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of one must also take the other.' The applied his glass to his eye. "What is lad press'd close to his side, and after a she, Mr.-?' enquired the Captain. 'By short ineffectual struggle they were both the length of her legs, Sir, I should take secured, but not till the man had become her to be one of our class, only heavier.' senselessmaye, almost lifeless in the Beat to quarters, and see all clear for contest. Well, we pickt up a few more, action.' -'Aye, aye, Sir. Drummer, and then returned. The frigate was un blow up a tune upon your sheep's-skin moored, and heaving short upon the fiddle, that they may hear you at the. small bower when we got aboard. An Land's End.' 'Aye, aye, Sir.'-Shall I express had arrived to say that a sus show them the Buntin? inquired the picious ship had been seen off the Start, officer. • If you please.' - Hoist the and we were ordered to overhaul ber. colours abaft. Main-top there; take The boats were hoisted in, and the man the turns out of the coach-whip. The and lad conducted to the sick bay,—the decks were cleared, the stoppers clapp'd man still senseless, the boy half dead upon the top-sail sheets, the yards slung, with fright. Morning began to streak the guns cast loose when the Boatswain the east with a brighter glow as we pass'd roared out from the forecastle, “There it the Mew Stone. I was at the helm. goes, Sir,—Try Junk in you-know *

Well, Sims, (said the Captain, address- red, white, and blue! trail that gun foring the Surgeon,) did you meet with any ward, you lubber, and elevate her breech!" success ?- None, Sir; all my enquiries – A French frigate, (cried the Lieu. have been fruitless. I went according tenant, rubbing his hands in ecstasy:) to your directions, bat could obtain no Now, my boys, for wooden clogs for other intelligence than that such a per- your sweethearts.'—' All ready with the son had been known there, but quitted gun,' said the Gunner, casting his eye the place without any one being able to along the sight.— Speak to him, Bounce, tell where she had gone.'-'I feel grateful and ask the news. — Aye, aye, Sir, for your attention, my friend. Oh, Sims, (replied the old Tar, as he applied the when I sailed from England on that fatal match to the priming ;) I'll whisper a cruise, I left behind me a wife and two word in his ear. In a few minutes the dear children. For fifteen years these action commenced, and at the second limbs have felt the galling fetter ; for broadside I fell with a wound in my fifteen years I struggled with affliction, breast. "Take that poor fellow below, as the drowning wretch struggles hard said the Captain, catching hold of the with death, and yet a ray of hope would wheel I had left. I was carried down to beam upon my mind, and cast a gleam the Surgeon, and from my loss of blood of sun-shine on the future. The thoughts was unable to go again to deck. The of freedow swelld in my breast each man we had press'd the night before lay rising morn, and buoyed me up through senseless on the deck, and the agitated the toil of the day. My dreams of night lad sat beside him. For two hours the were still of home, and often have I been firing continued without ceasing, (and transported to those I loved. I've many a poor fellow was brought down stretch'd forth my arms in ecstasy, when to be dock'd,) when the drop-oh + of the the rattling of my chains awoke me to a Frenchman was hauled down, and three sense of misery. At last, after repeated cheers resounded through the vessel, efforts, I escaped, and returned to my which we, in spite of our wounds, joined native land. I hastened to the sweet in. The young man was roused by it, spot of innocence and joy, where once and rising, gazed wistfully around : he

but you cannot tell my feelings. grasp'd the hand of his youthful assoThe cottage was swept away, to improve ciate, and press'd it to his lips. At this the neigbouring estate. The white stone moment the second Lieutenant was in the yard of the village church bore supported below by one of the Midshipthe name of her yes, my Maria lay men and a seaman. Why, (said the mouldering below, my children cast junior Officer,) did you conceal your abandoned on the world. Father of wound so long? You are now faint ; mercies! from thy throne behold, pro- pray Heaven, it mayn't prove fatal.'tect, and restore them to a longing Let me see, (exclaimed the Surgeon;) parent's arms !'-'Pon deek there! let us hope for the best. The young shouted the man at the mast-head. man's waistcoat and shirt were thrown

Halloo ! replied the first Lieutenant, open, when, suspended from his neck, "A sail on the starboard-bow, Sir.' appear'd the portrait of a blooming *Port, lad, port!'—-Port it is, Sir, says I. girl. He snatch'd it in his hand, and The Lieutenant run forward with his raised it to his lips. “Elinor, (said he,) glass. • Meet her, boy, meet her!

Tria juncta in udo, we fancy.--EDIT. Steady! Steady,' says I again. He +" Drapeau"-mensign, we presume.

meteoi's were seen



Elinor, and rust we part-part for WONDERS OF NATURE AND ART. ever!" —Never! (shrieked the lad, as

A SHQWER OF METEORS. he sprung to his side ;) for you Elinor

The night of the 11th of November, has lived, and for you Elinor will die.'

at Cumana, says M. de Humbolt, was The Lieutenant turned his looks upon cool, and extremely beautiful. Towards the speaker, whose voice thrill'd to his the morning, from balf after two, the very, soul. He gazed for one moment on

most extraordinary luminous meteors the pallid cheek: “ 'Tis she! 'tis she! my love, my Elinor!' and they sank together land, who had risen to enjoy the fresh.

were seen towards the east. Mr. Bonpin each other's arms. Restoratives were immediately applied, and soon

produced them first. Thousands of bolides (fire

ness of the air in the gallery, perceived the desired effect. Why, my Elinor, are you here and thus disguised?'— Stay, other during four hours. Their direc

balls) and falling stars, succeeded each Wingood, (said she,) and I will tell you tiga was very regular from north to south. all; but first, this (pointing to her com- They filled a space in the sky extending panion,) this is my brother. You know

from the true east 30° toward the north my early history: An orphan supported and south. In an amplitude of 60° the solely by his exertions ; our father, as

to rise above the we supposed, pesish'd in the service of horizon E. N. E., describe arcs, more or his country; our mother sunk brokenhearted to the grave; my brother be, after baving followed the direction of the

less extended, and fall towards the south, came a sailor, and through his industry I

meridian. Sume of them attained a have been inaintained. A few days height of 400, and all exceeded 25° or since we received some vague infor: 300. There was very little wind, and no mation that our honoured father still

trace of clouds was to be seen, existed, and having escaped from bis Bonpland relates, that from the beginning cruel tyrants, was at Plymouth. We of the phenomenon, there was not a space determined to ascertain the matter per- in the firmament equal in extent to three sonally. William persuaded me diameters of the moon, that was not adopt this disguise, that I might the filled at every instant with bolides and more readily escape iosult if separated falling stars. The first were fewer in from him. On our arrival yesterday, number. They all left luminous traces with scarcely a ray of hope, we under- of from five to ten degrees in length, the stood the person we were in search of

phosphorescence of which lasted seven was appointed to the command of a

or eight seconds. Many of the falling frigate.' Her name?' inquired the

stars had a very distinct nucleus, as large Lieutenant eagerly.—The Brilliant.'—

as the disk of Jupiter, from which darted *Mysterious Heaven! ejaculated the Surgeon, as he instantly ascended the sparks of vivid light. The bolides seemed

to burst as by explosion; but the largest ladder to the deck. « The Brilliant ! (reiterated the young officer ;) 'tis plain, behind them phospberescent bands, ex

disappeared without scintillation, leaving _'tis evident-tbe names agree.

Do you not know, my love, what ship you minutes. The light of these meteors

ceeding in breadth fifteen or twenty are now on board |--No.'-' Oh, Elinor, this this is the Brilliant frigate.'

was white. This phenomenon, which was This the Brilliant! (faintly articulated inhabitants of Cumana, ceased by degrees

witnessed with alarm by almost all the the brother of Elinor, struggling to

after four o'clock; but some of the sise ;) but my head is strangely dis

meteors were still distinguished towards ordered; yet if you have mercy, ask him-ask the Captain if ever he remem

the north east, by their whitish light, and

the rapidity of their movement, a quarter bers my dear mother's name. Beg him

of an hour after sunrise, Messrs. Humto say if Maria Wentworth ever held a

bolt and Bonpland did not fail, in their sacred spot in his breast?'-'She did! she did! (exclaimed a voice, descending where whether the meteors had been

subsequent travels, to enquire every down the hatchway.) My children! my observed by others. To their great children!' and the Captain immediately folded them in his arms.

What need of surprise, they found that the phenomena saying more? We bore up for Dart

had been perceived on an extent of the moută with our prize. The Lieutenant, globe of 64 degrees of latitude, and ninetywhose wound was but slight, was made in South America, in the Gulph of

one degrees of longitude; at the equator, happy, and all hands had a double allowance of grog."

Florida, at Labrador, in Greenland, and in Germany. In some places the appearance was compared to the sheaves shot out by a beautiful fire-work; in another, the northern part of the sky was seen all



on fire; in Florida, as many meteors as CHEMICAL EXPERIMENTS, stars were moving in all directions; in On the comparative advantage of Coke Labrador the same was witnessed, and

and Wood as Fuel. some of the bolides were described as SOME trials have been made by M. being a foot broad ; and at Weimar, in Debret on the heating power of coke and Germany, falling stars, of a whitish light, wood, when consumed in stoves, at the were first seen, which were followed by Royal Academy of Music. Two similar luminous reddish rays, from four to six stoves were heated, one by wood and the feet long, resenibling the track of a sky- other by coke, and the temperature of rocket, and shortly afterwards, a part of the exterior taken at some distance from the sky was strongly illuminated by white the fire. The temperature of the flues lightning, which ran in serpentine lines was at first go c., and the mean tempealong the horizon. The distance from rature, at the end of six hours, was, by Weimar to the Rhio Negro, is 1800 sea the wood 13° C., by the coke 16° c.; so leagues ; and from Rio Negro to Herrenbut that the increase by the wood was 4o, by in Greenland, 1300 sea leagues. Admitting the coke 79. These effects were prothat the same fiery meteors were seen at duced by seventy-three kilogrammes points so distant from each other, we must (163 pounds) of wood, worth three francs also admit that their height was at least 411 and a half, and twenty-four kilogrammes leagues. It is probable that, on this (53 pounds) of coke, worth one franc occasion, numberless acrolites niust have eighty cents. fallen into the sea, between Africa and During the progress of this experi. South America, to the west of the Cape ment another stove had been heated for Verde islands.

several hours with wood, and the temperature had not risen above 139. The

use of coke very quickly raised it to 150 THE FAMILY PHYSICIAN AND or 16°. Hence it is concluded, and with DOMESTIC GUIDE.No. IV. reason, that coke is much preferable for

these purposes to wood; but where the RULES FOR BATHING.

stove is small, the mixture of a little Don't go into the water while in a

wood with the coke is recommended to heat.

facilitate the combustion.-Bib. Univ.

XXV. 237. If you bathe for health, inerely immerse

To make Fire from Water. yourself in the water, and then come out.

Pour a little clean water into a glass Dry-rub yourself with a coarse towel, tumbler, and put one or two pieces of so as to circulate the blood on the surface phosphoret of lime into it: in a short of the body.

time flashes of fire will dart from the Dry your hair well,

water, and terminate in ringlets of

smoke, which will ascend in regular Don't exercise after such bathing ; but

succession. if you have incautiously staid in so long To make Ice in the midst of Summer. as to make you chilly, then take a little Take eleven drachms of the muriate brandy, and walk smartly. If you merely of ammonia, and sixteen of sulphate of immerse yourself, you may go into the soda. They should be recently crystalwater at any time of the day. Wethink the lizeu, and contain as much as possible of heat of the day the best time for bathing. the water of crystallization without being The contrary is laid down almost univer- damp. Reduce each of these salts sepasally, but we oppose it, on this principle, rately to a fine powder, and then mix that in the heat of summer the body them gradually in a vessel made of fine requires its temperature lowered ; after tin plate, with five ounces of water. As such hathing, however, it would to either sit in the shade or lay down be produced, sufficient to bring the ther

be well the salts dissolve, a degree of cold will upon the bed. In very hot weather, we mometer below the freezing point. If a think an immersion immediately before little water in a test tube be immersed bed-time, good, as you will sleep cooler in this mixture, as the solution is going and better; but then the hair, if wet, 'on, in abuut ten minutes it will be frozen. must be well dried.

The vessel in which the mixture is made Salt water is better than fresh; how- should be just large enough to contain ever, fresh is better than none.

it. Any thing, such as wire-bottles, jars Don't remain long stripped before containing conserves and fruits, lemonbathing

ade for sick people, &c. immersed in this mixture, or moistened with it, and ex

posed to the action of a brisk current of: (We must defer the promised article air, may be rendered cold in the hottest on Hysterical Affections, till our next.




The Rev. Mr. Stagmore, an eccentric

TAKE but the Atheist at the morning's dawn,

When Sol's bright beams irradiate the morn, character, who died at Colthorp, Leices

Take him on some high eminence, and see tershire, left as follows:

How Nature's works in ev'ry part agree: jer Dogs of various kinds


Observe wbat harmony pervades the space,
Pairs of breeches ....

Far as the scope of mortal eye can trace,

Acts in one concert to the gen'ral plan,
Ditto of shoes


In pice gradations, till it reaches man:
Ditto of boots

. 100 Ask him if Chance this superstructure wrought,
Wigs, and never wore any but his

Or for no end this great perfection brought!

Reason, sole attribute and gift of Hear'n, own hair,


Will awe his soul, and tell from whence 'twas
Waggons and carts


giv'n ; Barrows..

30 Humble bis heart, and prostrate on the sod,
Spades and shovels

Will bend his mind, and blushing own his God.

T. C.
Saddles and furniture for his

grey horse ......


THE rover, iho' in change he seeks
Ploughs (and never used any).. 30 New objects for his flame,
Walking-sticks, as many as a

Each quickly tires, and each bespeaks

His coldness still the same.
toyman bid him £8 for...
Horses and mares (not one broke) 60

His heart, with transient ardour glows,

Like April's treach'rous beam;

200 Ah ! trust not his insidious vows,

75 They are not what they seem. Pistols, bayonets, &c. sufficient Soon shall some brighter beauty claim tofurnish a company of soldiers 50

Tbe vows he paid to thee;.

His love alone can boast the name
A waggon-load of blank books,

Of heav'n.born Constancy.
and not one sermon, among

The faithful heart no change can know, which were found £500 in cash

No sad reverse can prove;
He had one servant man and one servant For sacred is the plighted vow,
maid, whom he locked up every evening Where Constancy is love.

at eight o'clock. The last thing he did
before going to bed, fired a gun, and then

unkenneled his dogs: it was supposed he

THE pride of power, the pomp of state,

No lasting bliss can prove;
was near the pond side in his yard, and While on their flattering smiles we wait,
the dogs suddenly fawning on him, jostled We find but scorn, contempt, and bate,

And sigh for woman's love."
bim into it, when he was found drowned
in the morning, though the water was

When stretched upon the couch of pain,

Our anguish to remove,
only breast high. Leaving no will, his E'en pity drops the tear in vain,
estate of £700 per annum, besides £1000 Should not our hours of suffering gain
in cash, becaine the property of a ticket.

The balm of woman's love.
porter in London.

When in wild fashion's giddy round,

In endless change we rove,

Tho'.pleasure's fleeting dreams abound,

We own true joy alone is found
A hackney coachman seeing a certain In beauteous woman's love.
nobleman driving four-in-hand down On earth true happiness to find,
Bond-street, said, “That fellow looks How vainly have I strove !
like a coachman, but drives like a

Till Heav'n, in mercy to mankind,

To grant the long-wished boun, desigu'd gentleman."

The treasure, woman's love,

An astrologer having predicted his

own end, to the very hour, having lived

OUR readers will bear in mind that
up to the very time in good health, hung
himself for the honour of his profession. this, upon mature consideration, has

we promised a portrait of CAPT. PARRY :

been given up, and one ot WASHINGTON THE Spaniards do not often pay hyper- IRIyNG has been substituted in its stead. bolical compliments; but one of their It is engraved in the most expensive and admired writers, speaking of a lady's beantiful style, on Steel. It will be black eyes, says,

they were in mourning accompanied by a Memoir of this
for the murders she had committed.” universal favourite in the Literary World
A remarkable hard drinker, who was

with a critical, essay on his writings'
expiring, begged one of his friends, who with extracts. It will be published on
sat at his bed-side, to bring him a glass Wednesday next, price Two-pence:
of water, saying, “ On our death-bed we
should be reconciled to all our enemies!"

(Correspondents in our next:)

Row, and may be had of all Booksellers and Newsmen.

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COMPRISING 1. The flowers of Literature. 2. The Spirit of the magazines.

3. The wionders of Nature and Ait. 4. The family physician and Domestic Guide. 5. The Mechanic's Dracle.


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CONTENTS The Dance of Death,... 258, Origin of Balloong..

266 The Fugitive-No. II.. 259 Nursery Rhymes..

267 Garrets, and Associations connected with John Bull in Paris..

269 them

262 Experiment on Sir Humphrey Davy's imMiseries of a Break-down. 264 proved Copper Sheathing.

270 Charade

ib, Process for removing Grease tiom Books Sin..

and Prints.

271 Infernal Rencontre..

ib, Family Physician-Ou Hysteric Colic 272 Biographical Sketches . 266 Original Poetry


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