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bubble up, as it were, from the waves of in your next edition, follow the Queen's time. From Saint Catherine's Tower to excellent advice to old Polonius, and give Saint Lawrence's Church is a jump, some- more matter with less art.”

A guidewhat after Macbeth's fashion, when he book should not be altogether like & very proposed to “ jump the life to come;" yet, pretty woman with a very silly head, and though recollection started with the former, for this obvious reason—a lady's lips may in the next moment come before me, as make amends for the fanlts of her tongue, freshly as ever, little Mary, the janitress of but the unlucky book has no such advanSaint Lawrence ; how proud she was of tage. her church, and of its celebrity as being In this Eden, the Earl of Dysart had a the smallest in the world ! it might, in- cottage when I first visited the island; but deed, have served for the king of Lilliput, the property has passed away into other and magnates of some kind there must hands, and, as a natural consequence, the have been in the neighbourhood ; for cottage has been suffered to fall into decay. the cockleshell had pews, and these, as There is something exceedingly mortifying every reader knows, were confined in the to human vanity in such changes; they good old times to persons of the first rank. seem to hint how little posterity, to whom Apropos de bottes. In the reign of Eliza- your neglected gentlemen are in the habit beth flourished a Sir John Townley, who of addressing themselves, is likely to think thus expresses himself in regard to pews:- of us or our concerns. Indeed, if he listen“My man Shuttleworth, of Hacking, made ed to all our complaints, he would have no this form, and here will I sit when I come ; time to attend to his own affairs. and my cousin Howell may make one be- The Sand Rock Spring finds an honourhind me if he please, and my sonne Sher- able mention in the Guide-books—why, burne shall make one on the other side, the compilers of such trivia best know and Mr. Catterall, another behind him; themselves. For my part, I only mention and for the residue, the use shall be, first this quackery to caution my readers against come first speed, and that will make the being deceived by it. The chalybeate was proud wives of Whalley rise betimes to discovered—so say its admirers-by one come to church.” Much cannot be said for Waterworth, an obscure apothecary, and, the gallantry of the doughty knight, but he it is to be presumed, of little practice, or he seems to have hit upon a most happy ex- would not have found time for springpedient to ensure the early attendance of hunting. Be this as it may, the spring the female part of his congregation. had been known for years to all the old

On leaving Saint Lawrence, my atten- women of the island, as well as to their tion was attracted by a handsome build- mothers and grandmothers before them, ing, the very reverse of the Saint's domicile but, not having the worldly craft of the in point of size. “What house is that ?" pill-vendor, the simple souls never thought asked I; and the little Mary replied with of bottling up a filthy, useless fluid, and a curtesy, “The Great House, Sir.”—“And puffing it off as a real elixir vitæ. Bile who lives there ?”—A second curtesy, and tumet jecur—my bile rises at the thought, a look of infinite surprise -“ The Great as it once did at the taste of this abominaPeople, Sir," I never like to spoil a good tion. story, or a good reply, by impertinent ques- Black-Gang Chine. - This is one of the tions, so the “ Great People” must remain most remarkable features in the island. It to the reader, as to myself, a profound mys- is an immense, savage-looking chasm, torn tery.

out of the solid rock,-or, to speak corSteephill.There is a sort of quaint beauty rectly, the cliff; for the precipice, which is about this spot, which it would be exceed- here about five hundred feet above the ingly difficult to convey an idea of by level of the sea, has neither stone description. The Picturesque Pocket Com- nor chalk in its rugged sides. From the panion discreetly observes, “ It is a place of top splashes, or rather creeps, a thin, dislittle consequence, except for its scenery.” coloured stream; and, following this in its Many thanks for the information !—and descent, I had nearly tumbled over a second what the plague, should give it a conse- declivity when I fancied myself already on quence, if not its scenery ? Oh, Mr. Kidd ! a level with the shore. Having luckily Mr. Kidd ! the plates of your neat little escaped from this awkward chance, I blunvolume are really beautiful ; but do, pray, dered on through mud and mire to the

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sands, or rather to the shingle, for the them belongs to another time and another whole beach consists of nothing better. It place. There is, however, an anecdote was a glorious sight to one who loves the connected with this spot, that may prove sea. The waves were coming in six feet useful to the married portion of his Majesabreast, and bursting with a noise to which ty’s lieges, though I must cross the Solent, the thunder of an English storm is as rough as the evening is, for the commencenothing. I could have dreamed over such ment of my tale. In the register of the a scene for ever—which means as long as church of Lymington, is a memorandum my legs and my appetite would let me. under the year 1736, “ Samuel Baldwyn, Really, there is something very delightful Esq. sojourner of this parish, was immersed, in these day-dreams, this mental intoxica- without the Needles, in Scratchell's Bay, tion, which has all the exhilarating effects sans ceremonie, May 20th.”

This was of wine, without the intolerable head-ache performed in consequence of an earnest of the next morning. To be sure, it is wish he expressed to that effect a little sometimes followed by the heart-ache, before his dissolution ; and what reawhen the wandering spirit returns from its son dost thou think, reader, could urge silent and blissful communings with Nature him to have his body cast into the ocean, to the harsh rcalities of life. In my case, rather than quietly committed to the however, there was somewhat less than earth ? no motive of erring superstition, no the usual chance of this invisible and unac- whim of bewildered reason, but a determiknowledged malady, inasmuch as I narrowly nation to disappoint the intention of an missed breaking my neck in my attempt affectionate wife, who had repeatedly to re-ascend the cliff. By this time, it was assured him in their domestic squabbles, well nigh dusk, and, before I had got half- which were very frequent, that if Proviway up the rock, I had missed the usual dence permitted her to survive him, she path, if path it could be called, and was would revenge her conjugal sufferings by with no little difficulty clambering up a occasionally dancing over the turf that cliff that every moment grew more and covered his remains. more perpendicular. My early days in Such is the grave relation of the HampKent had somewhat accustomed me to this shire historian, who no doubt thought it a sort of work; yet, still I did not feel too serious matter, or he would not have introcomfortable. The wind, moreover, which duced it into so solemn a work as his ponhad indulged in a lull for the last two or derous quartos. Peace be to the manes of three hours, was rising fast; and suddenly a Squire Baldwyn !—Poor fellow! his livsquall came whistling and bellowing about ing body must have had a sad time of it, my ears, that, had it reached me a minute or his last will and testament lied most sooner, must infallibly have ended all my abominably. Has the spirit of his lady troubles in this world. Just as the blast any thing to do, I wonder, with this wild began to strike me, I had got to an open weather-with the howling of the wind rift or channel in the rock leading upward; and the roaring of the waters ? Heaven into this I flung myself at once, regardless bless me! I am getting sentimental, when of the mud and brambles ; and lucky it the best thing I can do is to get home, for was for me that I did so ; nothing could the shades of evening are closing round have stood up against the beating of those iron wings, which for full ten minutes The lights from Yarmouth—not the lashed at me with uncontrollable vio- Yarmouth so celebrated for its fine herlence. By that time its fury ceased, rings and its bad roadstead, but a snug though the wind was still high enough to little town so named-gleamed invitingly have torn a mill-sail to pieces, and great from the distance. But the spirit of Mr. was my joy when I found myself safe Baldwyn, I suppose, urged me on in again on the top of the precipice. It must spite of weary limbs and the encroaching be exceedingly unpleasant, that same break- darkness; and, like a Paladin of old, I reing of the neck, I calculate—a thing to be solved to brave fatigue and night, and eschewed if possible ; unless, indeed, you return by the same way I had come. This happen to be in love, and I-alas the day! plan, commenced in freak, I would seriously -was only married.


my readers to pursue in their next Not far from here is Scratchell's Bay, visit to the island, abating always the absurremarkable for its fossils, but the account of dity of clambering up rocks, where no one


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has any business that I know of, except the late. Via, my friends, for the most curious
sea-gulls and the puffins. What I mean adventure of the twenty-four hours is yet
is, commence your trip a little after the to come.
sun has risen, while every thing yet wears Heartily glad was I to find myself once
its morning face, and return by the same again in my temporary home, snugly seated
road when the shadows of night begin to before a comfortable fire, with certain
fall. The change, arising from the differ- necessary accompaniments upon the table,
ent aspect of the hour, will be more in the shape of cold ham, fowl, beef, ale,
striking than any that could be gained from and brandy. If I had toiled hard for an
the change of route. At least, I have al- appetite, I had fully achieved my object,
ways found it so in all my excursions, as the poultry relics, the elongated bone of
whether at home or abroad.

the ham, and the empty jug, soon bore a
The Under Cliff at Evening.— The rocks sufficing testimony. Now, there are some
loomed out larger from the twilight; the folks who pretend to be mightily indifferent
hills looked blacker and loftier; the sea to such matters; if they are sincere, they
rolled more darkly, more coldly ;'and the are blockheads; 'if not, they are hypo-
waves seemed, like some wild beasts, to crites.
have grown

bolder from the absence of day. Next to the luxury of a good supper is In one part of the road, or rather way, a good bed; but, somehow, even a bed is for road there was none, in the civilized not always one of roses, as I was doomed meaning of the word, — I could almost have to experience on this eventful night. Such fancied myself approaching the remains of dreams !-such horrid dreams! I was tosssome ancient city-one of those primæval ing on the ocean, and as the vessel plunged ruins, that, like the ruins in America, we and tore through the water, I felt all the can only account for by supposing they hurry and dizziness of an inexperienced existed before the deluge. The ground rider, when his horse runs away with him was covered with rocky fragments of all for the first time. It was like any thing sizes, some bare, but discoloured by time, but sailing. The speed of the ship was some covered with moss, others again half preternatural, and the cloths snorted, rather hid by shrubs and weeds ; but all bearing, than flapped, when the wind dragged them

or less, a fanciful resemblance to from the bolt-ropes. Then the crew mutibroken capitals and disjointed pillars. The nied; but they were like no crew that had way itself was a broad ledge, many feet ever been seen before. They had vizarded in width, closed in on one side by a per- themselves from all manner of wild beasts ; pendicular wall of rock, while below, at some wore the face of the wolf, some of the distance of many feet, lay a second the tiger, others again of the jackall, and rugged strip, or platform, which was beaten not a few growled about me as lions, or by the roaring waters of the Solent, While chattered at me with the heads of monI was still wrapt in my own fancies, fashion- keys. The ludicrous never was so horing more strange shapes from the dark- rible, or the horrible so ludicrous. By a ness than ever child imagined in the burn- strange transition, I escaped from these ing embers of a coal-fire, the moon suddenly monsters to the cliff by Black-Gang Chine, burst forth from the clouds that had and dreamed over again the perils of the oppressed her, and in her doubtful light evening. But now I knew it was a dream; the landscape put on another form. It was I had an indistinct consciousness that if I as if the whole scene had been touched by would only let go my hold and fling mythe rod of some fairy-and by the bye the self down at once, I should wake, or at all elves, when they were allowed to exist events this painful vision would pass away. at all, were particularly fond of the island. With no little difficulty I accomplished this Below, at no very great distance, lay and awoke. I had far better have continued Puckaster Cove, which the antiquarians in my uneasy sleep. By the side of my assert has derived its name from the tricksy bed sate a venerable but stern old man, spirit; and about Gad's Hill still clings the whose eyes were fixed upon me with a traditionary legend of fairy opposition to severe gaze, while the forefinger of his the erection of a church on any site but right hand pointed to the page of a volume the one they had themselves chosen. Then that lay open in his left. As the window too there is Pock Pool-but that is far off ; was opposite to the foot of the bed, and the and so too is my little inn, and it is getting curtains had remained undrawn, the broad



moon, now in all her lustre, shone full in the room that adjoined my bed-chamber, his face and upon the book. I started up and which, like it, was on the ground floor. and gazed in wonder, while a creeping thrill For the first moment the idea flashed across of awe came over me. Still the finger pointed me that I was the dupe of some idle decepto the open page, and, obeying the man- tion. Starting up, I hurried into the. pardate thus held out, I endeavoured to read, lour, and saw the old man passing over the but in vain; the letters danced and Aitted grass-plot in front of the French windows. about the leaf, forming all manner of com- How he had got there was to me incombinations, yet never remaining long enough prehensible, for the window was still bolted; in the same position for me to catch the and when I opened it to follow him, the purport. The old man's brow grew yet cold air that rushed in almost stifled me, sterner with impatience, and an angry fire

and he was gone.

Did I dream ?-imposseemed to light up his cold grey eyes. sible ; every thing was too palpable to the Again I endeavoured to fix the capricious sense for dreaming. Was I the dupe of lines, as much from a secret and undefined some childish plot ?—that was just as dread as from curiosity. This time I suc- unlikely, for in the first place no human ceeded, and a groan of horror escaped me ingenuity could have carried the thing so as I read the wavering letters; it was a far, and in the next, if possible, no end prophetic page in the history of my life, whatever could have been answered by all the record of an event that was yet to be, this outlay of time and trouble. Might I but of so appalling an import that I would not be the victim of the same sort of illurather have read a tale of murder; it sion that tormented the famous Nicolai, the struck a blow at the peace of one I loved Berlin bookseller, who was daily and hourly with a passion beyond the power of words visited by spectral shadows, the conseto tell it. Love!-Love!—why have the querices of an overwrought brain? I thought poets painted thee as a young and innocent so at the time, I think so still ; my mind child ? they should rather have shown and body had both, in the course of the thee in the guise and with the attributes of day, been stretched beyond the healthy a devil, for you make devils of the best point of tension, and a passing fever, of

which I was not myself conscious, might The old man took no notice of my horror, have been the result. But after all, what though the feeling was much too strong not is real ? Some philosophers have said that to have found its visible reflection in my nothing is and are they not right? May face. So much of his errand seemed to not life itself be the dream of another mode be done, and he again proceeded busily to of existence ? But I am getting into a turn over the leaves, pausing every now chapter that certainly does not belong to and then upon a fresh page, but always the Court Magazine.-Farewell, theregoing on again with a dissatisfied shake of fore, gentle reader, and should you be dishis head, as if the object of his search was posed for another little excursion in my yet to be found. About the middle of the favourite island, I shall be most happy to volume, it appeared that he had stumbled accompany you. Perhaps we may pay a upon what he wanted, for he fixed his visit together to the smugglers. I will hold eyes, as before, upon me, and pointed with you harmless, for they are old acquainthis finger to the open page. It was a glimpse ances of mine, and, notwithstanding their -only a glimpse—I caught of the happy rough faces and ruggid manners, you will future, when the old man hastily closed the find this “terribile gente," as Napoleon volume, and, with all his features relaxed called them, more amusing than a host of into a benevolent smile, slowly passed into the last fashionable novels.

of us.




There ne'er was such treason,
As that of the Whigs in destroying our season;
No balls, routs, or suppers ; no pleasures, I fear,
Will be known in this dull and detestable year,
But politics, politics still be vexation,
And our cares absorb'd in the cares of the nation.
Lord help us poor ladies, thus left in the lurch,
While the men are contesting the rights of the Church ;
Discussing the merits of Peerage creations,
Or settling if Pats shall have new corporations.
What are such things to us? 'Tis beyond all endurance,
Low people, to tease us, should have such assurance ;
But ten-pound electors, whose voting a trade is,
Have carried away all the beaux from the ladies.
My cousin Lord John, my admirer you know,
Who followed me ever to ball, play, and show,
Since return'd for some vile manufacturing town,
Has become, I protest, a mere hard-working clown.
If I ask what he thinks of a waltz or a dance,

says “ Louis Philip's rather puzzled with France;"
And if I attempt explanation to gain,

“ General Evans is puzzled in Spain;"
And when I complain that the fashions are gone ill,
He declares that the ruin is caused by O'Connell.
Lord bless us ! I'm sure I was never a hater,
But I can't help detesting that base agitator;
Both he and Joe Hume had the meanness to mention
The trifling amount of my grandmamma's pension.
I can't tell, to be sure, for what service 'twas granted,
But we know very well that 'twas very much wanted
While the boys have the church, and the army,
What would have become of us girls, let me crave ye,
Had not my poor grandmamma's quarterly payment
Supplied us with pin-money, trinkets, and raiment ?
To return to Lord John,--though a Tory in heart,
He's compell’d, 'gainst his will, with the Whigs to take part;
Though a friend to Don Carlos, he fights for Queen Isabelle,
Whom we all believe to be worse than a Jezebel :
Speaks fierce against Cumberland, lauds young Victoria,
And even must flatter Maria di Gloria ;
Thus puzzled, tormented, how sad is his case,
’Twixt interest and duty, affection and place.
Though his manners are alter'd, his court’sies grown cold,
I pity his state and feel too much to scold.
But is not this horrid, to lose such a lover,
Just when to proposal I thought him won over;
To find him so hamper'd by weavers and spinners,
And blacksmiths, and other such Radical sinners,

and navy,

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