, on and siuking on their couch of sickness, the Hampshire coast, rises a little knoll of without even a mouthful of bread to eat, ground, from which the adjacent land- and scarcely a torn rag to shield them scape assumes the most picturesque from the chilly night-air, drove bim to appearance. On one side, a gloomy the verge of distraction. When he saw morass dimly blackens the distant hori. the fading lustre in the eyes of his aged żon; but to the right of the fort, the grandmother-her form slowly sinking gently swelling hills that stretch along in the grave-her wan looks imploring the sea-coast, assume fainter tints as they even one solitary meal to comfort fer recede from the view, till at last they and her pallid cheeks gradually assuming terminale in the deep blue ocean; the cadaverous hue of death, his agony beyond, at the very verge of distance, assumed the aspect of determined insastands the gibbet on which the unhappy nity. He seized the opportunity, when convicts were executed. It is situated his father, partially recovered from indison a bleak desolate moor; and as the position, had gone to petition the mouldering remnants of the victims of governor of the fort for relief, to station justice swing loosely in the gale, or drop himself by the high-road, with the intenpiecemeal on the earth, the sea-birds tion of wresting money from each travelscream around the spot, anxious for their ler, for the purposes of future provision. prey, and presenting an image of unre. With a brace of horse-pistols in his lieved horror. When the day is stormy, pocket, he sallied out from the cottage the dark waves dash against the hills, the to put his nefarious design into immesea-fog rolls down their sides, and the diate execution. The night was well artificiał kuoll of earth is wet with the adapted to the occasion : it was dark and spray that foams around it with resistless stormy; and the continued roar of the energy. The eye of the passing stranger ocean waves, and the solitary shriek of is then perhaps attracted to the spot; for the sea-bird, increased the natural gloom when the lowlands are partially inundated, of the scene. The young man in the it rears its blue summits from the sur mean time hastened tremblingly onward, rounding ocean. It is interesting to his and his mind assumed a stern resolution feelings, from its utter desolation; but from the corresponding influence of the becomes sacred to his memory while he night prospect. A tempest had already listens to the tale of sorrow connected commenced, the hollow-sounding thunder with it, which we have often heard in our echoed along the dim arch of heaven, and infancy, and can never wholly obliterate. tbe lightning flashed with splendour

About thirty years ago, a young man, around him. As he passed the lonely with an aged grandmother, and her son, gibbet under which the bones of unburied came to reside at a trifing distance from malefactors were yet bleaching, and heard Fort Cumberland; they took up their the sullen swing of the chains to which a abode at a small cottage in the neigh. mouldering skeleton was attached, he bourhood, and principally depended for imagined his own similar situation in subsistence on the precarious occupation case of detection, and his boasted courage of fishing. They had once been respect- for the first time failed him. The storm, able tradesmen at Portsmouth; but a meanwhile, raged with unabated violence, variety of unforeseen circumstances had and a broad stream of lightning shone reduced them to poverty, and compelled dimly through the ghastly skeleton, whose them to seek the security of solitude. whitening bones hung dangling in the For a few months after their arrival, the wind. At this instant the noise of encouragement they received from the approaching footsteps was heard echoing fort, where they daily carried their across the heath; the sounds advanced baskets of fish, had restored them to nearer, and a dark figure, wholly muffled comparative tranquility,when the unusual in a night-cloak, stood by the side of the violence of some equinoctial gales dashed robber. He drew the pistol from its their little fishing smack against the hiding-place, and the stranger moved adjacent rocks, and rendered their humble slowly on; twice he attempted to pull occupation at once dangerous and profit. the trigger, and twice it trembled in his less. To 'increase, if possible, their grasp. The courage of despair came at misery, the old lady, and the father of lengih to his assistance; he thought of the young man, languished in the agony his dying grandmother; his own father of extreme want, without either friends starving in utter hopelessness; and the or relatives to succour them. He could thought smote on his phrenzied imaginahave borne his own sorrows with firm- tion. He fired; and with a deep supness; but the sight of his dearest con- pressed groan of anguish, the death


In the mean time the sbrieks of dear' to him lay buried. With once

THE CONVICT. choaked voice of which rushed full on his ward to investigate the cause; and racked brain, the stranger dropped fifeless beheld a sight of never-to-be-forgotten at his feet. Agitated with a variety of horror. The dead body of the old lady contending emotions, he bore the ensan was reposing on the bed, where she had guined body to his cottage, and placed it but just now expired, and the maniac. on a chair, until he should return with a had placed the corpse of his father in his lanthorn, to despoil it of its money and arms, and was weeping and laughing wearing-apparel.

over it, like an infant, as he unconsciIt was now deep midnight; the old ously twined his fingers through the dark lady bad long since retired to her bed, grissly locks stiffened with clotted gore, and all around was still, but the distant and passed his hand across the pallid roar of waters, or the sullen sonnd of the features that struck to his heart with the north wind, as it whistled glooinily icy chillness of death. With some diffithrough the bleak walls of the cottage. culty the guards were able to secure him, After a short interval the murderer re- stratagem at length prevailed, and be turned, bearing a dark lanthorn in his was removed on board the convict ship that hand.

He cast a suspicious glance was stationed off the coast opposite Fort around, locked the door of the apartment, Cumberland. The bodies of the mother and then with a trembling frame at- and her son were quietly committed to the tempted to unveil the countenance of grave, and the circumstances of the dreadhis victim. Gently he drew back the ful transactions remembered but as a cloak that concealed bis face! the body dream that once was. rolled with a heavy crash on the ground, Time rolled on, and as the hour of his and disclosed the glazed eyes, and con trial approached, the spirits of the poor vulsed stiffened features of-his father! maniac seemed likely to settle into a -of that father for whose sake he had calm melancholy. The heavy clogs that thus plunged himself deep in guilt, and had hitherto been attached to his feet, whom he had murdered as he returned were now, therefore, removed, and he from the fort with a promise of assistance was permitted to occupy the cabin that from the governor.

He gazed at the looked out upon the sea shore. Here he corpse as though he had gazed his whole would sit for hours watching the vessels soul away at the sight; he burst out into aš they passed to and fro, and weeping a hellish shout of triumphant laughter, at the remembrance of former days. At and the fire of the deepest, the deadliest a distance was the gibbet, the scene at madness flashed across his brain. He once of his guilt, and its probable punishthen raised the body from the groupd; ment. A shudder of horror passed over and with a bitter shriek, the sound of his countenance whenever he beheld it, which is described as having been like and the wildness of insanity again took nothing earthly, rushed with it iuto the possession of his soul. But when the fit room of his grandmother. A dim rush was passed, tears. would sometimes come light was burning in the chimney corner to his relief, and he would weep alone as he entered, and the tattered fringe was and in silence. His disposition, naturally drawn close round the bed. He ap- generous and kind-hearted, appeared proached-he drew aside the curtains, softened by misfortune, and even his and roused the trembling woman by the brother convicts would feel for so lonely wild phrenzy of his triumph She started a situation, as they saw him with eyes at the noise, and the first objects that fixed on vacancy, muttering and talking presented themselves, were the blood- to himself. His health in the meantime stained figure of her son, gazing at her failed, and it was evident, from the inwith eyes fixed in the livid ghastliness of creasing depression of his spirits, and the death, and the fearful aspect of her grand-' hectic glow of his complexion, that “his child, gnashing his teeth with phrenzy, days were numbered in the land.” For blaspheming with the most awful impre- himself, he seemed always tv rejoice in cations, and shouting aloud with the un the prospect of approaching death, and a earthly yellings of a dæmon. She could faint smile would often pass across his seeshe could feel no more-death seized face, as he surveyed his wasted features, her at the instant; she cast but one look and felt the increasing languor of bis of kindness, as if imploring a blessing on frame, as the hour of his dissolution her murderer, and then closed her yes arrived, he wished for the last time to in the eternal slumber of the grave. behold the grave where that

this the unhappy parricide drew the atten- visionary idea, he seized the fitting tion of some guards belonging to the opportunity, when the winduws of his fort, and who happened to be passing cabin were thrown open, and the guards at the moment. They rushed for. had returned for the night, to emancipate

agony was heard.

himself from the slight shackles that had some complaints among ye. Now bound him, and swim to the neighbouring all I've got to say to you is this here : shore.

Do your duty like men, and you shall At the dead hour of midnight, lights never want for encouragement. Here's were seen moving in the convict ship, a sweet ship and a good crew: stand by the alarm bell was rung, the thunder of me, and I'll stand by you.' That was cannon echoed across the ocean, and the just what we wanted, so we give him universal confusion of the guards and sea- three cheers and piped to grog. Where men announced the escape of the prisoner. does he come from?' says Dick Bobstay. A well manned boat, and in which two "I don't remember hearing any thing of savage blood-bounds were placed, was his bearings and distances afore to-day. instantly rowed to the sea coast, and the What ship has he commanded ?''Tis dogs, closely followed by their pursuers, fifteen years since he was taken by an were sent to hunt out the residence of the Algerine, after losing his masts and maniac. They set forward on their throwing his guns overboard, in a gale chace, and soon arrived at the little cot- of wind, (replied a young Midshipman) tage where the sufferer once dwelt, and he has pass’d the intervening time in which was now generally avoided as the slavery, for every body at home thought unholy resort of evil spirits. The the ship had foundered, and all hands officers approached at the instant, but had perish'd. He has felt cruelty, and will scarcely arrived, when a faint shriek of practise mercy.?

- Nobly said, young It proceeded from gentleman, (said Dick ;) give a ship’s the convict, who had been traced to the company good officers, and a fig for ruined home of his father, and was dis- cropeaus and flying Dutchmen.' Just covered sobbing on the matted couch then the word was pass'd for the coach. where he had last slept. The blood. horses and bloods (that's the barge and hounds rushed upon their prey, and ere galley's crews) to get harness'd, and be a few minutes had elapsed, the corpse of in readiness to go ashore on duty, as the parricide, torn in a thousand pieces, soon as the sun had gone to bathe his lay scattered in that mangled state upon beams in the western wave after the toil the ground.

and heat of the day. The hour arrived, He was buried with his murdered vic- and headed by the third Lieutenant we tims, in the little knoll of earth that we landed to press. We were just crossing have mentioned in the opening description, one of the streets, when we fell in with a and though “ the winds of many winters young man and a lad. "Heave too, (said have sighed over his remains," and the ihe Lieutenant, seeing they were about sea birds have built their nests upon his to sheer off;) what ship do you belong grave, he lies as quietly as if all nature to ?'— The Adversity.' — Adversitywas hushed into stillness around him. Adversity,—that must be a hard-ship; His tale, meanwhile, is often told to the there's no such name in the British navy. passing stranger, as he pauses to con Where do you come from?'-'From the templatė the wild spot where he sleeps, port of Tribulation, bound to the Straits and the tear of genuine pity often falls at of Difficulty.'-Aye, aye, I see how it the remembrance of his misfortunes. is, (cried an old Master's Mate)-I see

Superstition has consecrated his burial how it is, they're Yankees-them there - place, and when the dark wave dashes are American consarns, so we may as against the beach, and the rising storm well make sail again.'— Avast, (said the broods over the face of the landscape, his Lieutenant) we must send them down to spirit is reported to rise from its cold the boat.'— By what right ?' enquired sepulchre, and exult in the sight of the man. “Right! (repeated one of the destruction.

gang ;) here's a pretty fellow! Talk

about right among man-of-wars-men! AN OLD SAILOR'S STORY

Halloo, young Fly-by-night! (addressing

the lad,) what have you got to say why I belonged to the frigate, lying you shouldn't serve His Majesty ? He'll at Plymouth; and we had a new Cap- make a smart top-man, your honour.'tain appointed indeed it was high •Silence, Sir, and do your duty with time, for the old un was one of your humanity,' said the Lieutenant angrily, but avast; he's in t'other world, so his observing he had grasp'd the trembling reck’ning's up here; and its cowardly to boy's arm. • Then we may proceed.'rip old grievances out of the grave. No, we want hands, and my orders are Well, our new Commander read his imperative. You must with us.'commission, and a finer-looking old 'Never! (said the other, pulling furth gemman never crack'd a king's biscuit. a pistol from his breast :) My liberty is My lads, (said he,) I understands you've as dear to me as life, and he who robs me

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