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sant town about sixteen miles from the of the May games. The citizens taking capital, in order to spend the time in offence at the encouragement granted to greater festivity.

foreigners, a priest named Bell was perSome are of opinion, that the customs suaded to preach against them at the formerly observed in England on the Spital church, and in a very inflaming first of May, have rather been borrowed sermon, he invited the people to oppose from our Gothic ancestors than from the the settlement of all strangers among Romans; whether this may have been them. Suddenly a rumour arose that the case or not, they were certainly ob on May day all the foreigners in London served with equal spirit. Shak peare would be assassinated, and many of says, that it was impossible to make the them sought their satety in fiight. The people sleep on May morning; and this circumstance coming to the knowledge eagerness

of the king and council, Cardinal Wol*** To do observance to a morn of May,”

sey sent for the Lord Mayor and several was not confined to any particular rank of the city council, and exhorted them in in society, but royal and noble person strong terms to use measures for the ages, as well as ihe vulgar, went out a preservation of the peace. A court of “ Mayirg” early in the morning of the common council was accordingly assemfirst of May. Cliaucer says, on that. bled at Guildhall, the evening before day “forth goeth all the court, both May day, in which it was resolved to most and least, to fetche the turis fresh, order every man to shut up his doors, and braunch and blome;” and Stowe and keep his servants at home during states, that in the month of May, the the day. The order was communicated citizens of London of all estates, in by each alderman to the inhabitants of every parish, or sometine two or three his ward; but when díay morning came, parishes adjoining together, had their it was found to have met with ouly á several Mayings, and did fetch in may- partial observance. As one of the aiderpoles, with divers wailike slows, with men was passing up Cheapside, he obgood archers, inorris-dancers, and other served two young men at play, and drvices for pastiine all the day long; many others looking at them: he seized and towards the evening they had stage the youths, in order to send them to the plays, and bonfires in the streets. Compter, but they were soon rescued,

King Heory the Eighth dad Qireen and the cry raised of “Preniices ! PrenKatherine partook of this iliversion, and tices ! Clubs! Clubs!” A great crowd rede a Maying from Greenwich to the insiantly assembled; the mayor and high grou::d at Shooter's Hill, accom sherifi's matie proclamation for their dispanied with many lords and ladies. 'persion in the king's name, but to no Here they were received by a company purpose; instead of obeying it, they of 200 tall yeomen all clothed in greeil,

broke open the houses of a number of with green hoods and bows and arrows. foreigners, particularly Frenchmen, and One of them personating Robin Hood, continued plundering them till three as captain of the band, requested the next morning. As the multitude began king and all his company to stay and then to scatter to their homes, the see his men shoot; to which his ma mayor and his attendants picked up jesty agreeing, Robin Hood whistled, about 400 of the stragglers, and comand all the two hundred discharged their

mitted them to the several prisons. arrows at once, which they repeaied on While the riot lasted, the lieutenant of his whistling again. Their arrows bad the tower fireil several large pieces of something placed in the heads of them orilance into the city, but it is said which made them whistle as they flew, without doing much mischief. and altogether made a loud and utcom On the 4th of May a special commismon noise. The gentleman who as sion was opened at Guildhall, for the sumed the character of Robin Hood, trial of the prisoners; and to protect the then desired the king and queen, with proceeding from any interference on the their retinue, to enter the green wood, part of the populace, the Duke of Norwhere, in arhours made with boughs in folk brought into the city a body of termixed with flowers, they were plenti- 1300 men. On the 5ih, thirteen persons fully supplied with venison and wine by were convicted and sentenced to be Robin Hood and his men.

hanged, drawn, and quartered; and on About two years after this, an event the 7th, several more were condemned happened which turned this day of re to suffer the same fate. For the execu. joicing into one of sorrow, and led for a tion of the criminals, ten gibbets were Lime to the entire suppression in London erected in different parts of the city, and

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69 raised upon wheels, in order that they their shirts, bound together with cords, might be moved from street to street, and with halters round their necks; and and from door to door, the better to im to add to the wretchedness of the lat.er press the whole population with the sa part of the scene, eleven women were lutary terrors of the law. The dreaded beheld among the number of the conday of punishment arrived; one man demned. The whole falling on their was executed at Cheapside, and the rest knees, the recorder repeated the suppliwere about to be turned off, when, to cation which the corporation had before the great joy of many a weeping family, submitted to his majesty. Cardinal and of the populace at large, a respite Wolsey made answer in the name of the arrived from his niajesty, and the crimi- king. After severely rebuking the lord nals were remanded to prison.

mayor, aldermen, and commonalty, for It was now resolved that the Lord their neglect of duty, he told the prisoiMayor, recorder, and aldermen, should ers, that for their offences against the wait upon the king, and solicit bis for laws of the realın, and against his majesgiveness for the city. They went ac ty's crown and dignity, they richly mecordingly to his palace at Greenwich, rited death. At this, they all set up a all clothed in deep mourning, but were cry of “Mercy, gracious lord, mercy!" allowed to wait a long time at the privy The king seemed moved; the nobles inchamber duor before his majesty would terceded; and at last yielding to the sentideign to give them audience. At last, ment of compassion which the spectacle the king, attended by a number of his before him was so deeply calculated to nobles, came forth; the city deputation excite, Henry pronounced aloud his fell immediately on their knees, and the forgiveness of the city, and the pardon recorder, in the name of the rest, begged of the criminals; who being in nediately in the most humble and submissive terms released from their bonds, threw up that his highness would forgive them for their halters in the air, crying, “God the unfortunate events of May day, and save the king !” would have compassion on the offenders, After this disgraceful affair, the May whom he represented “as a small num games fell for a time into disrepute; but ber of light persons.” Henry, in great as time deprived the recollection of its anger, demanded why they had not at- bitterness, they were gradually revived, tempted to fight with the offenders, sirce till in the reign of James the First, there they were such“ a small number of light was scarcely a village in the kingdom persons ?" No answer being given, his but had its appropriate games and dances majesty proceeded to observe that they on May day. must have winked at the disorder, and In 1664, the long parliament issued an that nothing could atone for their negli- ordinance against May-poles, and they gence ; saying which, he turned on his were all taken down. At the restoraheel, and left the prostrate citizens in a tion, they were permitted to be erected state of inexpressible mortification. again ; but the Puritans had by that

A trial of pride still severer awaited time deprived the May game of its printhe corporation. The king and court cipal glories. seemed resolved to make them undergo Strutt has given a very pleasing and the most abject humiliation before res accurate description of the May games toring them to favour. On the 22d of and morris-dance of Robin Hood, as May, the king held a at Westmin- they were in the fifteenth and sixteenth ster Ilall; he sat at the upper end under centuries. a cloth of state, surrounded by a great

Eight masqueraders in the most gromany nobles, knights, and gentlemen, te que dresses, consisting of Robin Cardinal Wolsey announced to his ma Hood, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little jesty, that the lord mayor, aldermen, John, the Fool, Tom the Piper, the and common council of the city of Lon- Hobbyhorse, and the Dragon, with from don, were in waiting, and desired to lay two to ten morris-dancers, or, in lieu of themselves at his majesty's feet. The them, the same number of Robin Hood's deputation were then introduced by the men, in coats, hoods, and hose of green, lower end of the hall, and as they ad with a painted pole in the centre, reprevanced, presented a truly melancholy sented the most complete establishment spectacle. The chief magistrate and

of the May games. other dignitaries of the city were clothed In the front of the pavilion, a large in mourning gowns; they were followed square was staked out, and fenced with by the whole of the prisoners, amount ropes, to prevent the crowd from pressing to about four hundred, stripped to ing upon the performers, and interrupt

ing the diversion: there were also two four other females in green courtpies, bars at the bottom of the inclosure, and garlands of violets and cowslips : through which the actors might pass and then Sampson, the smith, as Friar Tuck, repass, as occasion required.

carrying a huge quarter-staff on his Six young men first entered the square, shoulder; and Morris, the moletaker, clothed in jerkins of leather, with axes who represented Much, the miller's son, upon their shoulders like woodmen, and having a long pole with an inflated bladtheir heads bound with large garlands der attached to one end : and after them of ivy leaves intertwined with sprigs of the May-pole, drawn by eight fine oxen, hawthorn. Then followed six young decorated with scarfs, ribbons, and maidens of the village, dressed in blue flowers of divers colours ; and the tips kirtles, with garlands of primroses on of their horns were embellished with their heads, leading a fine sleek cow, de- gold. The rear was closed by the Hobcorated with ribbons of various colours by-horse and the Dragon. interspersed with flowers, and the horns When the May-pole was drawn into of the animal were tipped with gold. the square, the foresters sounded their These were succeeded by six foresters, horns, and the populace expressed their equipped in green tunics, with hoods pleasure by shouting incessantly until it and hose of the same colour; each of reached the place assigned for its elevathem carried a bugle-horn attached to a tion : and during the time the ground baldrick of silk; which he sounded as was preparing for its reception, the barhe passed the barrier. After them, came riers of the bottom of the inclosure were Peter Lanaret, the baron's chief fal- opened for the villagers to approach, coner, who personfied Robin Hood: he and adorn it with ribbons, garlands, and was attired in a bright grass-green flowers, as their inclination prompted tunic, fringed with gold; his hood and them. his hose were parti-coloured, blue and The pole being sufficiently burdened white; he had a large garland of rose with finery, the square was cleared from buds on his head, a bow bent in his such as had no part to perform in the hand, a sheaf of arrows at his girdle, pageant; and then it was elevated amidst and a bugle horn depending from a bald- the reiterated acclamations of the specrick of light blue tarantine, embroidered tators. The woodmen and the milk with silver; he had also a sword and a maidens danced around it according to dagger, the hilts of both beinz richly the rustic_fashion; the measure was embossed with gold.

played by Peretto Cheveritte, the baron's Fabian, a page, as Little John, walked chief minstrel, on the bagpipes, accomat his right hand; and Cecil Cellerman, panied with the pipe and tambour, perthe butler, as Will. Stukely, at his left. formed by one of his associates. When These, with ten others of the jolly out the dance was finished, Gregory, the law's attendants who followed, were jester, who undertook to play the hobbyhabited in green garments, bearing their horse, came forward with his approbows bent in their hands, and their ar- priate equipment, and, frisking up and rows in their girdles. Then came two down the square without restriction, maidens, in orange-coloured kirtles with imitated the galloping, curvetting, amwhite courtpies, strewing flowers; fol. bling; trotting, and other paces of a lowed immediately by the Maid Marian, horse, to the infinite satisfaction of the elegantly habited in a watchet-coloured lower classes of the spectators. He was tunic rea ng to the ground; above followed by Peter Parker, the baron's which she wore a white linen rochet ranger, who personated a dragon, hisswith loose sleeves, fringed with silver, ing, yelling, and shaking his wings with and very neatly plaited ; her girdle was wonderful ingenuity; and to complete of silver baudekin, fastened with a double the mirth, Morris, in the character of bow on the left side ; her long flaxen Much, having small bells attached to hair was divided into many rirglets, and his knees and elbows, capered here and flowed upon her shoulders; the top part there, between the two monsters, in the of her head was covered with a net- form of a dance; and as often as he work cawl of gold, upon which was came near to the sides of the inclosure, placed a garland of silver, ornamented he cast slily a handful of meal into the with blue violets. She was supported faces of the gaping rustics, or rapped by two bride maidens, in sky-coloured them about their heads with the bladder rochets girt with crimson girdles, wear tied at the end of his pole. In the mean ing garlands upon their heads of blue time, Sampson, representing Friar Tuck, and white violets, After them, came walked with much gravity around the

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THE PORTFOLIO. square, and occasionally let fall his some parts of the North of England the heavy staff upon the toes of such of the first of May is still a festival, and some crowd as he thought were approaching

of the honours of the May game are more forward than they ought to do; still retained.---In our own times, the and if the sufferers cried out from the only remains of May festivities are the sense of pain, he addressed them in a assemblage of the sweeps, who parade solemn tone of voice, advising them to the streets for three days, decorated count their beads, say a paternoster or with tinsel ornaments, and performing two, and to beware of purgatory. These grotesque dances. vagaries were highly palatable to the populace, who announced their delight by repeated plaudits, and loud bursts of laughter; for this reason they were con

HIGHLAND TRADITIONS tinued for a considerable length of time; but Gregory, beginning at last to faulter

Early in the 16th century, Macdoin his paces, ordered the dragon to fall back; the well-nurtured beast, being nald, of Clanranald, married the daughont of breath, readily obeyed, and their

ter of Fraser Lord Lovat, and from this

connexion some very unfortunate consetwo companions followed their example; wbich concluded this part of the quences to both these powerful families

followed. Soon after this marriage pastime. The archers then set up a target at the

Clanranald died, and left but one lawful lower part of the green, and made trial

son, who was bred and educated at Casof their skill in regular succession.

tle Donie, the seat of Lovat, under the Robin Hood and Will. Stukely excel

care of his maternal grandfather. The led their comrades; and both of them

name of the young chieftain was Ranald, lodged an arrow in the centre circle of and unhappily for himself, he was disgold, so near to each other, that the dif- tinguished by the appellation Gaulta, ference could not readily be decided,

or Lowland, because Lovat's country. which occasioned them to shoot again;

was considered as approaching towards when Robin struck the gold a second

the manners, customs, and appearance time, and Stukely's arrow was affixed

of the Lowlands, compared to his own

native land of Moidart, one of the most upon the edge of it. Robin was there

barren and mountainous districts in the fore adjudged the conqueror; and the prize of honour, a garland of laurel em

Highlands. bellished with variegated ribbons, was Ranald was an accomplished youth, put upon his head ; and to Stukely was and promised to be an ornament to his given a garland of ivy, because he was family and his country; his disposition the secoud best performer in that con was amiable, and his appearance was test.

much in his favour.-When yet but a The pageant was finished with the stripling, he visited his estate; and his archery; and the procession began to people being desirous to give him the move away,

to make room for the vil best reception in their power, he found lagers, who afterwards assembled in the at every house great entertainments square, and amused themselves by danc were provided, and much expense ining round the May pole, in promiscuous curred by the slaughter of cattle and companies, according to the ancient other acts of extravagance, which apcustom.

peared to Ranald very superfluous. He Strutt mentions another custom ob was a stranger to the customs of the served on this day, which was kept up country, and it would seem that he had even in his time; that of the milk-maids no friendly or judicious counsellor. In dressing themselves very gaily, and bor an evil hour, he remarked that he was rowing abundance of silver plate, extremely averse to this ruinous praewhereof they made a pyramid, which tice, which he was convinced the people they adorned with ribbons and flowers, could ill afford; and said that, for his and carried it upon their heads, instead own part, he would be perfectly satisof their common pails. They were ac fied to dine on a fowl. Ranald had an companied by some of their fellow milk- illegitimate brother, (or as some now maids, and with a bagpipe or fiddle, say, an uncle's son, who was born and they went from door to door, and danced bred on the estate. He was many years before the houses of their customers. older than the young Clanranald, and

All the ancient May day customs are was possessed of very superior abilities entirely in disuse in London; but in in his way. He was active, brave, and

ambitions, to which were added much their wily foe. It is said that no more address and shrewdness. Having al than six of Lovat's party escaped, and ways resided in Noidart, where he as moi triple that number of their enemies. sociated with the people, and had ren Ranald, unquestionably the lawful redered himself very popular, he had ac presentative of the family, fell covered quired the appellation of Ian Muidur with wounds, after having given proof ich, or John of Moidari, a much more that he was possessed of the greatest endearing distinction than Gaulla. bravery ; and his memory is to this day

The remark Ranald had made, as to respected even aniong the descendants of the extravagance of his people, gave those who destroyed liim. John of great offence; and the preference he Moidart obtained possession of the gave to a fowl was conceived to indicare whole estate, and led a very turbua mean sordid disposition unbecoming lent life. Tradition says that he comthe representative of so great a family. promised the claims of Macdonald, of Jolin Muidartich and his friends enco! Morar, for a third part of the lands, which raged these ideas, and Ranald was soon he yielded up to him on relinquishing all known by the yet more contemptuous further right. appellation of the Ranald of the lens. This confict is distinguished by the He soon leit Moidart, and again returned designation of Blar leine, or the Battle to his grandfather's house. His brotiier of the Shirts, the combatants having (and now his opponent) remained in that stripped themseives during the action country, and he used all the means in It was sought at the eastern end of Lochhis power to strengthen his interest. He lochy, near the line of the Caledonian married the daughter of Macdonald, of Canal, in July 1551. This subject has Ardnamurchan, the head of a numerous recently become of considerable imporand turbulent tribe, whose estate bor tancı, being one of the principal points dered on Moidart, and his intention to at issue between two chieftains of the oppose Ranald, became daily more evi- Macdonalds. We do not pretend to indear. Several attempts were made by terfere in any such questions; we merely mutual friends to effect a compromise, relate the circumstances as they have but without any permanent effect. At been given to us by many persons in that length a conference between the brothers country, some of them descendants of was appointed at laverlochy, where John of Moidart. Ranald attended, accompanied by old Lovat and a considerable body of his clan; but especially a very large portion of the principal gentlemen of his name SELECT BIOGRAPHY. were present. John also appeared ; and to prevent any suspicion of violence, the ANECDOTES OF ILLUSTRIOUS number of his attendants was but smail,

WOMEN. and his demeaiour was pacific and unassuming.

(No. II) Lovat made proposals on the part of CHRISTINA, QUEEN OF SWEDEN. his grandson, and with very little hesi Ciristiria, daughter of the great Gustation they were acceded to by John tavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, was and his friends. All parties appeared born in 1626. During the pregnancy to be highly pleased, and they separa of the Queen, her mother, it was preted,Jolin with his small party direct dicted by the astrologer, that a son was ing their course homeward, whilst Ra about to be 'bom to Gustavus, destined nald accompanied bis aged relation to to maintain the glory of his father: when his own country, which was much more informed of the birth of his daughter, he distant.

said, “Let us, however, thank God; Johu of Moidart, however, was all this girl will, I trust, prove not less along playing a deep game: he ordered valuable than a boy. Christipa, when a strong body of his father-in-law's

speo about two years old, was taken by her ple to lie in ambush in a certain spot father to Calmar; the governor hesitanear the path by, which Lovat and his ted whether to give the King the usual men must necessarily pass on their re salute, lest the infant should be terrified turn home; and he took care to join them by the noise of the cannon ; Gustavus himself, by travelling all

being consulted, replied after a moment's the mountains.

hesitation, “Fire, the girl is the daughThe Frasers and young Clanranald ter of a soldier, and should be accusappeared, and they were attacked by tomed to it early!” The salute being

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