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that's the end! We made the Bexton of

this dreary abode, who by the way had Or, a Breakfast in France.

been employed in liis daily work fo: The kitchen of a village ini in eleven years, open the stone of the next Languedoc, is enough to damp the day's grave, which had been seated up strongest appetite. I wished for the for a year. The flesh was:

sentirely gone pencil of Wilkie' at Remoulins, a little for in such a fermenting mass, the work of village where we breakfasted this morning, corruption must 'gó on swiminingły. While the host, who played as many parts Quicklime is added to hasten the process, as Búskin in the farce, was killing the and nothing seemed to remain but a dry devoted fowl, his cat rån away with the heap of bones and skulls. Wbat must be sausages intended to garnish it. Poor the feelings of those, who can suffer the chanticleer was laid down to finish his remains of a friend, a sister, a mothier, ór death song as he could, while the host a wife, to be thus disposed of? In80 well chosen, that a third of the of my owa r pursued puss to her retreat, which was different as I feel to the posthumous fate

remains, Heaven grant that sattsagés were gone

before he discovered 'may at least rest and rot alone; without her. Puss, however, páid dearly for it being mixed up in so horrible a human it the end; for in endeavouring to make hash as this! her escape under a door, the aperture was TKere were some women saying Ave so small that her hinder legs and tail Marias within the square, for the dewere left on the hither side of it, upon parted souls of their friends, but our which mine host wreaked his vengeance, arrival took thern from this pious work, by stamping most unmercifully. At last and set them upon some calculations, we sat down to grimalkin's leavings; connected with us, and our carriage, and and though the landlord had no "ap- the number of it, to direct them in the pliances and means” to help him, 'nor selection of lucky nuthbers in the lottery, scarcely a stick of wood with which tồ upon their return to Naples. make a fire, be did contrive, somehow Hammersmith. JBN: or other, to furtish a very toleráble break

and this seems to be the great merit of French cookery that it can CITY OF MERIDA. make something out of nothing. Moliere observes, that anybody can dress a dinner " MERIDA is considered by travellers with money and materiales, and if a to be about half way between Caracas professed cook cannot do it without, his and Bogotà; but I believe there is no art is not worth a farthing.

accurate computation of the distance. Hammersmith.

J. B

felicity the greatest gifts THÉ CAMPO SANTO;

climate, and situation; the first is of

that peculiar quality as to be equally Or Great Burial Place of Naples : adapted to all the productions of a Is situated on a rising ground behind tropical climate, as well as those of the town, about a mile and a half from northern latitudes, and, in its present the gate. Within its walls are 365 imperfect state of cultivation, it yields, caverns : one is opened every day for the within view of the city, cocoa, coffee, aná reception of the dead; the great mass of cotton, ind igenous to a warm climate; whom, as soon as the rites of religion plantains, maize, all kinds of roots, such have been performed, are brought here as arracacha, yuca, vegetables, and the for sepulture. There were "fifteen cast best of fruits, in high perfection; which in while we were there, men, women, and require considerable heat; 'moreover, children, without a rag to cover them; wheat, barley, peaș, potatoes, &c. are literally fulfilling the words of scripture equally abundant, although thriving in a -"As he came forth out of his mojher's comparatively cool atmosphere. In the womb, paked shall be return, to go as vale of the Chama, for instance, runging he came!" I looked down into this at the foot of the Table Land, the heat is frightful charnel-house,.---it was a shock- probably between 80 and 90°, and at the ing sight, a mass of blood and garbage; summit of the mountains, (15,000 feet for many of the bodies had been opened above the level of the sea,) which form at the hospitals. Cock-roaches, and other its boundary, and immediately fronting reptiles, were crawling about in all their the town, you have perpetual snow. Its glory. “We fat all creatures else, to site is most striking and singularly fat us, and we fat ourselves for maggots; beautiful; ascending from the valley by . Charles Matthews.

a very steep and narrow pass, yoki gain


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Here are united with of nature, soil


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lhe summn of an extensive table land, the world that he is an adept-in all three, tending, in a slight degree, towards an as any other mau ever took to conceal inclined plane, as it runs westward. The his vices. city commences at the eastern extremity,

He catches strangers completely by covering at least a square half league. surprise; they know not what to make I can give you but a faint outline of this of him: in fact he manages bis part so most picturesque and delightful spot! well, that while he is in reality playing the city being in the middle region, off his true character, he appears only to enjoys a temperature extraordinarily be acting; and I have heard many a one moderate and agreeable; the heat never say of him, after a first interview, I bebeing oppressive, and cold scarcely lieve 'Jack is a good-natured fellow at sensible, the average is from 67 to 70°: bottom. He was once employed in a Next to Caracas, this is by far the largest suit against his own father; and so untown in the province of Venezuela, and, blushingly did he talk of the matter, that like it, two-thirds at least is a heap of it did not lose him a single acquaintance ruins, from the same melancholy cause : or friend. (its population, in 1804, amounting to Though Jack began the world penny-, near 12,000 persons; whereas, at present, less, he is now a rich man. Those who 3,000 is probably the extent.) The were cheated by him last year—though prodigious velocity of the shock which they abuse him, to be sure-still seem laid both cities in ruins, is inconceiveable; willing to be cheated on, and Jack prothe distance is nearly 500 miles, and yet ceeds in his career as boldly as ever. the couvulsion was simultaneous ! I This character, I am afraid, is not an

assure you I do not exaggerate in setting uncommon one; at least, innumerable this forth as the most delightful spot the varieties of it are to be met in our interimagination can paint. What might not course with society. be made of it, if peopled by European Throughout life, it has been a subject families of enlightened ideas, and with of surprise to me, how those bold spirits sufficient capital to rebuild and beautify succeed in obtaining their purposes, even the city as its situation deserves ?” with each other. It corroborates the

justice of Hudibras's observationEFFRONTERY.

" That the pleasure is as great

In being eheated, as to cheat." I HAVE often wondered how Jack In fact, people in general seem ever

the attorney, got on in the ready to be imposed on by those who world for, to me, his character does not possess dauntless effrontery. I knew an appear to possess one redeeming quality. instance, not along ago, of a man who Every body calls him a liar, a cheat, a was absolutely concerned in defrauding rascal; yet every body associates with another of ten thousand pounds; yet, so him: he is welcomed even at the houses boldly did he maintain bis own character, of the fastidious, and his parties are and utter self-evident falsehood upon always filled at home; business pours in falsehood, that his very victim (a man by upon him from all quarters; and lastly, no means devoid of common sense,) was, he has married a woman of high repu- the following year, not only ready to 'tation and respectability. Surely there enter into fresh engagements with him, must be something very fascinating in but even, on one occasion, accommodated his manners and address he must at him with letters of recommendation to least be a complete gentleman. No: the Continent. any thing but prepossess

is another personification of ing ; his manners are disgustingly fami- Effrontery, though in a smaller way. It liar and boisterous; and his conversation is the very height of his ambition to be abounds in slang and profaneness. How, thought to mingle in the society of then, does he get on? Why is not every people of rank; and no stone does he door shut against him ?

leave unturned to attain his end. BeEffrontery—Effrontery is the talisman sides the old trick of bowing to every to which he owes his success; it is the coronet that he meets, &c. he professes “ Open Sesamé,” which admits him into to be intimately acquainted with Sir good society. If he in any way appeared Walter Scott, and half the celebrated to condemn or to be ashamed of himself, authors of the day; and, to bear himself he would be shunned like a common out, he has bought expensive editions of swindler; but he puts a bold face on all their works, which he shows about as the his actions: he talks so openly of drink- gifts of the writers, having their names ng, gambling, and cheating, that he inscribed on the title-pages. He meets seems to take as much pains to convince with hundreds who are simple enough to

his person



swallow all his boastings, and who, in breakfast, “plunge themselves fearlessly their turn, boast of his acquaintance. into the busom of Neptune.”

In fact, the instances of Effrontery A sheep killed by lightning is a thing which crowd upon me are almost in- unheard of: the animal may be destroyed numerable. I am often amused at the by the “ electric fluid ;” but, even then, various forms which it is capable of we should not be told that it was dead : assuming ; and shall perhaps, on some we should he informed that “the vital fiiture occasion, again endeavour to spark had Aed for ever.” If the carcase amuse my readers by some more illus were picked up by a carpenter or shoetrations of the subject.--Lit. Gazette. maker, we never should hear that a

journeyman tradesman had found it: we IMPROVEMENTS OF THE should be told that its remains had been AGE.

discovered by an "operative artisan.”

All little girls, be their faces ever so Amongst all the improvements of the plain, pitted or pitiable, if they appear at age, none perhaps are more striking than å public office to complain of robbery, those which have recently been made, and or ill-treatment, are invariably “intelliindeed are at present making, in the gent and interesting;” if they have language of ordinary life. It is not proceeded very far in crime, they are merely by the introduction of foreign called “ unfortunate females ;" should words and phrases into the English they by any accident have a prospect of tongue, nor the designation of places of becoming mothers, we

are informed amusement, or shops, or carriages, by “ that they are in a way that ladies wish alien titles, that this great alteration is to be who love their lords." Childworking, but by the adoption of figu- murder is elegantly termed « infantirative phraseology and elegant expres- cide;" and when it is punished capi. sions, which bid fair to rival the formal tally, we hear, not that the unnatural foppery of Euphenism.

mother was hanged, but thats the Who in these days ever reads of board- unfortunate culprit underwent the last ing-schools ?-Nobody: they are trans sentence of the law, and was launched formed into academies for boys and into eternity.” séminaries for girls; the higher classes No person reads in the newspapers, are “ Establishments ;” a coach-maker's that a house has been burnt down: he shop is a “ Repository for Carriages ;" perhaps will find “ that the house fell a a milliner's a “Depot ;" a thread-seller's sacrifice to the flames.” In an account an.“ Emporium.” One buys drugs at a of a launch we learn, not that a ship “ Medical Hall,” wines of a “Company, went off the slip without any accident, and shoes at a Mart;" blacking is but that, “ she glided securely and madispensed from an “ Institution," and jestically into her native element,” the meat from a “ Purveyor.” These bave said native element being one in which long been evident, it is true; but we the said ship wever was before. disregard them all in comparing the effect To send for a surgeon if one leg be likely to be produced upon society by the broken, is out of the question ; a man adoption of such gross absurdities, with indeed “may be dispatched for medical that which probably will result from the aid.”. introduction into the language itself of There are now no public singers at others still more glaring.

tavern dinners--they are “ the profesFor instance, instead of reading, that sional gentlemen;" and actors are all after a ball the company did not go away professors of histrionic art.” Widows till daylight, weare told that “the joyous themselves are scarce: they are all group continued tripping on the light "interesting relicts;" and as for nurseryfantastic toe until Sol gave them warning maids, they'are now a days universally to depart.” If one of the company transformed into “young persons who happened on his way to tumble into a superintend the junior branches of the ditch, we should be informed that “ his family.” foot slipped, and he was immersed in the These little delicacies and refinements liquid element.” A good supper is appear to us to threaten the plain, described as making the “tables groan sensible, straight-forward language of with every delicacy of the season.' A John Bull; and however sweet to doublecrowd of briefless lawyers, unbenificed refined minds, and however charming in clergymen, and half-pay officers, are enu. very polite society, are in plain narratives merated as a “host of fashion” at a and public papers contemptibly absurd. watering-place, where we are also informed that ladies, instead of taking a dip before

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THE PENITENTIARY. and the whole night kept watch before The Penitentiary at Milbank, West. her door, walking

backward and forward, minster, is again re-opened for the recep to be ready at her call in any moment, tion of male and female prisoners. The in case of extreme necessity. The night two former removals of prisoners, on passed quietly; but in the niorning, as account of a general, destructive, and he was walking by the bank of the alarming sickness that seized them, will stream, seeing him through the crevices, be remembered,; and that the sickness she called to him and presented her babe. was in a great degree attributed to the The good chief, with tears in his eyes, damp situation of the prison ; the want rejoiced at her safe delivery. He told of a free current of air ; the poor cha- her not to be uneasy, that he should lay racter of the dietary; and the deficient by for a few days, and exercise allowed to the prisoners. Since her

some nourishing food, and some the removal of the prisoners to separate medicines to take. Then going to his hulks at Woolwich, the building has encampment, he ordered all his men to been particularly examined by Sir Hum- go out a hunting, and remained himself phrey Davy and other professors, by lo guard the camp.--Indian Anecdotes. five physicians, Dr. Roget, &c., at an

MATRIMONY AND DIVORCE. expence to the public, it is said, of £2000. Various cleansings and altera

Had the following anecdote been in tions were suggested by them, particu- existence in the time of our great poet larly as regards the ventilation of the Milton, would he not have translated it Penitentiary Prison; such as an altera- into his high style, and given it a place tion of the walls, the introduction of in his treatise on the Doctrine and gratings, &c. to secure a more free cur- discipline of Divorce?' One can easily rent of air ; and these amendments, conceive how he would have chuckled chiefly suggested by Sir Humphrey Dary, over such a thing in the midst of the it is understood have been extensively bitterness (caused by his wife's misattended to. Those alterations, it is conduct) with which he sat down to expected, will prevent the recurrence of compose his ‘Tetrachordon, and other that sickness which has been heretofore tracts on the subject. so fatal. The dietary will be on a more

“ An aged Indian, who for many years generous scale, and more exereise will had spent much of his time among the be allowed to the prisoners. - New white people both in Pennsylvania and Monthly Mag.

New Jersey, one day about the year 1770

observed, that the Indians had not only a A NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN.

much easier way of getting a wife than

the whites, but were also more certain of A PARTY of Delawares, in one of their getting a good one; · For,' (said he in his excursions during the revolutionary war, broken English,) White man court, took a white female prisoner. The court -may be oue whole year l-may Indian chief, after a march of several be two years before he marry well! days,' observed that she was ailing, and may be then got very good wife—but was soon convinced (for she was far may be not !-may be very cross !--Well advanced in her pregnancy) that the now, suppose cross ! scold so soon as time of her delivery was near. He imme- get awake in the morning! scold all day diately made a halt on the bank of a scold until sleep; all one he must stream, where, at a proper distance from keep him!* White people have law the encampment, he built for her a close forbidding throwing away wife, be he hut of peeled barks, gathered dry grass ever so cross! must keep him always ! and fern to make her a bed, and placed Well! how does Indian do !-Indian, a blanket at the opening of the dwelling when he see industrious Squaw, which he as a substitute for a door. He then kin- like, he go to him, place his two foredled a fire, placed a pile of wood near it fingers close aside each other, make two to feed it occasionally, and also a kettle look like one-look Squaw in the face of water at hand where she might easily see him smile-which is all one he says use it. He then took her into her little Yes! so be take him home--no danger infirmary, gave her Indian medicines, he be cross! no, no! Squaw know top with directions how to use them, and well what Indian do if he cross !-throw told her to rest easy, and she might be him away and take another! Squaw love sure nothing should disturb her. Hav- to eat meat! no husband! no meat! ing done this, he returned to his men, Squaw do every thing to please husband!

any disturbing the sick woman in any man- happy!" "--- Indian Anecdotes. hield ner, and told them that he himself should guard her during the night. He did so,

The pronouns in the Indian language have po feminine gender.

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Will the


To destroy Worms in Gravel-Walks. A Young nobleman, of high bopes Pour into the holes a ley made of and fortune, chanced to lose his way in wood-ashes and quick lime.--This serves the town which he inhabited, the capital, also, as a good application to destroy , if I mistake not, of a German province. insects, when trees are sprinkled with it. * He had accidentally involved himself -For destroying the Worms in gravel among the narrow and winding streets of walks, a solution of common salt is also a suburb, inhabited by the lowest order of found very efficacious.--Mechan. Oracle. the people, and an approaching thunder

CORRESPONDENTS. shower determided him to ask a short refuge in the most decent habitation that

THE EDITOR feels gratified to remark

that the MORNING PAPERS avail was near him. He knocked at the door, which was opened by a tall man, of a The concurrent testimonies of authorities

themselves occasionally of our researches. grisly, and ferocious aspect, and sordid dress. The stranger was readily ushered

so much at issue on points of policy, to a chamber, where swords, scourges,

highly ereditable as it is to their imand machines, which seemed to be partiality in literary matters, shall stimuimplements of torture, were suspended late us to greater exertions. A particular on the wall

. One of these swords Paper of Wednesday last, (a paper that dropped from its scabbard, as the noble. has recently very extensively increased man, after a moment's hesitation, crossed its circulation by the ABLE AND the threshold. His host imineliately

TALENTED manner with which it is stared at him, with such' a' marked

now conducted) has an extract from expression, that the young man


our last sheet, page 238. not help demanding his name and business, learned Editor be kind enough, in his and the meaning of nis looking at him so

future extracts, to add the word PORTfixedly. “I am,” answered the man,

FOLIO, at the close of such paragraphs ?

YERBUM SAT. " the public executioner of this city ; and the incident you have observed is a

Our ARCHITECTURAL FRIENDS sure augury, that I shall

, in discharge of shall not be overlooked. my duty, one day cut off your head with

We thank C. G. G. for hiş Aattering the weapon which has just now sponta- notice, but fear his anecdote is not neously unsheathed itself.” “The noble. generally interesting. man lost no time in leaving his place of

Our kind friend T. T. $. will find refuge; but, engaging in some of the his verses changed, to the head "Mutabiplots of the period, was shortly after lity,inserted in No. 84, his other title decapitated by that very man and in

was too “hackneyed."

PHILO...We sincerely pity this

youth's feelings. “Her charming eyes ;' FALL OF A STONE FROM THE

The lips flowing with kisses ;' The CLOUDS.

Sanctity of Feeling," -certainly operate On Friday, the 13th of August, at two upon our susceptible nature.

But he o'clock precisely, a dreadful explosion took place at Mr. Spencers, the little really must

procure another vehicle for

tender effusions. white collage, Phoebe-place, Holloway,

Perhaps a couplet of Pope's is very (between two and three miles north of applicable to a gentleman who signs London.). The family, on being alarmed himself a Well-Wisher :"? by a loud crash, rushed into the garden Such shameless bards we have, and yet 'tis true, to ascertain whence the noise proceeded, There are as mad, abandon d critics, too. and inquired of Mr. Berry, a gentleman Our humourous correspondent“Qyiz," of property in the neighbourhood, whether shall have a place in the next Number. he had been making use of fire-arms for We thank him for a former communicathe purpose of destroying dogs? To tion, but advise him to confine himself to which he replied in the negative: but one species of composition only: be will smelling a most powerful effuvia of sul- understand us when we say A word to phur, they began to examine the spot the wise is enough.” from whence the smell proceeded, when Will J. H. $. take the same advice? they found, to their utter astonishment, This - gentleman must recollect, a man a stone-like substance, still hot, smelling cannot excel in every subject he ynof sulphur, and of about half a yard in dertakes. circumference. In its course towards Our kitchen maid thanks A. D., Mr. Berry's back kitchen, it most severely Zero, (quite below Zero) A. B., and a milkman was struck blind, and a greatest service to this nymph of the working gardener much hurt. The aëro- broom and scrubbing brush, in kindling lite is in Mr. Berry's possession. her fire this morning.



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