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when foreigners visit the city of Washington, as they often do, they would witness something more than “ the flag of the Union floating on the top of the capitol;" they would hear within its walls, specimens of eloquence, the power and grandeur of which, they could not fail to admire. They now animadvert very severely upon the manner in which our congressional orators are accustomed to speak. After crossing the Atlantic, they visit the scat of government, in the expectation of hearing some of the most eloquent speakers in the United States. In that respect, they are not disappointed. And not only so, but they hear in the senate, if not in the house of representatives, orators, over whom, the best speakers in England or any other country, can claim no superiority: The cavillers undervalue the merits of American speakers. In their books, they criticise too severely those who have seats in congress, as well as other citizens of the United States. But if we would entirely escape censure, let us endeavor to avoid deserving any portion of it. Let American speakers unite elegance of language with force of reasoning, so perfectly, that even the inhabitants of other countries will be constrained to say, with regard to them, as Milton did in another case:

" Their words drew audience and attentio

Still as night and suminer noon-tide air." American young men are, then, called upon by considerations of national honor, to become good speakers. In order to accomplish so desirable an object, that honorable enthusiasm for the art of eloquence, by which the great men of antiquity were characterized, should pervade their minds.

The torch of genius,” be it remembered, “is lighted at the altar of enthusiasmı."

In view of the whole subject, it is proper to remark, in conclusion, that whatever may be the perfection in which the individual possesses the faculty of speech from nature, it is susceptible of acquiring much additional power, smoothness and flexibility, by cultivation and practice. It is hoped that this work will be conducive to the attainment of accuracy, force, and beauty of expression, in reading, conversation, and public speaking. If several years experience as a teacher of elocution, afford the means of judging, the matter which it contains will be beneficial to all who are desirous of teaching or learning the sublime art. Lord Bacon took “all knowledge to be his province.” Mrs. Sigourney advises us to take all goodness for our province." Let us take both. To be wise and good, is the highest object to which our hopes can aspire. Those in whom wisdom and goodness are combined in the greatest degree, will participate the most largely in all the social pleasures of this life, and in the unspeakable joys of that which commences, never to end, beyond the darkness and silence of the tomb. It is the will of Him who built the heavens and the earth, that man should be the instructor of his fellow man. We are commanded by Him who " spake as never man spake,” to do all that in our day and generation may be done, “to teach all nations," and thus to swell the triumphs of knowledge.

Under these impressions, this book has been prepared for the press. And it is offered to the people of my native country, with a confident hope, that it will be found useful in advancing the interests of that branch of education to which it is devoted, and which must be regarded, not merely as a fine art, but as an eminently valuable accomplishment.






29. Othello's Apology for his Marriage,......... .Shakspeare. 97

30. Cato's Soliloquy,.....

Addison. 99

31. Imaginary meeting of Satan, Sin and Death,.

.Milton. 101

32. Adam and Eve's Morning Hymn,.

.Milton. 104

33. Speech of Cassius,...

.Shakspeare. 106

34. Brutus' Oration on the Death of Cæsar,... .Shakspeare. 107

35. Antony's Oration over Cæsar's body,

.Shakspeare. 109

36. The Burial of Sir John Moore,.....

.Wolfe. 112

37. Last Words of Robert Emmet,...


38. Lines relating to Curran's Daughter,....

Thomas Moore. 114

39. The Temperance Reformation, a Harbinger of the Millennium,

Rev. Dr. Sprague. 115

40. Declaration of Independence,....

.Thomas Jefferson. 117

41. Patriotic Speech on the question of War with England, P. Henry, 122

42. Cardinal Wolsey's Soliloquy on Ambition,..... .Shakspeare. 125

43. Cardinal Wolsey's Farewell Address to Cromwell,... Shakspeare. 126

44. Speech to Joseph,....

Judah. 127

45. Announcement of the Death of a Colleague, George Mc. Duffie. 128

46. The right of Free Discussion, derived from God,...

Gerrit Smith. 130

47. Address to the Moon,..

Ossian. 133

48. Conclusion of Daniel Webster's Speech,..


49. Education,....

.Charles Phillips. 134

50. The Sacking of Prague,...

Thomas Campbell, 134

51. Conclusion of Henry Clay's Speech at Lexington, Ken..... 136

52. Petition of the Wife of Almas Ali Cawn to Warren Hastings,.... 138

53. Speech of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham,....


54. Night before and Battle of Waterloo.....

Byron. 141

55. Right of Free Discussion......

D. Webster. 143

56. Speech of Martin Van Buren,.....


57. Extract from Gen. Jackson's Proclamation.........


58. Woodman, Spare that Tree,..

..Geoge P. Morris. 147

59. The Union,......

D. Webster. 148

60. Marco Bozzaris,...

..F. G. Halleck. 149

61. Speech of Edmund Burke,.....


62. The Right of Instructing Representatives,.

.......Edmund Burke. 153

63. Hamlet's Soliloquy on Death,..

.Shakspeare. 154

64. Speech of King Richard III.,.

.Shakspeare. 156

65. There's nothing True but Heaven,..

Thomas Moore. 157

66. Heaven,

..Anonymous. 158

67. Religion,..

..Rev. Alva Wood. 158

68. God's Incomprehensibility,

..Dr. Chalmers. 159

69. Missionary Hymn,,

..Bishop Heber. 160

70. Soliloquy on the Princess Thekla,.

.Frederic Schiller. 161

71. Lines for the Fourth of July,.....

..Anonymous. 162

72. A Beautiful Gem,..

..E. K. Hervey. 163

73. How Scholars are made,.

.D. Webster. 164

74. Books,....

.Dr. Channing. 165

75. Gilbert Motier de Lafayette,

..J. Q Adams. 166

76. Part of a Speech of Elisha Williams,


77. On Knowledge,....

.De Witt Clinton. 168

78. The importance of Female Influence in the Temperance Cause,

Chancellor Walworth. 169

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79. Speech of a Mingo Chief,......

.Logan. 172

80. Lady Randolph's Soliloquy,.

..Rev. John Home. 173

81. Byron's Farewell to his Wife,....


82. Song of the German Soldiers after victory,. Mrs. F. D. Hemans. 176

83. Defence of Socrates before his Judges,.


84. Part of the Burial Service,......

...Bible. 179

85. The Dream of Clarence,..

..Shakspeare. 181

86. Virginius and Lucius,..

..J. S. Knowles. 183

87. Scene from Pizarro,....

.Kotzebue. 187

88. Dialogue from the History of King Richard III., Knickerbacker. 191

89. Scene between Captain Bertram and Jack Bowling. ....Dunlap. 192

90. Alexander the Great and a Robber,..

..Dr. Aikin. 196

91. Prince Henry and Falstaff,...

.Shakspeare. 197

92. A Scene from William Tell,..

..Knowles. 200

93. Extract from Damon and Pythias,.

.Shiel. 205

94. Isabella, pleading before Angelo,....

.Shakspeare. 208

95. Mutual Upbraidings of Edward and Warwick, Dr. T. Franklin. 213

96. Hamlet and Horatio,..

.Shakspeare. 216

97. Othello and

..Shakspeare. 219

98. Alonzo's Soliloquy,...

..Dr. Edward Young. 221

99. Death of Alexander Hamilton,.....

.Eliphalet Nott. 223

100. Our Federal Union, its inestimable value,.. .President Polk. 224

101. Man,...

..George Combe. 227

102. To Mary in Heaven,...

.Robert Burns. 229

103. The Christian's Hope,........

..Rev. A. Sutton. 231

104. Rules for the structure of a Sentence,... . Alexander Walker. 232

105. Heaven's Attractions.......

Dr. Nevis. 233

106. Eloquent Speech against Warren Hastings,. .Sheridan. 236

107. Panegyric on Sheridan's Eloquence,...

Burke. 239

108. New Missionary Hymn........

...S. F. Smith. 240

109. David's Confidence in God's Grace,....


110. On the Immortality of the Soul,...

.Cicero. 243

111. Of Elocution,........

Thelwal. 244

112. Divinely inspired Speakers, their Elocution, Rev. David Marks. 246

113. Patience under provocations, our interest as well as duty,

Dr. Blair. 250

114. The Daughter's Request,...

..Anonymous. 252

115. The Universal Prayer,...

Pope. 254

116. Reflections at Sea,....

.Rev. Howard Malcom. 256

117. Speech to the Ladies,.

...D. Webster. 257

118. The Snow Storm,.....

.Portland Argus. 259

119. Extract from the Charge preceding the Sentence of the Court

in the case of the three Thayers,.... ..Hon. R. H. Walworth. 261

120. Presidents of the United States,..

.Samuel N. Sweet. 264

121. Advantages of Knowledge,.......

.S. N. Sweet. 268

122. Disadvantages of Ignorance,

..S. N. Sweet. 270

123. Extract from the Mount Hope Dedication Address,

Rev. P. Church. 273

124. Reflections on the death of a Friend,... ...C. M. Thayer. 278

125. Education the Principle of all Prosperity,..... Rev. Robert Hall. 281

126. Character of George Washington,..... .Thomas Jefferson. 283

127. The last hours of Washington,........... ..G. W. P. Custis. 285

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