Sharing Your Faith: Simple Steps to Lead Others to Christ

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Harrison House Publishers, 2006 - 31 من الصفحات

Easy Ways to Introduce Others to Christ

Have you ever been nervous or unsure about sharing the goodness and blessing you've found in Christ Jesus? Sometimes, even though God has been wonderful to us, sharing this peace with others can seem challenging. Kate McVeigh, seasoned minister and soul-winner, will show you how important it is to share your faith and how easy it can be. By teaching you how to start small -- like simply giving a tract away -- you will grow in boldness and learn how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit on greater levels Whether talking about your faith or knowing what to say when asked a question about God, Kate reveals the importance of being prepared before hand and being ready when the Spirit of God prompts.Be inspired and encouraged to go forth with boldness realizing that one of the greatest joys any believer can ever experience is leading another to Christ.

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