Nation and Province in the First British Empire: Scotland and the Americas, 1600-1800

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Bucknell University Press, 2001 - 292 من الصفحات
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For more than four decades, historians have devoted ever-increasing attention to the affinites that linked Scotland with the American colonies in the eighteenth century. This volume moves beyond earlier discussions in two ways. For one, the geographical coverage of the papers extends beyond the territories that became the United States to include what became Canada, The Carribean and even Africa. For another, the volume attends not only those areas in which Scotland was closely linked to the Americas, but also to those where it was not.

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Cartographic Imperialism and the Echoes of a Scottish Past
Scots in the Slave Trade
The Rise and Fall of Houstoun and Co
Emigration to British North America 17631815
The Meaning of Independence for Early NineteenthCentury Lowland Emigrants to Upper Canada
Cultural Connections and Provincial Intellects
The Scottish Literati and America 16801800
The New York City Presbyterian Church in the 1750s
Scottish Medicine and Christian Enlightenment at the Pennsylvania Hospital 17751800
Samuel Millers A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century and Its Scottish Context
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الصفحة 162 - No glory I covet, no riches I want, Ambition is nothing to me ; The one thing I beg of kind heaven to grant, Is a mind independent and free.
الصفحة 232 - He is a gentleman of a mild, catholic disposition ; and being a man of piety, prudence, and zeal, confines himself entirely to the proper business of -his function. In the art of preaching he is one of the most distinguished clergymen in these parts. His discourses are methodical, sound, and pathetic ; in sentiment, and in point of diction, singularly ornamented. He delivers himself without notes, and yet with great ease and fluency of expression ; and performs every part of divine worship with a...
الصفحة 153 - The self-dependent lordlings stand alone, All claims that bind and sweeten life unknown ; Here by the bonds of nature feebly held...
الصفحة 116 - ... for enabling his majesty to direct the issue of exchequer bills, to a limited amount, for the purposes and in the manner therein mentioned.
الصفحة 61 - I can, at any rate, show that the experiments made with it at the end of the seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth century fully confirm the high encomium bestowed by Dioscorides upon his indicum.
الصفحة 56 - Emerson W. Baker, et al., eds., American Beginnings: Exploration, Culture, and Cartography in the Land ofNorumbega (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1994), 287-315.
الصفحة 262 - Twenty-three Sermons upon the chief end of man, the Divine authority of the Sacred Scriptures, the Being and Attributes of God, and the doctrine of the Trinity, preached in Philadelphia, (a volume, 4to,) 1744.
الصفحة 55 - ... appease a fretful section of public opinion, it might also provide useful pawns for barter at the peace table. Although there were many misgivings it was eventually decided to support a major campaign in North America, and on July 13 Viscount Shannon was appointed General of all the land forces 'to be 1 'Journal of Colonel Nicholson at the Capture of Annapolis, 1710', Report and Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society for the year 1878, vol.

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