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4. D. 65 6 But she that liv 6. For a loose and voluptuous

eth in pleasure, is Widow is to be looked on as a dead while she liveth. Member loft and dead to the ChriNian Church; and fo incapable of being maintained by its Charity.

7 And these things 7. Be sure, therefore, to divulge give in charge, that and execute their Orders carefully, they may be blame. that none but truly good Women lels.

may be chosen in, to partake of the

Churches Maintenance. 8. But if any pro

8. And none, but such as are realvide not for his own, ly destitute. For whatever Chriand especially for ftian, that is able to do it, neglects those of his own

to provide for his nearest Relations house, he hath denied the faith, and is (especially his Parents and Children) worse than an infidel.

acts in direct Contradiction to one of

the essential Duties of Christianity, and is guilty of a Crime, that even a Heathen would be ashamed of. 9 Let not a widow

9. Let none be chosen into the be taken into the Number of these Church-Widows, number, under three- under the Age of Sixty ; nor any score years old, ha.

that has, upon needless and huving been the wife of

moursome Occasions, procured a

Divorce, or for good Reasons been Divorsed from one Husband, and Married another. 10 Well reported 10. Nor any,

but what are of for good works ; known to have discharged their if she have brought Duties of Life well ; such as the up children, if the Care of their Families ; the Pious have lodged stran- Education of their Children ; to gers,

if she have washed the faints feet, if have been Hospitable to Strangers, the have relieved the Charitable to the Poor and Amictafflicted, if the have ed, and ready to do the meanest diligently followed e of good Offices to any Christian very good work.

Brethren. 11 But the

younger 11 & 12. And be sure to take widows refuie : for in none that are very Young, for when they have be- such Women are too apt to grow gun


one man,

gun to wax wanton weary of the grave and retired Life A. D. 65 against Christ, they of Church-Widows; and be tempwill marry ;

ted to Marry into Heathen * Fami- * 72 par. 12 Having damlies, and renounce their Christianity;

See Verse 15. nation, because they

and so be lost, at last, to the great have cast off their first Faith.

Scandal of the Church.. 13

And withal they 13. At least, 'tis very hazarlearn to be idle, wan- dous; but such young Persons, dring about from instead of the Sobriety and Rehouse to house ; and tiredness that become them, will not only idle, but tattlers allo, and busie: run into Idleness, Impertinence, bodies, speaking things and Indecency in their Words and which they ought not.

Actions. 14

I will therefore 14. Instead, therefore, of being that the younger wo- Objects of the Publick Charity, let men marry, bear chil- fuch young Widows Marry again, dren, guide the house, and be duly and honestly employed give none occasion to the adversary to speak Children, and in a discreet Manage

in Breeding and well Educating reproachfully.

ment of their Families ; that so no Occasion be given to the Adversaries of our Religon, to reflect upon it, from their Indiscretions and Miscarriages.

15 for some are 15. And this Caution is but too already turned aside necessary at this Time : For, you after Satan.

know, some of these young Widows have actually done as I say, and even renounced their I Ver. It, Christian Profession. 16 If any man or

16. I charge, again ll, That every || Vero 8, 9. woman that believ- Christian, that has wherewithal to eth, have widows, let do it, maintain the Widows that them relieve them, belong to his own Family, and not and let not the church throw them upon the Churches Chabe charged ; that it may relieve them that rity ; that 10 a large Provision may are widows indeed.

be made for such as are really desti-
tute of other Relief.

ki 17 Let the elders 17. Take care, that great Respect, that rule well, be and very liberal Maintenance be given counted worthy of to all our Superior Officers in the double honour, efpe. Church, especially to such as labour cially



ix. 9, 12, 13:

A.D. 65. cially they who la- hard in the Conversion of others to

bour in the word and the Faith, or in Instructing and Edidoctrine.

fying such as have already received it: 18 For the scrip 18. This is but just, according x ture faith, Thou shalt

to the Rule of the very Mofaical See 1 Cor. not muzzle the ox

Law *, that forbids even an Ox to be that treadeth out the

corn : and, The la debarred from feeding upon the Corn, x bourer is worthy of

while he is labouring to tread it out his reward.

from the Straw.

And what you are

obliged to from our Saviour's own Words, The Labourer is worthy of his Hire (Matth. x. 18. Lúke x. 7.)

19 Against an el 19. But, to return to the Café 1 Ver. 16 der receive not an ac- of Censuring a Presbyter of the

cufation, but before Church. Entertain no Complaint two three wit.

against such Officers, so far as to nesses,

determine and give Sentence upon it, but upon the utmost Caution, and full Evidence of Two or Three Witnefles, at least.


20 Them that sin, 20. But, if the Evidence given rebuke before all, that against him plainly prove him to others also may fear. be guilty of any considerable Crime, let him be publickly Censured, for a Warning and Reftraint to others.

21 I charge thee, 21. And I adjure you by God, before God and the and the Lord Jesus Christ, whose Lord Jesus Christ, Minister you are ; and by the

and the elect angels, ll See 1 Cor. that thou abserve these good Angels, that are Inspectors xi. 10. Heb . things, without prefer. over, and Miniftring | Spirits to

the Christian Church, to Govern i, 4., and ring one before ano. Rev. in 4. ther, doing nothing the Church committed to you, aParaph.

greeably to the Rules I have given by partiality. there.

you, without the least Prejudice or Partiality to any Person whatever.

22 Lay hands sud 22. Use strict Care and Examidenly on no man, nei- nation, before you admit any Perther be partakers of son into Holy Orders, or receive other mens fins : keep any Notorious Offender into the thy self pure.

Com and

with my

are the Gospect

rada Vesiperme

* Communion of the Church again. For by granting A.D.65.
either of these Admissions, to unworthy People, you entail
a Share of their Guilt upon your self: And therefore
keep your self clear.

23 Drink no longer 23. Though your Sacred Office
water, but use a little obliges you to great Temperance in
wine for thy stomach's the Use of Wine ; yet remember,
fake, and thine often Wine was given us for necessary

Refreshment; and, as you have a
weak Stomach, and are of an infirm Conftitution, I ad-
vise you to use it as a Cordial, and not confine your self
wholly to Water.
24 Somc menis fins

24 & 25. As to the Caution I
are open beforehand, gave you (Ver. 22.) you need not
going before to Judg- understand it of Persons whose Prin-
ment ; and some men

ciples or Practices are plain and nothey follow after.

2; Likewife also the torious. Some are so openly scangood works of fome dalous, that there need no Witnerare manifest before. ses to come in against them ; while hand; and they that others are of so good and clear a are otherwise, cannot Reputation, that little or no Examibe hid f.

nation will serve to their Admission,

either into the Church as Penitents; or into Holy Orders. But some there are, that have the Art to conceal and varnish over their Crimes for the present, and appear fair. But due Time and Care, will discover and prevent them from imposing themselves upon you ; at least, you will have done your Part, and dircharged your own Conscience f.

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* Which was usually done with laying on of Hands.

t. And they that are otherwise cannot be hid : Not, they cana
not be hid at all, but they cannot be hid long and always.
Ibid. They that are otherwise. Perhaps this may refer, not to

Sins of bad Men, in the foregoing Verle, but to the good Works
of others in this Verse. So the Apostle's Similitude is Compleat
and Elegant ; viz. That neither the secret Vices of some, nor
the hidden Virtues of others, shall be long and always concealed,
So the Excellent Dr. Clarke's Serm. Vol. 1. p. 254.





Christianity exempts none of its Profesors from their Na

tural and Civil Obligations : Not Servants or Slaves from paying due Service and Fidelity even to Heathen Masters, much less to Christian ones. The Reasonableness of being contented in every Condition, where a Competency is to be had ; and the Danger of an immoderate Love of Riches. Rich Men obliged to Courtesy and Charity. The Charge to Timothy renewed.



vants as are un

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ET as many serA.D. 65. L.

ET all Christians, that are

Servants (or Slaves) to Heas der the yoke, count then | Masters, respect and serve || See Pref. to the Ephes. their own masters wor

them diligently ; and not, by their thy of all honour : that the name of God, Disobedience to them, bring a Scanand his doctrine be dal upon the Christian Religion ; as not blafphemed.

if it diffolved any Man from his Nat

tural or Civil Obligations. 2 And they that

2. And, as the Privilege of Chrihave believing ma- stianity exempts none from dischargsters, let them not ing their Duties to Heathen, much despise them, because they are brethren :

less do it to Christian Masters : But but rather do them

is a ftill stronger Argument to fervice, because they such Slaves, not to withdraw their are faithful and be. Services from Them, upon account loved, partakers of of their being upon the Level with the benefit. These them in Religion, but to serve them things teach and ex. the more chearfully ; as considering, hort.

they labour for those who are Partners with them in the same Divine Favours, and common Hopes of Salvation.

3, 4 & 5.

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