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ten feet under the surface, lying in a bed of clay with many other stones, the upper surface being stone and gravel. When found, the halves were so close together that it was not discovered that the stones were divided until they were washed (found by J. R. Davy, Esq.); two celts found thirty years since, in Hennock, by Wm. Harris, Esq., near a Roman encampment; a cannon ball (by the Rev. H. Newport) found embedded in the city wall, near the Grammar School; fifteen ornamental tiles, Roman and medieval, by Mr. Godbeer. Colonel Harding exhibited a quantity of Roman pottery; a fine old lock and key from a house at Colyton ; a number of coins, including some Egyptian and Grecian specimens, found in Exeter; several silver coins minted in Exeter, the first being one of the reign of William the Conqueror; also some merchants' wool-marks; a tortoise coin,-date 10 A.C.; coal money; two Assyrian coins and some antiques found near Babylon by General Chesney; im. pressions of private seals of Oliver Cromwell; of the great seal of the Duke of Gloucester as Lord High Admiral; of the seal of Anna, Countess of Devon (Lady Talbot), the matrix of which was found in Catherinestreet, Exeter, and restored to the Earl of Devon; the seal of the Exeter Corporation of the Poor, dated 1698, and containing figures of a woman spinning with sheep close at hand, also a pedestal and candle,-the latter having reference to Proverbs xxxi, 18; and the first Admiralty seal, dated 1533. Mr. Pettigrew sent some bronze figures (Penates) dug up in Exeter;l while from Mr. Milne were other bronze figures, representing Romulus and Remus, found in an old house in Mary Arches-street. Mr. Ellis sent several seals; and there were exhibited by the Misses Loscombe a seal of Dagon, the fish-god of Assyria, from the collection of the late Mr. C. W. Loscombe, with carvings and other articles.

In addition to the foregoing, the Rev. Æneas B. Hutchison, B.D., of Devonport, suspended various interesting brasses around the room. They were chiefly from the city of Bruges in Belgium. From St. Saviour's (now the cathedral), in the Chapel of St. Crispin, and the Baptistery, nine brasses, dating from 1339 to 1555, comprising very fine and interesting examples of the Flemish school; amongst them the only one known example of an ecclesiastical notary. From St. James' Church, in the chapels of St. Anne and the Holy Cross, a series of thirteen brasses, some of them very fine; and two palimpsests, dating from 1350 to 1615. From the Hospice of St. Joos, Bruges, a magnificent brass of the founder, Joseph Lambrech, A.D. 1588, represented as a priest bearing a chalice, with the evangelistic symbols at the corners of the slab, and armorial bearings at the sides. From the cathedral of Amiens, a superb mural brass representing a bishop (founder of certain masses in that church) kneeling before the Blessed Virgin and child, with St. John the

| Mr. Pettigrew's paper and illustration of the Penates will appear in the Collect. Archeol., part i, vol. ii. 1862


Evangelist standing behind. From the church of St. Gertrude, Nivelles, a very interesting mural brass of an abbess of that church, who held the title of Lady Princess of Nivelles, and possessing considerable authority. She is represented as kneeling before the Blessed Virgin and child, and behind her is seen St. Margaret issuing from the back of a dragon. This brass is strikingly similar in design to that exhibited from Amiens, and both are of the fifteenth century.


Proceedings of the Association.



GEORGE VERE IRVING, Esq., V.P., IN THE CHAIR. The auditors delivered in the following report, accompanied by the balance sheet of the treasurer's accounts for the past year :

“We, the auditors appointed to examine the accounts of the treasurer of the British Archæological Association for the year 1861, have the satisfaction of reporting that, during the past year, the sum of £702:3:2, including a previous balance of £235:1:8, has been received ; and the sum of £530 : 2:6 paid by the treasurer, for which we have examined the vouchers, and find them correct. A balance of £172:0:8 is therefore due to the Association. It is necessary to remark that the balance sheet now presented to the Annual General Meeting includes the entire payment on account of Part 1 of the Collectanea Archæologica, donations and payments in aid of which were recorded in the preceding audit. It is also further worthy of notice that receipts upon this publication, and also on the Journal, are due from the publishers of the Association, whose account has not yet been delivered in to the treasurer. To embrace this amount in future audits, we would suggest that an advantage would arise from holding the General Meeting in the month of May instead of April, by which time the amount received by the publishers would always be known.

“There have been elected into the Association during 1861, fortyeight associates, twenty-three have withdrawn, and ten are lost to the society by death. It has also been proposed to us by the Council to remove from the list of members three associates whose subscriptions are in arrear for four years : a measure in which we fully concur, as necessary to present the real state of the society.

“ The condition of the Association is highly satisfactory. It has no

1 Two having discharged their arrears subsequent to this report, are still retained on the list.

debt, and has been enabled during the past year to publish, in addition to the usual quarterly Journal, which has unequivocally maintained its high character, a valuable work, the Collectanea Archeologica, consisting of communications laid before the Association of too great length for insertion in the Journal, or requiring more extensive illustration than that publication could possibly give. The second part of this work is now in course of delivery, and completes the first volume. The value of the papers, and the excellence of the illustrative plates, will doubtless render this publication permanent, and reflect upon the Association great credit for the zeal its members have evinced in the pursuit of archæology, carrying out in a more efficient manner than any other body of a similar nature the objects for which it was established.

“We would embrace this opportunity to press upon the associates in general the necessity of giving their support to this work, which is placed in their hands at a price barely sufficient to cover its real cost. All who feel an interest in maintaining the prosperous condition of the Association, will avail themselves of the opportunity now afforded them to disseminate more extensively the results of its researches.

“It would be unjust to submit this statement to the General Meeting without acknowledging that the present most satisfactory position of the Association is eminently due to the treasurer, whose exertions have been directed not only towards regulating the financial affairs of the society, but, and in a no less zealous manner, applied to sustain its reputation by the able manner in which he has given his talents to the editing of its several publications.


"JAMES SULLIVAN. “April 7, 1862."

Associates elected 1861 :
M. Adderley, Esq., Royal Horse Guards.
Rev. J. A. Addison, M.A., Netley Villas, Southampton.
Alwin Shutt Bell, Esq., Scarborough.
Thomas Blashill, Esq., Old Jewry Chambers.
Lord Boston, 4, Belgrave-square.
Edgar P. Brock, Esq., 37, Bedford-place.
William Cann, Esq., Exeter.
Capt. Walter Park Carew, Royal Horse Guards.
James Jell Chalk, Esq., 11, Whitehall-place.
Edward Clarke, Esq., Chard.
George Nelson Collyns, Esq., Moreton Hampstead.
Frederick Cornwell, Esq., Westborough House, Scarborough.
Rev. S. F. Cresswell, M.A., Durham.
Capt. Dumergue, Cleveland Walk, Bath.
James Ellis, Esq., Hanwell.
George Faith, Esq., Upper Tulse Hill, Brixton.
Edmund Syer Fulcher, Esq., 8, Vincent-street, Ovington-square.
Joseph George, Esq., Goldsmiths' Hall.

J. Vines Gibbs, Esq., 119, Pall Mall.
Mrs. Gibbs, Stratford House, West Hill.
George Goldsmith, Esq., Belgrave-road.
Charles Hill, Esq., Upper Mall, Hammersmith.
John Hardy, Esq., M.P., 7, Carlton House-terrace.
Matthew Harpley, Esq., Royal Horse Guards.
William Harrison, Esq., F.S.A., Galligreaves House, Blackburn.
J. H. Holdsworth, Esq., Doombrae, Ayr, N.B.
Rev. John Bickley Hughes, M.A., Grammar School, Tiverton.
Peter Orlando Hutchinson, Esq., Sidmouth.
Frederick A. Inderwick, Esq., 17, Besborough-st., Belgrave-road.
Robert Jennings, Esq., Lawn Villa, Southampton.
Rev. S. F. Maynard, B.A., Faulkland, near Frome.
Rev. G. K. Morrell, D.C.L., Mountford Vicarage, Wallingford.
James Murton, Esq., Silverdale near Lancaster.
Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, Bart., M.P., M.A., C.B., Pynes, Devon.
John Northmore, Esq., Cleve House, Exeter.
Rev. J. Louis Petit, M.A., F.S.A., New-square, Lincoln's Inn.
William Frederick Pettigrew, Esq., 7, Chester-street.
Richard N. Philipps, Esq., F.S.A., Hall Staircase, Temple.
Charles William Pridham, M.D., Paignton, Devon.
William R. Scott, Phil. Doct., St. Leonard's, Exeter.
Alfred George Sharpe, Esq., 3, Westbourne Park Villas, Paddington,
Mrs. Sotheby, Ivy House, Kingston.
George Robert Stephenson, Esq., Great George-street, Westminster.
F. H. Thorne, Esq., Dacre Park, Lee, Kent.
Charles Henry Turner, Esq., Dawlish, Devon.
Miss Vallance, Osborne House, Brighton.
George R. Pratt Walker, M.D., Bow-lane.
Charles White, Esq., 30, Gloucester Gardens.

Resignations, 1861 :
W. H. Ainsworth, Esq.

Rev. H. Mackarness
Miss Barnes

W. Meyrick, Esq., F.S.A.
H. D. Cole, Esq.

M. O'Connor, Esq.
Edward Dixon, Esq.

Thos. Pease, Esq.
James Elliott, Esq.

Rev. R. H. Poole
J. H Fowler, Esq.

Earl of Portarlington
E. M. Gibbs, Esq.

F. W. L. Ross, Esq.
G. M. Gray, Esq.

Robt. Thorburn, Esq.
Swynfen Jervis, Esq.

Samuel Unwin, Esq.
Henry Kerl, Esq.

Henry Walker, Esq.
T. J. Leeson, Esq.

Thos. Wills, Esq.
Luke Lousley, Esq.

Deaths, 1861 : Thomas Bateman, Esq.

Edward S. Lee, Esq. Lord Braybrooke, F.S.A.

William Newton, Esq. William George Carter, Esq., F.S.A. Samuel Leigh Sotheby, Esq., F.S.A. James Clarke, Esq.

Granville E. Harcourt Vernon, Esq. Right Hon. Charles Tennyson D'Eyn- Rev. F. H. Wilkinson, M.A.

court, F.R.S., F.S.A. Upon the recommendation of the Council the following associate was directed to be erased from the list,-Rev. Prebendary Fane, M.A., Warminster, four years subscription being due.

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