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But yet

Or break the eternal sabbath of his rest,

Qu. The soul and body part not with such To see, with joy, her miseries on earth.

pain, Ray. Heaven may forgive a crime to peni- As I from you ; but yet ’tis just, my lord : tence;

I am the accurst of heaven, the hate of earth, For Heaven can judge if penitence be true; Your subjects' detestation, and your ruin; But man, who knows not hearts, should make ex- And therefore fix this doom upon myself

. amples;

Tor. Heaven! can you wish it? to be mine Which, like a warning-piece, must be shot off,

no more? To fright the rest from crimes.

Qu. Yes, I can wish it, as the dearest proof, Qu. Had I but known that Sancho was his fa- And last that I can make you of my love. ther,

To leave you blest, I would be more accurst I would have pour'd a deluge of my blood Than death can make me; for death ends our To save one drop of his.

woes, Tor. Mark that, inexorable Raymond, mark, And the kind grave shuts up the mournful scene: 'Twas fatal ignorance that caused his death. But I would live without you, to be wretched Ray. What if she did not know he was your long, father?

And hoard up every moment of my life, She knew he was a man, the best of men, To lengthen out the payment of my tears, Heaven's image double-stamp'd, as man and Till even fierce Raymond at the last shall say, king

Now let her die, for she has grieved enough. Qu. He was, he was, even more than you can Tor. Hear this, hear this, thou tribune of the say;


Thou zealous, public blood-hound, hear, and Ray. But yet you barbarously murder'd him. melt. Qu. He will not hear me out!

Ray. (Aside.] I could cry now, my eyes grow Tor. Was ever criminal forbid to plead ?

womanish, Curb your ill-manner'd zeal.

But yet my heart holds out. Ray. Sing to him, syren;

Qu. Some solitary cloister will I choose, For I shall stop my ears. Now mince the sin, And there with holy virgins live immured : And mollify damnation with a phrase :

Coarse my attire, and short shall be my sleep, Say, you consented not to Sancho's death, Broke by the melancholy midnight-bell. But barely not forbade it.

Now, Raymond, now be satisfied at last, Qu. Hard-hearted man! I yield my guilty Fasting and tears, and penitence and prayer, cause;

Shall do dead Sancho justice every hour. But all my guilt was caused by too much love. Ray. [Aside.] By your leave, manhood ! Had I for jealousy of empire sought

[Wipes his eyes. Good Sancho's death, Sancho had died before. Tor. He weeps ; now he is vanquished. 'Twas always in my power to take his life; Ray. No; 'tis a salt rheum that scalds my But interest never could my conscience blind,

eyes. Till love had cast a mist before my eyes,

Qu. If he were vanquished, I am still unconAnd made me think his death the only means

quer'd. Which could secure my throne to Torrismond. I'll leave you in the height of all my love,

Tor. Never was fatal mischief meant so kind; Even when my heart is beating out its way, For all she gave has taken all away.

And struggles to you most. Malicious powers! Is this to be restored? Farewell, a last farewell! my dear, dear lord, 'Tis to be worse deposed than Sancho was. Remember me; speak, Raymond, will you let Ray. Heaven has restored you, you deposed him? yourself.

Shall he remember Leonora's love, Oh, when young kings begin with scorn of justice, And shed a parting tear to her misfortunes ? They make an omen to their after-reign,

Ray. (Almost crying.] Yes, yes, he shall; pray And plot their annals in the foremost page! Tor. No more; lest you be made the first ex- Tor. Now, by my soul, she shall not go : why, ample,

Raymond, To show how I can punish.

Her every tear is worth a father's life. Ray. Once again,

Come to my arms; come, my fair penitent, Let her be made your father's sacrifice,

Let us not think what future ills may fall, And after make me her's.

But drink deep draughts of love, and lose them Tor. Condemn a wife !

(Erit Tor. with the Queen. Tht were tatone for parricide with murder. Ray. No matter yet, he has my hook within Ray. Then let her be divorced : we'll be con- him. tent

Now let him frisk and Aounce, and run and roll, With that poor scanty justice. Let her part. And think to break his hold : he toils in vain. Tor. Divorce ! that's worse than death ; 'tis, This love, the bait he gorged su greedily, death of love.

Will make him sick, and then I have him sure.



Alph. Well, what have you to say agárs Enter ALPHONSO und PEDRO.

your wife, Gomez ? Alph. Brother, there's news from Bertran; he Gom. Why, I say, in the first place, that I and desires

all men are married for our sins, and that e Admittance to the king, and cries aloud, wives are a judgment; that a bachelor-cobler i This day shall end our fears of civil war; a happier man than a prince in wedlock; and For his safe conduct he entreats your presence, that we are all visited with a household plagus, And begs you would be speedy.

and, Lord have mercy upon us, should be we Ray. Though I loath

ten on all our doors. The traitor's sight, I'll go ; attend us here. Dom. Now he reviles marriage, which is can

(Exeunt. of the seven blessed sacraments.

Gom. 'Tis liker one of the seven deadly sits i Enter Gomez, Elvira, DOMINICK, with Offi- but make your best on't, I care not ; 'tis to cers, to make the stage as full as possible.

binding a man neck and heels for all that! & Ped. Why, how now, Gomez? what makest as for my wife, that crocodile of Nilus, she te thou here with a whole brotherhood of city-bai- wickedly and traitorously conspired the cucări liffs? Why, thou look'st like Adam in paradise, dom of me, her anointed sovereign lord; a with his guard of beasts about him.

with the help of the aforesaid friar, whom Ho Gom. Ay, and a man had need of them, Don ven confound, and with the limbs of one Cob Pedro; for here are the two old seducers, a wife nel Hernando, cuckold-maker of this city, cera and a priest, that's Eve and the serpent, at my lishly contrived to steal herself away, and, unde elbow.

her arın, feloniously to bear one casket of da Dom. Take notice how uncharitably he talks monds, pearls, and other jewels, to the value of churchmen.

thirty thousand pistoles. Guilty, or not guilty Gorn. Indeed you are a charitable belswagger: how sayest thou, culprit ? my wife cried out, fire, fire! and you brought Dom. False and scandalous ! Give me this out your church buckets, and called for engines book. I'll take my corporal oath point-bland to play against it.

against every particular of this charge. Alph. I am sorry you are come hither to ac- Elv. And so will I. cuse your wife; her education has been virtu- Dom. As I was walking in the streets, telis

, ous, her nature mild and easy.

my heads, and praying to myself, according to Gom. Yes ; she's easy with a vengeance, my usual custom, I heard a foul outcry before there's a certain colonel has found her so. Gomez's portal ; and his wife, my penitent, E Alph. She came a spotless virgin to your bed. king doleful lamentations; thereupon, making

Gom. And she's a spotless virgin still for me what haste my limbs would suffer me, that are --she's never the worse for my wearing, I'll crippled with often kneeling, I saw him spuretake my oath on't: I have lived with her with ing and fisting her most unmercifully! where all the innocence of a man of threescore; like a on, using Christian arguments with him to desist, peaceable bed-fellow as I am.

he fell violently upon me, without respect to E! Elo. Indeed, sir, I have no reason to complain sacerdotal order, pushed me from hin, and turnof him for disturbing of my sleep.

ed me about with a finger and a thumb, just as a Dom. A fine commendation you have given man would set up a top. Mercy, quoth 1. Damyourself; the church did not marry you for that. me, quoth be. "And still continued labouring

Ped. Come, come, your grievances, your grie me, 'till a good-minded colonel came by, whom vances,

as Heaven shall save me, I had never seen be: Dom. Why, noble sir, I'll tell you.

fore! Gom. Peace, friar! and let me speak first. Gom. Oh Lord! Oh Lord! I am the plaintiff. Sure you think you are in the Dom. Ay, and, Oh, lady! Oh, lady, too! I te pulpit, where you preach by hours.

double my oath, I had never seen him. Wel, Dom. And you edify by minutes.

this noble colonel, like a true gentleman, was far Gom. Where you make doctrines for the peo- taking the weaker part you may be sure where ple, and uses and applications for yourselves. upon this Gomez few upon him like a dragon,

Ped. Gomez, give way to the old gentleman got him down, the devil being strong in him, and in black.

gave him bastinado upon bastinado, and bufet Gom. No, the t'other old gentleman in black upon buffet, which the poor meek colonel

, being shall take me if I do; I will speak first ; nay, I prostrate, suffered with a most Christian Theo - will, friar, for all your verbum sacerdotis, l'll tience.

speak truth in few words, and then you may Gom. Who? he meek? I'm sure I quake . come afterwards, and lie by the clock, as you use the very thought of him; why, he's as fierce ** to do : for, let me tell you, gentlemen, he shall Rhodomont; he made assault and battery upon lie and forswear himself with any friar in all my person, beat me into

all the colours of the Spain; that's a bold word now.

rainbow; and every word this abomidable priest Dom. Let him alone ; let him alone ; I shall has uttered is as false as the Alcoran. But if you fetch him back with a circum-bendibus, I warrant want a thorough-paced liar, that will swear him.

through thick and thin, commend me to a

Enter LORENZO, who comes behind the compa- genius, anci terrifies me.

colonel, that appears there to me like my malus ny, and stands at his father's back unseen, Alph. (Turning.) Now you are mad, indeed, over against GOMEZ,

Gomez; this is my son Lorenzo. Lor. (Aside.) How now! what's here to do? Gom. How! your son Lorenzo! It is impose My cause a-trying, as I live, and that before my sible. own father: now fourscore take him for an old Alph. As true as your wife, Elvira, is my bawdy magistrate, that stands like the picture daughter. of Madam Justice, with a pair of scales in his Lor. What, have I taken all this pains about hands, to weigh lechery by ounces.

a sister? Alph. Well-but all this while, who is this Gom. No, you have taken some about me: I Colonel Hernando?

am sure, if you are her brother, my sides can Gom. He's the first-begotten of Beelzebub, shew the tokens of our alliance. with a face as terrible as Demogorgon. (LOR. Alph. (To LOR.) You know I put your sister peeps over ALPHONSO's head, and stares at Go- into a nunnery, with a strict command not to see MEZ.) No; I lie; I lie; he's a very proper hand-you, for fear you should have wrought upon her some fellow; well-proportioned and clean-sha- to have taken the habit, which was never my inped, with a face like a cherubine.

tention; and, consequently, I married lier with. Ped. What, backward and forward? Gomez, out your knowledge, that it might not be in your dost thou hunt counter ?

power to prevent it. Alph. Had this colonel any former design up- Elv. You see, Brother, I had a natural affecon your wife? For, if that be proved, you shall tion to you. have justice.

Lor. What a delicious harlot have I lost! Now, Gom. (Aside.] Now I dare speak, let him look pox upon me for being so near a-kin to thee. as dreadful as he will. I say, sir, and will prove Elo. However, we are both beholden to friar it, that he had a lewd design upon her body, and Dominick: the church is an indulgent mother, attempted to corrupt her honesty. (Lor. peeps she never fails to do her part. up, his fist clenched at him.] I confess my wife Dom. Heaven! what will become of me? was as willing—as himself; and, I believe, 'twas Gom. Why, you are not like to trouble heashe corrupted him; for I have known him for- ven; those fat guts were never made for mountmerly, a very civil and modest person.

ing. Elo. You see, sir, he contradicts himself at Lor. I shall make bold to disburthen bim of every word: he's plainly mad.

my hundred pistoles, to make him the lighter Alph. Speak boldly, man, and say what thou for his journey ; indeed, 'tis partly out of conwilt stand by: Did he strike thee?

science, that I may not be accessary to his breakGom. I will speak boldly: he struck me on ing his vow of poverty, the face before my own threshold, that the very Alph. I have no secular power to reward the walls cried shame on him. [Lor. holds up again.) pains you have taken with my daughter; but I 'Tis true, I gave him provocation, for the man's shall do it by proxy, friar : your bishop's my as peaceable a gentleman as any is in all Spain. friend, and is too honest to let such as you infect

Dom. Now the truth comes out in spite of a cloister. him.

Gom. Ay, do, father-in-law, let him be stripPed. I believe the friar has bewitched him. ped of his habit, and disordered— I would fain

Alph. For my part, I see no wrong that has see him walk in querpo, like a cased rabbit, been offered him.

without his holy fur upon his back, that the Gon. How! no wrong? Why, he ravished me world inay once behold the inside of a friar. with the help of two soldiers, carried me away Dom. Farewell, kind gentlemen : I give you vi et armis, and would have put me into a plot all my blessing before I go. May your sisters, against the government. [LOR. holds up again.] I wives, and daughters be so naturally lewd, that confess, I never could endure the government, they may have no occasion for a devil to tempt, because it was tyrannical ; but my sides and or a friar to pimp for them. shoulders are black and blue, as I can strip and

(Exil, with a rabble pushing him. shew the marks of them. (LOR. again.) But that might happen too by a fall that I got yesterday

Enter TORRISMOND, LEONORA, BERTRAN, upon the pebbles.

[All laugh.

RAYMOND, TERESA, &c. Don. Fresh straw, and a dark chamber: a Tor. He lives! he lives! my royal father most manifest judgment; there never comes bet- lives! ter of railing against the church.

Let every one partake the general joy. Gom. Why, what will you have me say? I Some angel with a golden trumpet sound, think you'll make me mad; truth has been at my King Sancho lives and let the echoing skies tongue's end this half hour, and I have not pow. From pole to pole resound, king Sancho lives ! er to bring it out, for fear of this bloody-minded Oh, Bertran, Oh, no more my foe, but brother : colonel.

One act like this blots out a thousand crimes. Alph. What colonel ?

Bert. Bad men, when 'tis their interest, may Gom. Why, my colonel; I mean, my wife's

do good; VOL III.


I must confess, I counselled Sancho's murder, Whether by virtue or design preserved,
And urged the queen by specious arguments ; Claims all within my power.
But, still suspecting that her love was changed, Qu. My prayers are heard!
I spread abroad the rumour of his death, And I have nothing farther to desire,
To sound the very soul of her designs:

But Sancho's leave to authorize our marriage

. The event, you know, was answering to my fears: Tor. Oh, fear not bim! pity and he are oze; She threw the odium of the fact on me, So merciful a king did never live; And publicly avowed her love to you.

Loth to revenge, and easy to forgive : Ray. Heaven guided all to save the innocent. But let the bold conspirator beware, Bert. I plead no merit, but a bare forgiveness. For Heaven makes princes its peculiar care. Tor. Not only that, but favour : Sancho's life,




THERE's none, I'm sure, who is a friend to love, l 'Tis a mock war between the priest and devil: But will our friar's character approve :

When they think fit, they can be very civil The ablest spark among you sometimes needs As some, who did French counsels most advance. Such pious help, for charitable deeds.

To blind the world, have rail'd in print at France Our church, alas ! (as Rome objects) does want Thus do the clergy at your vices bawl, These ghostly comforts for the falling saint: That with more ease they may engross then si This gains them their whore-converts, and may By damning yours, they do their own naintas. be

A churchman's godliness is always gain. One reason of the growth of popery.

Hence to their prince they will superior be; So Mahomet's religion came in fashion

And civil treason grows church loyalty: By the large leave it gave to fornication. They boast the gift of heaven is in their power, Fear not the guilt, if you can pay for't well; Well may they give the god they can devour

. There is no Dives in the Roman hell.

Still to the sick and dead their claims they les Gold opens the strait gate, and lets him in; For 'tis on carrion that the vermin prey. But want of money is a mortal sin.

Nor have they less dominion on our life, For all besides you may discount to heaven, They trot the husband, and they pace the wife And drop a bead to keep the tallies even. Rouse up, you cuckolds of the northern clines How are men cozen'd still with shows of good! And learn from Sweden to prevent such crime The bawd's best mask is the grave friar's hood. Unman the friar, and leave the holy drone Though vice no more a clergyman displeases, To hum in his forsaken hive alone : Than doctors can be thought to hate diseases. He'll work no honey when his sting is gone. 'Tis by your living ill, that they live well; Your wives and daughters soon will leave the all By your debauches their fat paunches swell. When they have lost the sound of Aaron's bels





teize you,

SINCE plays are but a kind of public feasts For your smart tastes, we've toss'd you up a fop,
Where tickets only make the welcome guests ; We hope the newest that's of late come up;
Methinks, instead of grace, we should prepare The fool, beau, wit, and rake, so mixed he carries,
Your tastes in prologues, with your bill of fare. He seems a ragout, piping-hot from Paris.
When you foreknow each course, tho' this may But for the softer sex, whom most we'd move,

We've what the fair and chaste were formed Tis five to one, but each o' th' five may please

for-love; you.

An artless passion fraught with hopes and fears, first, for your critics, we've your darling cheer, And nearest happy, when it most despairs. 'aults without number, more than sense can bear; For masks we've scandal: and for beaux, French You're certain to be pleased where errors are.

airs. rom your displeasure I dare vouch we're safe, To please all tastes, we'll do the best we can; You never frown, but where your neighbours For the galleries, we've Dicky and Will Penkethlaugh.

man. Now you that never know what spleen or hate is, Now, sirs, you're welcome, and you know your Who, for an act or two, are welcome gratis,

fare: That tip the wink, and so sneak out with num- But pray, in charity, the founder spare, quam satis :

Lest you destroy, at once, the poet and the player.



; }old Gentlemen.

Governor of Lisbon.

Don DUART, his Nephew.

Don MANUEL, a Sea Officer, in love with Louisa. old Don Lewis, Uncle and near Friend to Carlos.

WOMEN. CARLOS, a Student, Son to Antonio.


Daughter to Charino. CLODIO, a pert Coxcomb, his Brother.

Louisa, a Lady of quality and pleasure, SANCHO, Servant to Carlos.

ELVIRA, Sister to Don Duart.
MONSIEUR, Valet to Clodio.

HONORIA, Cousin to Louisa.
Priests, Officers, and Servants.

Two comic actors who lived at the time this play was written,

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