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النشر الإلكتروني

Chiapeios, Morales passes through,
I,394 -
Chiapoton, a cacique, cf. Champo-
ton, II, Io
Chicora, II, 249
Chicorana, Francisco, native of
Chicorana, II, 258; describes
treatment to make giants, 267
Chieregato, Francisco, II, 25
Chillia razed to the ground by
Cortes, II, 339
Chilpit, bay of, note, II, 16o
China, merchants from, II, 159
Chiorisos sends gifts to Balboa, I,
Chipico, Spaniards trade in, II, 16o
Chirara, I, 323
Chiribichi, church constructed in,
II, 273; the residence of Ortiz,
332; tree culture in, 369 et seq.;
animals and plants of, 373 et seq.;
fish of, 378 et seq.; native customs
in, 382 et seq.
chool founded by Spaniards,
o 213
Chitazae, I, 323
Chiurutecal, II, 79; description of,

Cholula, note, II, 79
Ciamba, native name for, I, 317
Ciampi, cited, note, I, I; quoted,
note, 22
Cibao, I, 88, 108; fortification at,
I2 i
Cifuentes, Iago de, appointed judge,
Ciguaia, caciques forced to take
refuge in, I, 127
Co., tribe, attacks made by,
, I42; war make-up of, 143
Ciguano Mountains, }. 106
Cinnamon growth of II, 306
Cipangu of Haiti, I, 88, IoS, 363
Ciuriza, guide for Balboa, I, 305
Clavigero, cited, note, II, 40, 42,
107, 136
Clavigo, Viera Y, cited, note, I, 59
Clelia, heroic case of, I, 80
Clement VII, Pope, note, II, 57;
compliments Peter Marty r's
work, 212
Clunium, a Galician port, II, 23
Coalcopoca, treachery of, II, 97ff;
execution of, 99
Coatelimasso, a cacique, II, Iol
Cochin, spices from, I, 408; Magel-
lan at, II, 151; markets at, 165
Codego, I, 191

Codices Borgianus, note, II, 206
Codrus, a learned Italian, II, 299
Cogolludo, cited, note, I, 170, II,

Coiba Rica, I, 404
Colhuacan, see Coluacon
Colmenares, Roderigo de, arrives
at Uraba, I, 2 Io; adventures of,
21 off; gold and slaves presented
to, 220; visits cacique Turvi, 228;
chosen as companion to Quevedo,
238; arrives in Spain, 246; men-
tioned, 408
Cologne, translations published in,
note, II, 213
Colua, Spaniards reach plain of,
II, 86; soldiers captured in, 145
Coluacan, cf. Oloa, Colhuacan II,
15; sacrifices in, 18; fifteen towns
in, 18; books from, 40; mentioned,
90, 9 I
Columbus, Bartholomew, called the
Adelantado, I, 114; province left
in his power, I 15; constructs
blockhouse El §ri. II 6;
receives tributes from cacique
Guarionex, 116; returns to Con-
cepcion, I 16; receives new orders
from his brother and sover-
eigns, 117; transfers residence
to Santo Domingo, I 17; ex-
p. river Naiba, i 18; meets
euchios Anacauchoa, I 18;
entertained by Anacauchoa,
I 19ss; leaves for Isabella, 120;
arranges for invalids, 120; leaves
for Santo Domingo, 12 I; col-
lects tributes from caciquea, 121;
quells uprising of caciquea, 122;
receives tributes and food from
Anacauchoa, 123 ff; entertains
Anacauchoa on shipboard, 126;
returns to Isabella, 126; defied
by Ximenes Roldan, 127, 128;
grave charges made against, 141;
sent to subdue Ciguana tribe,
142f; war with Ciguana tribes,
144ff.; tries to make peace with
Maiobanexius, 145; invades vil-
lage of Capronus, .146; captures
Maiobanexius and Guarionex,
147; put in irons and sent to
Spain, 149; opinion of, 272; sails
for Veragua, 326; disastrous voy-
age of, 327
Columbus, Christopher, plan of, I,
57; asks for ships, 57; sails on his
first voyage, 58; stops at the
Columbus, Christopher (Continued)
Canaries, 58; visits Hispaniola,
60; lands at Juana, 6o; lands at
San Salvador, note, 6o; one of
ships wrecked, 61; makes friends
with natives, 61ss; opinions of,
65; returns to Spain, 66; title of
Admiral conferred upon, 66; given
name of Adelantado, 66, 67; sails
on second voyage, 68; stops at
Hispaniola to explore, 69; dis-
covers Domingo, 70; other islands
discovered by, note, 70; discovers
Galana, 70; arrives at Guada-
loupe, 72; leaves Guadaloupe, 73;
passes many islands, 73; names
island of Montserrat, 74; dis-
covery of Santa Maria Rotunda,
74; names St. Martin but does
not stop, 74; names Antigua,
74; lands at Santa Cruz, 74, 75;
discovers San Juan or Puerto
Rico, 76; discovers death of
men left at Hispaniola, 78; sends
Melchior to Guaccanirillo, 79;
picks site for town, 83; sends
news to sovereigns, 84; founds
town at Santo Domingo, 87;
cstablishes post at San Tomas,
89; arrives at Alpha and Omega,
92; discovers the harbour San
Nicholas, 93; discovers Jamaica,
93; names and passes seven thou-
sand islands, 94; discovers har-
bour and lands, 94ff.; lands on
mountain, 98sf; wins approval of
natives, 102ff, ill from exposure,
1o 1: Friar Boyl and Pedro Mar-
garita enemies of, 1os; captures
murderers of Spaniards, IoS;
builds blockhouse, Concepcion,
109; deserted by many of his men,
1 Io; detained by destruction of his
ships, 1 14; confides government
of province to brother, 115; re-
turns to Spain, 115; sends in-
structions to brother, 117; granted
eight new vessels by King and
Queen, 128; orders new vessels
to Cadiz, 128; starts on third
voyage from Spain, 129; sails
from San Lucar de Barrameda,
130; first stop, Madeira, 130;
dispatches ships and provisions to
Hispaniola, 130; ships and men
suffer from heat, 13 i ; discovers
and names Trinidad, note, 131;
lands at Punta del Arenal, 132;
Coquera makes peace with Balboa,
I, 288
Coral, the jurisconsult story of II,
Corales, a lawyer of Darien, I, 4oo
co, Francisco Fernandez de,
Cordova, Pedro de, story told by,
Cordilleras, the, note, I, 329
Corpophorus, holy relic of, I, 32
Cortes, Fernando, note, II, 5; a
judge in Cuba, 26; appointed
commander of fleet, 26; sails
for Mexico, 26; lands on Cozu-
mel, 26; makes peace with
islanders, 27; sends force to
rescu e prisoners in Yucatan,
28; leaves Cozumel, 31; lands
at mouth of Tabasco River,
32; attacks natives, 33; ac-
cused of injustice to King,
48; letters from, 57; continues
expedition, 58; Cem p o a lan's
come for protection to, 60;
orders ships burned, 61;
starts for Lake Temistitan,
62; received by vassal, 64;
receives gifts from caciques, 66;
attacked by Tascaltecans, 68ff;
pardons caciques, 72; takes pos-
session of Tascalteca, 74; discon-
tent of followers of, 74ff.; pardons
Zentegal, 76; receives gifts from
Muteczuma, 77, 84; decides to go
to Chiurutecal, 80; discovers plot,
81 ff; fights with soldiers of Chiuru-
tecal, 82; reconciles people of
Tascalteca and Chiurutecal, 82;
starts for Tem is titan, 84;
visited by Muteczuma's brother,
87; arrives at Temistitan, 93;
meets Muteczuma, 94; visit in
Temistitan, 94ff.; Catamazin de-
fies, 103; receives gold from vas-
sals, IoS; builds brigantines, I 15;
visits temple with Muteczuma,
I 15, I 18; overthrows idols, 118;
H. God to the people of
emistitan, I2O; goes to meet
Narvaez, 129; chiefs refuse over-
tures of, 137; attacks towers, 139;
wounded in battle, 1.40; attempts
escape, 141; retreats from Ta-
cunia, 143; arrives at Tascalteca,
I44; cordially received in Tascal-
teca, 145; marches against Tepe-
aca, I46; marches against Guac-
Diaguo, a district of Bainoa, I, 368
Diaz, Bernal, cited, note, II, 5, 6, 10,
II, 26, 45, 61, Ioy, 131, 136, 142,
144, 173.363
Diodorus cited, note, I, 159
Diriangan visits Gonzales, II, 219;
turns against Spaniards, 232
Dobaiba, a cacique, flees from Span-
iards, I, 226; in plot to massacre
Spaniards, 233
Dobaiba, the river, I, 331; referred
to, II, 199
Domingo, discovery of, I, 70; Pedro
Arias lands on, 336
Dominican of Verona, cult of, I, 2
Dominican friars construct church,
II, 273
Don Juan of Portugal, a pupil of
Peter Martyr, I, 21
Don Juan, Infante, heir to Castilian
crown, note, I, 6o
Dos Arboles, I, 388
Douro, II, 241
Duhare, natives of, II, 259; rites,
ceremonies of, 262 et seq.
Duiguni, a mountain chain, I, 372
Duraba, stream rich in gold, I, 326
Duran cited, note, II, 107
Duribba, the river, I, 324

attempts to make friends with
natives, 133 ff; names strait
Boca de la Sierpe, 134; names
island Margarita, 134; takes
four natives of Paria with him,
135; his men entertained, by
Islanders, 136ss; sails for His-
paniola. 137; reaches Cumaná
and Manacapana, provinces of
Paria, 138; reaches Curiana,
138; returns to Hispaniola, 14o;
finds great disorder at Hispaniola,
141; grave charges against, sent
by Roldan to sovereigns, i41; begs
sovereigns to send soldiers to quell
offenders, 141; sends brother to
quell Ciguana tribes, 142s; re-
leases beautiful captive which
restores peace, 148; put in irons
and sent back to Spain, 149; ex-
plored island of Guanassa, 185;
sails on fourth voyage for Veragua,
316; discovers Ciamba, 317; cap-
tures chief of Guanassa, 317; de-
scription of land and people,
318 s, discovers three rivers, 319;
leaves Ciamba, 319; discovers
Quatro Tempore, 320; discovers
Limonares, 320; discovers Miro-
bolan, 320; suspicious of people
of Cariai, 32 i ; discovers Cera-
baroa and Aburema, 323; sails up
the Hiebra, 326; establishes him-
self on banks of Hiebra, 326
Columbus, Diego, a native of
Guanahani, 95; letter to, 391;
son of Christopher, viceroy of His-
paniola, note, 217
Columbus, Don Fernando, second
son of Christopher, II, 240
Comara, tempest in, 326
Como, Lake of, II, 283
Comogra, I, 218
Comogre, cacique of Comogra, I,
218; description of palace of, 219;
Spaniards entertained by, 219;
baptised by Spaniards, 224; death
of, 312; fort proposed in territory
of, 350; II, 199
Comoiaixa, a river in Cotohi, I, 377
Concepcion, one of Magellan's ships,
II, 152
Concepcion, new blockhouse called,
I, io9; capital of Hispaniola, II,
302; cinnamon in, 306
Contarini, Gaspar, ambassador of
Venice, II, 170, 195
Convalescence, River of, II, 302

cachiulla, 147; marches to and
captures Izzuccan, 147; prepares
for attack on Temistitan, 149;
establishes camp at Tazcuco, 172;
digs canal, 173; besieges Tem-
istitan, 174; capture and rescue
of, 175; captures Temistitan, 175;
confirmed in command of New
Spain, 178; orders reconstruction
of Temistitan, 193; arranges for
defence of captured country, 195;
rumours concerning booty of,
277; controversy with de Garay,
279 et seq., 334 et seq.; burns
towns which refuse obedience,
339; adjusts difficulties with
Garay, 342 s; description of, 351;
great treasures possessed by, 352;
trying to restore Temistitan, 358;
sends force against Olid, 366; com-
plains of financial condition, 406;
enraged at Olid, 407; marches
against Olid, 408; rumoured death
of, 41 I
Cortes, Fernando, godson of Cortes,
II, 353
Coruña, I, 34
Corus, II, 9
Corvalano, I, 82
Corvinus, Matthias, King of Hun-
gary, I, 23
Cosa, Juan dela, I, pilot, Columbus,
I, 192; death of, 192; death of,
avenged, 193; maps made by, 192,
272; explorer of Cumaná, II, 276
Cosenza, Archbishop of, II, 299
Costa, Jorge da, Archbishop of
Braga, I, II
Cotochus, guide for Balboa, I, 305
Cotohi, land and people in, I, 376ff.
Cotoy, a district of Cahibo, I, 368;
gold from, 378ff.
Cotta, Francisco, I, 249
Cotubanama, note, I, IoW
Coyohuacan, note, II, 91
Cozumel, cf. Acuzamil, II, 4, 12;
description of, 12ff; Spaniards
driven to, 26

Cromberger publishes letter of
Cortes, note, II, 150
Croy, Guillamme de, Sieur de

Chièvres in Spain, note, I, 38
Cuba, see Fernandina
Cubak, land about, I, 93,389; de-

scriptions of, referred to, II, 247;

cinnamon in, 306
Cubagua, monster seen near, II, 378
Cubaho River, I, 366

Cubana, language in, I, 367
Cubao, a district of Hubabo, I, 367
Cubbiga, the river, I, 324
Cuchibacoa, I, 196; Cape, 272
co, Velasquez born in, note,
, 5
Cueyba, a cacique of, note, I, 240
Cuitlahuac, see Venezuela, note, II,
Cuitlahuatzin, ruler of Iztapalapan,
note, II, 90, 137
Culata, I, 226
Cumaná, a province of Paria, I, 138,
157; reconnoitred by the Pinzons,
162; explored by Cosa, II, 276
Cumatana becomes Spanish sub-
ject, II, 126
Cundinamarca, note, I, 401
Cuoquibachoa, cited, II, 276
Curia, ecclesiastics of the, I, 8
Curiana, country called, I, 138;
food and customs of natives of,
152ss; reconnoitred by the Pin-
zons, 162
Cybaho, a district of Cahibo, I, 368


Dabaiba River, or Rio Grande, II,
i. the, flows into Uraba, 318;
estivals held in sanctuary of,
318; Spaniards explore, 320
Dabaigua, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Dacicus, I, 386
Dahaboon, a district of Cahibo, I,

Dahazio River, I, 366
Dahibonici, a district in Bainoa, I,

Darien, note, I, 87, 201; famine
threatened in, 215; help and re-
inforcements promised to, 224;
crops ruined in, 225; fruits, etc.,
of, 261 ff; birds of, 265; gold-pro-
ducing rivers about, 332; meeting
held in, 350; site of, unhealthy,

Datha, King of Duhare, II, 259;

palace of stone belonging to, 262
De Carlo et Mundo, cited, I, 65
De Legatione Babylonica, note, I, 264
Decourlitz, cited, note, I, 171
Demahus River, I, 366
Demogorgon, legend of the, II, 298
Deseado, discovery of, II, 15
Deza, Pedro Suarez, doctor ap-

pointed to Concepcion, I, 258


Ebetere, Columbus coasts along
shores of, I, 324
Eccampi, name for Yucatan, II, 7
Ecumenical Council of Florence, I, 4
Eduins, case of, cited, II, 59
Egidio Antonini di Viterbo, II, 3
Egidius, Gonzales, see Gonzales, Gil
El Comendador, cacique baptised
and called, I, 240; gives hospi-
tality to Enciso, 240; becomes
Christian, 242
Bl, Dorado, blockhouse at mines,
, 116
El Zagal, see Abdullah
Elysius, Baptista, I, 166
Elysius, Joannes Baptista, I, 125
Embigar, Columbus coasts along
shores of, I, 324
Emmanuel, chancellor of Walladolid,
II, 240
Enciso, fails to join Hojeda, I, o
returns to Uraba, 196; makes
peace with natives, 198; loses
provisions, 199; attacks natives
of Darien, 201; put in prison by
Enciso (Continued)
Balboa, 216; is released, sails for
Hispaniola, 216; has better for-
tune than others, 240; arrives in
Spain, 245

Enrique de Vedia, cited, note, II,

Enriquillo, a lagune, note, I, 370
Epileguanita, a zemes, I, 175
Eridus, Alpheus leaves, I, 388
Erythraean Gulf, red water of, II,
Escalante, Juan de, note, II, 97
Escobar, Diego de, people of, follow-
ers of Roldan, I, note, 128
Escudero, Juan, sentenced for trea-
son, II, 62
Esperanza, blockhouse at, I, 121
Espinosa, the licenciate, II, 236;
story told Martyr by, 327; letter
to, 338
Ethiopian seas, I, 92
Ethiopians, I, 133
Eucharist, the sacrifice of, II, 309
Euxine, the note, II, 24
Evangelista, discovery of, I, IoI
Experiens, Callimachus, see Buona-

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Fabié, cited, note, I, 376
Fajardo, Pedro, letters to, quoted,
note, I, I, 26
Ferdinand of Aragon intervenes in
behalf of Beatrice, I, 23, 57; the
Catholic, note, 85; disagrees with
Portugal over discoveries, 259 f.
Ferdinand and Isabella, see Prescott
Fernandez, Francisco, wounded by
natives, II, II; Gonzales's lieu-
tenant, 415
Fernandina, or Cuba, II, 5; ex-
plorers return to, 1 I
Ferro, I, 59; Spaniards leave, 7o
Feti, a village in Caribana, I, 4oo
Fidelius, holy relic of, I, 32
Figueroa, Lorenzo Suarez de, sent
as embassy to Venice, I, 31
Figueroa, Don Luis, leaves Jamaica
for San Domingo and Concepcion,
I, 42; II, 296
Figueroa, Ferdinando, II, 334
Filelfo, Franceso, famous Hellenist,

, 3
Fintiguanos, Chiaconus, entertains
Spaniards, I, 255
Fita, Padre, S.J., cited, note, I, 105

Florian, Jean, captures treasure.
note, II, 196
Florida, note, I, 140; island named
by Juan Ponce, II, 24; Garay ex-
o. coast of, 63; route between
accalaos and, 241; doves cap-
tured by natives of, 251
Foix, Princess Germaine de, I, 32;
marriage with King Ferdinand, 34
Fonseca, Juan de, Dean of Seville,
I, 67; enemy of Columbus, note,
149; receives envoys with great
honours, 246; Bishop of Burgos,
note, 354
Forli, Giovanni Ruffo di, Archbishop
of Cosenza, I, 39, 335; II, 299
Fortaventura, an island, I, 336
Fortunate Isles, meridian of, II, 238;
see Canaries
Fox, Captain G. V., note, I, 60
Francesca, wife of Gian Antonio, I,

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Gachard, note, I, 36
Gaffarel, cited, note, I, 185, 337;
II, 50
Gaira, the river, I, 210, 341
Ganabra at Western extremity of
Hispaniola, I, 125
Ganges, Victoria crosses, II, 167
Galana, discovery of, I, 70
Galante named after ship, I, 391
Galeazzo, Gian, assassination of, I, 4
Galeazzo, Butrigario of Bologna, I,
Garay, Francisco de, expedition to
Panuco, note, II, 21; commanding
a squadron, 62; explores Florida,
63; attempts to found colony, 279
et seq.; quarrels with Cortes, 28o;
reported death of, 282; Gov-
ernor of Santiago 332; ordered
to settle on banks of Panuco
River, 333; plans to rout Cor-
tes, 334; does not permit pillage,
338; arrives near Panuco, 338 et
seq.; sends two messengers to Cor-
tes, 342; received by Cortes, 342;
death of, 344

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