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by profession, in a state of the most down to posterity the inimitable character desponding hopelessness : a thing which of Square, with his “eternal fitness of an antiquarian might perhaps discover things.” to have once been a table, was stationed A French poet and his family, (we in the middle of the garret, a few unfi- forget their names,) being unable to nished papers and manuscripts were procure subsistence by their literary scattered about the uncarpeted foor in exertions, came to the somewhat novel every direction, and the unfortunate expedient of anticipating the period of owner of these curiosities had neither their starvation. They blocked up the pens, ink, paper, nor credit, to continue door of their gårret with the miserable his lucubrations. It was about this time, remnants of their furniture, and locked when threatened to be turned out of in each other's arms, with their little his literary pig-sty, that he applied to children starving by their side, coolly Richardson, the celebrated novelist, for awaiting the period of their final release assistance, who instantly sent him five from the thraldom of existence. In the pounds, a sum which relieved him from last hours of sinking nature, the door of misery and a dungeon. Poor Goldsmith their garret was forcibly burst open, and was once seated in his garret, where the their friend entered, and beheld the Deserted Village was written, in familiar parents dying and the children dead. conversation : with a friend, when his With some difficulty the former were pride was considerably annoyed by the restored to health, and lived to behold abrupt entrance of the little girl of the a youth of misery obliterated in an old house, with “ Pray, Mr. Goldsmith, can age of honour and happiness. you lend Mrs.

a chamber-pot full of Our modern Bloomfield, of rural and coals;” the mortified poet was obliged to pastoral celebrity, wrote his “ Farmer's return an answer in the negative, and Boy” in a garret occupied by shoemakers, endure the friendly but sarcastic condo- and pursued his poetical occupation lence of his companion. In a garret amid the din of arms and the clattering either in the Old Bailey, or in Green-arbor of heels. Collins composed his odes in court, the exquisite “ Citizen of the some such miserable dwelling; 'and' to World,” and equally celebrated “ Vicar complete the grand climax of intellect, of Wakefield,” were written. Of the last and for ever immortalize the name and mentioned work, the following ludicrous reminiscences of a garret, this prodigious anecdote is not, we believe, generally exertion of Wit, this beautiful article of known :

the Portfolio, was written in one. While Goldsmith was completing the Unfortunately these celebrated abodes closing pages of his novel, he was roused of genius, these upper stories, like as from his occupation by the unexpected other old and dull stories, are now waxen appearance of his landlady, to whom he stale and out of fashion. Authors are no was considerably in arrears, with a huge longer measured by their leanness, poets bill for the last few weeks' lodgings. are no longer skinny, and Parnassus is The poet was thunderstruck with surprise no longer a bleak, desolate, and chilly and consternation; he was unable to clime. A mine of gold has lately been answer her demands, either then or in discovered in it, the principal proprietors future; at length the lady relieved the of which are Scott, Byron, and Moore, nature of his embarrassment, by offering who dig out the ore, to the exclusion of to remit the liquidation of the debt, atmost all the other respectable landholdprovided he would accept her as his true ers of the mountain. Byron of late has and lawful spouse.

His friend Dr. been the most successful in his labours, Johnson chanced by great good luck to he has recently dug up a rich piece of come in at the time, and by advancing gold, “Don Juan,” but which at present him a sufficient sum to defray the is mixed with metal of baser alloy: when, expenses of his establishment, consisting however, it has gone through the hands of only himself and a dirty shirt, relieved of the refiner, it may be rendered exhim from his matrimonial shackles. tremely productive to the finances, and

A literary friend once called to pay creditable to the exertions of the noble Fielding a visit, and found him in a and ingenious discoverer. miserable garret, without either furniture It appears then the old story of Mount or convenience, seated on a gin tub Parnassus, that it afforded from its turned up for a table, with a common elevated summits, an unimpeded view of trull by his side, and a balf-emptied glass the Parish Workhouse, it is no longer to of brandy and water in his band. This be considered as possessing the merit was the idea of consummate happiness, even of veracity. Whether it is that the entertained by the immortal author of shrubs on the margin of the Castalian Tom Jones; by him whose genius handed fountain have obstructed the former

landscape, we are not prepared to assert, dize in my arms; and while she made a but are extremely fatigued with our long thousand apologies, had leisure to survey residence in a garret, and shall beg leave this wiudfall-this deodand—which, as to come down and finish the chapter, far as I could judge, had no one quality which some time or another we may that we would expect from above, except perhaps be induced to continue.

that, like the moon stones, she would

come to the ground by her own weight. (To be Continued.)

“O, Sir,” she wined out, in the most piano style imaginable, “ you are too

good!” but the pathos was arrested by THE MISERIES OF A BREAKDOWN.

the approach of the coachman, to render

his assistance, whom she instantly atI was passing through one of the tacked with all the good-will that Aame

seizes gunpowder.

“ Ah! you nasty squares, about the witching hour of night, with nothing of the spirit of ad.

rogue, do you think to coax me, after venture about me, when I encountered an

nearly committing murder, with your vile overturned coach. The “membra dis- crockery shay ?-But I a'n't done with jecta,” as Ovid would say, lay all around; you yet, if there's justice ip Essexa wheel, escaped from the axle-tree, had street, or law in Bow-street.” l'entreated

she would make no further excuses : for rolled to a little distance, as if to establish

now agog, and its own independence; the dickey had my benevolence was taken the same road, but from greater eager for employment, and to say truth,

a little curious to have a peep at the ponderosity was less prepared for flight,

remainder of the cargo. Down she and had fallen something short of its more lively companion, and was pulled dropt into my arms, with an affected on this side, and on that, by the horses ; giggle that was quite provoking; it was who, in this second chaos, had been like the swan's death song; it was the released from the harness, and were

last note I heard ; for in the next minute picking out a little bay which yet re

I found myself in the mire, bruised, mained of the morning's store. In the mortified, and unable to extricate myself midst of the general wreck, where Deso- from beneath this mature Venus, who, lation might have fixed her seat, stood like another Incubus, lay above me, Coachee, like Hannibal amid the ruins quite as much ashamed, though not at of Carthage, scratening his head, which all so much injured as myself

. Compliis well known to be the appropriatements are very good things—fair weather gesticulation of despair. The vehicle accompaniments, well enough in their itself lay quiet enough; black and huge own place; but they won't cleanse

The as it looked in the darkness of the night, clothes, nor heal aching bones. but every now and then there burst from coachman now undertook to relieve the it, an angry storm of words, which other ladies; and nothing loath, I took threatened, like a volcano, any nearer

my leave, praying heartily I might never approach, and awed Jehu into deference again be called to any lady in eonfine

ment. and distance, as effectually as if it bad been a Congreve rocket,

This accident a little discouraged my The unhappy charioteer came up to general philanthropy. When kinduess me, and with a very embarrassed air, In passing the same place at night,

becomes troublesome, it grows cautious. said, “Here's a pretty business for a poor fellow, my axle-tree broken; my downs, when it is only the deap shade

often fancy that I see a party of tuinblefare lost, and scolded to boot;" which of all these calamities he rated highest I do produced by an overhanging bush, and not mean to say.--I offered my assistance greep as closely to the opposite side, as to the inmates of the prostrate carriage,

if pursued by the importunities of a and instantly there was a storm of thanks

street-sweeper. fung at me from the interior by an old lady, who, I learned, was returning from

CHARADE. the theatre, with a cortege of misses My first's from you, and not from me under her charge,

derived; By the assistance of the driver, she was Though oft by villains of that name dehauled out by the door on the upper prived, side of the coach, to relieve the poor My second is by all weak minds obeyed; girls of her weight; for contrary to all the In Russia's plains it Buonaparte swayed. patural propensities of gravity, she had My puzzling tout, when duly found, will unaccountably remained on the high show, quarter of her prison. I stood below, What wisest men have tried in vain to to receive this goodly piece of merchan know.



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SIN. Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which 1 commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it; cursed is the ground for thy sake, &c.

GEN, iii, 17. Holbein has begun the scenes of life by that which had such influence on all the rest. The Mother of the human race holds in her right hand, the fatal apple, which she has just received from the serpent with a young man's head; and Adam, at the saine time, is plucking another, enticed by the solicitations of the too credulous Eve, who shows him the one she has received.

The above are the first of a series of embellishments by the celebrated BEWICK to Holbein's Dance of Death, intended to be continned in our subsequent Numbers, For some account of this extraordinary work, see page 258 AN INFERNAL RENCONTRE.

time, on his way home, which lay along

a very narrow and dangerous path, ONE fine summer morning, as some formed in the face of that stupendous of the workmen employed in the Bally- headland, seized upon the poor gauger's castle collieries were proceeding from brain, and hurled him down the precipice their houses to their daily labour, (a where he then lay, asleep and stunned distance of about a mile and a half,) with the fall. Moved by compassion, near the mouth of one of the pits, they the poor men resolved not to leave the discovered a inan lying apparently dead wretched being there, yet knew not what to at the foot of an immense precipice, do with him, as they had not time to down which he had evidently fallen; but carry him back to their own houses : at on examining the body, they recognised lengih agreeing that it would be better the gauger of that district, a very con to take him into the pit, than to let him scientious man, who considered that the remain where he then lay, they carefully surest mode of fulfilling his oath, (to sup- removed him and laid him on some press illicit distillation,) was to destroy as straw in a dry part of the pit, while they much of that unlawful spirit as lay in his went to their own work. Some other own power, for which purpose he made it a colliers a short time afterwards passing rule, both in his owu house and those of by, perceiving a stranger sleeping in such his friends, to drink at least eight a situation, drew near, and wakened the tumblers of the potent juice every night. poor gauger, who, staring with both his Being extremely zealous in performing mouth and eyes wide open, at the exwhat he conceived his duty, on the pre- traordinary figures before him, kuew not ceding evening, at a friend's house, he what to make of them, (as they were destroyed three tumblers more than bis dressed in their short black frocks, with usual quantum, and which three glasses lamps burning in the front of their endued with that inexorable spirit, which caps, and pick-axes and other implealways revenges itself in some shape on ments in their hands ;) at last, having the unfortunate wight who destroys too rubbed his eyes two or three times, and much of its exhilarating liquor at one raised himself up as quickly as his

an elève

bruises would permit, the effect of the to the British Museum (or in other spirits and fall operating together, he words, to the public) his valuable colconceived himself in the infernal regions, lection of works of art. and thus answered their demand of Who

MR. HENRY SMART. he was, and what brought him there? “May it please your majesty, I was the

This skilful musician was gauger of Bally-castle in the other world, of Mr. Cramer, and so far profited by but I am ready to be any thing your the instructions which he received, honour pleases in this one." The that he was readily admitted into various colliers having kept up the joke for orchestras. At the opening of the some time, at length with difficulty con- English Opera-House he was engaged vinced him of his real situation, and as leader, and continued in that capacity having conducted him to the surface, for several years. When the present advised him not to take that dangerous Drury-lane Theatre was opened, he path again, which he declared he never was also engaged as leader; and we would, although it was so much shorter, believe it was his peculiar pride to form for when he was drunk, it never was

that orchestra entirely of English artists ; the length, but the breadth of the road and in such estimation did they hold his that bothered him.

character, that on his retirement from the theatre in 1821, they presented him

with a silver cup, as a mark of their BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES.

gratitude and his merit. In 1820, he

entered into a piano-forte manufactory, MR. RICHARD PAYNE KNIGHT.

and lately obtained a patent for an imThis gentleman was eminent both as portant improvement in the touch of a scholar and a poet, and was also a good that instrument. In his nature he was judge of the fine arts. He was eminently kind, generous, and humane, and private skilled and generally consulted in every respect was added to the public sense of material point of virtu and taste in the bis merit. metropolis; he rebuilt the mansion of his family at Downton, and disposed ORIGIN OF BALLOONS. the adjacent grounds in the best style From Dr. Cootes's History of England. of classic decoration and fine effect; and he erected a museum in Soho-square WHILE philosophical investigators for his splendid collection of ancient were endeavouring to augment the stock bronzes, medals, pictures, and drawings. of general knowledge, and adventurers He was a well-qualified and gratuitous were traversing the seas for the purposes contributor to the Edinburgh Review, of discovery, other enterprising men dehis ample fortune placing him above all vised the means of aërial navigation. considerations of pecuniary recompense. Our countrymen do not claim the honour He was ready to afford information on of the first attempt of this kind. Our all subjects of learning which were sub- Gallic neighbours gave the example of mitted to his judgment, and his obser- aërostatic experiment; and an Italian vations were generally marked by intelli- named Lunardi was the first individyal gence and acuteness. From his deep who ascended into the air from any part researches into the most abstruse and of this island. difficult subjects of the Pagan mytho The principle on which these attempts logy, some persons, who were not suf- were founded, had long been known to ficiently learned to understand the na. philosophers; and even the unlearned ture, application, and objects of those knew that a bubble, or any thing lighter researches, have supposed that his moral than common air, would ascend in it. and religious principles were feeble and Two brothers of the name of Montgolunfixed; but whoever has read the pre- fier, manufacturers of paper, at length face to his last production, the Romance conceived the idea of sending up a bag of Alfred, must have discovered how or ballon, full of heated air; and, in very erroneous was that opinion. He repeated trials, it ascended to a conrepresented the borough of Ludlow insiderable height, till the evaporation of several successive parliaments. In po- the rarefied air, its refrigeration and conlitics he was a genuine Whig, and was densation, or the decrease of the density therefore unfriendly to the administra- of the atmosphere, occasioned a gradual tion of Mr. Pitt and his successors. In descent. To a balloon which arose from his manners he was reserved, yet not re- Versailles, a wicker cage was annexed, pulsive ; warm in his friendship, and containing a duck, a cock, and a sheep; social in his disposition. He died in the and these animals safely descended in a 76th year of his age, unmarried, leaving neighbouring wood. M. de Rosier now

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risqued an ascension, but not without discovering any secrets with which the the precaution of having the balloon Almighty would wishes to be unacsecured by ropes. He afterwards dis- quainted. dained this security, and undertook a Whatever may be the fruit of such enfree navigation through the air,* in terprises, there is something wonderfully company with the marquis d'Arlandes, sublime in the experiment. The advenelevating or lowering the machine at turer seems to approach that celestial pleasure, by increasing or diminishing world to which his religion has taught the fire in a brazier appendant to the him to look forward, as the last retreal of balloon. The next experiment, less dan- piety and virtue: bis ideas, we may sup. gerous from the nature of the enclosed pose, are purified from the grossness of air, was made with an elastic fluid much vulgar thought; and, if the dread of less heavy than heated air, consequently peril be excluded, his soul must be elebetter adapted for the inflation of any vated with rapture, while his heart exballoon to which a great weight was pands with joy and admiration. suspended. Messieurs Charles and Robert produced infiammable aix by pouring diluted acid of vitriol upon filings of

NURSERY RHYMES. iron, and floated in the atmosphere for To me the meanest flower that blows can give two hours under a balloon thus filled. Thoughts, that du often lie too deep for tears. Other ascensions from different parts of SWEET are the dreams of childhood, France,'excited the astonishment of the but sweeter the strains that delight its people. At length Vincenzo Lunardi early ears!* We would give any thing resolved, in 1784, to gratify the English to recall those pleasant times, when we with a similar spectacle. Having filled thought Jack Horner finer than any a bag made of oiled silk (of which the thing in Shakespeare. And sometimes diameter was thirty-three feet) with in we think so still! What a poet was he flammable air from vitriolic acid and who composed all these sweet nursery zinc, he stationed himself in a kind of verses the violet bed 1101 sweeter! gallery, rose majestically from the Ar- Yet he died “ without a name !" How tillery-ground in the suburbs of London, unintelligible they are, and yet how and descended near Ware. One of our easily understood! They are like Wordscountrymen soon followed the adven- worth, (but, oh, how unlike!) and we turous example. Mr. Sheldon, the ana- admire them for the same reason that tomist, accompanied M. Blanchard, a we do him. How many young lips have distinguished French aëronaut, in an at. breathed out these “snatches of old mospheric voyage from Chelsea. The songs," making the breeze about them latter afterwards ascended from Dover“ discourse most eloquent music!"with Dr. Jefferies, soared over the chan. Wherever these. rhymes “ do love to nel, and arrived in France without per- haunt, the air is delicate.” Let us try sonal injury.

to make them “as palpable to the feelAs a medium of conveyance from one ing" of others, as they are to our own. place or country to another, a balloon

We once said in Constable's Magazine, will never, perhaps, be applicable to ge- that “ to be an Edinburgh reviewer was neral use, from the impossibility of giv- the highest distinction in literary society;" ing to its progress that direction which because, out that time, w began to the traveller would choose, and from the write in the Edinburgh Review. We extraordinary danger which attends this were proud of it then, and we are so yet; species of loco-motion; and, though it but it is a finer thing now. One could may be occasionally employed for the il- not then be radical, if one would. Now lustration of pneumatics, and some other it is tout au contraire. Whigs and Ram branches of natural philosophy, it is not dicals have met together-Jeffrey and probable that any high degree of scien- Hunt hare embraced each other; and it tific improvement will ever result from is right they should. Jeffrey is the aërial voyages. The superstitious may « Prince of Critics, and King of ,Men," consider these attempts as arrogant and just as Leigh Hunt is King of Cockaigne, impious transgressions of the bounds as- by divine right. _They are your only true signed to us by our Creator : bat it can. legitimates. They are like the two not be more improper, or more wicked, to explore the air with a balloon, than to Quære, years. ---Printer's devil. view through a telescope the planetary + Mr. Hazlitt here omits the pame of another system; and we have no prospect of sovereign, of whom he thus speaketh in the

Edinburgh Review-" The Scotsmau is an ex• On the 21st of November, 1783, This in cellent paper, with but one subject - Political genious and intrepid philosopher lost his life in Economy; but the Editor may be said to be 1785, being thrown to the earth from a great King of it.” But perhaps he bethought him height, in consequence of the sudden eruptiou afterwards, that, to be "King of one subject," of flames from his balloon.

was no very brilliant sovereignty.

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