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moved against the Methodists, this very wordy defence of them muft
furely prove a fevere trial, indeed! Perhaps, the word spirit crept
in by the Printer's mistake: if fo, we may, in all future advertise-
ments of this pamphlet, read, The Trial of the Vicar of St. David's



Reached by the Rev. Mr. John Conder, May 11, 1758, at the
Ordination of the Rev. Mr. John Stafford to the Co-paftorship
with John Guyfe, D. D. in the Church of Chrift meeting at New
Broad-ftreet. Together with the introductory Discourse, by the Rev.
Mr. Thomas Gibbons. The Church's Recognition of their Call. Mr.
Stafford's Acceptance of it, his Confeffion of Faith, and an Exhorta-
tion delivered to him by the Rev. Mr. Thomas Hall. 8vo. 1s. Dilly.



II. The Beauties of Spring. Preached at the parish church of St.
Saviour's Southwark, in May, 1756. By T. Jones, M. A. Chaplain
of the faid parish. 8vo. 6d. Dilly.

III. The Veffels of Mercy and the Veffels of Wrath delineated, in a
new, uncontroverted, and practical light. Preached in New Kent,
Virginia, Aug. 22. 1756. By Samuel Davies, A. M. 8vo. 6 d.

IV. The Duty, Objects, and Offices of the Love of our Country.
Before the Houfe of Commons, May 29, 1758, being the anniversary
of the Restoration of Charles II. By George Fothergill, D. D.
Principal of St. Edmund-hall, Oxford. 8vo. 5 d. Rivington.

V. The People's Duty when the Hoft is gone forth against the Enemy:
Preached June 11, 1758, in the parish churches of West Ham, Effex.
and St. Olave's, Hart-ftreet, London. By William Dodd, Lecturer
of those parishes. 8vo. 6d. Davis and Co.

VI. The two-fold Evidence of Adoption. Before the University of
Oxford, at St. Mary's, on Monday in Whitfun-week, May 15, 1758.
By John Allen, M. A. Vice-Principal of Magdalen-hall. Svo. 6d.
Rivington and Fletcher.

VII. Two Sermons, before the Univerfity of Cambridge; the
one on the 29th of May, the other on the 22d of June. By Samuel
Ogden, D. D. Fellow of St. John's College, and Vicar of Dameron
in Wiltshire. 4to. 1 s. Rivington, &c.

ERRATA. Page 634, line 16 from the bottom, for word, read breath.
P. 63. 1. 14 from the bottom, after the word godliness, infert abate.


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BRIDGMENTS, their ufes,


ADMIRALTY Office, when firft
established, 568.
Da, AFFECTATION defined, 587.
AIZOON, defcription of, 333.
ALUM, why used in bread, 264.
ANGEL, guardian, one appointed
to every region, 161. Their
various powers and abilities,
ARCADIANS, Anecdotes relating
to their fociety, 249.
ARMIES, great ones, the incon-
veniences attending them, 40.
AURORA Borealis, frequent in
Iceland, 203.

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N. B. To find any particular Book, or Pamphlet, fee the
Table of Contents, prefixed to the volume.

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BAD Writing, an apology for,

BALBEC, its fituation described,
Its founder unknown,
BANKS, beneficial inftitutions,
466. Difputed, 467. Hurt-
ful to private credit, 468.
BEASTS, the laft War of, an al-
legory, 541.
BELIEF, incomprehenfibilities

not proper fubjects of it, 152.
BIRDS in Iceland described, 201.
BLAKE, Admiral, fome particu-

lars of, 575. Engages Van
Tromp, ibid. Punishes his
brother for bad conduct, 577-
His death and magnificent fu-
neral, 578. His perfon and
character described, ibid.
BLASPHEMY and Herefy, the
Parliament's ordinance against
them, in the time of the civil
war, 410.
BRUISES, a remedy for, 630.
BONES, an extraordinary inttance
of their flexibility 318.
BOTANY, the rife and progrefs
of the study of, 326.
BOUNTY upon exported corn,
prejudicial, 616.

BRITONS, inftances of their im-
provements in wifdom, 92.


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CARDS, when brought into ufe,


CARP, its medicinal virtues,

CHARACTER of the age, not to
be drawn from any particular
clafs, but from the bulk of a
people, 367.
minifter, 367. Of a Political
Writer, 372.
CHARLES I. his treatment of the
Parliament's commiffioners at
Oxford, 135-457. His let-
ters fall into the hands of the
Parliament, 137. Is feized by
Joyce, 144. His advice to the
Prince of Wales, 413. His
difingenuous letter to the Duke
of Ormond, 4'4. His exe-
cution cenfured, 415. His fi
delity to the marriage-bed vin-
dicated, 455: Conftant at re-
ligious exercifes, 456. Charg-
ed with fuperftition, 460.
CHARLOCK, a weed not eafily

diftinguished from turnips, 557.
CHIRURGICAL Operations, pre-

fence of mind neceffary in the
performance of, 317.
CHRIST'S Agony in the garden
account for, 35.
CHRISTIANS, a serious address to,

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CONQUESTS, great ones, not
practicable by the prefent
powers of Europe, 40.
CONTROVERSY, religious, how
carried on by the different fec-
taries, 97.
COTYLEDON, description, vir-
tues, and different fpecies of,


COUNTENANCE, the index of the
mind, 548.

CRAMP, remedy for, 148.
CREATION, a confultation in the
Godhead at it, 213.


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to be judged of by his life, but
by his writings, 358. Fre-
quents fcenes of pleasure to
expose them, ibid.
EVIL, natural and moral, how
reconcileable with the goodness
of God, 312.


FICTION and science, wherein
they differ, 219.
FIELDING'S police to fupprefs
vice, 267.
FORGERY, the diftinction between
it and Fraud, 234.
FOURAS, Fort, its fituation de-
fcribed, 90. The poffibility of
attacking it argued, 91.
FOURNIER, Bernard, appeals
from the Dean of Jersey to the
Bishop of Winchester, 227.
Forces the Bishop into a cor-
refpondence, ibid. Arrests the
Dean of Jersey, ibid. Forges
a note from the Bishop of
Winchester, ibid. Has dupli-
cates of it, 231.
FREE-WILL, the objections a-
gainst it answered, 211.


GALLEY, defcribed, 448. Me-
thod of rowing them, 449.
GENIUS, true, its privileges,

GEORGIA, well fituated for pro-
ducing filk, 52.
GRASSES, artificial, the forts of,
HACKNEY-Writers characterifed,

HARRINGTON, his arguments in
favour of a large metropolis,

HARROWS, the forts dcfcribed,

what its glory and excellence
confifts, 211.
HENCKELL, Dr. abstract of his
life, 173.

HENRIAD, fome particulars con-
cerning that poem, 647.
HERETIC, a term of reproach,
how applied, 154.
HISTORIAN, his duty, 289.
HISTORIANS, feldom impartially

HEALTH, an ode to, 533.
HEAVEN, the kingdom of, in

judged, 452.

HORACE, examples of Mr. Dun-
combe's tranflation, compared
with Mr. Francis, 46.
HORSE-hoing husbandry charac-
terized from experience, 424.
-430. Compared with dril
ling upon the level, 426.
HUGUENOTS, how treated by
Lewis XIV. 446.
HUSBANDS ought to be fubordi-
nate to their wives, 80. Jufli-
fied by history, 81.
HUTCHINSON, Characterized by
the Bishop of Clogher, 160.


JACOB, his bleffing directed to
Judah by Divine inspiration,
214. His bleffing related to
spiritual, not earthly things, ib.
JAMES I. an instance of his base-.

nefs, and treachery, 574-
JEHOVAH, to whom this name
is applied in the Scriptures,

JOKILER, and Jokell, defcription

of two remarkable phænome-
na in Iceland, fo termed, 195.
ICELAND, its roads dangerous,
195. Its volcanos, 196. Its
hot fprings, 198. Agriculture,.
not practifed there, 200. Its
Inhabitants defcribed, 203.
IDEAS, moral, their original,
IDOLATRY, an attempt to ac-
count for the different modes
of it, from the different cli-

mates and fituations of coun-
tries, 63.
IMITATIONS in writing, probable
marks to discover, 114. In-
ftances of in Pope, 116, -120,
-123. In Milton, 121.
ment, 404.



Kisses, the different kinds of

KNOWLES, Admiral, Vindication
of his conduct, 621.


LATIN Grammars in Latin cen-
fured, 375-

LEWIS XIV. why not to be pi-
tied in his distress, 296.
LIBERTY, civil, how to be used,


MABLY, Abbé, his remarks on
our conduct in the present war,


MACERATA, no Inquifitor there,


MADOC, the first Discoverer of

the Weft-Indies, 567.
MANURE, its operation on ground
explained, 10. Plowing infuf-
ficient without it, 11.
MARCHAND, Mr. Profper, some
account of, 476. The extra-
ordinary manner in which he
compiled his Dictionary, 477.
MARINE, the English, ftate of,
in Queen Elizabeth's time, 565.
The prefent ftate of, 566.
MARRIAGE, its public and pri

vate advantages, 85. Hints of
advice relating to it, 87.
MICHAEL, the Guardian-angel
of the Children of Ifrael, 162.
The fame perfon as Chrift,


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PARTY-Diftinctions, reflections
on, 619.
PERIWINKLE, different fpecies of,
described, 331.


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