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MISERIES OF HABIT. “ HABITS are stubborn things :"

And cost her many a pound in stucco And bythe time a man is turn’d of forty, And then she quoted our King James, : His ruling passion's grown so how saith, haughty,

Tobacco is the devil's breath." There is no clipping of its wings.

When wives will govern, husbands The truth will best be shown

must obey.* By a familiar instance of our own.

For many a day
Dick Strype

Dick mourn'd and miss'd his favourite
Was a dear friend and lover of the pipe ; tobacco,
He used to say, “One pipe of Wishart's

And scolded oft Rebecca. best

At length 'the day approach’d, his Gave life a zest."

wife must die : To him 'twas meat, and drink, and Imagine now the doleful cry physic,

Of female friends,old auris,andcousins, To see the friendly vapour

Who to the fun'ral came by dozens.
Curl round his midnight taper,

The undertaker's men and mutes
And the black fume

Stood at the gate in sable suits,
Clothe all the room

With doleful looks,
In clouds as dark as science metaphysic. Just like so many melancholy rooks.
So still he smoked, and drank, and Now cakes and wine are handed round,
crack'd his joke;

Folks sigh, and drink, and drink and And, had he single tarried,

sigh He might have smoked, and still grown For grief makes people dry: old in smoke:

But Dick is missing, nowhere to be
But Richard married.

His wife was one, who carried Above, below, about
The cleanly virtues almost to a vice, They search'd the house throughout,
She was so nice:

Each hole and secret entry,
And thrice a week, above, below, Quite from the garret to the pantry,
The house was scour'd froin top to In ev'ry corner, cupboard, nook, and

And all the floors were rubb'd so And all concluded he had hang'd

himself. You dared not walk upright

At last they found him---Reader, For fear of sliding:

guess you where, But that she took a pride in.

'Twill make you stare--Of all things else Rebecca Strype Perch'd on Rebecca's coffin, at his rest, Could least endure a pipe.

Smoking a pipe of Wishart's best. She railed upon the filthyherb tobacco,

Protested that the noisome vapour LONDON : - Printed and Published by W. Had spoild her best chintz curtains KEENE, New Church Court, Strand; and and the paper,

DUNCOMBE, Little Queen Street.

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ASHANTEES, JAN, 21, 1824, The late melancholy details of this the King destroyed the Dutch Fort at disastrous affair having excited in an Connantine. unusual degree, public attention, we are The Ashantees invaded it again in induced to select it as the subject of our 1811, and the third time in 1816; the present embellishment, from the desire occasion of this incursion is supposed to of putting our Readers in possession of have arisen from the followir.g cause : all the facts connected with this unfortu A man of opulence of Amoo died, and, nate business, the accounts of which we as is customary on those occasions, gold are afraid are too accurate to admit of a and other valuable articles were deposidoubt, and also for the purpose of illus ted with the body in the grave. On this trating our description of this warlike occasion, one of Chiboo's people, (a and forocious nation, which we have se rival petty King) was present, and seelected from the best and most accredited ing what was done, watched an opportusources.

nity to rob the grave, which he effected, The following statement will shew the and escaped with the treasure. Amoo situation of our affairs in Western Afri- sought redress of his neighbour in vain; ca during some years past, and up to the and at last appealed to the King of the fatal expedition of Sir Charles Mac Ashantees (to whom they were both Carthy :

tributary), he summoned both parties In 1807, an Ashantee army reached before him, and after an impartial hearthe coast for the first time; and in 1808, ing, decided in favour of Amoo, The Voli III.

No. 64,

- Tribes which has plentasly suffered

other party not relishing this judgment, mina now seized the opportunity of refused obedience to the decree-com- shaking off his yoke, and many of them mitted fresh aggressions on his neigh- spontaneously swore allegiance to the bour and ultimately induced the Ashan-- English

government. In May last, all tees to take up arms against them. The the

districts on the sea coast west of the Fantees joined the Cheboos, and became volta were in arms, to the amount of man equal object of hatred with their thirty thousand warriors; whilst in the Hallies,

- interior the inhabitants unanimously reThis war inflicted the greatest mise-. fused to pay the tributary exactions. ries on the Fantees; few were slain in Captain Laing took the Fantre country

battle for they rarely dared to encoun under his especial care. This officer, **tor the invaders, but the butcheries in in August last, with a detachment of the

cold blood were incredible, and thou- 2d West India regiment, and a body of sands were dragged into the interior to the Annamaboe militia, supported by be sacrificed to the superstitions of the several Native Chiefs, totally defeated conquerors. From the prolonged block the Ashantees at Assecuma. On the ade of Cape Coast Castle in the last in 19th of last November Sir Charles Mac vasion, government were induced to Carthy arrived from Sierra Leone at offer their mediation with the Ashan- Cape Coast, where he remained on the tees, and an Embassy was dispatched 13th of December, the date of the last with a large sum in gold, and suitable Gold Coast Gazettes which have reached presents, which was conducted by the this country. At that time the Ashanlate M. Bowditch,

tees had not ventured to approach the The Ashantee King having asserted coast; a camp had been formed by the a claim of sovereignty over the Fantee British troops; and great numbers of country, that claim was admitted and the Native Chiefs had joined them, and guaranteed on the part of England by sworn allegiance to the British governthe British Consul, Mr. Dupuis.

ment. Thus stood the affairs of the Gold The following is the most accurate Coast in 1821, when all the British set account of the battle, which our entlements there were added to the Colouy graving delineates :of Sierra Leone, and placed under the It seems that notwithstanding the command of that most able and active amicable arrangements which were supGovernor Sir Charles MacCarthy. Sir posed to have taken place between the Charles shortly afterwards went thither British settlers on the coast of Africa in person, and was ever after inces and the ferocious Ashantees, the latter santly moving from one part of his Go have attacked Sir Charles M'Carthy, vernment to another, promoting improve Governor of Sierra Leone. The result ments of all kinds, and personally di has been most disastrous. recting their execution. 'I'he new ener This'melancholy affair is thus related gy thus displayed by the English on the in the Barbadoes Mercury :

Gold Coast imposed a salutary check on “BRIDGETOWN, March 20, 1824. is the savage Chief of Ashantee; and at “The brig Elizabeth, which arrived

the same time held out to the neigh on Thursday last from Africa, gives an bouring States a hope of protection account of a sanguinary conflict, that against his oppressions. He was there. Tately happened between the Ashantees, fore for some time quiet ; but having in a very powerful race, and a force coma fit'of passion seized on a Negro ser- posed of about 4,000 natives and others jeant in our service, and put him to of Cape Coast Castle, an English settledeath, Sir Charles MacCarthy felt him ment in that neighbourhood. The self bound to avenge the insult. A new former had, of late, made frequent in

corps had been formed on the Gold cursions for the purpose of plúndering 5. Coast, under the title of the Royal Afri- the latter territory; and in one of these

can Light Infantry, and had attained a had seized a British sergeant, whom high degree of discipline. A detach they murdered, and afterwards mutilated ment of this corps took the field under in a most borrid manner. To avenge Captain Laing, án officer peculiarly well'. this crime, and the insult offered the qualified for this service, inasmuch as English flag, Sir Charles M'Carthy, Gohe had a year or two before penetrated vernor of Sierra Leona, immediately prevery far into the interior on an explora- ' pared this expedition, which was forined tory from Leone. The into three divisions, one of which he from the tyranny of Sai Tootoo Qua- many merchants and volunteers; but, be


61 fore the three parties could form a junc- Assienti or Assentai, from its capital tion, Sir Charles was intercepted by city of that name.” Mr. Dalzel heard -10,000 of the Ashantees, with whom he of the Ashantees at Dahomey, as a very fought as long as his ammunition lasted; powerful nation. but being at length overpowered by such At some distance from Cape Coast an immense number of the foe, he and Castle, the principal British settlement those with him were either massacred or in the interior, is situated the town of made prisoners; and, from their blood Comassie, the residence of Sai Tootoo -thirsty characters, it is feared the first Quamina, the Chief or King of the of these disasters has befallen him, and Ashantees. His dominions are of great .under circumstances of aggravated extent, the population considerable, and cruelty. Although fourteen days has the disposition both of King and people elapsed since the departure of

this expe- extremely prone to war. • The Ashandition, no intelligence of Sir Charles or tee army,' says Sir George Collier, is of the merchants had reached the Cape numerous beyond belief; and though when the Elizabeth left that coast. It quite an irregular mass, yet more than has been surmised that the Ashantees 60,000 can be collected, acquainted had been instigated to their late ill con with the use of fire-arms, ready to sacriduct by some foreign traders in a neigh- fice their lives to the nod or caprice of bouring district, on account of the exer their Chief or King, who is known to be tions of the British in intercepting the savage and cruel in the extreme.' African slave trade.”

A General is appointed to the comA Captain L'Estrange was so affected mand of an army by receiving a gold by the dreadful sights which lie saw on handled sword of the King's from his the march, that, on seeing two chil- hand (who strikes him gently with it dren hung up by the neck, and two three times on the head), swearing to with their bellies cut open, he dropped return it encrusted with the blood of his down and died !

conquered enemies. One of the King's The following particulars relating to Linguists always accompanies an army this barbarous people we select from the of any consequence, to whom all the travels of Bowditch, and other authentic politics of the war are intrusted, and Sources:

whose talent and intelligence in nego'The Gold Coast extends from about ciating are expected to mature the fruits three degrees W. long. to as many de of the military genius of the General, grees E., and lies in 5 or 6 degrees N. and to re-imburse the expence of the latitude. Ashantee, which is the capital war by heavy fines and contributions. of the nation of that name, is more in- The Ashantees are superior in discipline, land than our settlement of Sierra Leone, and in courage, to the people of the water and is bounded on the W. by the Atlan- side, though their discipline is limited to tic Ocean, and on the S. by the Gulph the following precautions :---They never of Guinea. Bosman and Barbot men pursue when it is near sun-set; the tion the Ashantees as first heard of by General is always in the rear; the seEuropeans, about the year 1700; the condary captain's lead, the soldiers on, latter calls it Assiantee or Juta, and whilst those in command, with a few writes that it is west of Mandingo, and chosen individuals, urge them forward joins Akim on the east; he asserts its with their beavy swords, and cut any pre-eminence in wealth and power. man down who retreats until the case is İssert, a physician in the Danish ser desperate. The first object of the vice, who meditated a visit to Ashantee, Ashantee, in close fight, is to spring writes---“ this mighty king has a piece upon the throat of his enemy; to adof gold as a charm, more than four men vance every time he fires, he feels to be can carry, and innumerable slaves are imperative if his commander thipks it *constantly at work for him in the moun possible, who would otherwise, if he tains, each of whom must collect or pro escaped death in the action, infiict it on duce two ounces of gold per diem.” him directly it was over. The General The Akims formerly dug much gold, but has his umbrella spread in the rear, and they are now forbidden by the King of besides his guard has several musquets Ashantee, to whom they are tributary as ready loaded, for those soldiers who .well as the Aquamboos, formerly a may be driven to him in case of reverse. very formidable nation. In Dr. Ley. His band plays all the time, and in his den's discoveries in Africa, we find assumed contempt for the enemy, it is " the northern border of Akim extends his etiquette to divert. himself at some to Tonouwab, denominated also Juta, "game, whilst the leads of the slain of

any rank; in the hostile army, are sont less, serves to argue great military to him to put his foot on. When the sources. Since the Ashantee invasion, resnlt of an important action is expected their disposable force has been estimaeven with an anxiety by no means san ted by old residents, in public reports, guine, and the messengers are known to as upwards of 150,000.” be near the capital, the King is always In Mr. Hutchinson's Diary, which is seated, in public, with his golden worra quoted by Mr. Bowditch, the following before him, playing with some digni- statement is made :--tary, and thus receives the news, to “When any public execution or sacriimpress the people with confidence by fice is to take place, the ivory horns of his affected indifference to victory or the King proclaim at the Palace door. defeat.

Wow! wow! wow! death! death ! “ Several of the hearts of the enemy death! and as they cut off their heads, are cut out by the fetish men who follow

the bands play a peculiar strain till the the army, and the blood and small

operation is finished. pieces being mixed with various conse “On a particular occasion a message crated herbs, all those who had never was sent to one chief to say that the killed an enemy before, eat a portion; King was going to his mother's house for it is believed if they did not, their to talk a palaver, and shortly after his vigour and courage would be secretly Majesty arose and proceeded thither, wasted by the haunting spirit of the de ordering the attendants to conduct me ceased. It was said that the King and out by another door. all the Dignitaries partook of the heart “ This sacrifice was in consequence of of any celebrated enemy. The army is the King imagining that if he washed prohibited during the active parts of the the bones of his mother and sisters, who campaign from all food but meal, which died while he was on the throne, it each man carries in a small bag at his would propitiate the Fetish, and make side, and mixes in his haud with the the war successful. Those who had first water he comes to: this, they al done any thing to displease the King lege, is to prevent cooking-fires from were then sent for in succession, and betraying their position, or anticipating immolated as they entered, that their a surprise. Ashantee spies have been blood might water the graves.' The stationed two or three days in the high whole of the night the King's executrees overlooking Cape Coast Castle, tioners traversed the streets, and dragged with no other supply than this meal and

every one to the palace, where they a little water, before the enemy has were put in irons (which is often the shewu himself. There is always a dis case); but some one had disclosed the tinct body of recruits with the army, to secret, and almost every one had fled--dispatch those with their knives whom

so that the King was disappointed of the musket has only wounded, and they most of his distinguished victims. The are all expected to return well armed Sacrifice was continued till the next Adai from despoiling the enemy, or they are custom, seventeen days, at the end of not esteemed of promise, and dismissed which time the chiefs came from their to some servile occupation.

concealment, and paraded the streets, “ It is the invariable policy of Ashan rejoicing that they had escaped death, tee to make the contingents of the power although a few days might put them in last subdued, the revolters recently the same fear." quelled, or the allies last accepted, the We shall give further particulars of van of their army throughout the cam these people in our next. paign, and very frequently there are no Ashantees but Captains with the army ; but it is composed entirely of tributaries and allies.”

SKETCHES OF MEN, MANSpeaking of the military forces, Mr.

NERS, &C. Bowditch says, “I can only calculate

THE ANIMALCULÆ. the population of the kingdom of Ashantee, small in itself, from its military

In warm weather I frequently amuse force, which amounts to 204,000; this

myself with examining the animalculæ

contained in water, by means of a miappears an extravagant force, until we recollect that it is probably one-fifth of

croscope; a small drop appears to conthe whole population. Barbot heard of

tain thousands of beings endued with the Ashantees losing 50,000 iu two ac

life; and I can look at them for hours tions, an exaggeration which, neverthe

together without experiencing the least disposition to ennui ;---sometimes I

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