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K.Edw. 1st.


K.Edw. 2d.

which either John is omitted or any Ralph is mentioned.

When John Lord Wake dyed, he left a Son and heir, of the same Name. But he lived but a little while, and so both the Estate and Honour fell to his second Son, Thomas Lord Wake. He was at this time, but very young: nor have I any thing to say of him before the 11th. of King Edward the 2d. When he was first summon’d by the King to his Parliament at Lincoln, and which after two prorogations, did at last, the same year, meet there.

But tho this were the first time that I find any mention made of our Thomas Lord Wake in public affairs of the Kingdom; yet some years before I meet with an other of this Family, Hugh Wake, a younger Brother of John and Uncle to Thomas of whom I am now speaking. In the 13th. Year of King Edward the first, a famous Statute had been made in a Parliament at Winchester for the better keeping of the Peace, and for the Suppressing of Robberys, Murders, Felonys, and the like Disorders. It seems the King found it necessary, about this time, to publish an Order for putting of this Statute in due Execution. Accordingly Letters were Sent to the Sherifl'e of each County, and géfidwto two other Persons of chief Note with him ' to see that it were punctually and strictly observed, In the Letters directed to the Sheriff of Northampton, I find this Hugh mentioned, in the very first place, as a Commissoner in this Affair: 6The Inscription is, Hugoni Wake; Williamelmo Botevlyyn; et Vicectgli North? But of this Hugh I shall have occassion to speake more particularly hereafter, and therefore shall add no more concerning him in this place.

Yet because I am now considering the younger Brothers of this Family; I must add, that there seems to have been an other Brother of the same John Lord Wake, Son of Baldwin the IV": setled at Stesworth in Yorkshire, in the time of K. Edward: 1st. by the Name of ’Baldwin de Wac : and of whom, all I know is that he married Eleanor, Daughter, and Co-heir of William de Beaucham, a person of good Note in those parts.

But to return to the Subject from which I have digress’d: As it was about the llth. Year


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K‘Edw- of K. Edw: 2d. that Thomas Lord Wake came

2.1. of Age, and was therefore first summon’d, as a Baron, to Parliament; So in the same Year there fell out a little Controversy between the King and Him, which was the Occasion of some Charge, as well as Trouble, to Him. For being yet in Ward, the King provided a Match for him, and required him to accept of it. This he refused to do, and was thereupon Fin’d a thousand Marks, and obliged to the payment of them. 8Whereupon being at Liberty he took to Wife Blanch, daughter of Henry of Lancaster, and afterwards, upon his Brothers death 9Earl both of Leicester and Landcaster.

It was but two Years after this, that the War with Scotland breaking out again. He was summon’d, with the rest of the Barons to the Parliament which K. Edward held there upon that Year at York, From thence he went in person, into Scotland, but continued not long there, being recalled upon the 1Account of another, and worser Engagement; And of which it will be necessary to take some short Notice. 2For the King having now enraged his Barons against him, thro his Favour to the Spencers, as he had before done by his immo- géEdw. derate Countenance which he gave to another of his Minions, Peter Gavestone; And increased their Fury by his particular Indignities


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put upon Thomas, the great Earl of Lancaster,

his own Cosen, the quarrel came to an open Defyance, and the whole Realm was fill'd with War and Confusion.

It does not appear that at the beginning of these troubles our Thomas joyn’d with the confederate Lords; but rather he seems either not to have medled on either side, or, if he did, to have stood to the Royal Party. For we find him all this while summon’d with his Father Henry of Lancaster, and the other Barons to Parliament; and which Thomas Earl of Lancaster was not, for several Years before.

For the better clearing of which matter, 1 must observe, that about the 4th. Year of King Edward 2d. the Nobility of England being generally offended at the Favor which the King shewed to Peter Gavestone: and insisting upon several Priviledges, as of right belonging to them: and being not satisfied by Him in their Demands united together in defence of their Liberties, and chose Thomas Earl of Lancaster,

g-lEdw- to be their Head, and Leader upon that ' occasion.

‘There was hardly a Person in the Kingdom, either of a more honourable Descent, or of a braver Spirit, than this great Earl. He wa$ son of Edmund Earl of Lancaster, Leicester and Ferrers; Grandson by his Father to King Henry 3d. and Nephew to King Edward. lst. His Mother was, by her first Husband Queen of Navarre; and by the Earl of Lancaster her second, had this Thomas, her eldest Son; Henry, whose Daughter our Lord Wake married; and John Thomas, who by descent from his Father, enjoy’d three Earldoms, by Marriage added two more to them: having to Wife the Heiress of the Earl of Lincoln, and so becoming altogether Earl of Lancastre, Leicestre, Ferrers, Lincoln and Salisbury.

With this great Man, many of the chiefest Nobility joyn’d. But our Thomas Lord Wake was then a Minor, and in Ward to the King, and so out of a Capacity of joyning Himself with Them.

It was in the height of the Scotch War, at


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