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tion, was instantly convinced that every she ought not to refuse the future godattempt to fly in the night, and in a father of her child such a trifling gracountry to which he was an utter stranger, tification; that motion, after supper, would be attended with equal if not especially in her situation, was wholegreater danger than he would incur by some for her; and that she might take quietly remaining where he was. A pre- the conjugal protector of her honour sence of mind almost incredible inspired along with her. By these and other him on the spot with a very different representations of a similar kind he at idea. The maid was about to retire, length prevailed upon her to accompany when he quickly drew her back by the him, followed by her husband.

“One more word, my girl," said They now entered the chamber. Here he; “ does your master live ou good Tottleben himself, as soon as he alighted terms with his wife?” “ Yes, on the from his carriage, had hung upon a nail a best,” was the reply. “Does he really double-barrelled carbine, full charged and truly love her ?" “Almost as much with ball, and which he always carried as his own life.” “Very well, very well; with him when he travelled. He took now you may go. If I escape, your good care not to cast a single look at it fortune shall be made. If I die, your before the proper time. But while the warning shall die with me.

I will never

woman was setting the candle on the betray you; but mention not a single table by the window, when she was just word even to my servant.”

going to wish him good night, he quickly The girl flew to the kitchen, and the took down the weapon, and stepped still count returned to the public room. Not more hastily between the landlord and a look betrayed him; his tone and temper his wife. In a voice which suddenly were just the same as before, or, at passed from jest and laughter to the least, so they appeared. He even ordered sternest tone of command, he cried, supper to be laid below, and would not “ No, my good woman, we are not going sit down to it but on condition that his to part from each other so abruptly, kind host and hostess should partake of On this chair, at this table, you must it with him. He concealed his suspicions sit down, and pass the night in my beneath the guise of affability.

company. Your chastity, I swear to After supper he ordered a servant to you, shall run no risk in that time from bring a box that was still in his carriage; me. But on the slightest noise at the “ There is not much in it,” said he to door of the chamber, on the least attack his host. “ It contains, perhaps, two upon myself, the three balls with which hundred rubles, that are to carry me to each of these barrels is charged shall Petersburgh. I should wish good care dispatch you and your infant at once. to be taken of them; and where can This I swear by my hope of salvation." they be safer thair in your hands ? In The landlord and his wife would sooner eight weeks, when I return, I hope it have expected the dissolution of nature will be heavier with gold than it is now than such an address. Both were silent with silver. , Then I shall certainly call for a minute, and then both did all they here again ; and if, as I hope, my little could. The woman piteously entreated god-son has found his way into the world, him to permit her to go, threatened to I will bring a present of at least fifty swoon, to fall in labour on the spot, rubles for him.” This declaration called nay, even to die, but in vain. The forth a thousand thanks, and the land- husband was first at a loss to conceive lord promised to keep the box all night what all this meant; he then had reunder his pillow.

course to entreaties and protestations, He immediately prepared to retire to assuring the count that he was as safe bed, and the landlord to light him to his in his house as though he were in Abrachamber. “Do you know, madam,” ham's bosom. At length, finding that said Tottleben, laughing, to the hostess, nothing prevailed, he threatened to repel “ that this lighting is a joy which I had force with force, and to call his people much rather you should perform ?” to his assistance

Tottleben's presence But, joking aside, I am so superstitious of mind did not forsake him. “ I have as to fancy that I always sleep as well no doubt, sir,” said he, “but that you again when a handsome woman shews have plenty of people and assistance at me my bed as when a man attends me.” hand; but they are not so near as to At this proposal the woman looked rescue your wife from death. If but a

rather strange, and shewed no great in- dog approaches, if but a hand is raised * clination to perform the office. The against me, I will blow her brains out.

count, still continuing in his jocular Besides the two barrels of my carbine, strain, put the candle into her hand, and have here a pair of pocket pistols, took hold of her arm, observing, that capable of doing excellent service. I

may be overpowered, I confess ; but, at The girl sprang into the carriage, leaving least, three or four men shall accompany bebind every thing she possessed, which me, and that charming woman shall go probably, indeed, was of no great first lo shew us the way. This is my value. The count took leave of his fair mode in many public houses. If you hostess, begging her not to forget that he do not like it, take care and let my was to be godfather. He requested a horses be fed, and to my carriage kiss at parting, and then continued his very early to-morrow morning. Now journey. begone without delay. This chamber is He was afterwards informed by his to-night my apartment."

servant, who had slept in the public room, Villains commonly lose their courage that about midnight three robust persons when they have true resolution to deal softly entered the house, went into anwith; such was the case in the present other room, and, after a long converinstance. The woman sat down and the sation with the landlord, sncaked away man withdrew. In this extraordinary again. The girl, who had been almost a situation the remaining couple passed year in the house, related that, during the night. Tottleben seated at the table, that time, two strangers who had put up just opposite the hostess, spent the hours there had disappeared she knew not how. in reading and writing as well as he At the next town the count acquainted could ; at the same time he kept his the magistrate with the whole affair. carbine on bis arm, ready to fire at the Soldiers were immediately dispatched, least noise that was made in the house. but they could not, or would not, find The poor woman incessantly trembled either the host or hostess. At the same like a criminal at the bar, intreating bim place Tottleben provided bis female not to be too hasty, and assuring him deliverer with more decent apparel, she that nothing would happen to him. In coutinued his companion, and perhaps fact, during the whole night not a foot something more to Petersburgh, in which was heard approaching the chamber of city she lived with bim several years.the count.

At length, when the seven years' war At the break of day came Tottleben's called him into the field, he married her, servant. Before he was half way up- and settled upon her a considerable sum. stairs, he called out to let his master know who it was. He brought the box committed the preceding evening to the

THE THREE MONKEYS. custody of the landlord, the count's The Steward of a noble Lord's estate breakfast, and a bill with very moderate in the country had commissioned, among charges. The count presented bis fair other things, a peasant, who was going companion the first cup of coffee, and up to London, (with the design chiefly to after she had drank it, he took the rest see the fine folks there,) to carry to his quite at ease. When he was informed lady a basket of peaches. This lady that every thing was ready for his de lived in the environs of Grosvenor-square; parture, he thanked the hostess for her and the peasant, by the written directions good company and begged her to favour on the basket, was enabled to find her him with it to his carriage. He then house without much difficulty. Having conducted her down stairs as politely as told his errand at the door to the porter, though she was the first lady of the court. he was shortly after desired to step up At the house door he stopped and in- stairs with his basket of fruit. On the quired for the servant maid he had seen first landing place he was accosted hy the day before, and whom he had accu three largé monkeys : two of them of the rately described. All the suspicions of the male sex, were richly dressed in blue and landlord had already fallen upon her; gold, had bag wigs and rules, and swords already had he (as he afterwards related) by their sides; the other, a female, was promised, with the most tremendous im- distinguished by her brocade petticoat, precations, to give her a suitable reward crimson silk mantle, two or three pair as soon as the stranger was gone. When thick set together of long laced ruffles, a Tottleben saw her by day-light and looked stomacher, curiously ornamented with at her more narrowly, he observed that brilliant stones, a watch hanging by her she was a delicate elegant_girl. He side, and a cap in the modern taste, with threw her a full purse. “Take that," a gaudy assortment of ribbons. They said he ; " and if you are determined to grinned and cringed to the countryman, stay here, buy a husband with it. and, laying hold of his basket, he put it But if you are afraid to remain with your down to them; and not knowing what master, come along with me; I will an animals they were, or not distinguishswer for your success, and I swear that I ing them immediately from the buman will provide for you as long as you live." species, he took off bis hat to them, with



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all the politeness he was master of, and MARSHAL TALLARD.
made them several rustic bows. The WAEN Marshal Tallard was confined
monkeys, during his obeisance, had made a prisoner of war at Nottingham, he
quick work of unpacking and ifling the gave several balls to the ladies in the
basket : some of the peaches they had neighbourhood, and danced one evening
crammed into their pockets; others they with a young lady, who was a parson's
had eaten, and others they had thrown daughter. She was extremely amiable,
again into the basket after having bitten and made a great impression upon the
them ;--so that, when they had played marshal. His secretary, who was a man
their farce to the full, they all three of easy morals, and had observed his
scampered down stairs. The lady, won master's agitation of mind, and the
dering what should detain the peasant, cause of it, thinking to recommend
dispatched her waiting woman to hasten himself to the marshal's favour, threw
his coming. When he had presented his out several hints, that there would be
basket, “What's the matter here?” said no great difficulty of obtaining the young
the lady; “every thing quite discom. lady upon his own terms ; but the mar-
posed; the peaches bruised and mangled; shal replied, with a magnanimity of soul
and the basket scarce half full! Sure the that did bim the greatest honour, " Sir,
fellow, for his impudence, deserves to be if I was one and twenty, and of the
put in the stocks."-"Waunds, madam,” same religion as the lady, I should think
replied the countryman, “the basket was it no discredit to offer her my hand in an
brimming full, and not a finger was honourable manuer; but to ruin a vir-
laid upon a peach, till the two young tuous young woman for a momentary
gentlemen, your sons, and Miss your gratification, I should think a far greater
daughter, had met me on the stairs, and dishonour than to be defeated and taken
left it in the condition you see it." The prisoner by the duke of Marlborough."
lady then, recollecting the monkeys, said,
“ I cannot be angry; it is a trick of the RICHARD MORGAN, ESQ.
dear crcatures, Jack, Tom, and Margot ; Was born in Aberystwyth, a small
—but for the footmani, who should have town in the county of Cardigan, South
conducted you up stairs, I will discharge Wales, in the year 1700. When a youth,
him this moment."

he discovered that sordid disposition for J. E. which, iu his maturer years, he was so

eminently known.

One day his mother gave him some Biographical Sketches. money to distribute among some poor

people; but Dick, (who was then in his

sixth year,) instead of disposing of the GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS.

money in the manner his mother desired

him, ripped open the lining of his Arter raising the siege of Mew, Gus. trowsers, and deposited it there, where tavus entered the town in the evening, it remained for a length of time. extolling the fidelity of the inhabitants, Nothing worth relating happened in his and the bravery of the garrison, to the minority, nor indeed until the year 1723, highest degree, and allowing no man's when his father died, and his mother in good services to go unrewarded. In the the suceeding year followed bim. Mor. hurry and confusion of this conflict, gan now inherited his father's estate, Gustavus fell twice into the enemy's which was worth about £2000. per hands. How he escaped the first time annum; and immediately discharged cannot well be ascertained.

He was

three of the servants, and blocked up a extricated a second time by the admi- number of the windows, to keep him, rable presence of mind of a Swedish from paying so much for window-tax, horseman, who (to conceal his majesty's saying, it would suck his blood to keep rank,) cried out to the Polanders, “Have so many servants, &c. a care of yourselves, for we will rescue In the year 1730 he had a fit of illness, our brother." The king had three or and was advised to send for a physiciao;. four companions at his elbow. His task but for a long time he would not consent : the horseman performed in an instant. he had contracted such a hatred against Not long afterwards, Gustavus perceived the faculty, that he has been heard to his deliverer made prisoner; and putting say, that physicians ought to be all himself at the head of five or six cava. hanged, for they were good for nothing liers, brought him off triumphantly. but to rob people of their money. The “ Now," said he, “ brother soldier, we physician, however, was sent for, by a are upon equal terms: the obligation is person who lived near him, and who become reciprocal."

took pity on him.

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The doctor immediately pronounced Beggar.

:-“Bestow your charity on a that the case of Morgan was such as

poor man, nothing but nutritious food would re Morgan.-“Yes, it is a fine day." move, and advised him to have a fowl, Beggar.-"Only one halfpenny, your and a bottle of red port. “Oh,” replied honour." Morgan, “ I really cannot afford it; be Morgan.-"Certainly, the river Dovey sides, I am sure I do not want it.” In is a very fine river." fact, the person who pitied him in the Beggar.--"ForGod's sake, your honour." first instance, did the same in this. Morgan.-The fields about this time Thus we behold a man, possessed of are very green. £2000 per annum, and about £50,000 in And then, bidding him good morning, hand, making himself beholden to a he walked on. neighbour, who was not half so rich as

“None are so deaf as those who will not hear;" himself, for the paltry sum of a few shillings.

In 1769, he had a fit of the gout, Some time after this, he narrowly which proved fatal to him; for on the escaped being dashed to pieces while 15th of August he departed this life, cleaning a two-pair of stairs window, being possessed of the enormous sum of because he would not go to the expence £150,000; whịch (not having son or of a man to clean it: suddenly the stool nephew) went to a very distant relation. which he was standing on slipped from

In his will he directed his executor to under him, and he was precipitated bury him in a plain manner, and with the through the window; but luckily a large

least expence possible.

C. D. nail had been driven into the wall, which caught hold of his coat, and there sus

EPONINA. pended him. His cries for assistance The following little history possesses were soon heard by the people at the sufficent interest to deserve a place in next house, who hastened tb him at the the pages of the Portfolio. moment when the weight of his person During the struggle of Otho, Vitillius, had nearly left his coat upon the nail. and Vespasian, for the sovereignty of They reached his outstretched arms, and Rome, Sabinus, a native of Gaul, an dragged him into their window. He was ambitious and wealthy man, put in his spared to shew some more of his claim, among others, to the possession of avaricious habits. “This window," the throne. Encouraged by his countrymen thought he, “it will look very bad; and to this bold undertaking, he pretended not only that, the apartment will be so to trace his lineage to Julius Cæsar, and cold in winter, that I shall not be able to having revolted against the Romans, he sit in it;" for no one hated the ex

caused himself to be saluted emperor pence of firing more than he did ; in by his followers. But his presumption fact he has been known to light a single quickly received a check : his troops stick under some brown paper, and not were defeated, and scattered in all offer to replenish it till the stick was directions, betook themselves to fight, consumed, and to run backwards and while of those who fell into the hands of forwards as frequently as supply was re- their pursuers, not one was spared. In quired. However, at length, he hit on the heart of Gaul, Sabinus might still an expedient: he pasted up brown have found safety, had his love for his paper on that part of the window which wife permitted him to seek it. Espoused was broken, and which made the room to Eponina, a lady of beauty and aclook like a prison. But here was complishments, from whom he could another grievance; the brown paper' pot prevail on himself to live at a cost him fourpence, and he had not distance, he retired to his country-house. fourpence to spare.

Having here assembled his servants, be Misers in general have some good informed them of the disastrous termimixed in with their characters, such as nation of his enterprise, and declared his relieving the distress of their fellow- resolution of putting a voluntary period creatures, &c. But Mr. Morgan kept to his existence, to escape tortures prehis money as close from giving any thing pared for him by the victors. He then to the poor, as he did in mending his dismissed them, and ordered fire to window.

to be set to his mansion, in which he A remarkable instance of this was ex- shut himself up, and in a few hours nohibited a few months previous to his thing remained of this stately edifice, but death. A beggar met him in the street, a heap of ruins. when the following conversation took The news of this melancholy catas place, in which he pretended deafness : trophe reached the ears of Eponina, who



quring the preceding events had remained seal from a deep red colour to a milky at Rome. The grief and despair at the white: the man felt a slight pain in his loss of a husband whom she tenderly loins, but nothiog more. loved, and who had fallen a victim to his

Preservation of Greenhouse Plants, tenderness to her, were too poignant to

It has been ascertained, by Mrs. Tredbe supported. She determined to abstain from nourishment, and to re-unite her gold, that plants may be completely

protected from the depredations of insects, self in the grave to him, from whom she by washing them with a solution of bitter could not endure the thought of sepa- aloes; and the use of this wash does not ration. For three days she perse- appear to affect the health of the plants vered in her resolution. On the fourth, in the slightest degree. And wherever Martial, a freed-man, and a favourite the solution lias been used, insects have domestic in the service of her husband,

not been observed to attack the plants desired to be admitted by his mistress


As there is much difficulty in to a private conference, and informed preserving a small collection by the usual her, that Sabinus, whom she so bitterly inethods, this notice of a simple remedy lamented, was still living, and concealed



very useful.-Phil. Mag. in a cavern under the ruins of his house, where he waited with impatience to re. Scale of the Force of Running Streams. ceive and embrace his beloved wife. Water flowing at the rate of forty-five This scheme had been concerted in con- inches per second, will drive before it fidence with two of his domestics, in

flint stones the size of an egg. At thirtywhose attachment Sabinus entirely con

six inches per second, pebbles of about fided. It had hitherto been concealed

one inch diameter. At twenty-four inches from Eponina, that her unaffected grief per second, coarse gravel, the size of a might give greater credit to a report on marble, and so on, according to the diwhich his safety depended. Martial, to mension, down to twelve inches per se. these welcome tidings, added his ad- cond.

From seven to four inches per vice, that his lady should still preserve second, small gravel, graduated down to the outward marks of sorrow, and con- sand, will be moved. At three inches duct herself with the utmost care and per second, even mud will be at rest. precaution.

Eponina promised, with transport, to The Family Physician. observe all that was required of her, how

HYDROPHOBIA. ever difficult might be the task; and lest suspicion should be awakened, she en

TAERE is no şubject more likely

to indured a short delay of the meeting she terest the public at present, than Hydroanticipated with so much joy.

phobia; and considering the fears which (To be continued.)

now agitate the mind of every class of

society, it is no wonder it has excited The Mechanics Dracle.

such an uncommon degree of enquiry as

to the mode of treating patients labourEgyptian Mummy.

ing under this disastrous malady. An Egyptian mummy, in high preser

The first appearances of hydrophobia vation, and enclosed in a most elaborately usually take place at 20, 30, or 40 days ornamented case, has been presented to after receiving the bite of a rabid animal, the Museum of the Philosophical Society although infection is often received into of Leeds, by the liberality of Johu Blayds, the system, as early as the 7th, 8th, and Esq. This specimen appears to have been 9th days, and not unfrequently as late as selected with great care from a small col- 7, 8, and even 12 months after that lection at 'Bullock's Museum, with the unfortunate event.

The bite will quickly assistance of Dr. Noehdin, one of the an

heal up, if means be not taken to pretiquarian conservators of the British vent it; although it has happened, that Museum, and W. Roscoe, Esq. late of the wound will degenerate into an Liverpool. It appears from the emblems kind ulcerous sore, discharging a quantity with which it is associated, to be a priest, of ill-favoured looking matter for some under the envelope of which a papyrus is days. It is the opinion of many, and generally found.—Leeds Intelligencer.

perhaps it is an opinion not without

some share of foresight and experience, Electrical Phenomenon.

that the nearer the wound is situated The Southampton Chronicle says—"As to the salivary glands, the sooner hydroa man, in the employment of Mr. James phobia appears. Clarke, of this town, was walking in the I do not conceive that hydrophobia is a street during the late storm, the electric name at all applicable to this complaint, 'fluid struck the steel chain attached to as the dread of water is not always an athis watch, and changed the stone of his tendant symptom. I know, however, that


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