The Life of Henry, Prince of Wales, Eldest Son of King James I.: Compiled Chiefly from His Own Papers, and Other Manuscripts, Never Before Published

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G. Faulkner, 1760 - 439 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 67 - He is a particular lover of horses, and what belongs to them, but is not fond of hunting ; and when he goes to it, it is rather for the pleasure of galloping than that which the dogs give him.
الصفحة 40 - ... majesty shows a laudable anxiety that the prince should be impressed with the higher importance of the one over the other. James shall himself speak. " I confess I long to receive a letter from you that may be wholly yours, as well matter as form ; as well formed by your mind as drawn by your fingers ; for ye may remember, that in my book to you I warn you to beware with (of) that kind of wit that may fly out at the end of your fingers...
الصفحة 32 - God's grace be recompensed by your coming to me shortly, and continual residence with me ever after. Let not this news make you proud, or insolent, for a King's son and heir was ye before, and no more are ye yet. The augmentation that is hereby like to fall unto you, is but in cares and heavy burthens.
الصفحة 428 - Ambaffador had faid to his Majefty ; which I repeated unto him in this manner : Firft, that upon the motion of the match with Savoy, he told his Majefty, that in cafe he would be pleafed to make the like overture to the King his mafter for the Prince his Highnefs with the Infanta, his King's daughter, he did affure himfelf, that his Majefty fhould receive a kind and honourable anfwer.
الصفحة 293 - Highnefg not only had the fuperiority in the conteft, when they were parted, but loved his antagonift the better ever after for his fpirit. While he was a child, he wept much lefs than moft others of his age. Having once hurt both his hands with a fall, fo that they bled, though the feverity of the pain extorted fome tears, yet he rofe up with a fmile, and diffembled what he fuffered.
الصفحة 431 - I could foresee, for the producing of such an effect : and so, among other things, told him, I supposed, that a daughter of Savoy, being so suitable in years, and so near in blood to his King, might, by being taken into his care, and being as it were adopted a daughter of his, and made fit by him, in regard of her fortune, as she was in all things...
الصفحة 426 - Mafter had found their anfwer to contain in it fo many incongruities, and unexpected paffages; that he had held it fit to call this King's...
الصفحة 425 - ... unto him ; that if for either of them it should please the king to make a motion, for the Prince of Wales (if that the king did think the matter of religion might be accommodated, and without danger of his king's daughter to be altered and perverted from her religion) the king here would be very willing unto it, and would, upon his...
الصفحة 237 - Gabuleone's going into Savoy ; and withal to make a little delay of the ambassade, which should come from the Duke of Savoy for that purpose, until your Majesty be resolved which way to go. " If I have incurred in the same error that I did last by the indifference of my opinion, I humbly crave pardon of your Majesty, holding it fitter for your Majesty to resolve what course is most convenient to be taken by the rules of...
الصفحة 431 - ... it mould appear upon better confideration not convenient to be further proceeded in, that it might die betwixt us two...

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