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T o grant an early protection to Morali

I TY and Virtue, by a favourable reception of the following APHORISMS, collected from the greatest Philosophers, Princes and Heroes of antient and modern story, who, if living, would be glad to have their sentiments confirm’d by Your future Choice, and illustrated by Your future Example.

Your Birth, Sir, calls upon you to pursue the same course of Justice, Piety, and Truth, which they pursued : The advantage of an EDUCATION suitable to that Birth, under the immediate eye of your Royal Pa


RENTS, will render the task easy: The present Age will exult in the Advances you make: The fame Virtues, which constitute your own Glory and Happiness, will prove the Admiration of Pofterity: And, that, in the Fulness of Time, Your Royal Highness may be numbered among the greatest, wisest and most honoured of our Princes, is the constant Prayer of


Moj Devoted, and

Most Obedient

Humble Servant,

Charles Palmer.





G E.

Am far from pretending to vindicate this Mif

cellany of Aphorisms from all obječtion, thomost of the Authors, from whom they are taken, have already secured to themselves such a reputation, as time will rather improve, than impair.

I expect to be charged with injustice, in not affixing the author's name to each Aphorism, &c. The reason of this omission is, they were originally collected for a private, and not a public use; designing them for the perusal only of my own family, I was less solicitous about that exa&tness, which would, without doubt, have procured them a more favourable reception from my friends. Befides, to many of these Maxims it would be dificult to assign any particular author; for meeting with the same sense differently expressed by

difdifferent writers, I have often taken the liberty to gather from each what I liked best, and form them into one.

This Colle&tion may be further obječted to, as confused, not being regularly digested under proper heads. To remedy this inconvenience was, in every attempt, found impra&ticable; and if it be a fault, it is certainly such a one as arises not from any negleet of the compiler, but the nature of his performance, in which the diversity of subjects is almost equal to the variety of Aphorisms. It is therefore submitted to the candor of the reader, whether that which is thought a sufficient reason for the public appearance of this work, the use and application of moral and prudential Maxims, may not be allowed to compensate for the want of order and method.


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