The History of England from the Accession of James II.

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State of the Part of Ireland which was subject to James
Arrival of a French Fleet at Limerick Saint Ruth
Retreat of the Irish Army
Fall of Galway
Negotiations between the Irish Chiefs and the Besiegers
Most of the Irish Troops volunteer for France
Opening of the Parliament
Act excluding Papists from Public Trust in Ireland
Debates on the Bill for regulating Trials in Cases of High
Plot formed by Marlborough against the Government
Fullers Plot
Close of the Session Bill for ascertaining the Salaries of
Ministerial Changes in England
William goes to the Continent Death of Louvois
A Daughter born to James
The English and Dutch Fleets join Temper of the English
Battle of La Hogue
William succeeds in preventing the Dissolution of the Coa
Lewis returns to Versailles
Conspiracy of Grandval
Naval Maladministration
Meeting of Parliament State of Parties
Bill for the Regulation of Trials in Cases of Treason
Origin of the National Debt
Parliamentary Reform
The Place Bill
State of Ireland
The King refuses to pass the Triennial Bill
The King goes to Holland a Session of Parliament in Scot
Feeling of the Jacobites Compounders
Change of Ministry at Saint Germains Middleton
Williams Preparations for the Campaign
Jacobite Libels William Anderton 877
Return of William to England military Successes of France
A Ministry necessary to Parliamentary Government 893
Sunderland advises the King to give the Preference to

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الصفحة 117 - Elizabeth under the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies.
الصفحة 482 - Who is on my side? who?" And there looked out to him two or three eunuchs. And he said, "Throw her down." So they threw her down: and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses : and he trode her under foot.
الصفحة 370 - But their lot had fallen on a time when men had discovered that the strength of the muscles is far inferior in value to the strength of the mind. It is probable that, among the hundred and twenty thousand soldiers who were marshalled round Neerwinden under all the standards of Western Europe, the two feeblest in body were the hunchbacked dwarf who urged forward the fiery onset of France, and the asthmatic skeleton who covered the slow retreat of England.
الصفحة 183 - The letter is still extant in which he directed the commander of the forces in Scotland how to act if the Jacobite chiefs should not come in before the end of December. There is something strangely terrible in the calmness and conciseness with which the instructions are given. " Your troops will destroy entirely the country of Lochaber, Lochiel's lands, Keppoch's, Glengarry's and Glencoe's. Your power shall be large enough. I hope the soldiers will not trouble the government with prisoners."!
الصفحة 429 - A few days later it was moved that all subjects of England had equal right to trade to the East Indies unless prohibited by Act of Parliament...
الصفحة 290 - In front of the helmet was a huge glass eye like that of a cyclop ; and out of the crest went a pipe through which the air was to be admitted. The whole process was exhibited on the Thames. Fine gentlemen and fine ladies were invited to the show, were hospitably regaled, and were delighted by seeing the divers in their panoply descend into the river and return laden with old iron and ship's tackle. There was a Greenland Fishing Company, which could not fail to drive the Dutch whalers and herring...
الصفحة 566 - Nothing could be purchased without a dispute. Over every counter there was wrangling from morning to night. The workman and his employer had a quarrel as regularly as the Saturday came round.
الصفحة 460 - I endeavoured to learn this some time ago from him: but he always denied it to me, though I am very sure that he knew the design for more than six weeks. This gives me a bad sign of this man's intentions."* The intelligence sent by Marlborough to James was communicated by James to the French government.
الصفحة 290 - There was to be a lottery; | two thousand prizes were to be drawn, and the fortunate holders of the prizes were to be taught, at the charge of the company, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish, conic sections, trigonometry, heraldry, japanning, fortification, bookkeeping and the art of playing the theorbo. Some of these companies took large mansions and printed their advertisements in gilded letters. Others, less ostentatious, were content with ink, and met at coffee-houses in the neighborhood of...
الصفحة 566 - No merchant would contract to deliver goods without making some stipulation about the quality of the coin in which he was to be paid. Even men of business were often bewildered by the confusion into which all pecuniary transactions were thrown. The simple and the careless were pillaged without mercy by extortioners whose demands grew even more rapidly than the money shrank. The price of the necessaries of CHAP.

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