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Baguanimabo a district of Caiz-

cimu, I, 367,
Bahaboni, I, 359
Bahamas, the, note, I, 60
Bahaun, the, flows through Bainoa,

I. 375

Bahi, the, stream in Hispaniola,

II, 302

Bahia de la Natividad, 1,255
Bahia dc Santa Maria, Magellan at,

II. 153

Bainoa, province in Hispaniola, I,
366; provinces in, 368; waters
of, 370; salt mines in mountains
of, 379

Baiohaigua, a district of Cahibo,

Balboa, Vasco Nunez de, starts
uprising, I, 209; goes on expedi-
tion for provisions, etc., 215; gold
and slaves presented to, 220;
and men in search of food,
226; joins Colmenares, 228; dis-
covers conspiracy among ca-
ciques, 234; Encisco influences
King against, 245; named Adel-
antado of the South Sea, note,
281; letters from, 281; loaded
with honours from the King,
281; sets out to conquer gold
country, 282; forms alliance
with the cacique, Poncha, 282;
makes peace with natives of
Quarequa, 285; discovers Pa-
cific Ocean, 286; takes posses-
sion of Pacific in name of King,
288; pacifies Coqucra, 288; per-
suades Chiapes to be friends,
288; starts for San Miguel, 289;
wrecked, returns to Chiape's
country, 290; pacifies cacique,
Tumacco, 291; presented with
pearls, 292; starts for Daricn,
297; takes leave of Chiapes,
297; led by son of Taocha, 298;
kills Pacta and companions,
301; leaves Pacra's country, 305;
Taocha's people dismissed by,
305; makes friends with Chiori-
sos, 306; makes friends with
Buchebuea, 306; makes friends
with Pochorroso, 307; conquers
Tumanama, 309; frightens Tuma-
nama into submission, 310; finds
small quantity of gold, 311; ill from
privations, 312; entertained and
given presents by Carlos, 313; be-
comes obedient to his King, 314;

welcomes Pedro Arias, 349; enemy
of Pedro Arias, 49; accused of
plot, 49; execution of, 50; dis-
covery by, referred to, 156
Bandelier cited, note, II, 13,79,107
Barbadas, barren reefs, I, 391
Barbarigo, Agostino, I, 30
Barbary States, envoys from, excite
populace against Martyr, I, 27
Barios.Oviedoy, cited, note, II, 382
Barker-Webb, cited, note, I, 50
Barrameda, Magellan sails from,

II, 152; fleet sails from, 398
Basle, works issued in, note, II, 213
Bastian cited, note, II, 107
Bauruco, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Baza, siege and capture of, by King

Ferdinand, I, 15
Bcata, island of, note, I, 118
Beatrice, daughter of King Fer-
dinand, widow of Matthias Cor-
vinus of Hungary, I, 23
Beauvois cited, note, II, 8
Behechio, note, I, 107
Bellin cited, note, II, 382
Bcmbo, Cardinal, I, 47
Bencvides, fought in battle of
Temistitan, II, 176; given com-
mand of ship, 177
Bergenroth, the historian, note, I,

Bergero cited, note, I, 59
Berra, Orozco y, cited, note II, 38,

Berthelot, Sabin, cited, note, I, 59
Bessarion, Greek Cardinal, I, 5
Bethencourt, Maciot de, I, 59
Beuchios Anacauchoa, naming of,

Bezerra, Francisco, I, 357, 401;

marches against Caribs, 408
Bibliotheca Hispanica cited, note, I,

Bicoque, battle of, note, II, 246
Bilboa, ships fitted out at, II, 237
Bimini, doves captured by natives

of, II, 251
Bin thiatelles, 1,171
Biscayan expedition prepared at,


Blake, cited, note, II, 114

Boavista, note, I, 131

Bobadilla, Francisco de, comman-
der of Calatrava, note, I, 149

Boca de la Sierpe, strait called, I,
134, 272; cited, pearls in, 394

Boetis, the, called by Spaniards
Guadalquivir, I, 336

Boinca, or Aganeo, I, 274
Bona Ventura, I, 183
Bona Vista, a leper colony, I, 131
Bonana, fortress, I, 121
Bononiama receives Vasco, I, 302
Borgia, Lucrezia, note, I, 86
Borneo visited by Magellan, II, 157
Borrichena, or San Juan, I, 258
Borromeo, family, I, 2
Borromeo, Count Giovanni, patron
of the sons of Anghera family,

Borunda, cited, note, II, 206
Bouacia, or Guanaya, note, I, 316
Bourbourg, Brasseur de, cited, note,

I, 167, 172; II, 13,42,206
Boyl, Friar, returns to Spain, I, 105
Braganza, Duke of, a pupil of

Peter Martyr, I, 21
Brescia, Giambattista dies in, I, 3
Brevin, History of Jamaica by,

note, II, 346
Brinton, Daniel, cited, note, II, 107
Brion-Chabot, Philippe de, note II,

Brito, Jorge de, captures the Trini-
dad, II, 420
Brown, Rawdon, cited, note, I, «
Brussels, Margaret of Austria born

in, note, II, 301
Buchebuea sends gifts to Vasco,

I, 306
Buiaz, a district of Bainoa, I, 368
Buonacorsi takes name of Calli-

machus Experiens, I, 6
Burgos, court at, I, 105
Bunchena, I, 76; or San Juan, 342
Burnt Face, the Zobrabao cacique

ruler of Scudo di Cateba, I, 273
Bustamante cited, note, II, 40
Butara, Spaniards received at, II,

Butrigario, Galeazzo, I, 250, 335

Cabedo, Juan, appointed Bishop
of Darien, I, 259, 335

Cabot, Sebastian, I, 347; asks for
ships.II, 288; hopes of, 289; voy-
age of, planned, 291; squadron
commanded by, 403;

Cabrero, member of Council, 1,184

Cacacubana, a district of Pahibo,

„ I. 367

Cacamatzin, nephew of Monte-
zuma, note, II, 89

Cacatamino, a cacique, II, 65
Cachutepech, definition of name,

II. 193
Cacuscazin, brother of Catamazin,

II. 105
Cadamosto, Aloisio, I, 249
Cadiz, I, 68,69, 87
Cahanao, mountains, I, 375
Cahaymi, a canton in Guaccaiarima,

Cahibo, a province in Hispaniola,

I, 366; districts of, 367
Cahini, the island of, I, 366
Caicoa, a district of Caizcimu, 1,367
Caigun, a mountain range, I, 372
Caihibi, rains in, I, 388
Cairo, a town in Yucatan, II, 7
Caizcimu, a province in Hispaniola,

I, 366; the twelve provinces of,

367 .
Calabria, Aubigny defeated, in,

II. 40t
Calatrava, II, 350

Calavera, Bernardino de, joins

Hojeda, I, 195
Calega, Spaniards received at, II,

Calendar of State Papers cited,

note, I, 1
Calicut, vessel sunk off, I, 26; spices

from, 408; Magellan at, II, 151;

markets at, 165
Caltanmic, note, II, 65
Camaie, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Camamoros, see Maragnon, I, 266
Camargo, a Mexican writer, note,

II, 107
Camenor, spices from, I, 408
Camigua, Christopher, death of,

Camoteia, I, 359
Campeche, Spaniards in, II, 9
Campo, Juan de, II, 421
Canabaco, a district of Hubabo,

I. 367

Cananor, Magellan at, II, 151; mar-
kets at, 165

Canaries, the, I, 58; discovery and
civilisation of, 59

Canizares, Giacomo, visits Peter
Martyr, II, 313; his account of
religious festivities, 316 et sea.

Cannafistula, discovery of, I, 228

Cano, Juan Sebastian de, com-
mander of one of fleet, II, 402

Cano, Pedro, sent to Cortes, II, 342

Canomora, I, 162

CantabrianSea.a legend of, II, 378
Cantu cited, note, I, 42

Cape Corrientes, Garay lands at,

II. 334

Cape St. Augustine, note, I, 60;
Castilians forbidden to land on,

Cape San Antonio, II, 6

Cape San Rocco, I, 272

Cape Verde, I, 92

Cape Verde Islands, II, 238, 257

Capronus, abiding place of Maio-
bancxios, I, 127

Caracciolo, Marino, legate of the
Pope, II, 195; receives Peter
Martyr's works, 245

Caracuela, I, 72

Caraibcs, 1, 63

Caramaira, poisonous trees of, I,
191; Cosa s death avenged in,
193; maps of, 272; Spaniards at-
tacked by natives of, 338Jf; roads

'n, 343
Caramatexius, a cacique, I, 373
Carbonero, Pedro, sobriquet of,

note, II, 74
Careca taken prisoner by Balboa,

I. 215
Carenas, Spaniards land at, II, 22
Careta, I, 355; the cacique, Span-
iards settled in territory of, II,

Cariai, Columbus trades with people

of, I, 321; animals of, 322
Caribana, I, 399
Caribs, the, I, 70
Carillo, Alonso, Bishop of Pam-
plona, I, 11
Carlos, son of Comogre, I, 312
Carmagnola, I, 32
Carolinas, the, note, II, 260
Carqucixra, cf. Guadeloupe, I, 390
Carthagena, Juan, revolt of, II, 154
Carthagena, Hojeda reaches, I,190;

harbour of, 338
Carvajal, Lorenzo, member of the

Council, I, 184
Casas tie Yucatan, see Landa
Caspian Sea, see Haguygabon
Cassitcridcs, cf. Azores the, II, 177
Castiglione, Balthasar, II, 405
Castilians, dispute between the

Portugese and, II, 236
Castilla del Oro, cf. Veragua, I,261;


Castro, Alvares de, report of, II,

Cat Island, note, I, 60
Catalina, note, II, 281

Catamazin rebels, II, 103; defies
Cortes, 104; is seized and im-
prisoned, 105; becomes ruler of
Temistitan, 149

Cathay, new route to, II, 241

Catherwood, cited, note, II, 13

Caucasus, the, pepper of, II, 250

Cauchibachoa reconnoitred by the
Pinzons, I, 162

Cauchieta, gold from, I, 154; recon-
noitred by the Pinzons, 162; ex-
ploration of, cited, II, 276

Caunaboa, the cacique, I, 82, note,
107, 112

Caunauna, I, 168

Caunoa, a district in Bainoa, I,368

Cauta, I, 168

Caya, decision given on bridge of,
II, 240

Cayzedo, Lopez Achoa, II, 6

Cazabixaba, I, 168

Cebu, cf. Zebu, note, II, 158

Ceiba, note, II, 235

Cempoal, cf. Nueva Seville, II, 4^3;
colony founded near, 59; supplies
Cortes with men, 62; Narvacz in,

Cerabaro, discovery of, I,323; coun-
try about the port of, 329 Jf.

Cerezeda, Gonzales sends treasure
by, 1I,215

Cesabaron, a port on the coast, I,

Cesucuo, ceremonies for dead in,

II. 325

Ceutla, battle of, note, II, 34
Chalco, Lake, note, II, 86
Chamailaba, Chiaconus, entertains

Spaniards, I, 255
Chamba, gold of, I, 258
Champoton, cf. Chiapoton, II, 10
Chapultepech, II, 177
Charles V., snubs Cardinal Ximenes,

I, 37; marriage of, note, II, 237;

renounces claim to Moluccas,

note 239
Charnay, Desire, cited, note, II,

13. 57

Chavero, A., a Mexican writer,
note, II, 107

Chersonesus, Magellan at, II, 151

Cheru, a cacique, I, 406

Chianaocho, Chiaconus, enter-
tains Spaniards, I, 255

Chianistam, founding of, II, 59

Chiapes, attacks Balboa, I, 287;
makes peace with Balboa, 288;
Spanish sick left with, 297

Chiapeios, Morales passes through,


Chiapoton, a cacique, cf. Champo-

ton, II, 10
Chicora, II, 249
Chicorana, Francisco, native of

Chicorana, II, 258; describes

treatment to make giants, 267
Chieregato, Francisco, II, 25
Chillia razed to the ground by

Cortes, II, 339
Chilpit, bay of, note, II, 160
China, merchants from, II, 159
Chiorisos sends gifts to Balboa, I,

Chipico, Spaniards trade in, II, 160
Chirara, I, 323
Chiribichi, church constructed in,

II, 273; the residence of Ortiz,

332; tree culture in, 369 et seq.;

animals and plants of, 373 et seq.;

fish of, 378 et seq.; native customs

in, 382 et seq.
Chiriqui founded by Spaniards,

II, 213
Chitazae, I, 323
Chiurutecal, II, 79; description of,

Cholula, note, II, 79
Ciamba, native name for, I, 317
Ciampi, cited, note, I, 1; quoted,

note, 22
Cibao, I, 88, 108; fortification at,

Cifuentes, Iago de, appointed judge,

Ciguaia, caciques forced to take

refuge in, I, 127
Ciguana tribe, attacks made by,

1,142; war make-up of, 143
Ciguano Mountains, I, 106
Cinnamon growth of. II, 306
Cipangu of Haiti, I, 88, 108, 363
Ciuriza, guide for Balboa, I, 305
Clavigero, cited, note, II, 40, 42,

107, 136
Clavigo, Viera Y, cited, note, I, 59
Clelia, heroic case of, I, 80
Clement VII, Pope, note, II, 57;

compliments Peter Martyr's

work, 212
Clunium, a Galician port, II, 237
Coalcopoca, treachery of, II, <jjff;

execution of, 99
Coatelimasso, a cacique, II, 101
Cochin, spices from, I, 408; Magel-
lan at, II, 151; markets at, 165
Codego, I, 191

Codices Borgianus, note, II, 206

Codrus, a learned Italian, II, 299

Cogolludo, cited, note, I, 170, II,

Coiba Rica, I, 404

Colhuacan, see Coluacon

Colmenares, Roderigo de, arrives
at Uraba, I, 210; adventures of,
210/f; gold and slaves presented
to, 220; visits cacique Turvi, 228;
chosen as companion to Quevedo,
238; arrives in Spain, 246; men-
tioned, 408

Cologne, translations published in,
note, II, 213

Colua, Spaniards reach plain of,
II, 86; soldiers captured in, 145

Coluacan, cf. Oloa, Colhuacan II,
15; sacrifices in, 18; fifteen towns
in, 18; books from, 40; mentioned,
90, 91

Columbus, Bartholomew, called the
Adelantado, I, 114; province left
in his power, 115; constructs
blockhouse El Dorado, 116;
receives tributes from cacique
Guarionex, 116; returns to Con-
cepcion, 116; receives new orders
from his brother and sover-
eigns, 117; transfers residence
to Santo Domingo, 117; ex-

glores river Naiba, 118; meets
euchios Anacauchoa, 118;
entertained by Anacauchoa,
noJT; leaves for Isabella, 120;
arranges for invalids, 120; leaves
for Santo Domingo, 121; col-
lects tributes from caciquea, 121;
quells uprising of caciquea, 122;
receives tributes and food from
Anacauchoa, I23#; entertains
Anacauchoa on shipboard, 126;
returns to Isabella, 126; defied
by Ximenes Roldan, 127, 128;
grave charges made against, 141;
sent to subdue Ciguana tribe,
i&ff; war with Ciguana tribes,
144^; tries to make peace with
Maiobanexius, 145; invades vil-
lage of Capronus, 146; captures
Maiobanexius and Guanoncx,
147; put in irons and sent to
Spain, 149; opinion of, 272; sails
for Veragua, 326; disastrous voy-
age of, 327
Columbus, Christopher, plan of, I,
57; asks for ships, 57; sails on his
first voyage, 58; stops at the

Columbus, Christopher (Continued)
Canaries, 58; visits Hispaniola,
60; lands at Juana, 60; lands at
San Salvador, note, 60; one of
ships wrecked, 61; makes friends
with natives, h\ff; opinions of,
65; returns to Spain, 66; title of
Admiral conferred upon, 66; given
name of Adelantado, 66, 67; sails
on second voyage, 68; stops at
Hispaniola to explore, 69; dis-
covers Domingo, 70; other islands
discovered by, note, 70; discovers
Galana, 70; arrives at Guada-
loupe, 72; leaves Guadaloupe, 73;
passes many islands, 73; names
island of Montscrrat, 74; dis-
covery of Santa Maria Rotunda,
74; names St. Martin but does
not stop, 74; names Antigua,
74; lands at Santa Cruz, 74, 75;
discovers San Juan or Puerto
Rico, 76; discovers death of
men left at Hispaniola, 78; sends
Melchior to Guaccanirillo, 79;
picks site for town, 83; sends
news to sovereigns, 84; founds
town at Santo Domingo, 87;
establishes post at San Tomas,
89; arrives at Alpha and Omega,
92; discovers the harbour San
Nicholas, 93; discovers Jamaica,
93; names and passes seven thou-
sand islands, 94; discovers har-
bour and lands, 94#; lands on
mountain, g8/T; wins approval of
natives, I02J7V ill from exposure,
104; Friar Boyl and Pedro Mar-
garita enemies of, 105; captures
murderers of Spaniards, 108;
builds blockhouse, Concepcion,
109; deserted by many of his men,
110; detained by destruction of his
ships, 114; confides government
of province to brother, 115; re-
turns to Spain, 115; sends in-
structions to brother, 117; granted
eight new vessels by King and
Queen, 128; orders new vessels
to Cadiz, 128; starts on third
voyage from Spain, 129; sails
from San Lucar dc Barramcda,
130; first stop, Madeira, 130;
dispatches ships and provisions to
Hispaniola, 130; ships and men
suffer from heat, 131; discovers
and names Trinidad, note, 131;
lands at Punta del Arenal, 132;

attempts to make friends with
natives, I33ff; names strait
Boca de la Sierpe, 134; names
island Margarita, 134; takes
four natives of Paria with him,
135; his men entertained, by
Islanders, 136^; sails for His-
paniola. 137; reaches Cumana
and Manacapana, provinces of
Paria, 138; reaches Curiana,
138; returns to Hispaniola, 140;
finds great disorder at Hispaniola,
141; grave charges against, sent
by Roldan to sovereigns, 141; begs
sovereigns to send soldiers to quell
offenders, 141; sends brother to
quell Ciguana tribes, 142,/f; re-
leases beautiful captive which
restores peace, 148; put in irons
and sent back to Spain, 149; ex-
plored island of Guanassa, 185;
sails on fourth voyage for Veragua,
316; discovers Ciamba, 317; cap-
tures chief of Guanassa, 317; de-
scription of land and people,
3i8#; discovers three rivers, 319;
leaves Ciamba, 319; discovers
Quatro Tempore, 320; discovers
Limonares, 320; discovers Miro-
bolan, 320; suspicious of people
of Cariai, 321; discovers Cera-
baroaand Aburema, 323; sails up
the Hiebra, 326; establishes him-
self on banks of Hiebra, 326

Columbus, Diego, a native of
Guanahani, 95; letter to, 391;
son of Christopher, viceroy of His-
paniola, note, 217

Columbus, Don Fernando, second
son of Christopher, II, 240

Comara, tempest in, 326

Como, Lake of, II, 283

Comogra, I, 218

Comogre, cacique of Comogra, I,
218; description of palace of, 219;
Spaniards entertained by, 219;
baptised by Spaniards, 224; death
of, 312; fort proposed in territory

of, 35°; IIi 199
Comoiaixa, a river in Cotohi.I, 377
Conception, one of Magellan's ships,

II, 152
Concepcion, new blockhouse called,

I, 109; capital of Hispaniola, II,

302; cinnamon in, 306
Contarini, Gaspar, ambassador of

Venice, II, 170, 195
Convalescence, River of, II, 302

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