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Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride,
And ev'n his failings lean'd to Virtue's fide:
But in his du y prompt at every call,
He watch'd and wept, he pray'd and felt for all.
And, as a bird each fond endearment tries,
To tempt its new-fledg'd offspring to the skies ;
He tried each art, reprov'd each dull delay,
Allur'd to brighter worlds, and led the way.

Beside the bed where parting life was laid,
And sorrow, guilt, and pain, by turns dismay'd;
The reverend Champion stood. At his control
Despair and anguish fled the struggling foul;
Comfort came down, the trembling wretch to raiség.
And his last falt'ring accents whisper'd praise.

At church, with meek and unaffected grace,
His looks adorn'd the venerable place ;
Truth from his lips prevail'd with double sway,
And fools who came to scoff, remain’d to pray..
The service past, around the pious man
With ready zeal each honeft rustic ran :
Ev'n children follow'd with endearing wile,
And pluck'd his gown, to fhare the good man's fmile;
His ready smile a parent's warmth express’d,
Their welfare pleas'd him, and their cares distress'd;
To them his heart, his love, his griefs were giv'n,
But all his serious thoughts had reft in Heav'n.
As fome tall cliff that lifts its awful form,
Swells from the vale, and midway leaves the storm,
Though round its breaft the rolling clouds are spread,
Eternal sunshine fettles on its head.. GOLDSMITH.


THE WISH. Contentment, parent of delight, So much a stranger to our sight,

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Say, goddess, in what happy place
Mortals behold thy blooming face;
Thy gracious auspices impart,
And for thy temple choose my heart.
They, whom thou deigneft to infpire,
Thy science learn, to bound desire;
By happy alchymy of mind
They turn to pleasure all they find;
They both di dain in outward mien
The grave and folemn garb of spleen,
And meretricious arts of dress,
To feign a joy, and hide diftress :
Unmov'd when the rude tempeft blows,
Without an opiate they repose;
And cover'd by your shield, defy
The whizzing fhafts that round them fly:
Nor medaling with the gods' affairs,
Concern themselves with diftant cares;
But place their bliss in mental reft,
And feast upon the good pofsefs'a.

Forc'd by soft violence of pray'r,
The blith some goddess fooths my care;
I feel the deity inspire,
And thus the models my desire.
Two hundred pounds half-yearly paid,
Annuity securely made;
A farm fome twenty miles from town,
Small, tight, falubrious, and my own;
Two maids, that never saw the town,
A ferving man, not quite a clown;
A boy to help to tread the mow,
And drive, while t'other holds the plough;
A chief of temper form’d to please,
Fit to converse, and keep the keys;


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And better to preserve the peace,
Commission'd by the name of niece;
With understandings of a fize
To think their master very

May Heaven (it's all I wish for) send
One genial room to treat a friend,
Where decent cup-board, little plate,
Display benevolence, not state;
And may my humble dwelling stand
Upon some chosen spot of land;
A pond before full to the brim,
Where cows may cool, and geefe may swim:
Behind, a green like velvet neat,
Soft to the eye, and to the feet;
Where od'rous plants in evening fair
Breathe all around ambrosial air;
From Eurus, foe to kitchen ground,
Fenc'd by a slope with bushes crown'd,
Fit dwelling for the feather'd throng,
Who pay their quit-rents with a fong;
With op'ning views of hill and dale,
Which sense and fancy too regale,
Where the half cirque, which vision bounds,
Like amphitheatre surrounds;
And woods impervious to the breeze,
Thick phalanx of embodied trees,
From hills, through plains, in dukk array
Extended far, repel the day,
Here ftillness, height, and folemn sade,
Invite, and contemplation aid :
Here nymphs from hollow oaks relate
The dark decrees and will of fate
And dreams beneath the spreading beech,
Inspire, and docile fancy teach ;


While soft as breezy breath of wind,
Impulses rustle through the mind :
Here Dryads, scorning Phæbus' ray
While Pan melodious pipes away,
In measur'd motions frisk about,
'Till old Silenus puts them out.
There see the clover, pea, and bean,
Vie in variety of green;
Fresh pastures speckled o'er with sheep,
Brown fields their fallow fabbaths keeps
Plump Ceres golden tresses wear,

poppy top.knots deck her hair,
And filver ftreams through meadows stray,
And Naiads on the margin play,
And lesser nymphs on fide of hills
From play-thing urns pour down the rills.

Thus shelter'd, free from care and ftrifes
May I enjoy a calm through life;
See faction, fafe in low degree,
As men at land see ftorms at sea i
And laugh at miserable elves,
Not kind, so much as to themselves,
Curs'd with fuch fouls of base alloy,
As can poffefs, but not enjoy ;
Debarr'd the pleasure to impart,
By av’rice, sphincter of the heart,
Who wealth, hard earn'd, by guilty cares
Bequeath, untouch'd, to thankless heirs.
May I, with look ungloom'd by guiles,
And wearing Virtue's liv'ry, smile,
Prone the distressed to relieve,
And little trespasses forgive,
With income not in Fortune's pow's
And skill to make a busy hour,


With trips to town life to amuse,
To purchase books, and hear the news,
To see old friends, brush off the clown,
And quicken tafte at coming down.
Unhurt by fickness' blasting rage,
And slowly mellowing into age:
When fate extends its gath'ring gripe;
Fall off like fruit grown fully ripe ;
Quit a worn being without pain,
In hope to blossom soon again.



Silent nymph, with curious eye,
Who, the purple ev'ning, lie
On the mountain's lonely van,
Beyond the noise of bafy man,
Painting fair the form of things,
While the yellow linnet fings;
Or the tuneful nightingale
Charms the forest with her tale ;
Come with all thy various hues,
Come and aid thy fister Muse :
Now while Phoebus riding high
Gives lustre to the land and sky!
Grongar Hill invites my song,
Draw the landscape bright and strong:
Grongar, in whose mofly cells
Sweetly musing Quiet dwells;
Grongar, in whose filent fhade,
For the model Muses made,
So oft I have, the evening ftill,
At the fountain of a rill,
Sate upon a flow'ry bed,
With my hand beneath my head:



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