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him, 535


BOLINGBROKE, Lord, his charac-

ter, 5.
BBREVIATION of numbers, BOULANGER, Mr. Anecdotes of
A specimens of, 191.
AGRICULTURE, neglect of, a cause BREWING, directions for, 353.
of depopulation, 48.

Brown, Dr. his code of education
ALEXANDER the Great, quibbling exploded, 194.
derivation of his name, 229.

Burnet, an excellent plant, me-
ALLUM, in bread, pernicious to thod of cultivating, .252.
children in particular, 50.

BUTE, E. of, account of his rise to
AMMONIUS Saccas, his compre- court-favour, 7+. Encomium on

hensive conciliatory scheme of re- his character, 482.
ligious philosophy, 331. His
dietrines product.ve of much de-
pravíty and myfticism in the

Christian religion, 334.
, ,

ANDROMACH E, comical derivation
of her name, 228,

bility of Auids, 455
ANTIMONY. See MAROCRAFF. CAUTIONS to physicians in visit-
ARCHIMEDES, humorous etymo- ing patients afflicted with infec-
logy of his name, 229.

tious disorders, 324.
ARMADILLA, some account of that Cesar, his imaginary debate wich
animal, 446.

Scipio, 366.
Ascetics, that morose feet, whence CHRISTIANS, primitive, causes of
derived, 335

the mutual dislike between them
AUTHORS, original, greatly injured and the Romans, 94. Herefies
by translators, 277

and schisms among, in the first

century, 99, 104.

CHURCH, of England, defended

against the Arians and Socinians,

ERKELEY, Bp. of Cloyne, his CICADA, of N. America, account

of that extraordinary infect. 447.
BetteSWORTH, Serjeant, his Cicisbeo, Italian, origin of that

Bamiable character,


quarrel with Swift, 314.
BLEEDING, especially recommend. CLERGY, monstrous increase of
ed in ardent fevers, 57

their power, 340.


office, 521.

CONVERSATION, remark on, 307. EDUCATION, general remarks on, Talents fit for, 316.

192. Improvements in saggeftCOPAL. See LEHMANN.

ed, 193. Dr. Brown's code of, Corelli, his music, wherein ex- exploded, 194. Liberty of, ascellent, 363.

serted, 204. CORN, means to preserve, from Egypt, paturally abounds with

the time of fowing, to (and after) persons of a melancholy comhoufing, 250.

plexion, 336. Croup, a disease so called, account English tongue, humorous ac

of, 419. Different ftages of, count of its antiquity, 227 423.

EULER, Mr. his notion of the Cyder and perry, observations on center of gravity, 543. Of the the making of, 352.

motions of a globe on an hori

zontal plane, 544. D



kind, 537

'ALEMBERT, Mr. the Ene

F. my of Rousseau,

509. Daphne, a female character poe

ARMS, and Farm houses, retically described by Swift, 317. marles on the situation of, for DAWSON, Dr. B. his controversy

health and conveniency, 259. with Mr. Steff, 417:

FEAR, its efficacy in the cure of Deluge, upiversal, the belief of, convulfions, 185, its consequences among man- FERMENTATION of liquors, ob.

servations on, 359, 354. DEPOPULATION, causes of, 47. FEVER, ardent, usual lymptoms, DesCartes, his philosophy found- and proper treatment of, 56. ed in Nature, 497.

Yellow, its fymptoms, 302. DIALOGUE between Scipio and M. Lieutaud's account of, Cæsar, in the shades, 367.

525. between Plato and Fevers, infectious, observations · Diogenes, 369.

on, 302. Pumigations, whether between Marcus Au- a remedy againtt, 303. Dr. relius and Servius Tullius, 370.

Lind's method of cure, 304. DIGNITY, or NOBILITY,&c, how Morbid appearances after deatb,

acquired, or conferred, 16. ibid. ; Cautions to the phyfi. Diseases, by what means gene

rally aggravated, 50. General FISH, a very wonderful one de. rules for the mitigation of, 51. Nervous and hypochondriac, FISTULA IN Ano, how to be 116.

treated, 425. DROWNING, directions for reco- FLORENTINES, their respect for very from, 59.

the English, 521. DU MOULIN, Mr. account of, FORMOSA, women there, at what 397.

age permitted to breed, 540 ; DYSENTERY, usual symptoms and

the note. proper treatment of, 58. Free enquiry, ought to be encou.

raged, 199 E.

FRUIT, how to preserve, after ga

thered from the trees, 348. Clectic philofophers, ac- FUMIGATIONS, in places infected, count of, 33.1. .


cians, 324.

fcribed, 453

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land, 125.


JANSSEN and Spencer, their fuit in
ARDENS, general direlions chancery, 109.
concerning, 343.

IDOLATRY, whether pupilhed by
Genios, unfavourable to friend- che patriarchs, 176, 392.
ship, 357

Jews, their State, civil and reli-
Gnostics, account of their here. gious, at the time of Christ's
tical opinions, 100.

Divisions birth, 92. Voltaire's notion of
among them, 102.

them controverted, 131. Jose.
GRASSES, observations on the le- phus's account of their antiqui.

veral forts, 255. Various Cul. ties defended, 136.
Lure of, 256,

IMAGINATION, in pregnant wo-

men, the supposed force of, de-

nied, 28. Particular instances

of, contraverted, 34.
PABEAS CORPUS, act so cal. INCLOSURES, of land, 'observations
led, account of, 559:

relative to, 258.
HAPPINESS, focial and political INCUBUS, or night-mare, account
distinguished, 529

of that disorder, 122.
Hardwick, Lord, his adjudica- IndiaŅs, of Quito, live almost in

tion in the cause between Janssen a state of nature, 41..
and Spencer, 109.

INFLAMMATION of the breast,
Hedera, Count, his defence of symptoms of, described, 52.
inoculation, 542.

Inoculation, for the small-pox,
Hem OK, its use in disorders of

account of that practice in Scot.
the bowels, 182.
HERMAN, Profeffor, account of his

defence of, by
famous cypher, 544.

Count Hedern, 542. Satan said
Hervey, Ms, objections to come to be its first inventor, ib.
of his doctrines, 159.

JOHNSON, Dr. his edition of Shake-
Hindoos, of Indoltan, fome, ac- speare, characterized, 387
count of, 267,

Johnson, Mrs. [Swift's Stella]
HOLWELL, Mr. his seasonable hint her life and character, 219–226.

to the East india company, 270. Josephus, not an unbeliever in
Hops, their culture and manage- miracles, 134. His Jewith an-
ment, 349.

tiquities defended, 13.
Houses, ill construction of, or bad IsinGlass, its importance as a

ficuation, conducive to ill health, commercial article, 427. Bri-

tilh, method of proving whether
HUME, David, his defamation of

equal to foreign, 428.
Luther refuted, 432.

ITALIANs, modern, characterized,

514. Their aversion to labour,
HUSBAND, duties of a good one, and its ill consequences, 516,

Origin of their Cicisbeos, 521,
HUSBANDRY, the old and new Juries, trial by, and privileges
fyftems of, compared, 254.

of, 561.
HUSBANDS, in several countries,
lie-in for their wives, 540.


ABTINER, Profeffor, cenfured,


KENRICK, Mr. reproved for his
ACULATOR, or shooting-fich, de- severe attack on Dr. Johnson's
fcribed, 453

edition of Shakespeare, 457,467.


of, 49.

LAURexcessive, ill effe As

His illustration of several passages

in that author, 460.

Ven. 'Dif. remark on, 372. jus vfual effects, ib. Pra&ical
KUSTER, Mr. bis differtation on directions for the cure of, 54.
the idol Jodutha, 547.

A cale isttanced, 55. Dogs how

cured, ib.

MALADIES, popular, usual caufes

MALT-LIQUORS, cure for, when

ropy', 355. Method of fining,

429. Stubbornness of, how to
Ladies, of Ireland, Swiit's unsa- remedy, ib.

vourable character of them, 150. Max, comparative view of his fa-
Lapis Lazuli, account of, 542. culties with thoseof animals, 356.
LEARNING, ftatę of, in the time of MANSFIELD, Lord, high enco-

Trajan, 329. In the 5th centu- mium on, in Ep. Warburton's
ry, 336.

dedication, 127
LEHMANN, his account of a Glver MARGGRAFF, Mr. his account of

ore, 542, of gum copal, ib. the regulus of antimony, 541-
LETTERS, restoration of, (in the

of the Lapis Lazuli, 542.
16th century) public advantages MARS, quibbling derivation of his
from, 439..

name, 228,
LIBERTY, religious, its unbounded M'Culla, Mr. his proje&t for a

extent, 554. Civil, legal pro- new Irish copper-coin, 148.
visions in farour of, 555.

MELANCTHON, the great reformer,
LEBNITZ, his philosophy founded his amiable characier, 437.

in nature, 498. His contro. MECHISEDEC, ludicrously men-
versy with Locke, 499, 501. His tioned by Warburton, 177, 178,
notion of innate ideas, 503. Of

the nature of the foul, '504. MERIAN, Mr, his enquiry into the
LIEUTAUD, Ms. his account of moral sense, 545

the nature of fevers, 525. Miltitz, bis artful endeavours
Locke, Mr, his controversy with lo reconcile Luther with the Ch,
Liebnitz, 499, 501, 504. Both

of Rome, 435;
easily to be reconciled, 505. MONT MOLLIN, Professor, the great
Logos, critical dissertation on, 413. adverfary of Mr. Rouffeau, 507,
LONGITUDE, account of attempts 512. His very unfavourable cha-

for the discovery of, 64. Par. racter, 550. His baseness and
liamentary reward for, ib. Har.

treachery, 551.
rison's invention, 65. Proceed. Moral Sense, disquisition on, 544,
ings of the commissioners, rela- Mosaic history, chronological dit-

tive thereto, 169.
Lewth, Dr. controversy between MOSHEIM, Dr, his great charac-

him and Dr. Warburton, 176, ter, 443
389. His ironical encomium on MOUNTEBANKS, great mischiefs

the Divine Legation, &c. 391. done by them, among the com-
LUTHER, Martin, his character, mon people, 6o.

431. Calumnies invented against Music, philosophically confider-
him refuted, 432.

ed, 358. Principles of taste in,
LUXURY, a cause of depopula- founded in nature, 365,
tion, 48.

MYSTERIES, ill effects of, 539.

ARLAMENT, absurdity of e-
lections into being expensive

ficulties in, 494:



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PASTURES, directions relative to,

ABOBS, English, scheme for PATRIARCHS, Chriftian, their ori.

establishing, in the East. gin and high privileges, 377.
Indies, 271.

Detrimental co the peace of the
Naples, citizens of, their charac- church, 338.

ter, 518. Abfurdity of their re- Paul, St. account of his diffe-
ligious deportment; 519.

Bi- rences with Peter, 157.
gotry to St. Januarius, ib. Peers, their privileges, 17. Houfe
NAPTHA, of the Ancients, what, of, its importance in the consti-

tion of this country, 567.
Navigations; inland, great ad. PHILOSOPHY, its' utility contro-
vantages from, to the public,

verted, 42.

State of, in the
469. Scheme for one becween firft age of Christianity, 95.
Liverpool and Hull recommend- Glorious restoration of, in the
ed, ib.

26th century, 410.
Nervous Diseases, general ac- Phillips, Mr. author of the life

count of, 116, Farther discuro of Pole, pathetic address to,
sed, 180, foa.

Nerves, structure and use of, 113. PLAGUE, at Conftantinople, Di.

Sympathies in the body, by Mackenzie's account of, 448,
means of, 114.

PLATONICS, a feet of Christian
NEWTON, Sir Isaac, his phyfical philosophers so called, account

elements equally imaginary with
those of Liebnitz and Des Cartes, Pole, Card. his character viewed
408. His Principia, commen- in different lights by the English
tary on some parts of, 205. A and by the Italians, 474.
compleat comment recommend. Pope, his edition of Shakespeare
ed, 206.

characterized, 385.
POPERY, exhibited in a striking

light, 475-479.

PROPlecy, criticisms relating to,


of, 350.

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o Pretym; diforce in the cure of

nervous disorders, 181.
Ormond, Duke of, his character, 5.
OXFORD, Lord, his character, 6.
OXFORD, university, eulogium on,


of, to particulars, discussed, 139.
PRUSSIA, K. of, interferes with

Rousseau's persecutors, in behalf

of that philosopher, 508.
Psalms, specimens of, translated

by Merrick, 231.
PURGATORY, droll account of, by

a pretended Chinese, 165.



to the candidates, io, and of
freeholders qualifications for vore UAKERS, the only Christians
ing, ib. and of decayed bo- who have not perfecuted
roughs, ib.

others, 200.
PARSLEY recommended for feed. QUERIES, remarkable ones, relate
ing Sheep, 251.

Method of ing 'to Great Britain, Ireland,
culture, 252,

and America, 242.


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