British Theatre, المجلد 18

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الصفحة 86 - Money were ours. Cher. He don't belong to our Gang? Bon. What Horses have they? Cher. The Master rides upon a Black. Bon. A Black! ten to one the Man upon the black Mare; and since he don't belong to our Fraternity, we may betray him with a safe Conscience; I don't think it lawful to harbour any Rogues but my own.
الصفحة 68 - ... the table.] These rings, madam, don't be concerned, madam, I have a profound respect for you, madam ; your keys, madam ; don't be frighted, madam, I'm the most of a gentleman. — [Searching her pockets.] This necklace, madam ; I never was rude to a lady ; — I have a veneration — for this necklace — [Here ARCHER having come round.
الصفحة 71 - The Devil's in this Fellow; he fights, loves, and banters, all in a Breath. Here's a Cord that the Rogues brought with 'em, I suppose. Arch. Right, right, the Rogue's Destiny, a Rope to hang himself. Come, my Lord, This is but a...
الصفحة 80 - Bon. I don't know how, sir; she would not let the ale take its natural course, sir; she was for qualifying it every now and then with a dram, as the saying is...
الصفحة 62 - Aim. Dorinda! the name inspires me, the glory and the danger shall be all my own. — Come, my life, let me but get my sword.
الصفحة 3 - tis a standing maxim in conjugal discipline, that when a man would enslave his wife, he hurries her into the country ; and when a lady would be arbitrary with her husband, she wheedles her booby up to town...
الصفحة 44 - Garden-door, come in the back way when 'tis late, — I'll be ready to receive you; but don't so much as whisper, only take hold of my Hand, I'll lead you, and do you lead the Count, and follow me. [Exeunt. Enter Scrub. Scrub. What Witchcraft now have these two Imps of the Devil been a hatching here?
الصفحة 15 - So — she's breeding already — come, child, up with it — hem a little — so — now tell me, don't you like the gentleman that we saw at church just now ? Dor. The man's well enough. Mrs. Sul. Well enough ! is he not a demigod, a Narcissus, a star, the man i
الصفحة 25 - Bon. Not I, sir, as the saying is; but he talks it so very fast, that I'm sure it must be good. Aim. Pray desire him to walk up. Bon. Here he is, as the saying is. Enter FOIGARD. Foig. Save you, gentlemens bote. Aim. A Frenchman ! sir, your most humble servant. Foig. Och, dear joy, I am your most faithful shervant, and yours alsho.
الصفحة 81 - Sir Charles, the finest woman in all our country, and the greatest fortune: she has a son too by her first husband, 'Squire Sullen, who married a fine lady from London t'other day ; if you please, sir, we'll drink his health.

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