A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography

الغلاف الأمامي
William Smith
Bloomsbury Academic, 20‏/12‏/2005 - 2391 من الصفحات
Reissues of Classic Works! [[headline for all three dictionaries in this series]]

A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography was the first truly comprehensive and accurate guide to the geography of the ancient world. Written by a team of leading scholars of the day, under the editorship of William Smith, the Dictionary provides detailed coverage of all the important countries, regions, towns, cities, geographical features, and other details, that occur in Greek and Roman literature, including the sacred scriptures. The work is both historical and geographical, providing the political histories of countries and cities and the histories of the major buildings. The illustrations include plans of cities, districts, battles, representations of public buildings and other ancient works, and coins of the more important places. With a wealth of information for the classical scholar and enthusiast, this reissue of this reference makes available once more a rich source of information not easily available to the modern scholar.

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Sir William Smith (1813-93), DCL, LLD, was an English lexicographer and classical scholar.

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