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bottle ready, Cary, and eke your hand- was seized by the French and became a kerchief.”

province of their empire, and was, at the “I have merely jotted down events," last peace, restored to the kingdom of Sarobserved Charles, and he read as follows:- dinia, it is perhaps scarcely necessary to “ After the abandonment of the country repeat. But, in addition to the devastation by the Saracens, it returned into the pos- and sufferings produced by this long series session of the kings of Naples, but they, of wars, there is one yet darker line in its being far distant and too much occupied by history. It has been seven times rendered their troubles at home to pay proper atten- almost desolate by the plague.” tion to a colony, it was governed by its own Mighty pleasant subjects for your consuls till it formed an alliance with the dreams again to-night, Cary !” exclaimed then powerful republic of Pisa. The town Charles; we must contrive something to was subsequently besieged, but without promote a little indigestion, and then, what success, by Raymond Berenger the Fourth. a delightful Bluebeard chamber of horrors Then it was allied to the Genoese till you will enjoy! But, prythee, most Alphonso the Second, king of Arragon, veracious historian, hast thou nothing to came with a large army and re-established reveal of by-gone tim more congenial the authority of his house, which was with the serenity and beauty of all around, shaken off about forty years after, and a and the perfect peace and security in which new alliance formed with Pisa.

It was

we feel ourselves basking in this present next besieged and taken by Raymond Be- blessed sunshine ?” renger the Fifth. Its next period of suf- “Let our little bark dance merrily onfering was a long resistance against the ward for a brief space," said William, Dukes of Anjou, who (having invaded shall soon pass this bold and barren hill of Provence) resolved to wrest it from La- Montboron now on our left, and the scene dislaus, of Sicily, who, being unable to will be changed. Yes, we have now afford efficient aid, agreed that the town nearly the whole length of the Fraxinet and province of Nice should choose any

before us. Ånd now—now we are opening sovereign they thought fit save the Duke the land-locked harbour of Villa Franca, Louis the Second, of Anjou ; and the choice compact and deep as though designed for they made was Amadeus the Seventh, of his own purposes by the imagination of the royal house of Savoy. In 1543 the man and completed by a mightier architown was besieged, by sea and land, by the tect, with ramparts towering to the skies.” combined forces of the French and the “ What is that miniature of a ship at the Turks, under Barbarossa and the Duke farther end of the harbour ?" inquired d'Enghien, and, after a valiant resistance, Charles, “ she looks like the model of a being reduced to the extremest distress, was vessel with her three tiny masts and yards, induced to capitulate on condition that the like black threads against the mountain lives, liberty, and property of the inhabi- side.” tants should be secured and respected. “When what we call mighty ships apThe Turks, nevertheless, seized upon up- proach the mighty hills,” observed William, wards of five thousand citizens, and sent smiling, “they do indeed seem to ‘diminish them off in their ships, which, fortunately, to a speck. That is a Sardinian man-of-war, were met at sea by the united squadrons of carrying sixty-four guns, and is the abode Sicily and the knights of Malta, by whom of some hundreds of our pigmy race. To the captives were liberated.

look at it where it is, truly a bird's nest or “ T'he subsequent sorties and attacks of an ant-hill would seem a thing of little the French and Spaniards are too numerous less importance. But, now we see the for detail ; but, at last, it was taken by the town, with its long line of buildings at the Duke of Berwick. Its next visitation was water's edge, and clustering towers and an epidemic fever, which carried off more houses studding the hill-side. So, to my than three thousand persons ; and, scarcely task again. It was not always the poor had it recovered from that affliction, than “triste' place it is now, for in 1539 the it was again visited by the horrors of the Emperor Charles the Fifth came there, at Italian war of 1744, which were prolonged the instigation of the Pope (Paul the till the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748." Third), by whose mediation a truce of ten

Here the reader took his eyes from the years was eventually agreed upon here bepaper, and observed, “ That the country tween him and Francis the First, King of


France, who, with his Queen, came for the of the spot, and gain credence for some saine purpose to Nice. The two sovereigns tale he had to tell, he pointed out to her did not meet, but the Pope went to and a small hollow, in which a piece of rock fro, between them, from Nice to Villa formed a natural seat, under the shade of Franca and from Villa Franca to Nice, till a wide-spreading olive. And so it was his humane intent was effected. To your that, as they sate thereon, they might see imagination I leave the splendour and the boats busily engaged in the tunny pageantry of the three courts, the imperial, fishery on one side, with the long line of the kingly, and the papal, thus brought coast beyond, toward Genoa; and on the into contact. Suffice it to say, that the other, the rock of Montboron, with the Queen of France paid a visit to the Em- castle of Montalbano on its summit, the peror, and that the concourse of princes, town and environs of Nice, and the dukes, cardinals, counts, dons, barons, and western shore towards Antibes. Yet, knights, together with haughty dames and while commanding this extensive range, maidens fair, was such as perchance shall to say nothing of the lofty hills in the never again be seen in these parts.” clear back-ground, where any signal would

“ Si, si, due botiglia, for aught I care!” have been apparent; they were sensible exclaimed Charles Harland, who had been that no eye could discern them, for they holding a brief motley-lingual colloquy saw all over a gentle elevation, rising a few with the padrone of the boat, “ A botiglia yards on either side, the outline broken a-piece, if you like. C'est tre botiglia. here and there by an irregular drooping Only pull awayo! Vite! Dépêchez-vous! olive branch. In sooth, it was a very Sollecitate più ! Get on !

Hang the


bird's-nest-like retreat, and admirably fellow! He has only this moment told me adapted for the telling of a long tale withthat they are all as busy as bees at the out interruption, as there was no sound, tunny fishery, just on the other side of the

save that of the playful and not unmelodineck of land that you are going to show ous plashing of the waves, against the timeCaroline, and tell a Saracenic history about.


but immovable rocks below. How Never mind me ! I can hear it afterward, long William and Caroline sate there, is for I must run across directly we land, or immaterial, and nothing can be more unI shall not be in time. Allez! Presto! certain than how long they would have Allegro ! or you shan't have the botiglias, sate there, had they not been roused by a mind. Give way! as our sailors say. Da sort of tallyho from the volatile fishervia! Why the fellows are laughing."

And no great marvel, but nevertheless “ You've lost such a chance, William !" they pulled away smartly for the sake of he exclaimed. “ A glorious sight! One the “ botiglias," and presently the amateur fish, twenty feet long, at least! And you've tunny fisherman had the gratification of been sitting here talking about the Sarafinding himself upon terra firma, scamper

Well, there's no accounting for ing away from his sister and friend.

tastes, but, come along !” Now, William Moreton had not at all William smiled as he rose, and, drawanticipated that he should be left that ing the arm of his fair companion through morning, tête-à-tête with Caroline Harland, his own, pressed it to his heart ; and she, to tell his tale; but, as matters were so, mayhap from the fatigue of listening to he resolved not to flinch. So he conducted his long story, leant much more heavily her carefully over the somewhat rugged upon him than usual for support, till they ground, and pointed out where the Sara- reached the water side, and re-embarked. cens probably erected their strong hold, And from thenceforward, it is scarcely and the natural pier and haven, and divers necessary to add, their relative position small inlets, wherein, doubtless, their ves- toward each other was entirely changed ; sels lay hidden till the moment when their for Caroline dutifully related to her mother prey had arrived within reach. Then he the substance of what she had been incalled her attention to the irregularities of duced to listen to in that pleasant spot, the surface, comprising small rocky emi- and which in no way was connected with nences, and minute but very picturesque the wiles of the Saracens. And her dells, all well calculated for observation mother's eye thereupon glistened, for she and concealment. And doubtless, in order was a widow, and Caroline was her only to impress upon her mind the advantages daughter; and she had known William


cens !

Moreton from his youth upward. There

FAREWELL TO NICE. fore, she fell upon the neck of her child, The hills, the mighty clustering hills, encompass thee and kissed her; and for a brief space, they, Thee, Nice, thy port and fertile plan–a sunny spot together, mingled precious tears, which of ground, were to be followed by long-enduring Where victory crowned the Marseillois, and the wild smiles.

Ligurian fled

By the dark ravine, the torrent's course, and the So, after that day, Caroline and Wil. Alpine river's bed. liam enjoyed many quiet and delightful

Then, proudly on thy castle rock, a town o'erlooked rambles together, talking sometimes a lit

the plain, tle of history, and bygone years, but much Ere Rome's fierce eagles gathering came like stormmore of the present and the future. And clouds o'er the main, thus ends our notice of “ What happened

Or the martial tramp of her legions fell on startled

freedom's ear, at Nice,” for to the reader's imagination And the rude barbarian flew to arms with the yell of may be left what afterward happened in

rage and fear. England.

Full oft for thee the Gaul hath bled, and the crescent Yet, a few words in explanation of

waved on high, why these pages are written! We know

And for centuries thy rocks and vales have rung

with the battle cry; they will meet the eyes of many fair and And the Saracen at Fraxinet hath darkly watched high-born ladies, who will not feel dis

his prey

A lawless robber on the land, a corsair in the bay ! pleased at the reminiscence of a winter passed at Nice; and, brief as is our histori- But happier far to thee the days when Roman pon.

tiffs came, cal epitome, it may perchance lead others,

“ Good will on earth and peace to man," 'mid who are about to sojourn there, to farther

princes to proclaim ; inquiry; and thus awaken in the breast of When waving flags on church and tower announced some invalid a local interest, that shall

the joyous tale,

While the music of the convent bells rode merrily on lure the spirit, at times, from its own sor- the gale. rows, while in pursuit of health ; and breathing the balmy gales, and the grate

And now a time of peace is thine, and strangers from ful fragrance of the orange trees and many- Dwell round thy marble cross, and roam the olive coloured flowers that flourish there in the glades of Var:

And drooping flowers from northern climes in thy depth of winter.

mild air expand, In conclusion, and by permission, we add A wanderer's blessing on thee, Nice! Thine is a a farewell, written on the spot.

pleasant land.



RABY CASTLE is one of the most inter- and improvements up to the time of the csting features in the county of Durham, unfortunate Charles, the last Earl of Westless perhaps as regards its past history morland of that family, who, in 1568, bethan from its antiquity and the natural ad- came involved in intrigues against the vantages of its situation. It was formerly throne of Elizabeth. Jealousy of Cecil's the principal seat of the Nevilles, the influence with the Queen seems first to powerful Earls of Westmorland, who oc- have mixed him up with the ambitious cupy a prominent place in that twilight schemes of Dudley, Sir Nicholas Throgperiod between what may perhaps be called morton, and the bigoted Earl of Norfolk. the feudal and the regal time of England. The pretence for their clamour against A portion of the castle appears, from the the secretary was the supplies sent to the style of its architecture, to have been built protestants in France, but Elizabeth easily in a very remote age, nor was it until 1379 penetrated their designs and defeated them. that it assumed the castellated form and Not satisfied with their escape from the character. In that year John de Neville, fears or the prudence of the Queen, those Earl of Westmorland, obtained a license to noblemen still continued their machina“make a castle of his manor of Raby, and tions, but this time their schemes went far to embattle and crenellate its towers." beyond the gratification of private and His successors continued to make additions petty malice against the secretary. Their

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