The Mysteries of Udolpho: A Romance; Interspersed with Some Pieces of Poetry, المجلد 3

الغلاف الأمامي
Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme, 1806

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الصفحة 328 - O'erhang his wavy bed : Now air is hush'd, save where the weak-eyed bat With short shrill shriek flits by on leathern wing, Or where the beetle winds His small but sullen horn, As oft he rises midst the twilight path, Against the pilgrim borne in heedless hum...
الصفحة 3 - She blamed herself for suffering her romantic imagination to carry her so far beyond the bounds of probability, and determined to endeavour to check its rapid flights, lest they should sometimes extend into madness.
الصفحة 198 - Was nought around but images of rest : Sleep-soothing groves, and quiet lawns between ; And flowery beds that slumbrous influence kest, From poppies breathed, and beds of pleasant green, Where never yet was creeping creature seen. Meantime, unnumbered glittering streamlets played, And hurled everywhere their waters sheen ; That, as they bickered through the sunny glade, Though restless still themselves, a lulling murmur made.
الصفحة 198 - It was, I ween, a lovely spot of ground ; And there a season atween June and May, Half...
الصفحة 11 - As he said this, he moved on with the light, and Emily, fearing to provoke him by further delay, reluctantly followed. From the steps, they proceeded through a passage, adjoining the vaults, the walls of which were dropping with unwholesome dews, and the vapours, that crept along the ground, made the torch burn so dimly, that Emily expected every moment to see it extinguished, and Barnardine could scarcely find his way.
الصفحة 276 - And in their northern cave the storms are bound; From silent mountains, straight, with startling sound, Torrents are hurl'd ; green hills emerge ; and lo, The trees with foliage, cliffs with flowers are crown'd; Pure rills through vales of verdure warbling go ; And wonder, love, and joy, the peasant's heart o'erflow.
الصفحة 10 - She looked fearfully on the almost roofless walls, green with damps, and on the gothic points of 'the windows, where the ivy and the briony had long supplied the place of glass, and ran mantling among the broken capitals of some columns, that had once supported the roof.
الصفحة 336 - Oh! the joy Of young ideas painted on the mind, In the warm, glowing colours fancy spreads On objects not yet known, when all is new, And all is lovely ! Ah ! what warlike sound Salutes my ravish'd ear?
الصفحة 20 - As she continued to survey them, she concluded that they were instruments of torture, and it struck her, that some poor wretch had once been fastened in this chair, and had there been starved to death. She was chilled by the thought; but, what was her agony, when, in the next moment, it...
الصفحة 288 - Ah me ! what hand can touch the string so fine ? Who up the lofty diapason roll Such sweet, such sad, such solemn airs divine, Then let them down again into the soul ? Now rising love they...

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