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Abdullah, known as El Zagal, de-
fender of Baza, I, 15
Abenamoheios, a cacique, attacks
Spaniards, I, 228; capture of,
228; in plot to massacre Span-
iards, 233
Abibaiba, a cacique, living in the
trees, I, 229ff; and braibes
attack Rio Negro, 232; in plot
to massacre Spaniards, 233
Abraibes, kills Raia, I, 231; and
Abibaiba attacks Rio Negro, 232;
in plot to massacre Spaniards,

Aburema, the river, I, *
Aburema, discovery of, I, 323
Acateba, Columbus discovers, I, 324
Accursi, Giovanni, of Florence, I,

189, 250
Acla, II, 179; founded by Spaniards,
Acosta, cited, note, II, 42, IoW
Acuna, auditor of Royal Council,
II, 240
Acuña, Roderigo de, commander
of one of the fleet, II, 402
Adda, referred to, II, 283
Adelantado, the, see Columbus,
Adrian of Utrecht, counsellor to
King Charles, I, 40; made Bishop
of Tortosa, 41; elected Pope,
41; note, II, 57; urges martyr to
continue works, 246
AEneas, I, 79
Aganeo, or Boinca, I, 274
Agathyrses, war-paint of, I, 143;
referred to, II, 316
Aguanil, Spaniards in, II, Io
Aguilar, Geronimo de, story told by,
I, 29ff; later life of, note, 31;
acts as interpreter, 32, 61

Ahuitzotl, son of Muteczuma, note,
II, 115

Aiguitin, the river, I, 324

Airovistus, conquering of, cited, II,

Alaman, cited, note, II, 36, 61, 107
Alaminos, Anton, a pilot, II, 6, 27;
ilots squadron, 12; directs Span-
iards to Tabasco River, 32; sent
to explore West, 36
Alarado, o: of Badajoz,
II, 26
Albornoz, II, 406
Alcocer, Pedro de, cited, note, I, 36
Alexander VI., on the papal throne,
I, 22, 91; Pope, draws a bull, 257
Alexandria, fruits in, II, 308
Alguri, Cansu, reigns in Cairo, I, 26
Almazen, Perez, letter to Peter
Martyr, from, I, 33
Almeria, in possession of enemies,
I, 15; Cortes founds, II, 64
Alpha, discovery of, I, 92; harbour
discovered near, 94
Alpheus, I, 388
Alta Vela, an island, I, 391
Alvarado, Pedro de, II, 12; Cortes
leaves command to, note, 129; in
command of camp, 174; captured
in Naciapala, 341; discoveries
made by, 359 et seq.; cacique wel-
comes, 362; Cortes sends ahead,

Amaiauna, I, 168
Amaquei, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Amaquemeca, capital of Chalco,
, 88
Amecameca, note, II, 88
America, first landing of Spaniards
in, note, I, 135
Anacaona, sister of Beuchios Ana-
cauchoa, I, 123; persuades and
helps brother to entertain Span-
iards, 125ff.

Anacauchoa, Beuchios, a cacique
king, I, 118; Spaniards enter-
tained by, and his caciques, 123 ff;
tributes paid by, 123; entertained
on the Adelantado's ship, 126

Anata, a cacique, I, 406

Andrada, Count Fernando de,
governor of Galicia, II, 401

Andria, note, I, 16o

Anghera, heights of, I, I; Counts of,

Anghera, Pietro Martire d', see
Martyr, Peter
Angostora, note, I, 99
Anjou, duchy of, granted to Fred-
erick III., note, I, 85
Anninici, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Antigua, Blessed Virgin of, I, 74,

Antilles, the, I, 61
Antonio, Gian, I, 3
Antonio, Nicolai cited, note, I, I
Arabia Felix, II, 287
Arabia, oysters of, I, 399
Arabo, a district of Caizcimu, I, 367
Aramana, a district of Caizcimu, I,

Arambe, Spaniards visit, II, 261
Arbolazzo, sent to King in behalf
of Balboa, note, I, 292
Archipelago, Magellan sails
amongst, II, 157
Arcimboldo, Giovanni, Archbishop
of Milan, I, 4
Arethusa, fountain of, I, 388
Argensola, cited, note, II, 292
Argoglio, Alfonzo, secretary to the
£mperor, II, 301
Arias, Diego, son of Pedro, II, 179;
visits Martyr, 236
Arias, Pedro, d'Avila, sent to
Darien as envoy of King, I, 247;
ships wrecked in storm, begins
again, 250; wife of, 250ff; letters
from, 335; arrives at Gomera, 336;
warmly welcomed at Darien, 349;
assumes powers in Darien, II, 49;
reports of, 179; Gonzales re-
proaches, 2 II; aids plan to
unite Panama and Nombre de
Dios, 214; reports against Gon-
zales by 236; encounters Gonzales,
412; complains of Gil Gonzales,
415; recalled to Spain, 416
Aristotle, cited, I, 65; note, 159, 337
Armenicus, I, 386
Arona, heights of, I, I
Arriaga, Luis de, note, I, IoW

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Atwood Cay, note, I, 6o
Aubigny defeated by Andrada, II,
Avezac, Pascal d', cited, note, I, 59
Avila, Alfonso d', II, 12, 26; in
charge of ship, 178; captured by
pirates, note, 196
Avila, II, 241; important fortress
at, 350, see Arias, Pedro
Ayllon, Lucas Vasquez, visits Mar-
tyr, II, 258; describes treatment
to make giants, 267; granted per-
mission to found colony, 269;
voyage of, 419
Ayora, Gonzales, royal historio-
grapher, I, 403
Ayora, Captain Juan, I, 350
Ayora, Juan de Cordova, treachery
of, I, 403
Ayqueroa, a canton in Guaccai-
arima, I, 368
Azores called Cassiterides, II, 177
Azzuei, a district in Bainoa, I, 368

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, 368
Balboa, Vasco Nuñez de, starts
uprising, I, 209; goes on expedi-
tion for provisions, cte., 215; gold
and slaves presented to, 220;
and men in search of food,
226; joins Colmenares, 228; dis-
covers conspiracy among ca-
ciques, 234; Encisco influences
King against, 245; named Adel-
antado of the South Sea, note,
281; letters from, 281; loaded
with honours from the King,
281; sets out to conquer gold
country, 282; forms alliance
with the cacique, Poncha, 282;
makes peace with natives of
Quarequa, 285; discovers Pa-
cific Ocean, 286; takes P.
sion of Pacific in name of King,
288; pacifies Coquera, 288; per-
suades Chiapes to be friends,
288; starts for San Miguel, 289;
wrecked, returns to Chiape's
country, 290; pacifies cacique,
Tumacco, 291; presented with
pearls, 292; starts for Darien,
297; takes leave of Chiapes,
297; led by son of Taocha, 298;
kills Pacra and companions,
301; leaves Pacra's country, 305;
Taocha's people dismissed by,
305; makes friends with Chiori-
sos, 306; makes friends with
Buchebuea, 306; makes friends
with Pochorroso, 307; conquers
Tumanama, 309; frightens Tuma-
nama into submission, 31 of finds
small quantity of gold,311;ill from
privations, 312; entertained and
given presents by Carlos, 313; be-
comes obedient to his King, 314;

welcomes Pedro Arias, 349; enemy
of Pedro Arias, 49; accused of
plot, 49; execution of, 50; dis-
covery by, referred to, 156
Bandelier cited, note, II, 13, 79, IoW
Barbadas, barren reefs, I, 391
Barbarigo, Agostino, I, }.
Barbary States, envoys from, excite
populace against Martyr, I, 27
Barios, Oviedoy, cited, note, II, 382
Barker-Webb, cited, note, I, 5
Barrameda, Magellan sails
II, 152; fleet sails from, 398
Basle, works issued in, note, II, 213
Bastian cited, note, II, 107
Bauruco, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Baza, siege and capture of, by King
Ferdinand, I, 15
Beata, island of, note, I, 118
Beatrice, daughter of King Fer-
dinand, widow of Matthias Cor-
vinus of Hungary, I, 23
Beauvois cited, note, II, 8
Behechio, note, I, 107
Bellin cited, note, II, 382
Bembo, Cardinal, I, 47
Benevides, fought in battle of
Temistitan, II, 176; given com-
mand of ship, 177
Bergenroth, the historian, note, I,


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Boinca, or Aganeo, I, 274
Bona Ventura, I, 183
Bona Vista, a leper colony, I, 131
Bonana, fortress, I, 12 i
Bononiama receives Vasco, I, 302
Borgia, Lucrezia, note, I, 86
Borneo visited by Magellan, II, 157
Borrichena, or San Juan, I, 258
Borromeo, family, I, 2
Borromeo, Count Giovanni, patron
of the sons of Anghera family,

, 4
Borunda, cited, note, II, 206
Bouacia, or Guanaya, note, I, 316
Bourbourg, Brasseur de, cited, note,
I, 167, 172; II, 13, 42, 206
Boyl, Friar, returns to Spain, I, 105
Braganza, Duke of, a pupil of
Peter Martyr, I, 21
Brescia, Giambattista dies in, I, 3
Brevin, History of Jamaica by,
note, II, 346
Brinton, Daniel, cited, note, II, IoW
Brion-Chabot, Philippe de, note II,
Brito, Jorge de, captures the Trini-
dad, II, 420
Brown, Rawdon, cited, note, I, I
Brussels, Margaret of Austria born
in, note, II, 301
Buchebuea sends gifts to Vasco,
I, 306
Buiaz, a district of Bainoa, I, 368
Buonacorsi takes name of Calli-
machus Experiens, I, 6
Burgos, court at, I, 105
Burichena, I, 76; or San Juan, 342
Burnt Face, the Zobrabao cacique
ruler of Scudo di Cateba, I, 273
Bustamante cited, note, II, 40
Butara, Spaniards received at, II,
Butrigario, Galeazzo, I, 250, 335

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Cacatamino, a cacique, II, 65
Cachutepech, definition of name,
II, 193
Cacuscazin, brother of Catamazin,
II, 105
Cadamosto, Aloisio, I, 249
Cadiz, I, 68, 69, 87
Cahanao, mountains, I, 375
Cahaymi, a canton in Guaccaiarima,
I, 368
Cahibo, a province in Hispaniola,
I, 366; districts of, 367
Cahini, the island of, I, 366
Caicoa, a district of Caizcimu, I, 367
Caigun, a mountain range, I, 372
Caihibi, rains in, I, 388
Cairo, a town in Yucatan, II, 7
Caizcimu, a province in Hispaniola,
I, 366; the twelve provinces of,

Calabria, Aubigny defeated, in,
II, 4ol
Calatrava, II, 350
Calavera, Bernardino de,
Hojeda, I, 195
Calega, Spaniards received at, II,
Calendar of State Papers cited,
note, I, I
Calicut, vessel sunk off, I, 26; spices
from, 408; Magellan at, II, 151;
markets at, 165
Caltanmic, note, II, 65
Camaie, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Camamoros, see Maragnon, I, 266
Camargo, a Mexican writer, note,
II, 107
Camenor, spices from, I, 408
Camigua, Christopher, death of,
I, 258
Camoteia, I, 359
Campeche, Spaniards in, II, 9
Campo, Juan de, II, 421
Canabaco, a district of Hubabo,
I, 367
Cananor, Magellan at, II, 151; mar-
kets at, 165
Canaries, the, I, 58; discovery and
civilisation of, 59
Canizares, Giacomo, visits Peter
Martyr, II, 313; his account of
religious festivities, 316 et seq.
Cannafistula, discovery of, I, 228
Cano, Juan Sebastian de, com-
mander of one of fleet, II, #.
Cano, Pedro, sent to Cortes, II, 342
Canomora, I, 162
Cantabrian Sea, a legend of, II, 378


Cantu cited, note, I, 42
co Corrientes, Garay lands at,
I, 334 -
Cape St. Augustine, note, I, 60;
Castilians forbidden to land on,
Cape San Antonio, II, 6
Cape San Rocco, I, 272
Cape Verde, I, 92
Cape Verde Islands, II, 238, 257
Capronus, abiding place of Maio-
banexios, I, 127
Caracciolo, Marino, legate of the
Pope, II, 195; receives Peter
Martyr's works, 245
Caracuela, I, 72
Caraibes, I, 63
Caramaira, poisonous trees of, I,
191; Cosa's death avenged in,
193; maps of, 272; Spaniards at-
tacked by natives of, 338ff; roads
in, 343 . -
Caramatexius, a cacique, I, 373
Carbonero, Pedro, sobriquet of,
note, II, 74
co taken prisoner by Balboa,
n 215
Carenas, Spaniards land at, II, 22
Careta, I, 355; the cacique, Span-
iards settled in territory of, II,
Cariai, Columbus trades with people
of, I, 321; animals of, 322
Caribana, I, 399
Caribs, the, I, 70
Carillo, Alonso, Bishop of Pam-
plona, I, II
Carlos, son of Comogre, I, 312
Carmagnola, I, 32
Carolinas, the, note, II, 26o
Carqueixra, cf. Guadeloupe, I, 390
Carthagena, Juan, revolt of, II, 154
Carthagena, Hojeda reaches, I, 190;
harbour of, 338
Carvajal, Lorenzo, member of the
Council, I, 184
Casas de Yucatan, see Landa
Caspian Sea, see Haguygabon
Cassiterides, cf. Azores the, II, 177
Castiglione, Balthasar, II, 405
Castilians, dispute between the
Portugese and, II, 236
Castilla del Oro, cf. Veragua, I, 261;
II, 211
Castro, Alvares de, report of, II,

Cat Island, note, I, 60
Catalina, note, II, 281

Catamazin rebels, II, 103; defies
Cortes, Io; is seized and im-
risoned, 105; becomes ruler of
emistitan, 149
Cathay, new route to, II, 241
Catherwood, cited, note, II, 13
Caucasus, the, pepper of, II, 250
Cauchibachoa reconnoitred by the
Pinzons, I, 162
Cauchieta, gold from, I, 154; recon-
noitred by the Pinzons, 162; ex-
ploration of, cited, II, 276
Caunaboa, the cacique, I, 82, note,
107, 112
Caunauna, I, 168
Caunoa, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Cauta, I, 168
Caya, decision given on bridge of,
II, 240
Cayzedo, Lopez Achoa, II, 6
Cazabixaba, I, 168
Cebu, cf. Zebu, note, II, 158
Ceiba, note, II, 235
Cempoal, cf. Nueva Seville, II, 43;
colony founded near, § supplies
Cortes with men, 62; Narvaez in,
Cerabaro, discovery of, I, 323; coun-
try about the port of, 329 f.
Cerezeda, Gonzales sends treasure

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