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October 1845.

A Catalogue of New Works and New Editions,



Paternoster Row, London.



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Webster's Encyclopædia of Domes. Dahlmann's English Revolution - 7
tic Economy

Dunham's Hist.of Spain & Portugal 8
Bayldon On valuing Rents, &c. - 3

History of Europe dur-
Crocker's Land-Surveying -

ing the Middle Ages - 8
Davy's Agricultural Chemistry

Hist. of the German Emp. 8
Greenwood's (Col.) Tree-Lifter
Abercrombie's Practical Gardener 3

History of Denmark,
Hannam on Waste Manures - - 11

and Main's Gardener's

Sweden, and Norway - 8
Johnson's Farmer's Encyclopedia

Companion - -

History of Poland
Loudon's Encyclop, of Agriculture Callcott's Scripture Herbal-

Dunlop's History of Fiction -
Sell-Instruction for Far Conversations on Botany -

Fergus's llistory of United States
mers, &c - - 17 Drummond's First Steps to Botany

Grant's (Mrs.) Memoir and Corre-
(Mrs.) Lady's Country Glendinning On the Culture of the

spondence - - - - -
Companion - : 17 Pine Apple - -


Grattan's History of Netherlands -
Low's Elements of Agriculture - 19 Greenwood's (Col.) Tree-Lifter - 10

Guicciardini's Historical Muxims.
Breeds of the Domnesticated Henslow's Botany - - - - 12

Halsted's Life of Richard III.
Animals of Great Britain. 19 Hoare On Cultivation of the Vine -

Haydon's Lectures on Painting and
On Landed Property - - 19 « On the Management of the

Design - -

- -
On the Domesticated Animals 18

Roots of Vines -

Horsley's (Bp., Biblical Criticism.
Hooker's British Flora -

Jeffrey's (Lord) Contributions to
ARTS, MANUFACTURES, " and Taylor's Muscologia

The Edinburgh Review - -



Keightley's Outlines of History .
Jackson's Pictorial Flora .
Brande's Dictionary of Science, &c. 5

Laing's Kings of Norway .' 16
Knapp's Grainina Britannica -
Budge's Miner's Guide -

Lempriere's Classical Dictionary - 17
- - 5 Lindley's Theory of Horticulture . 17
De Burtin on the knowledge of Pictures 7

Macaulay's Crit. and list. Essay 19

" Guide to the Orchard and
Gwilt's Encyclop. of Architecture 11

Mackinnon's llistory of Civilisation 19

Kitchen Garden . .
Haydon's Lectures on Painting and

Mackintosh's Miscellaneous Works 19

Introduction to Botany - 17
Design . -

History of Englind - 19
- 12


Flora Medica - - -
Holland's Manufactures in Metal - 11

M'Culloch's historical, Geographi-

Synopsis of British Flora
Loudon's Encycl.of Rural Architect. 18

cal, and Statistical Dictionary -
Loudon's Hortus Britannicus .
Porter's Manufacture of Silk - - 24

Maunder's Trea4ury of History -

Lignosis Londinensis 18
< < Porcelain & Glass 24

Milner's Church History . .

Self-Instruction for Gar-
Reid (Dr.) On Ventilation -

Moore's History of Ireland -

deners, &c. - - - 17
Steam Engine, by the Artisan Club

Müller's Mythology - -

Encyclop.of Trees & Shrubs18
Ure's Dictionary of Arts, &c. -

Gardening 17

Nicolas's Chronology of History -
" On Recent Improvements in


Ranke's History of the Reformation

- 18
Arts, &c.

Suburban Gardener and

Roberts's Duke of Monmouth
Villa Companion

Rome, History of . - - -

Russell's Correspondence of the
Repton's Landscape Gardening.

Fourth Duke of Bedford -
Aikin's Life of Addison -
Rivers's Rose Amateur's Guide -

Scott's History of Scotland -
Bell's Lives of eminent British Poets 4 Roberts On the Vine - -
Dover's Life of the King of Prussia 8 Rogers's Vegetable Cultivator -

Sismondi's Fall of Roman Empire 27

" Italian Republicy - 27
Dunham's Lives of the Early Wri Schleiden's Scientific Botany

Stebbing's History of the Church
ters of Great Britain. Smith's Introduction to Botany -

History of Reformation
u Lises of British Dramatists 6

English Flora - - -

« Church History -
Forster's Statesmen of the Com-
" Compendium of Eng. Flora 27


Switzerland, History of -
monwealth of England 9
. (Rev.C.) Life of Bp. Jebb


Sydney Smith's Works -


Thirlwall's History of Greece
Gleig's Lives of the most Eminent Blair's Chronological Tables
British Military Commanders .

Tooke's History of Prices
Calendar Illuminated) & Diary, 1846 14

Turner's History of England - 31
Grant's (Mrs.) Memoir and Corre Nicolas's Chronology of History - 22

Zumpt's Latin Grammar - -
spondence - -

Riddle's Ecclesiastical Chronology 25
James's Life of the Black Prince

Tate's Horatius Restitutus - - 29 JUVENILE BOOKS,
" Lives of the most Eminent

Foreign Statesmen 15 COMMERCE AND MERCAN- Boy's own Book (The) - - -
Leslie's Life of Conata'le - .


Hawes's Tales of the North Ameri-
Mackintosh's Life of Sir T. More

Kane's (Dr.) Industrial Resources
Maunder's Biographical Treasury -

can Indians.
Roberts's Duke of Monmouth

of Ireland -

Howitt's (Wm.) Jack of the Mill 13


Lorimer's Letters to a

Roscoe's Lives of British Lawyers-

Boy's Country Book 14

Russell's Correspondence of the

Master Mariner - - - -

Howitt's (Mary) Child's Picture

and Verse Book .
Fourth Duke of Bedford -

M'Culloch's Dictionary of Com-

Marcet's Conversations-
Shelley's Lives of Literary Men of merce and Commer. Navigation -
Italy, Spain, and Portugal 27

On the History of England
Steel's Shipmaster's Assistant - 28

On Chemistry
" Lives of French Writers - 27
Thomson's Interest Tables -

On Natural Philosophy -
Southey's Lives of the Admirals - 28

On Political Economy.
Waterton's Autobiography & Essays 31

On Vegetable Physiology
Butler's Sketch of Ancient and

On Land and Water -
Modern Geography - 5

On Language . - -
Atlas of Modern Geograph

The Game of Grammar
Acton's Cookery - - - - 8

" Ancient do..

Willy's Grammar -
Black's Treatise on Brewing - - 4 Cooley's World Surveyed - - 6

" Lessons on Animals,&c.
Collegian's Guide (The) .

De Strzelecki's New South Wales - $ Marryat's Masterman Ready - -
Donosan's Domestic Economy
Forster's Hist. Geography of Arabia 9

Settlers in Canada
Hand-book of Taste - - - 11 Hall's New General Atlas - . 11

" Mission;or,Scenes in Africa 20
Hints on Etiquette -
M'Culloch's Geographical Dictionary 19

Maunder's Universal Class-Book - 21
Hudson's Parent's Handbook

Malte-Brun's Geography - - Pycroft's (Rev. J.) English Reading
Executor's Guide - - Murray's Encyclop. of Geography

Summerly's (Mrs. Felix) Mother's
46 On Making Wills .
Parrot's Ascent of Mount Ararat 6

Primer - - .
Loudon's Self-Instruction

Uncle Peter's Fairy Tales

Maunder's Treasury of knowledge

- 31
Biographical Treasury - 21
Adair's (Sir R.) Memoir of his Mis-

Scientific and Literary

sion to Vienna . - 3 Bull's Hints to Mothers - -
Treasury - - - 21 * Negotiations for the Peace

" Management of Children - 5
Treasury of History -

of the Dardanelles - - Copland's Dictionary of Medicine -
Universal Class-Book -

n's Hist of knights Templars 3 Elliotson's Human Physiology -
Parkes's Domestic Duties - - Bell's History of Russia -

Holland's Medical Notes
Pycroft's (Rev. J.) English Reading 24 Blair's Chron. and a listor. Tables - 4 | Lefevre's (Sir George) Apology for
Riddle's Latin-Eng. Dictionaries 251 Bloomfield's Edition of Thucydides 4 the Nerves - -
Short Whist - - - -

" Translation of do. - 4 Marx and Willis (Drs.) on Disease
Thomson's Domestic Management Bunsen's Egypt - - - - 5 Pereira On Food and Diet ..
of the Sick Room

Cooley's History of Maritime and Reece's Medical Guide -
Thomson's Interest Tables .
1 Ioland Discovery

6 Sandby On Mesmerism -
Tomlins's Law Dictionary - - 30 Crowe's History of France - . 7 Wigan (Dr.) On Duality of the Mind 32

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Pages THE SCIENCES IN GENERAL Murray's Encyclop. of Geography - 22

& MATHEMATICS. Black's Treatise on Brewing Ure's Dictionary of Arts, &c. . - 31

Pages Bray's Philosophy of Necessity

Webster & Parkes's Dom. Economy 32 Bakewell's Introduction to Geology Clavers's Forest Life -

Balmain's Lessons on Chemistry. Collegian's Guide (The) POETRY AND THE DRAMA.

Brande's Dictionary of Science, Colton's Lacon Aikin's (Dr.) British Poets

Literature, and Art - - De Burtinonthe knowledgeofPictures

Bowdler's Family Shakespeare - 27 Brewster's Optics -
De Morgan On Probabilities
Chalenor's Walter Gray -

Conversations on Mineralogy
De Strzelecki's New South Wales

" Poetical Remains

De la Beche'sGeology of Cornwall
Dunlop's History of Fiction.
Costello's Persian Rose Garden

Donovan's Chemistry - -
Gool's Book of Nature -
Goldsmith's Poems -

Farey On the Steam Engine -
Graham's English
Horace, by Tate - -

Fosbroke On the Arts, Manners,
Grant's Letters from the Mountains 10 L. E. Li's l'oetical Works

of the Greeks and Romans Guest's Mabinogion

Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome Greener On the Gun - - Hand-book or Taste Montgomery's Poetical Works

Herschel's Natural Philosophy Hobbes Thos.), English Works of 12 Moore's Poetical Works

Astronomy - Holland's Progressive Education - 11

16 Lala Rookh

Holland's Manufactures in Metal Howitt's Rural Life of England - 13 16 Irish Melodies

Hunt's Researches on Light -
Visits to Remarkal.le Places 13 Moral of Flowers - -

Kane's Elements of Chemistry - 15
Student Life of Germany - 13
Nisbet's Poems -

Kater and Lardner's Mechanics - 15
Rural and Domestic Life
Reynard the Fox -

Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia - 16 of Germany.

- 13
Southey's Poetical Works

Hydrostatics Pneumatics 16
Colonisation and Chris
" British Poets -

and Walker's Electricity 16
tianity - -
Spirit of the Woods -

Arithmetic .
German Experiences - 13
Thomson's Seasons -

Geometry -
Humphreys' Illuminated Books .
Turner's Richard UI. -

" Treatise on Heat - - 16 Illuininated Calendar

Watts's (A. A.) Lyrics of the Heart Lectures on Polarised Light - Jeffrey's (Lord) Contributions to

Lloyd On Light and Vision - The Edinburgh Review

POLITICAL ECONOMY Mackenzie's Physiology of Vision Lefevre's (Sir George) Apology for

Marcet's (Mrs.) Conversations on the Nerves -


the Sciences, &c. - - Life of a Travelling Physician Kane's (Dr.) Industrial Resources

Moseley's Practical Mechanics Loudon's (Mrs.) Lady's Country of Ireland - - - - - 15

" Engineering & Architecture Companion - - - - 17 M'Culloch's Geographical, Statisti.

Narrien's Geometry - - Macaulay's Crit, and Hist. Essays

cal, and Historical Dictionary

" Astronomy and Geodesy Mackintosh's Miscellaneous Works 19

Dictionary of Commerce 19 Owen's Lectures on Comp. Anatomy Marx and Willis (Drs. on Decrease

" Literature of Political

Parnell On Roads . . of Disease - - - - - 21

* Economy .

Pearson's Practical Astronomy Michelet's Priests, Women,&Families 21 « On Funding & Taxation 20

Peschel's Elements of Physics Müller's Mythology - . • 22 Strong's Greece as a Kingdom

Phillips's Paleozoic Fossils Pycroft's Course of Eng. Reading 21 Tooke's History of Prices


Cornwall, &c. - Sandby On Mesmerism - . " 26

Guide to Geology - . Sandford's Church, School, & Parish 26 RELICIOUS & MORALWORKS.

Treatise on Geology Seaward's Narrative of his Shipwreck Amy Herbert . . .

“ Smith's (Rev. Sydney) Works


Introiluct. to Mineralogy


Bailey's Essays on Pursuit of Truth 3 Portlock's Report on the Geology Summerly's (Mrs. Felix) Mother's Bloomfield's Greek Testament

of Londonderry - - - Primer - - - - - 28

College and School do. Powell's Natural Philosophy. Taylor's Statesman

Greek & English Lexi Quarterly Journal of the Geological Walker's Chess Studies . . . 31

con to New Testament

Society of London - -
Welsford on the English Language
Burder's Oriental Customs -

Ritchie (Robert) On Railways .
Wigan Dr.) On Duality of the Mind
Burns's Christian Philosophy

Roberts's Dictionary of Geology . Willoughby's (Lady) Diary · · 32 "


Sandhurst Coll. Mathemat. Course Zumpt's Latin Graminar - - 32 Callcott's Scripture Herbal

Scoresby's Magnetical Investigations NATURAL HISTORY. Cooper's Sermons - -

Scott's Arithmetic and Algebra Catlow's Popular Conchology Dibin's Sunday Library


Trigonometry -
Doubleday's Butterflies and Moths 8
Doddridge's Family Expositor

Thomson's Algebra -
Gray's Figures of Molluscous Animals 10 Englishman's Greek Concordance Wilkinson's Engines of War -
« Mammalia - - - - 10
of the New Testament -

TOPOGRAPHY AND " and Mitchell's Ornithology Englishman's Heb.&Chald.Concord. 8

Kirby and Spence's Entomology. 15
Fitzroy's (Lady) Scrip.Conversations 9

Addison's Hist. of the Temple Church 3
Lee's Taxidermy - - . .
Forster's Hist. Geography of Arabia 9

" Guide to ditto "

" Elements of Natural History

Life of Bishop Jebb - 9

Costello's (Miss) North Wales Marcet's Leasons on Animals, &c.

Gertrude - - - - - 10

Hook's(Dr.) Lectures on Passion Week 12 Newell's Zoology of the Eng. Poets

Howitt's (W.) German Experiences 12 Horne's Introduction to Scriptures 12

“ (R.) Australia Felix Proceedings of Zoological Society

. Stephensy British Coleoptera

Abridgment of ditto


TRANSACTIONS OF Swainson On Study of Natural Hist. Horsley's Bp. Biblical Criticism - 12

Animals -

< Psalins -

13 Transactions of Societies:
Taxidermy -

Jebb's (Bp.) Practical Theology - 15 British Architects -
Quadrupeds -

Pastoral Instructions 15 Civil Engineers
Birds -

" Correspond, with Knox 15 Entomological
Animals in Menageries - Keon's History of the Jesuits -

Geological Society of London 30
Fish, Amphibians, and
Knox's (Alexander) Remains

Linnean · · · - 30
Laing's Notes on the German

Insects -
Catholic Sch.sm -

Proceedings of the Zoological Society 24

Marriage Gift - . . . . Quarterly Journal of the Geological
Habits and Instincts of

Michelet's Priests, Women,& Families21 Society of London - - - 24
Animals - - -
Milner's Church History

Transactions or Zoological Society
Parables (The) . .

Cooley's World Surveyed
Turton's Shells of the BritishIslands 31
Parkes's Domestic Duties

Costello's Miss) North Wales - 7
Waterton's Essays on Natural Hist. 31
Riddle's Letters from a Godfather -

De Custine's Russia . . . Robinson's Greek & English Lexicon NOVELS AND WORKS OF

De Strzelecki's New South Wales to the New Testament

Erman's Travels through Siberia -
Sandford's Parochialia - - -

Harris's Highlands of Ethiopia Bras's (Mrs.) Novels -

Female Improvement.

Howitt's Wanderings of a Journey. Doctor (The)

On Woman .

man Taylor - Dunlop's History of Fiction Sermon in the Mount (The).

" German Experiences Howiti's (Mary) Neighbours Smith's Female Disciple

" (R.) Australia Felix " Home . - - 13 Spalding's Philosophy of Morals

aing's Notes of a Traveller. • President's Daughters - 13 Stebbing's Church History

Diary, &c.

Residence in Norway
Tate's History of St. Paul - 29


" Tour in Sweden " The H- Family, &c. - 13 Tayler's Dora Melder -

Life of a Travelling Physician Marryat's Masterman Ready - - 20 " Margaret; or, the Pearl - 29

Parrot's Ascent of Mount Ararat Settlers in Canada


Paton's (A. A.) Servis "


Mission: or.Scenes in Africa21

Lady Mary; or, Not of the


Modern Syrians Willis's (N. P.) Dashes at Life : 32


Postans's Observations on Sindh
Tomline's Christian Theology

Seaward's Narrative - -
Turner's Sacred History . .

Strong's Greece as a kingdom
AND DICTIONARIES. Wardlaw's Socinian Controversy

Von Orlich's I ravels in India
Blaine's Encyclop. of Rural Sports 4 Weil's Bible, Koran, and Talmud
Brande's Dictionary of Science, &c.

Wilberforce's View of Christianity 32

5 Copland's Dictionary of Medicine - 7 Willoughby's (Lady) Diary - : 32

AND AFFAIRS. Gwilt's Encyclop. of Architecture - 11

Field's Veterinary Records - Johnson's Farmer's Encyclopaedia. 15

RURAL SPORTS. Morton's Veterinary Medicine
Loudon's Encyclopaedias-
Blaine's Dictionary of Sports

16 16 Toxicological Chart Agriculture . Hansard's Fishing in Wales

Percivall's Hippopathology -
Rural Architecture -
Hawker's Instructions to Sportsmen

Anatomy of the Horse Gardening

Loudon's (Mrs.) Lady's Country Spooner On Foot and Leg of Horse Plants Companion - - - -

Stable Talk and Table Talk - . Trees and Shrubs Stable Talk and Table Talk

Turner On the foot of the Horse M'Culloch's Geographical Dictionary 19 Thacker's Courser's Remembrancer 29 White's Veterinary Art ** Dictionary of Commerce 191 " Coursing Rules . .

Cattle Medicine . - 32

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- 29





And Improved System of Modern Horticulture, alphabetically arranged. 4th Edition, with

Introductory Treatise on Vegetable Physiology, and Plates, by W. Salisbury. 12mo. 6s. bds. ABERCROMBIE & MAIN.-THE PRACTICAL GARDENER'S

COMPANION; or, Horticultural Calendar: to which is added, the Garden-Seed and Plant

Estimate. Edited from a MS. of J. Abercrombie, by J. Main. 8th Edition. 32mo. 38. 6d. sd. ACTON (ELIZA.)-MODERN COOKERY,

In all its Branches, reduced to a System of Easy Practice. For the use of Private Families. In a Series of Receipts, all of which have been strictly tested, and are given with the most minute exactness. By ELIZA ACTON. Dedicated to the Young Housekeepers of England. New Edition, greatly improved. Fcp. 8vo. illustrated by woodcuts, 78. 6d. clotb.

“Miss Eliza Acton may congratulate herself on having composed a work of great utility, and one that is speedily finding its way to every dresser' in the kingdom. Her Cookery book is unquestionably the most valuable compendium of the art that has yet been published. It strongly inculcates economical principles, and points out how good things may be concocted without that reckless extravagance which good cooks have been wont to imagine the best evidence they can give of skill in their profession."- MORNING Post.


PEACE of the DARDANELLES. in 1808.9: with Dispatches and Official Do the Right Honourable Sir ROBERT ADAIR, G.C.B. Being a Sequel to the Memoir of his Mission to Vienna in 1806. 2 vols. 8vo. 28s, cloth.


MISSION to the COURT of VIENNA in 1806. By the Right Honourable Sir ROBERT ADAIR,
G.C.B. With a Selection from his Despatches, published by permission of the proper

Authorities. 8vo. 188. cloth.

By C. G. ADDISON, Esq., of the Inner Temple. 2d Edition, enlarged. Square crown 8vo. with

Ilustrations, 188. cloth.

Its History and Antiquities. By C. G. ADDISON, Esq., of the Inner Temple; Author of “The History of the Knights Templars." Square crown 8vo. with Six Plates, 5s. cloth.


CHURCH. (From Mr. Addison's “History of the Temple Church.") Square cr. 8vo. Is, sewed. AIKIN.—THE LIFE OF JOSEPH ADDISON.

Illustrated by many of his Letters and Private Papers never before published. By LUCY

AIKIN. 2 vols. post 8vo. with Portrait from Sir Godfrey Kneller's Picture, 188. cloth. ᎪᎷY HEᎡᏴᎬᎡᎢ .

By a Lady. Edited by the Rev. William Sewell, B.D. of Exeter College, Oxford.

2d Edition, 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. 98. cloth. BAILEY.-ESSAYS ON THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH,

And on the Progress of Knowledge. By SAMUEL BAILEY, Author of “ Essays on the Formation and Publication of Opinions," "Berkeley's Theory of Vision,” &c. 2d Edition,

revised and enlarged. 8vo. 9s. 6d. cloth. BAKEWELL.-AN INTRODUCTION TO GEOLOGY,

Jotended to convey Practical Knowledge of the Science, and comprising the most important recent discoveries; with explanations of the facts and phenomena which serve to contirm or invalidate various Geological Theories. By ROBERT BAKEWELL. Fifth Edition, considerably

enlarged. 8vo. with numerous Plates and Woodcuts, 21s. cloth. BALMAIN.-LESSONS ON CHEMISTRY,

For the use of Pupils in Schools, Junior Students in Universities, and Readers who wish to learn the fundamental Principles and leading Facts: with Questions for Examination, Glossaries of Chemical Terms and Chemical Symbols, and an Index. By WILLIAM H.

BALMAIN. With numerous Woodcuts, illustrative of the Decompositions. Fcp. 8vo. 6s. cloth. BAYLDON.-ART OF VALUING RENTS AND TILLAGES,

And the Tenant's Right of Entering and Quitting Farms, explained by several Specimens of Valuations; and Remarks on the Cultivation pursued on Soils in different Situations Adapted to the Use of Landlords, Land-Agents, Appraisers, Farmers, and Tenants. By J.S. BAYLDON. 6th Edition, corrected and revised. By JOHN DONALDSON, Land-Steward, Author of "A Treatise on Manures and Grasses.” 8vo. 108. 6d. cloth.




JOHN, FOURTH DUKE OF BEDFORD, selected from the Originals at Woburn Abbey : with Introductions by Lord JOHN RUSSELL.

8vo. Vol. 1 (1742-48), 188. cloth ; Vol. 2 (1749-60), 158. cloth. " The second volume of this publication includes a correspondence having relation to the period from the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle in the death of George Il. Its most remarkable portion bears upon an important question on which there exist soine differences of opinion at the present time, viz. the intrigues which led to the junction of the Duke of Newcastle and Pitt, in 1757. The letters respecting the state of Ireland under the Viceroyalty of the Duke of Bedford, also here, are not a little interesting."- MORNING HERALD.

** The Third, and concluding volume, with an Introduction by LORD JOHN RUSSELL, is in the Press.


By ROBERT BELL, Esq. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 12s. cloth. BELL.-THE HISTORY OF RUSSIA,

From the Earliest Period to the Treaty of Tilsit. By ROBERT Bell, Esq. 3 vols. fcp. dvo.

with Vignette Titles, 18s, cloth, BLACK.-A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON BREWING,

Based on Chemical and Economical Principles: with Formulæ for Public Brewers, and Instructions for Private Families. By WILLIAM BLACK. Third Edition, revised and cor. rected, with considerable Additions. The Additions revised by Professor Graham, of the London University. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth.

" I take occasion, in concluding this article, to refer my readers to the Practical Treatise on Brewing,' by Mr. William Black, a gentleman of much experience in the business. His little work contains a great deal of useful information."-DR. URE'S SCPPLEMENT TO HIS“ DICTIONARY."

rejoice over the

of the plants comprises compact and avait


Or, a complete Account, Historical, Practical, aud Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and other Field Sports and Athletic Amusements of the present day. By DELA BERE P. BLAINE, Esq. Author of “Outlines of the Veterinary Art," Canine Pathology," &c. &c. Illustrated by nearly 600 Engravings on Wood, by R. Branston, from Drawings by Alken,

T. Landseer, Dickes, &c. I thick vol. 8vo. £2. 10s. cloth. BLAIR'S CHRONOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL TABLES,

From the Creation to the present time: with Additions and Corrections from the most authentic Writers ; including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exode to the Temple. Under the revision of Sir HENRY ELLIS, K.H., Principal Librarian of the British Museum. Imperial 8vo. 31s. 6d. half-bound morocco.

“ The student of history, long accustomed to the Doctor's ponderous and unmanngeable folio, will rejoice orer this handsome and hundy volume. It is the revival and enlargement, in a far more compact and available form than the original. or the celebrated Chronological Tables' of Dr. Blair. It comprises addition to our own time, and corrections from the most recent authorities. The outline of the plan is faithfully preserved and carried out, with every

improvement of which it was susceptible."--EXAMINER. BLOOMFIELD.-HISTORY OF THE PELOPONNESIAN WAR.

By THUCYDIDES. A New Recension of the Text, with a carefully amended Punctuation; and copious NOTES, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory, almost entirely original, but partly selected and arranged from the best Expositors: accompanied with full Indexes, both of Greek Words and Phrases explained, and matters discussed in the Notes. The whole illustrated by Maps and Plans, mostly taken from actual surveys. By the Rev.S.T. BLOOMFIELD,


By THUCYDIDES. Newly translated into English, and accompanied with very copious Notes, Philological and Explanatory, Historical and Geographical. By the Rey. S. T. BLOOMFIELD,

D.D. F.S.A. 3 vols. 8vo. with Maps and Plates, t2, 5s, boards. BLOOMFIELD.--THE GREEK TESTAMENT:

With copious English Notes, Critical, Philological, and Explanatory. By the Rev. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D. F.S.A. 5th Edition, improved. 2 vols. 8vo. with a of Palestine,


With English Notes. By the Rev. S. T. BLOOMFIELD, D.D. 3d Edition, greatly enlarged,

and very considerably iinproved, 12mo. 108. 6d. cloth. BLOOMFIELD.-GREEK AND ENGLISH LEXICON TO THE

NEW TESTAMENT: especially adapted to the use of Colleges, and the Higher Classes in Public Schools; but also intended as a convenient Manual for Biblical Students in general. By Dr. BloomFIELD. 2d Edition, greatly enlarged, and very considerably improved. 12mo.

on wider paper, 10s. 6d. cloth. BOY'S OWN BOOK (THE):

A Complete Encyclopædia of all the Diversions, Athletic, Scientific, and Recreative, of Boy. hood and Youth 2001 Edition, square 12mo, with many Engravings on Wood, 6s, boards.



AND ART; comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in General Use. Edited by W. T. BRANDE, F.R.S.L. & E.; assisted by JOSEPH CAUVIN, Esq. The various departments are by Gentlemen of eminence in each. I very thick vol. 8vo. illustrated by

Wood Engravings, #3, cloth.

Revised and corrected by Mrs. Bray. In 10 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Frontispieces and Vignettes
from Designs and Sketches by the late Thomas Stothard, R.A.; C. A. Ştothard, F.S.A.;
Henry Warren, Esq. ; &c.
Vol. 1, The White Hoods. With a new General Preface, a Portrait of the Author, after

W. Patten, and Vignette Title. 6s. cloth.
De Foix ;-Vol. 3, The Protestant:-Vol. 4, Fitz of Fitzford ;-Vol. 5, The Talba

Vol. 6, Warleigh.-Each with Frontispiece and Vignette-title, 6s. cloth. * * To be continued monthly, and completed in 10 volumes ; each containing an entire Work. printed and embellished uniformly with the “ Standard Novels."

Nov. 1-Trelawney.

1 Jan. 1-Henry De Pomeroy.
Dec. 1-Trials of the Heart. 1 Feb. 1- Courtenay of Walreddon.

Or, the Law of Consequences as applicable to Mental, Moral, and Social Science. By CHARLES

BRAY. 2 vols. 8vo. 155. cloth.

By Sir David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S., &c. New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Title,

and 176 Woodcuts, 6s. cloth. BUDGE (J.)—THE PRACTICAL MINER'S GUIDE:

Comprising a Set of Trigonometrical Tables adapted to all the purposes of Oblique or Diagonal, Vertical, Horizontal, and Traverse Dialling ; with their application to the Dial, Exercise of Drifts. Lodes, Slides, Levelling, Inaccessible Distances, Heights, &c. By J. BUDGE. New

Edition, considerably enlarged. 8vo. with Portrait of the Author, 12s. cloth. BULL-THE MATERNAL MANAGEMENT OF CHILDREN.

in HEALTH and DISEASE. By T. Bull, M.D. Member of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician-Accucheur to the Finsbury Midwifery Institution, Author of “Hints to Mothers for the Management of their Health during Pregnancy and in the Lying In Room." 2d Edi.

tion, revised and enlarged. Fcp. 8vo. 7s. cloth. BULL.-HINTS TO MOTHERS, · For the Management of Health during the Period of Pregnancy and in the Lying-in Room;

with an Exposure of Popular Errors in connection with those subjects. By THOMAS BULL, M.D. Physician Accoucheur to the Finsbury Midwifery Institution, &c. &c. 4th Edition, revised and considerably enlarged. Fcp. 8vo. 7s. cloth.

* Excellent guides, and deserve to be generally known."-JOHNSON'S MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL REVIEW. BUNSEN.-AN INQUIRY INTO THE HISTORY, ARTS AND

SCIENCES, LANGUAGE, WRITING, MYTHOLOGY, and CHRONOLOGY of ANCIENT EGYPT: with the peculiar position of that Nation in reference to the Universal History of Mankind. By the Chevalier C. C. J. BUNSEN. Translated from the German, under the Author's superintendence, by C. H. COTTRELL, Esq. ; with additional matter, furnished by the Author. 2 vols. 8vo. with numerous Plates.

[Preparing for publication. BURDER.-ORIENTAL CUSTOMS,

Applied to the Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures. By SAMUEL BURDER, A.M. 3d Edit.

with additions. Fcp. 8vo. 88. 6d. cloth. BURNS.--THE PRINCIPLES OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY:

containing the Doctrines, Duties, Admonitions, and Consolations of the Christian Religion.

By JOHN BURNS, M.D. F.R.S. 5th Edition. i2mo. 75. boards. BURNS.-CHRISTIAN FRAGMENTS:

Or. Remarks on the Nature, Precepts, and comforts of Religion. By John BURNS, M.D. F.R.S. Professor of Surgery in the University of Glasgow, Author of “The Principles of

Christian Philosophy.” Fcp. 8vo. 58. cloth. BUTLER.-SKETCH OF ANCIENT & MODERN GEOGRAPHY.

By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry; and formerly Head Master of Shrewsbury School New Edition, revised by his Son. 8vo. Is. boards.

The present edition has been carefully revised by the author's son, and such alterations introduced as continually progressive discoveries and the latest information rendered necessary. Recent Travels have been constantly con Suitect where any doubt or difficulty seemed to require it, and some additional matuer has been added, both in the ancient and modern part.

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