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to do), and to marry them to whom they English; but did not use her any otherwise pleased. But Mr. took upon him ill, knowing it would have been retaliated the power of being Pope for ouce, in upon them. They brought a priest to giving the two ladies a dispensation from re-convert her, whose endeavoars were their vows, and married them the day all in vain; she had tasted too much of after they deelared themselves Protest the sweets of liberty, to think any more of ants. From the time of their escape, convents and cells. till they were married, they continued in One of the ladies made a Spanish song the lodgings of their two lovers; but the upon their coming out of the nunnery, doors and windows of the room where which a gentleman turned into English, they lay, were sealed up every night, to the tune of, By Jove I'll be free. before the priests, and opened before N. B. Mr. A. L. says, that the third them in the morning, in order to satisfy line the song, Leave your cords, &c. their relations that these gentlemen had, “ Alludes to a cord which the nuns tie no communication with them. When about their middle, to keep their habit their marriage put an end to this cere- ; together; one end of which hangs down mony, dreadful was the outcry; for their to their toes, full of knots, with which relations thought that there was more they ought to whip themselves, by way occasion for shut doors than ever ; and of mortification. But the mother abbess, they never will look upon them in the light fearing they do as Sancho Pança did, of these gentlemen's wives. The un- whip the trees instead of their backs, has married lady was put in the Master of an old surgeon, who comes twice in a

= 's house, under the care of his lady, month, and physics and bleeds all those where she immediately got a crowd of who have too much health, or too good admirers, and was married in a month's a complexion.” time to another officer.

It is not to be conceived into what a copy of a Letter from a Country Actors ferment this adventure threw the whole

sent with an Old Hat to the Hatter's. island. All their relations, (which are

DEATH and destruction to Beaver the best families in the place), all their magistrates, and all their clergy, were

Toppers! Silk this castor, you varlet constantly harrassing the General, com

for you shall know, and so shall the plaining of the sacrilege that was com

world, mitted, and petitioning, that they might

" What bis' charity impairs, either be returned back to their convent,

He saves by prudence in affairs." or delivered up into their relations'

-N, B, hands; they did not say, to put them to

I mean to economise,

So prithee modernize death; but doubtless that would have

The rim just as it should be : been their fate, if either of these demands And, by the bye, understand, shallow had been granted. When they found skimmeis are fashionable, that they could not succeed with him, they laid a scheme of making reprisals,

“ Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” and of carrying them off: for oue evening, But fashion's “ Fickle as the wind still taking advantage of one of the gentlemen changcing, "-"'Twas mine, 'tis his, and being abroad, and having bribed one of has been slave to thousands," the servants, his wife's mother, and some :

“ Breathes there a man whose so u} so dead, of her relations, came into his house and

who never to himself bas said, carried her away by force. Their design These halters can« Change shapes with was to have sent her in a boat to Majorca, Proteus for advantages,” which was but a very little way from

O for a muse this island, and there put her into the

on fire,”—“I will a tale unfold,” how my Inquisition. The gates of the town being last new chapeau (" as some tall cliff that immediately shut, and guards placed to lifts its awful form”), whose lustre scarce

the Dew of Heaven" has dimm'd, must suffer nobody to go out, a search was made for Iwo days, but to po purpose: now, through this all-ruling fashion, be, and, till orders were issued to put all

“ The proud man's contumely"_" That those concerned in carrying her off in to be hated needs but to be seen,” and prison, and they were threatened with

worn with “ All its imperfections on his death, they would not produce her. At head," For who would

bear the whips last, fear compelled them to deliver her and scorps of Time”-“ To you I speak,


words far bitter than up. They kept her in bed all the time she was among them, and would not

wood” — say, shall I duff the ignoble suffer her to put ou her clothes, lest she sign (“ Think of reflection's stab!") should run away from them, or get to the

“It must be so."— Plato, thou reasonest windows, and call out to any of the






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And all the inhabitants of the Earth are re-

Rise up, ye women that are at ease; bear my puted as nothing: and he doeth according to

voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my his will in the army of Heaven, and among the speech.

DANIEL; xxxii, Š. inhabitants of the Earth. DANIEL, iv. 35. In the midst of a pompous march, in drags away violently this young Princess,

DEATH, arrayed in the habits of folly, the court of a great palace, Death, who just as she is coming out of her palace to seems here to do the office of a gentleman enjoy the pleasure of walking. With usher, leads this princess to the brink of terror painted in her countenance, she is the grave, and shews

her the bounds making the air resound with mournful within which all her grandeur is to be cries, the maid of honour, who accomconfined.

panies her, agitated with the most violent despair, is imploring the aid of Heaven, while the buffoon is making vain efforts to defend her against Death, who holds aloft his glass, to shew that the fatal hour is come,

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A correspondent of the Liverpool Kalei. A BEGGAR'S LEGACY. descope, in a note to the editor, gives the A beggar, whose constant station was following specimen of historical re at the door of the church of San Carlo, search, worthy of being classed with at Milan, left as a legacy to the canons the good things uttered by Cowslip, in of the church, a hat which he was always O'Keeffe's farce of the Agreeable Sur- in the habit of wearing, for the purchase prise : “I am somewhat in the predica. of four paintings as altar pieces to ment of the auctioneer, who, at a sale the church, which were to be executed of antiques, put up a helmet with the by four great Italian masters.

The exfollowing observation : “This, ladies and ecutor to the will was in doubt whether gemmen, is a helmet of Romuls, the he should present the whimsical legacy, Roman founder; but whether it was a when a friend of the deceased, entering, brass or iron founder, I can't tell. seized a pair of scissors, and on making

M. Fr. Kaufmann, of Dresden, bas an incision in the old castor, out dropped invented a new musical instrument, eight hundred pieces of Florentine gold, which unites the tones of the Aute and which had been ingeniously imbedded piano. He has given it the name of in the lining. This man, before turoing Chordaulodion. He has also completed beggar, had exercised the profession of · his famous automaton trumpeter.

the law in the Cisalpine republic.


tellectual about it, but in this there is

nothing to interest the mind. The only By this time all the world has, or character likely to arrest attention, the ought to have, heard of that most ex. Devil, is seen but three times, and then traordinary, grand, and of course suc

transiently, and he is heard but once. cessful opera, called, and known by the The incantation scene is, however, very name of Der Freischutz, or it is not the imposing indeed; but we observed one fault of the manager of the Englislı half the audience laughing at it; the old Opera House; for in all the the annals of witch, the little boys dressed like frogs puffing (and we live iu a puffing age), and toads, and the shouting of the little never was any piece more powerfully, devils, remind us strongly of a “bogles," and less deservedly puffed than this. which when in childhood we were very Every superlative in the English tongue fond of talking about. Satan's invisible has been lugged into the play bills of the world discovered in miniature the operaday; and to use the words of the inimit- tions of the devil, his agents, and friends, able Matthews, every man must, nolens and all the warlocks, wizards, and volens, believe this to be a pretty, par- witches in England, Ireland, Scotland, ticular, uncommon good production.

and Wales, since the reign of the Norman Recalling to mind the pleasure we bastard. But after all, the piece is well had experienced from the representation adapted for a mixed audience: the ipof Frankenstein, we had some hopes of cantation scene and the devil will amuse a repetition of that pleasure from this the children, and the songs will amuse production of Webers.

We were also the adults; but for the other parts, we to be “electrified” by the overture, an really must beg pardon for saying they overture which never had a parallel, will amuse nobody. which by the way is true enough, for

The penance which we endured in it is like nothing on earth, in the heavens hearing an overture without music, and above the earth, or in the waters witnessing a representation without auy under the earth : never can the overture plot, or well marked character in it, was to Der Freischutz be called a fine com- forgotten in the pleasure with which we position, until noise and confused sounds

saw the Reign of Twelve Hours," audi pass for harmony. lvstead of being the inimitable Miss Kelly; and had the - electrified,” we were well nigh being first piece been equal to the last, we frightened, for we know of nothing that should not have had the very unpleasant this overture will come in comparison task of condemning it to eternal perwith, except it be a storm at sea, and dition. But, perhaps, it may be asked, even here the simile will not altogether what is the success, or rather the ensuit, as there was all the horror, hurry, durance of this shocking and hideous and bustle of “hazy weather,” as a sea drama owing to? A question easily man would express it, without one made, and as easily answered :-To the symptom of the grandeur, the terrific exquisite acting, the excellent scenery, majesty of a tempest. The screaming and though last, not least, the delightful and squalling of the women, the crying singing by Braham and Miss Nicholes ; and sighing of the children, and the and now we shall pot be at all surprised hoarse vulgar voice of the sailor, were

at the piece acquiring even a respectable all exemplified; but nevertheless, all

name, as that sweet-tongued syren, Miss these attendant circumstances on a storm, Stephens, has lent her powerful aid to it. which tend to impress the mind with awe, and awaken the soul to a poetical

DESCRIPTION OF though terrible sense of the warring of the elements, all these were omitted.

HIGHLAND MANNERS. Now all the instruments “strike up The following sketch by Dr. Maculloch together,” each striving to make a greater is highly descriptive of Highland manners noise than its neighbour, and all certainly and entertainment : “ When you hear noisy enough; now they degenerate, Peggy called, as if the first vowel was (happily enough for the ears of the just about to thaw, like Sir John Mandeaudience,) into a low, murmuring, ville's story, and when you hear Peggy grumbling key; and now they emit a anwser, co-ming, you must not prepare sound so much like the cackling of a to be impatient, but recollect that motion hen, that we are by turns frightened, cannot be performed without time. If displeased, and laughing at the manifold you are wet, the fire will be lighted by the absurdity of this precious overture. time you are dry,—at least if the peat is We have spoken of the pleasure we ex not wet too. The smoke of wet peat is perienced at the representation of Frank- wholesome; and if you are not used to enstein; that had then something in- it, they are, which is the same thing.




There is peither poker por tongs; you can sequence, as it will never be 'mended stir it with your umbrella : nor bellows; again. The clothes which you sent to be you can blow it, unless you are asthmatic: washed are brought up wet, and those or what is better still, Peggy will fan it which you sent to be dried, smoked. with her petticoat. “ Peggy, is the sup “You now become impatient for the per coming ?”

In time comes mutton, breakfast; and as it will not arrive, you called chops, then mustard, by and bye a go into the kitchen to assist in making the knife and fork; successively, a plate, ia kettle boil. You will not accelerate this, eandle, and salt. When the mutton is but you will see the economy of Mrs. cold, the pepper arrives, and then the Maclarty's kitchen. The kettle, an inch bread, and lastly the whisky. The water thick, is hanging on a black crook in the is reserved for the second course. It is smoke, not on the tire, likely to boil togood policy to place these various matters

If you should be near a forest, in all directions, because they conceal the there is a train of chips lying from the defects of Mrs. Maclarty's tablecloth. By fire-place to the wood-corner, and the this time the fire is dying ; Peggy waits landlady is busy, not in separating the till it is dead, and then the whole process two, but in picking out any stray piece of the peats and the petticoat is to be gone that seems likely to be lighted before its over again. It is all in vain. “Is the turn comes. You need not ask why the bed ready?” By the time you have fallen , houses do not take fire, because it is all asleep once or twice, it is ready. When that the fire itself can do, with all its you enter, it is damp: but how should it exertions.' Round this firé are a few oat be dry in such a climate? The blankets cakes, stuck on edge in the ashes to dry; feel so heavy, that you expect to get warm perhaps a herring; and on the floor, at in time, Not at all: they have the hand, are a heap or two of bed-clothes, a property of weight without warmth, cat, a few melancholy fowls, a couple of though there is a fulling millat Kilmahog. black dogs, and perchance a pig, or more, You awaken at two o'clock very cold, with a pile of undescribables, consisting and find, that they have slipped over on of horse collars, old sboes, petticoats, a the floor. You try to square them again, few dirty plates and horn spoons, a kilt, but such is their weight that they fall on possibly a bagpipe, a wooden beaker, an the other side; and at last, by dint of empty, gill and a pint stoup, a water kicking and pulling, they become irreme- bucket, a greasy candlestick, a rake, a diably entangled, sheets and all, and sleep spinning wheel, two or three frowsy Alies, whatever King Henry may think, to fleeces, and a shepherd's plaid, an iron pot take refuge in other beds and other blankets. full of potatoes, a never-washed milk-tub,

“It is vain to try again, and you get up some more potatoes, a griddle, a threeat five. Water being so contemptibly legged stool, and heaven and earth knows common, it is probable that there is none

what more. All this time, two or three present; or if ihere is, it has a delicious naked children are peeping at you out of Aavour of stale whisky; so that you may some unintelligible recess, perchance al most imagine the Highland rills to run contesting with the chickens and the dogs grog. There is no soap in Mrs. Maclarty's for the fire, while Peggy is sitting over it house. It is prudent also to learn to unsnooded, one hand in her head, and the shave without a looking-glass; because if other, no one knows where, as she is there is one, it is so furrowed and striped wondering when the kettle will not boil; and striated, either cross-wise, or perpen- while, if she had a third, it might be dicularly, or diagonally, thai in conse- employed on the other two. But enough quence of what Sir Isaac Newton might of Mrs. Maclarty and her generation; for call its fits of irregular reflection and I am sure you can have no inclination to transmission, you cut your nose if it partake with me of the breakfast which distorts you one way, and your ear if it will probably be ready in two hours."protracts you in the opposite direction. The Highlands and Western Isles of The towel being either wet or dirty, or Scotland. both, you wipe yourself in the 'moreen

THE REASON WHY. curtains, unless you prefer the sheets. In absence of dire war's alarms, When you return to'your sitting-room, the And all its cutting and its slashing, table is covered with glasses and mugs, Gainst bags and reticules are dashing. and circles of dried whisky and porter. No one must carry bag or bundle, The fire-place is full of white ashes ; you You'll think that it an omen illis, labour to open a window, if it will open, That such our great commander's will is; that you may get a little of the morning Be not alarmed, I'll solve it in a crackair; and there being no sash-line, it falls He must hate bags, who once has had the sack.;

IH,S, on your fingers, as it did on Susanna's

*"Had the sack," -acant phrase for “ turned Should you break a pane, it is of no con. out of place,"



the year.

Spirit of the Dagazines. circle under the dome were high scaffold.

ings filled with company to witness the

solemn ceremony of performing divine Mr. HOG'S ACCOUNT OF THE

service and taking the sacrament, which CARNIVAL AT ROME. be does seated, with the cardinals around DURING the carnival, all the inhabi- him. When it is all over, he is carried tanes of Rome, that can either walk or

out of the chancel as before, and shortly be driven there, flock in masquerade to after appears at a window with a balcony the Corso. From the carriages it is the in front of the building high above the custom to throw handfuls of little white people, who are now assembled on the balls, like sugar-plums, at passengers and outside of the church, from whence he each other. The most favourite

masque the ceremony concludes. In the evening

bestows his benediction on them, and rade dresses are old-fashioned embroidered coats, with wigs, and old. St. Peter's was illuminated all over with fashioned silk gowns and head-dresses, lamps, and the dome at a distance re. in such variety, that it appears a matter seinbled a glittering bee-bive. Fireof astonishment where they all come works, the finest I have ever seen, were from. Polichinellos entirely white, mask let off from the circular castle of St. and all, is another favourite dress.' Ban- Angelo, and thus ended the day. I conditti or assassins, in scarlet and gold, with fess the whole exhibition was to me daggers, boys like demons, &c. Be- rather a singular, though at the same time sides the masquerade in the streets a grand one, resembling too much, as I during the day, there is another at night thought at the time, the church militant, at the large theatre Aliberti, in the Strada rather I should say, the church Babbuina. On the last day of the military. On the following day St. carnival, there are horse races for horses Peter's was again illuminated, as like. without riders. At this period the wise all the streets and palaces of Rome. people of Rome, ecclesiastics and all, seem to indemnify themselves for the want of amusements during the rest of THE SLAVE RESTORED TO FREEDOM.

A native of Marseilles, who had just During the holy week there is so great returned from Tripoli, where he had a concourse of strangers to Rome, that passed nearly ten years in a state of the unless you have lodgings beforehand, severest slavery, was lately paraded with it is next to impossible to obtain them. great pomp through the streets of his On Thursday, the Pope goes in state to native town. He owed his liberation to St. Peter's. On Friday, in the evening, the generous exertions of a missionary the church is lighted in the interior by a and certain French merchants. Too high large illuminated cross, suspended from an eulogium cannot be bestowed on the the centre of the great dome, which, as generosity of those who purchased his all the rest of it is in darkness, has a freedom; but why show the good man fine, and at the same time, a simple about the streets of Marseilles, as if le effect, shedding a mild lustre over ihe had been some curious animal? whole of the edifice.

When the Pope Notice to Dogs.In a small town on leaves the Quirinal palace on Sunday, to the western frontier of France, in which proceed to St. Peter's, it is announced German is still the only language of to the people by the firing of cannons . many of the inhabitants, measures of from the castle of St. Angelo. His state precaution were lately taken, in consecarriage is an immensely large one, with quence of the great beat; and a postinga profusion of carving and gilding. It bill, written in French, announced that was followed by the King of Spain's, and poisoned sausages would be thrown to a long train of others.

any stray dogs. Piqued at this bill not The church in the interior is lined on being in both languages, the wags of the each side, as far as the dome, with place circulated a caricature, at the top soldiers, between whom the Pope is of which was, “ Last notice to stray carried in his chair to the upper end, dogs; who are hereby again informed, higher than the heads of the people. that after Tuesday, the 20th July, muniHis robe is of white satin, richly em. cipal sausages will be administered to broidered over with crosses of gold, them.” Under this proclamation are something at a distance resembling represented two foreign dogs, the one a flowered brocade, and be wears his tiara German, the other a Flemiog, who are with three bands of jewels encircling it. mueh embarrassed as to the true meaning There are two immense fans made of red of the French notification. The Flemish velvet and ostrich feathers carried over dog, however, concludes, that it is an him on each side. He makes the sign of the invitation to them lo dimer; and they cross during the whole time. Round th both regale on the fatal sausage !

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