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deafening, that it seemed to the appalled No sooner had the Suniassi uttered the slave, as if the artillery of the skies were potent prayer, than his soul was on its way opened against this lower world by the to the Swerga. His body remained upon incensed deities, whom the wickedness of the natural floor of the cavern without mankind had roused to sudden retribution, either motion or consciousness. Yougal

The din of the elemental conflict was so turned it over and over to make himself great as entirely to drown the ejaculations sure that it was without a soul, and soon of the holy man, whose voice increased with became fully satisfied that it was nothing the tempest, and whose prayers rose in more than a lump of senseless flesh; the power and strength in proportion to the principle of life however remained, for the tumult without. He did not, however, pulse sensibly throbbed, and the breath move from his position of prostrate humi- came feebly, though there was no other sign liation, but crossed his arm over his breast, of animation. Here was at length presented occasionally placing his fingers upon his the opportunity so long and anxiously forehead in token of profound devotion. sought by the slave. Should he avail himself Yougal wished him fifty times in the cow's of his power and travel in the spirit to the mouth, * through which the Ganges pours unknown world ? He had some misgivings its fertilizing streams over the hills of about the matter. How should he face Himalaya, and thence through the Gangetic the gods if he appeared in their presence plain into the far sea. He dared not stir, without the preparatory penances ? They lest the royal fakeer should be made con- might expel him from their abodes, and scious of his propinquity, a discovery which cast him down to the hottest extremity of might expose him to something worse than Lohangaraka.* How should he meet his either stripes or imprisonment. Fortu- master in such company as he must be ennately for him, though the lightning was joying in the heaven of Indra, sanctified by so vivid as to render every object visible the austere devotions of a whole life, and throughout the cavern, the position of his thus rendered fit for intercourse with celesmaster prevented him from seeing any tial society. He had too much reason to thing but the roof immediately above him. fear that a menial who had spent all his days Yougal consequently escaped that notice in merriment and good living, would be which would have been attended with ex- looked upon as an intruder into the celestreme castigation ; for though the Suniassi tial presences, he therefore thought that he permitted his slave to attend him to the had best keep the secret of the mandiram to cavern upon ordinary occasions, he always himself and use it hereafter as the occasion forbid his immediate presence whenever he might warrant. Upon casting his eyes was about to perform those mysterious rites however upon the attenuated frame of his and piaculary inflictions, which invariably master, it suddenly occurred to him that if preceded his separation of body and spirit for he were to utter the words which would one of those visits to the other world, which disengage his essence from the dross of clay the penitentiary was exceedingly fond of by which it was encumbered, he might, in taking by way of relaxation from the rigid place of aspiring to explore the regions discipline of his ascetic life.

above the firmament, cause it to enter the After some hours the storm having sub- unconscious trunk of the royal Suniassi, sided, the cavern was left to its original gloom and thus become a sovereign instead of reand silence, which was only interrupted maining a bondman. He was transported at by the mantras of the holy man. the idea, his brain grew dizzy with rapture, sudden, the fanatic raised himself from and under the excitement of ambitious anhis recumbent position and throwing him- ticipations, he pronounced the words of the self prostrate upon the bare earth, repeated mandiram. His spirit was instantly disendeliberately, and with an audible utter- gaged and transfused into the inanimate ance, the mystical mandiram. The menial's form of his master; the latter being endued ear drank in every word as it fell from his with consciousness, arose from the earth, master's lips; he thus became possessed and the soul of a menial gave animation to of the secret of dispossessing his body of its the body of a king. spiritual occupant, and of taking a journey Yougal was for a moment astonished at to the region of everlasting glory.

the sudden transformation, but recovering * A rock in the Himalaya mountains, in which is an opening, something like the mouth of a cow, and

This signifies hot iron coals, and is the lowest of long supposed to be the source of the Ganges.

the twonty-one hells of the Hindoos. VOL. X.NO. III.-MARCH 1837.

On a


Because you

himself, he looked upon his own vile car- transformation, and actuated by an impulse cass, and spurned it with contempt. of indignant surprise, exclaimed,

Well," said he, aloud, knowing there “How now, girl! why, you start from me was no one present to overhear him, “I as if I was a white man that had his unholy venture to say this is the last time the body stomach filled with sacred beef, and made which now imprisons my soul shall lie upon no distinction between a cow and a guana*. spikes. The Suniassi will henceforward Why do you shun me?” grow fat, or Yougal's love of good feeding

know that a pariah maiden must greatly abate with his exaltation, may not come within reach of a brahmin's of which, however, the present sharpness breath without hazarding her own life.” of his appetite does not warrant the expec- Ha, ha, há !" cried the transformed tation. All penance shall be foreclosed, menial, “ by the chuckra of Vishnoo that for the time to come, and I'll warrant cannot be denied, but I'm no brahmin, me the dignities of a prince will be much bibi t; I'm Yougal, your slave, but no truer enjoyment than the devout discipline longer a bondman.” of starvation and cold iron. Now for Mariataly was incredulous. She imagined royalty for the rest of my days! May that the Suniassi, who, among the few anmy master long continue to enjoy a para- happy outcasts residing in the immediate dise above the clouds, while I content my- neighbourhood of his sacred retreat, was as self with enjoying his paradise below notorious for his gallantries, as for the them.”

severities of his penances, was endeavouring The counterfeit monarch almost lost his to tamper with her credulity for the most wits for joy when he found he had been undevout of purposes ; she, therefore, reso suddenly transmuted from a slave to a plied with some asperity, retreating gradusovereign. He danced round the cavern ally as she spokewith such mad delight that the scared bats “My eyes are not yet dim, most holy fell about his ears, and obliged him to quit Suniassi, and I cannot mistake the spare, his concealment covered with foam, pro- withered, but sacred form of the venerable duced by the violence of his exertions. By Veramarken for the round, elastic, yet way of precaution, however, before leaving gross material frame of the slave Yougal.” the place of his auspicious transformation, “ Chah, bibi, this is all well enough when he took a knife from the pocket of the others are by, but we are alone, and there tunic that covered the body which his soul is no need of this reverence.

I don't want had so lately quitted, and having severed your respect, but your love, Mariataly; I'm the head from the trunk, proceeded towards no more Veramarken than thou art Lakshthe palace, which was distant a good day's mi I, except in seeming; I'm no more journey. Day had already begun to dawn, nor less than thy adorer Yougal.” and before he had advanced two coss, the He hurried towards her, but she retreated sun was flooding the plain through which his with such activity, that he could not overroad lay, with its early glories.

take her. The severity of those tortures Upon reaching the neighbourhood of Mari- to which the ascetic's body had so lately ataly's abode, Yougal perceived her as been exposed, had rendered it incapable of usual bathing in a tank accompanied by two much exertion, and its new tenant was exor three of her caste, who were rigidly tremely mortified to find that he could punctual in performing their matutinal neither manifest the warmth nor energy ablutions ; this neverthless did not obviate which his feelings really prompted. The the odium of pollution which attached to body of Veramarken was too feeble to give their race.

Yougal concealed himself be- full expression to the youthful passion of hind a tree, a little way out of the path, by Yougal. which he knew the pariah would return to Why am I thus persecuted ?" exclaimed her humble habitation in the jungle. He had the indignant pariah, perceiving that the not long been in ambush before he heard the brahmin, as she imagined her interlocutor to tripping step of his beloved as she pattered be, was determined to pursue her with his with her naked feet the beaten pathway. disgusting love. “I feel it no honour to be When she approached the tree, he sprang distinguished by the unhallowed preference forward to meet her, but she started back, * A large lizard so called. as if a scorpion had risen before her feet. feet long.

+ Bibi is a term equivalent to wench or lady. For a moment the slave had forgotten his

#Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnoo.

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It is from thrce to four no

even of a devotee, who values me only for quite consistent with the mortified life of a my person, and looks upon my soul as Suniassi. abandoned to the demons of Naraka *. “I have done with mortification now," You pursue me in vain, for I am determined cried the counterfeit Veramarken; never to listen to the love of one, who, more tearing of flesh, and defrauding the while he asserts the highest spiritual purity, natural appetites—no more sleeping upon indulges in the grossest sensuality.” a metal bed covered with flesh-hooks, in a

Saying this she bounded forward, and dark cavern, with the bats for lookers on, was in a few moments lost amid the mazes and with snakes to hiss their applauses. of the forest, where her inexperienced lover No, my sita,* I have now obtained the could not penetrate.

highest point of spiritual perfection; I Yougal was greatly mortified at this intend henceforward to devote my days to first issue of his transmutation. He became those gratifications which I have hitherto of a sudden rather disheartened, fearing denied myself. Instead of this withered, that so inauspicious a commencement lean, hungry frame, you shall soon behold augured unfavourably of the ultimate suc- a set of comely limbs, and cheeks as round cess of his elevation to kingly honours. and broad as the lotus leaf. Come order He resolved, however, to be revenged upon me a curry of prawns and a pilau, for I the pariah girl for having slighted his love, feel a grievous craving after so long a fast. and with this determination resumed I should like too to fortify my stomach at his journey towards the palace, where he the same time with a draught of fine arrived just before sunset. The queen arrack, distilled from the rice of Serindib.t” greeted him with cold respect, but he, The queen's amazement increased every dazzled by her beauty, sprang eagerly for- moment at these extravagant demands of ward to embrace her, when the stiffness of her late sanctified husband. She could not his limbs, from long and rigorous penance, account for the change. He seemed to her caused him to stumble, and the lady's possessed ; but she knew his power, and hookha happening unfortunately to be in therefore feared to contradict him. The the way, he fell over it, and measured his

curry of prawns, the pilau and the arrack, length upon the Persian rug which had were accordingly laid before him, the whole been spread under it. The beautiful Mal- of which he dispatched within the space of davee, with a grave composure of feature, about three minutes, devouring it with which at once showed how far her venera- ravenous impetuosity. Her astonishment tion for the saint outstript her love for the now rose to a climax. The hungry saint man, approached the Suniassi, and bending observing the expression of her countenance, upon her knee beside him, first touching cried with an exulting tone, the floor with her small delicate palms, and “Is not this the way to make a lean body then applying them to her forehead, in fat?" token of the profoundest reverence, raised The queen was silent, not yet daring to her devout lord from his prostration, and enter upon too close a familiarity with a having placed him upon his legs, making man whom the gods delighted to honor. a second salaam, expressed her hope that "Well, Maldavee, continued the prince; he had sustained no mischief. The soul “ don't you think it wiser to eat, drink, of Yougal was sensible of pain through the and adore one's wife, than to fast, groan, bodily organs of Veramarken; but, al- and love nothing but air, penances, and the though he felt himself very unpleasantly society of reptiles, in order to be allowed a shaken by bis fall, he nevertheless pursed up visit now and then to the divinities ?” his grim features into a smile, and throwing Maldavee hesitated to reply. She imahis arms round the queen's neck, much to gined that this might be an artifice of the her astonishment and more to her discom- holy man to try how far she was impressed posure, he kissed her with an energy which with a sacred awe for those austere oblishe had never before experienced from his gations by which the Suniassi was bound. lips. She did not receive the greeting as Yougal saw her hesitation, and said gaily, he expected, but reminded him that such

“Nay, don't be under any apprehension at warm demonstrations of affection were not communicating your thoughts. I am no

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* The fifth of the 21 Hindoo hells; the word signifies
the region of serpents.

* Sita signifies bride.
† The island of Ceylon.


longer a devotee except it be at the shrine Veramarken : whether fat or lean, it is my of thy beauty."

duty to be alike obedient and respectful.” The queen stared. This was the first Nay, but I don't seek respect now, all time she had ever known her husband guilty that's gone by; I want you to adore me like of an act of gallantry, either in word or a little dove. I shall never leave you any deed, and she began to fancy that his head more for the desert, for to tell you the had been turned by the extreme austerity truth, I prefer your society to that of the of his religious mortifications.

very gods." “ Pride of Suniassis," said the prin- The princess smiled – her vanity was cess, with a low salaam, Siva forbid tickled-she held down her head, and the you should so indulge the demands of a Suniassi again embraced her with a fervor carnal appetite as to confound the sacred which satisfied her that a change had come outline of that venerable figure, by puffing over his spirit, as he had never before it out with those luxuries which destroy evinced such fondness. She now retired to the spiritual angularity so becoming to the her apartment, told her favourite maidens frame of a godly ascetic, and swelling it the strange occurrence of the morning, and, into that round, unholy shape, only having discussed the matter for some hours befitting those in whom the divinities take with an acuteness peculiar to Hindoo no pleasure."

women, came at length to the “ Fah-fah, my sita, l've been meagre clusion, that Veramarken was about to long enough. In my last visit to the Swerga, complete his probation, would shortly the Asuras taunted me with my leanness; enter upon his metempsychosis, appear with and Indra has permitted me to grow portly. the body of a Glendoveer, * and in that I am determined therefore to stuff to my celestial form dwell with her for the rest heart's content for thy sake, bibi, as well of her days. This was an agreeable antias my own; for I am sure you must prefer cipation enough, for she could not help a plump, healthy partner, to one whose thinking that it would be a change for the bones constitute almost the sum total of his better. external man.”

* An order of good spirits. “I can have no preference, most holy (To be continued in our next.)



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“MRS. ARMYTAGE, or Female Domina- 66• I have generally heard the literary tion,” is the last of Mrs. Gore's productions, débuts in the house, within the last few but long ere its debut in literature, its years, accounted failures ; said Lord Clanauthoress had a reputation ready made ; it Eustace. could not have been better of its kind if it "If you mean that of several eminent had been made to order. Here is a list of authors now in parliament, not one has its ingredients: “Mothers and Daughters," made good in politics the reputation prethe “ Fair of May-Fair," the “ Hamiltons," viously achieved in literature, I heartily the Opera," the “ Tuileries,” “Man- agree with you ;' replied his guardian.” ners of the Day," with its Mystic Key and This sentence so full of truth, extracted Characters; and more, that we have not from the “ Hamiltons," would, if we did been fortunate enough to read. Besides, not feel that it were spoiling a very pretty how many articles on all subjects, from a woman, make us wish that Mrs. Gore could Fancy Fair to a Fox Hunt, have furnished change her sex, and become M.P. for some the tableaux vivans of the magazines and borough, that would be honoured in its journals, ever since those vehicles of paper- representative. She would make an admistainers have undertaken to grow lively in rable member of parliament, for she displays print. “ Mothers and Daughters,” how all the most brilliant elements of one in ever, made Mrs. Gore's reputation, although every page of her writings; and, moreover, in the volumes to which they give name she would have no rival in her peculiar she certainly cannot be accused of the vein. Poor Bulwer, whose greatest effort slightest effort to return the compliment. of statesmanship has not yet carried him beyond a dramatic bill, which has put memory, but she could as well manage Knowles, Jerrold, Bernard, Buckstone, and " Recollections of the Turf;" and, we are Billy Moncrief in comfortable circum- much mistaken if she was not really the stances, would be easily eclipsed; as, in- author of some sporting articles in a condeed, whenever any thing shining or satirical temporary journal. Her novels have hitherto is required, he is, even in novel-writing, been of fashionable life principally, with by Mrs. Gore; who skims the surface of which she is personally best acquainted; society with infinitely more knowledge of but all other shades of society, and manners the world than her rival can ever hope to foreign and domestic, seem to have fallen attain, although she cannot manage to sink within her observation or her reading. Her into a fathomless gulf of metaphysics, nor mind is a busy Proteus, perpetually changto appear great in her knowledge of the ing his forms in her brain, and yet with such mysteries of the heart :-her fault, in- dexterity as to leave her unconfused. deed, is, that she treats the affections too But to the question of her novels. Let lightly, while Bulwer parades them like so nobody believe that they are faultless ; many weeping Niobes, or “Rachels who they are full of faults from which, indeed, will not be comforted !” But our business they derive a great deal of their poignancy. is with Mrs. Gore.

They are, in fact, flippant; and flippancy, We have said that were our alternative if it be wit at all, is of the smallest order. of sex-changing put in force, it would in- They are also too much interlarded with volve the spoiling of a very pretty woman. foreign tongues, and do not want mannerLet there be no delusion upon this head- isms : neither is it well for a lady to deal let us introduce the ever-sparkling authoress too largely in politics ; but Mrs. Gore, as to the public, who always crave for some we have said already, would make a good personal knowledge of those with whom member of Parliament-she almost leads they are intimate in books; with some men- a party in her books.

Here is an exaggetion of an appearance which is not less rated burst of indignant eloquence, for charming than some of the fairest episodes which O'Connell and Whittle Harvey might in her best works. The first and last time reasonably fight :we had the honour of seeing Mrs. Gore, was “ William Tottenham and Augustus, in 1830 or 1831, about the time of the pro- commissioners to a lottery which had ceased duction of Mothers and Daughters.” Her to exist, and clerks to an office which had countenance gave a most natural index to never existed (rather Irish, but meant to the intelligence of her mind and writings, be so !) were liberally remunerated as demost of all in the eloquence of the beautiful puties in a sinecure place, the local habitadark eyes,

which lent their radiance to its tion of which was a mystery, even to their general expression. Her nose was Grecian, principal (no wonder, if it never existed !) and she had a profusion of dark hair. In yet they threw away the proceeds with as figure she was rather short, with a tendency much pride and ostentation as if they had to embon point, but finely proportioned, and been honestly earned; and very often did altogether of a belle tournure; her com- Susan shudder on hearing them, in the plexion was of the clearest, and you natu- wantonness of their prosperity, curse the rally remarked a most exquisite hand. people the damned people !—the besotted, Now, reader, you may form some idea of blackguard people !-by the sweat of whose the personal appearance of the gifted lady brows their own leisure was secured.” whose works we are going to notice, and We think the young men gave themwho will not, we hope, deem us imperti- selves a great deal of unnecessary trouble ; nent in making allusion to the outward and Mrs. Gore, if she was at all conscious form of most visible and spiritual grace.” upon the subject of cursing, should have Au reste, her conversation is delightful and borrowed and expatiated upon an episode of full of resources ; varying, acute, witty, the “ Orange Toast.” exuberant ; sometimes sarcastic, bearing The flippancies of Mrs. Gore are not, marks of travel, and a most abundant and however, always political ; they are scatextraordinary knowledge of every possible tered about with generous profusion in all subject and circumstance. A “Court Guide” forms and attitudes, and sometimes, we is at her fingers' ends, but you feel that she regret to say, approach-as flippancy much would not even fail in a “ Cookery Book ;” indulged inevitably will—the verge of ina “ History of the Tower” is within her delicacy. There is nothing so dangerous to

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