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Garcia, Diego, II, 332; citizen of
San Lucar de Barrameda, 358
Garcia, Icazbalceta, a Mexican
writer, note, II, 107
Gardner, history of Jamaica, by,
note, II, 346
Gaspar, Espinosa, goes to avenge
Pariza, I, 407
Gatigara, placing of, referred to,
II, 168
Gattinara, Mercurino, approves of
Peter Martyr, I, 39; Grand Chan-
cellor, II, 200
Gayangos, Pascual, cited, note, II,
Genoa, a comparison with, II, 77
Geographia Sacra, see Ortelius
Geraldini, Antonio, accompanies
cmbassy to Rome, note, I, 12
Germanicus, I, 386
Ghoury, Quansou, see Alguri
Giambattista, brother of Peter
Martyr, I, 3
Giaro, II, 254
Gillino, Camillo, secretary to Sforza,
II, 246; visits Peter Martyr,

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234; foils Nicoiano's plot, 234;
grants peace to Nicoiano, 234;
describes region occupied by Nico-
ragua, 235; in Hispaniola, 282;
attempts to stop sailing of, 283;
natives frightened by ships of,
361; leads men to Gulf of Figueras,
412; encounters Pedro Arias, 412;
captured by Cristobal Olid, 413
plots with Las Casas, 414; in
power of Las Casas, 414
Gorgades, Magellan's fleet sights,
II, 152
Gouri, Cansa, see Alguri
Gracias a Dios, or Cerabaro, I, 207,
Granada, war against, I, 15; siege
of, 16; Peter Martyr writes from,
86; Moors of, wars against, II, 286
Granada, Juan de, Bishop-Elect of
Vienna, II, 212
Grand Turk, note, I, 60
Great Bear, I, 83
Greeks, peopled Spain, I, 392
Gregorio, I, 208
Grijalva, Juan de, commands squad-
ron, II, 12; attacked by natives,
o: makes friends with a cacique
of Coluacan, 15; entertained by
Ovando, 20; returns to Fernan-
dina, 21; falls into disfavour,
note, 2 I
Grineo, Simon, note, II, 213
Guabaqua, a canton in Guac-
caiarima, I, 368
Guacaia, Spaniards visit, II, 261
Guacarapita, I, 168
Guacca, a lake, I, 372

Guaccachiulla, Cortes marches
against, II, 147 -
Guaccaiarima, province in His-

paniola, I, 366; districts of, 368;
division between Bainoa and, 388;
maritime province in, II, 298
Guaccanagari, note, I, 107
Guaccanarillo, or Guacanagari, I, 66;
a brother of, 78
Guacinalgo brings gifts to Cortes,
II,354 . .
Guadalquivir, watercourse, I, 72
Guadeloupe, or Carqueira, dis-
covery of, note, I, 70, 72; de-
scription of 342, 390
Guadiana, II, 241
Guadiz in possession of enemies, I, 15
Guahabba, a district in Bainoa, I,
Guamaonocon, I, 168

Gho in the Bahama channel,
, 22
Guanahani, note, I, 60, 95
Guanahattabenecheua, one of wives
of Beuchios Anacauchoa, I, 387
Guanama, a district of Caizcimu, I,
Guanassa, I, 185, 316
Guanaxa in the Bahama channel,
II, 22
Guanaya, or Bouacia, note, I, 316
Guaninicabon River, I, 370
Guannabi River, I, 370
Guanyban, a lake, I, 372
Guarabo Lake, name changed to
Manati, I, 373
Guarionex, I, 106; note, 197; cacique
gives tributes, 116; heads up-rising
by caciques, 121; demanded by
the Adelantado, 145; sworn pro-
tection by Miaobanexius, 146;
betrayed by islanders, 147
Guarionexius, description of valley,
Giaca, a sterile island, I, 371
Guarricco, a district in Bainoa, I,

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Haro, Cristobal de, II, 421
Harrisse, Henry, on death of Peter
Martyr, note, I, 43; cited, note,
63; II, 291
Harvin, history of Jamaica, cited,
note, II, 346
Hastapalappa, death of, II, 149
Hatha, Spaniards visit, II, 260
Hathathiei, valley of, I, 372
Havana, note, II, 6
Hayhay, I, 342
Hayti, note, I, 87, 361; mountains
of, 367
Hazoa, a district of Caizcimu, I, 367
Hazua, mountains in Cahibo, I, 368;
District, rains in, 387
Héfélé, cited, note, I, 38
Helps, Sir Arthur, I, 48
Helvetians, conquering of, cited, II,
Herman, Cristobal Perez, visits
Martyr, II, 348; tells of Garay's
misfortunes, 348 et seq.
Herrera, note, I, Ioy, IoS, 128; II,
107, 136
Hesperides, I, 92; encountered by
Columbus, 130
Hiebra, the, I, 273; Columbus sails
up, 326; country about the river,
329ff ... . . - -
Higuey, a district of Caizcimu, I,

Hispalis, or Seville, II, 288
Hispaniola, discovery of, I, 60; life
and customs of natives, 62ss;
food products of, 64; description
of, 87s; superstitions of, 166s;
food in, 18Off; pronunciations in,
367; trees and vegetation of,
381 ff; naming of infants in, 386;
temperature in, 388; development
of products in, II, 184ff.; descrip-
tions of, referred to, 247; products
in, 298 et seq.; near Tropic of Can-
cer, 302; stock in, 306
Historia de las Indias, see Las Casas
Historia General de las Indias, see
Histoire de la Géographie du nou-
veau Continent, note, I, 99
Hoefler, cited, note, I, 36, 38
Hojeda, Alonzo de Concha, I, 82;
204; II, 276; starts on voyage,
I, 190; attacks natives, 191;
revenges death of Cosa,
192; defeated by natives, 192;
starts for Uraba, 193; lands on La
Fuerte, captures some natives

Hojeda, Alonzo de Concha (Cont'd)
193; arrives at Uraba, 193; builds
fort, 193; attacks town of Tirufi,
193; wounded by poisoned arrow,
194; joincó by Calavera, 195;
complaints against, 195; leaves
Uraba, 195; experiences and death
of, 239, 240
Holy Sacrifice, the, I, 83
Honduras, note, I, 140
Honorucco, a district in Bainoa, I,
Horsford, Norton, articles by, cited,
note, II, 262
Hozama River, I, 370
Hozes, commander of one of fleet,
II, 402
Hubabo, districts in, I, 367
Huelva, see Nirando
Hueyothlipan, note, II, 144
Huhabo, province in Hispaniola, I,
Hålobuco, note, II, 91
Huitzilopoctli, an idol, note, II, 116
Huitziton, an idol, note, II, 116
Humboldt, note, I, 60, 99, 337; II,


Hurakan, note, I, 113

Hurtado, left in charge of Darien,
I, 232; attacked by natives, 233


Iacaga River, I, 366
Iaccha River in Hispaniola, I, 365
Iacchi, I, 88; a district in Bainoa,
Iagohaiucho, district in Bainoa, I,
Ianaizi, district in Bainoa, I, 368
Icazbalceta, Garcia, cited, note, II,
7; a Mexican writer, note, 107
Iguanas, methods of cooking, I, 124
Iguaniu, or Maguana, I, 372
Ilhuicanima, a temple, note, II, 115
Inamahari, or idols, II, 262
India, oysters in, I, 399
Indus, Victoria crosses, II, 167
Iniguez, Fernando, II, 6
Innocent VIII, death of, note, I,
86; mentioned II, 286
Inzignanin, Spaniards visit, II, 261
Irving, Washington, note, I, 6o;
Companions of Columbus, cited,
note, 158, 184
Isabella, Queen, death of, I, 33;
proposition of Columbus to, 57;
ruler of Castile, 257

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La Fuerte inhabited by cannibals,
I, 93, 273
La Galera, note, I, 132
La Margarita, a pearl island, II, 3ol
load left behind for repairs,
, 166

Las Casas, Bartholomew, cited,
note, I, 83, I 12, 142, 240, 376; II,
5, 7, 26, 38, 61

Las Casas, Francisco de, comman-
der of maritime forces, II, 410,
has naval battle with Olid, 413;
plots with Gonzales, 414

Las Viboras, treacherous shoals, II,

Los Lagartos, I, 205
Ladislas II, of Bohemia, repudiates
wife, I, 23
Ladrones, Magellan discovers the,
II, 157
Laestrygonians, II, 226
Laetus, Pomponius, head of exiles,
I, 4; founds Roman Academy,
5; unrecognised bastard of house
of Sanseverini, 5; a great
humanist, 5; admirers change
names, 6; charged with con-
spiracy against Pope, 6; an
intimate of Peter Martyr, Io
Lago di Garda, II, 283
Lago Maggiore, I, I, II, 283
Lake Nicaragua, note, II, 235
Laletania, salt mines in, I, 379
Lancerote, an island, I, 59,336
Landa, Fray Diego, Casas de Yuca-
tam, cited, note, I, 170; note, II, 41
Lares, founding of, I, 388
Lascaris, Constantine, famous Hel-
lenist, I, 4
Latinus, I, 79
Latium, I, 79
Lazarus, cacique named, II, Io
Lebrija, note, I, 48
Ledesma, Juan de, I, 299
Legatio Babylonica, I, 26
Leman, Lake, II, 283
Leo X., Martyr's work dedicated to,
II, 57; urges Martyr to continue
works, 245
Leon, Luis Ponce de, sent to find
Cortes, II, 417
Lepe, Juan Solis sails from, I, 401
Lesbos inhabited by Amazons, I, 73
Lettera di Simone Verde, cited, note,
I, 129
Lido, the, built in Venice, II, 198
Limonares, twelve islands dis-
covered by Columbus, I, 320

Little Bainoa, a canton in Guac-
caiarima, I, 368
Loaysa, Garcia, ambassador to
Constantinople, I, 39; Bishop of
Osma, II, 274; confessor to
Bishop of Osma, 395; takes
oath, 401; in command of flag-
ship, 402
Lodovico, brother of Ascanio, I,
Lodovico il Moro, note, II, 246
Logroño, meeting of Peter Martyr
and the Pope at, I, 41
Lombardy, I, 2
Long, Edward, history of Jamaica
by, note, II, 346
Lopez, Achoa Cayzedo, II, 6
Lopez, Juan, member of Council,

, 184
Lord of the Golden House, I, 82
loo. Leonardo, elected Doge,
, 30
Lorenzana, cited, note, II, IoW
Lorenzo, death of, I, 22
Loubat, Duke de, note, II, 206
Lucas, F. W., cited, note, II, 271
Lucayans, sent to gold-mines, II,
255; perish, 270
Lucayas, The, description of II,
248 f
Ludwig, cited, note, I, 194
Lugo, Alonzo de, I, 59
Luxan, sent by Columbus to ex-
plore, I, 90
Luzon, in the Philippines, note, II,


Maccazina, a district in Bainoa, I,
Machinnech, a cacique, I, 171
Machochael, I, 108
MacNutt, cited, note, II, 5, 26,
36, 57, 61, 136, 271
Macorix, a district of Caicinu, I,
Macoryzes, natives of Cahibo, I,
Macrobius, quoted, note, I, 158
Madalena, blockhouse at, besieged,
note, I, IoW
Madanina, I, 73
Madeira sighted by Christopher
Columbus, I, 130
Madroñez, head of mine-workers,
II, 187

Magellan, Ferdinand, visits Moluc-
can archipelago, II, 151; sails
from Barrameda, 152; mention
of death of, 152; touches For-
tunate Isles, sights the Gorgades,
152; arrives at Bahia, 153; dis-
covers San Julian, 153; leaves San
Julian, 154; disciplines Juan
Carthagena, 154; discovers Strait,
1 5.5; sacks fortress at Matam,
158; visits Zubo and Matam, 158;
killed by natives, 159
Maggiore, I, 32
Magona, I, 113
Magua, a district of Cahibo, I, 367
Maguana, a district in Bainoa, I,
368; a dividing line, 388
Maguidanao, or Mindanao, note, II,
Mahaitin, mountains in Cahibo, I,

Māo. one of the parts of Ciamba, I,
Maiaguarite, a district in Bainoa, I,
Mło, Tomaso, nephew of Jason
Maino, II, 195; map given to,
247; mentioned, 282
Maiobanexios, chief of all caciques
in mountains, I, 127; at war with
Spaniards, 144ff
Major, cited, note, I, 59
Malabar, the pepper of, II, 250
Malacca, II, 151; markets at, 165;
or Golden Chersonesus, 167; in-
side the limit belonging to Spain,

Malaga, I, 79
Maldonado, massacre near, note,

I, 402
Maler, Teobert, cited, note, II, 13
Malinaltepec, Spaniards visit mines
in, II, Ioi
Malinche, or Malintzin, note, II, 361
Malines, Margaret of Austria dies
at, note, II, 301
Malinge, Indian name for Cortes,
II, 361
Malintzin, Indian name for Cortes,
note, II, 361
Mamona, I, 168
Manabaho, a district of Cahibo, I,
Manabaxao, a canton in Guac-
caiarima, I, 368
Manacapana, a province of Paria,
I, 138; district of, 157; reconnoi-
tred by the Pinzons, 162

[blocks in formation]

I, 70
Mariatambal, cf Maragnon, I, 162;
Mariéjol, cited, note, I, 21
Marien, a district in Bainoa, I, 368
Marina, an Aztec girl, career of,
notc, II, 35; betrays plot to
massacre Spaniards, 82
Marliano, letter from Martyr to,
I, 17; doctor to the young king,
Marmor, Nicuesa erects tower at,
I, 208
Marohos, I, 171
Marques, Diego, I, 335
Marsus, Peter, an intimate of Peter
Martyr, I, fo. See Piscina
Martin, Benito, peacocks of, II, IIo;
tells of crime, 187
Martyr, Peter, d'Anghera, birth of,
I, 1 ; baptism of, 3; early life, 3;
conditions of will of, note, 3;
chief pleasures of, 4; joins exile
of compatriots, receives cordial
welcome, 4; career under pat-
ronage of Count Borromeo, 4;
writings of, 9; visits in Spain,
9; visits Bartolomeo Scandiano,
9; intellectual awakening of, Io;
serves as secretary to Governor of
Rome, Io; resident at Perugia,
io; close friends with Sforza, Io;
takes place among masters of
learning, Io; preceptor to two
persons of rank, 11; makes ac-
quaintance of Iñigo Lopez de
Mendoza, 11; reasons for move,
12, 13; goes to Spain, 13, 14;

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