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sart, either before her passage to Grange- and along Prince's Street and the Regent's mouth or op her return. Notwithstanding Bridge, to the Calton burying-ground, in the unseasonable hours of sailing, being the following order :either very early in the morning or late in Batonmen, Ushers, and Mutes. the evening, we understand her success was The Students of the University who had such as would have made the passage per

attended his Class. manent, had it not interfered with the main

Mutes. object, her voyage to Grangemouth. A

THE BODY, subscription is now going on at Leith and Supported by Pall-bearers and Relatives. Kirkaldy for the purpose of establishing & The Magistracy and Town Council in their steam-vessel on the passage betwixt these Robes, preceded by the City Officers places, with every prospect of its being soon and the City Macers, with their filled up. It is calculated the steam-vessel insignia reversed, covered with crape. could leave Leith and Kirkaldy every three Principal and Professors of the University. hours.

The Royal Society. Emigration. The following is a state The Astronomical Institution. ment of the number of persons who have The Royal Medical Society, with a numer, emigrated from Belfast from the 1st Ja- ous Train of Friends and Acquaintances. nuary to the 5th July 1819:

The whole Procession went four and four, Adults,


and it is supposed the whole Train of Children,


Mourners consisted of not less than 500


5881 The melancholy procession moved through The number of vessels was 39 ; 10 of a vast concourse of spectators, who appearwhich went to the United States, with 452 ed deeply impressed in beholding this tripassengers, and 29 to British America, bute to departed excellence. All the winwith 5129.

dows in the streets through which the func Glasgow. The merchants of Glasgow ral passed were filled with ladies, seemivgtrading to the United States, having com- ly anxious to view so large an assemblage plained of the inconvenience of going to of learning and talent. On reaching the Greenock to wait on the American Consul burying-ground, the gentlemen who preon every occasion when it was necessary to ceded the corpse opened two and two, and make affidavits, verify invoices, &c., their uncovered as it passed to the place of in. wishes have been complied with, and Alex. terment. ander Wighton, Esq. has been appointed After the funeral of Professor Playfair, resident American Consul in Glasgow. a meeting of his former pupils, who had

Wednesday morning one of Mr Womb. been attending it, was held in the College, well's lionesses, now exhibiting in Glasgow, when it was unanimously resolved, that brought forth two cubs, a male and female, they should testify the high admiration being, we understand, the first lions ever which they entertained of his genius and produced in Scotland. There is now in worth by some tribute to his memory, and that splendid collection no less than ten the deep regret which they feel for an event lions and lionesses.

that has deprived not only the Cniversity, 26. Funeral of Professor Playfair.. but the nation to which he belonged, of one This day the remains of the late Professor of its brightest ornaments. They accordingPlayfair, whose death is recorded in our ly appointed a committee, to consult will. obituary for this month, were interred in others who may have the same object in . the old Calton burying-ground.

view, upon what may be most proper, to The Students of the Natural Philosophy express their readiness to co-operate withı Class went to Professor Playfair's house, them, and in general to take such steps as Albany Row, from the College yard, at may enable a future meeting, when more half past one o'clock. The Professors of of the students shall be in town, to come. the University met at Dr Gregory's at the to a particular and final resolution. same time, and walked in procession, pre 30,- The late Chief Baron.--At a meetceded by their officer, bearing the insignia ing of Commissioners of Supply, Justices reversed and covered with crape, to the of Peace, &c. of the county of Edinburgh, Professor's house, where they were in rea- held on Thursday, it was unanimously a. diness to receive the Right Honourable the greed that a statue be erected in memory of Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Council of the late Lord Chief Baron Dundas-ihat the city. The members of the Royal So. the subscription be confined to proprietors ciety, the Astronomical Institution, Royal in this county only and that no individuo Medical Society, &c. were received in the al subscription exceed twenty guineas. different apartments of the house of this Iron Bridge.--The foundation stone of an friend of genius and learning.

iron bar bridge of suspension over the Tweed, At half-past two this affecting procession at Tweedhill, was laid by William Molle, advanced from the Professor's house up Esq. of Mains, on Monday, the 26th of Duke Street, through St Andrew's Square, July, in presence of the Trustees of the




Berwick Roads, who are to erect the same On Wednesday the 28th came on the under the authority of Parliament. The trial of John Glasgow, charged with wilful bridye was named “ The Union Bridge,” fraud and imposition. The prisoner pleadin commemoration of the union between the ed Guilty ; and the Jury returning a vertwo kingdoms, which it is calculated to ce dict in termis of his own confession, he was

sentenced to seven years' transportation. High Court of Justiciary.-On Monday Adam Bramwell was then placed at the the 13th instant, Robert Ward and John Bar, charged with five acts of embezzleRoss were tried for various acts of robbe- ment' of money belonging to Mr Kingan, ry and theft in Edinburgh and Leith. merchant, Albion Court, Glasgow, in whose They at first pleaded Not Guilty, but at a employment he was as book-keeper and late period of the trial retracted their plea, cash-keeper ; and also with the crime of and Ross pleaded Guilty to two acts of theft, wilful fire-raising, in maliciously setting and Ward Guilty art and part. The Lord fire to a closet or safe in the counting room, Advocate thereupon departed from the with the intention of destroying the books charge of robbery, and restricted the libel and vouchers, for the purpose of concealing to an arbitrary punishment; and the Jury the breaches of trust committed by him. having found them Guilty accordingly, they To all which the prisoner pleaded Net were, after a suitable admonition from the Guilty. After a long trial, the Jury reLord Justice Clerk, sentenced to transporta turned an unanimous verdict, finding the tion beyond seas for 14 years.

prisoner Guilty of the crimes of fraud and Robbery and Hamesucken.-On the 14th, breach of trust libelled, but Not Guilty of the Court proceeded to the trial of James the crime of wilful fire-raising; and on Whiteford, shoemaker in Balerno, accused account of his former good character, re. of hamesucken, assault, and robbery. This commended him to the leniency of the charge was completely established in evi- Court. He was sentenced to twelve months' dence; and the Jury, without leaving imprisonment in Glasgow Jail. the box, unanimously found the pannel

AUGUST. guilty of the crimes libelled. The Court Reform Meetings, fc.-It is with rethen pronounced sentence, ordaining the gret we observe, that the political meetings, pannel to be executed at Edinburgh, on noticed at page 78 of our last Number, the 18th day of August next, between the still continue to be held throughout the hours of eight and ten in the morning. manufacturing districts of England parti. The pannel is a stout young man, and is cularly; but happily, as yet, without any married ; by trade a shoemaker ; and lived direct acts of violence being offered to the at Balerno, in the parish of Currie, and laws or the peace of the country; and while county of Edinburgh.-- Previous to the extraordinary measures have been taken by commission of the crime for which he is the local Magistrates to preserve the public about to suffer, Whiteford was never remark- tranquillity, the laws have been put in force able for any vice, except that of idleness. against many of those orators whose language

On the 16th, James M‘Niel and Alex- has transgressed the bounds allowed by the ander Coghill, accused of theft, and being free constitution of this country to public dishabit and repute thieves, were next called cussion. Indictments for sedition have been to the bar.–Coghill failed to appear, and found by the local grand juries against a was outlawed. M‘Niel pleaded Not Guil. number of them, among whom are the ty ; but upon a jury being sworn, and he already celebrated Sir Charles Wolseley, again interrogated, he retracted his plea of and a dissenting minister of Stockport Not Guilty, and pleaded Guilty ; where. named Harrison, who have been appreupon the Lord Justice Clerk, after a suit. hended and held to bail to stand trial for able admonition, sentenced him to banish their seditious harangues at Stockport. ment for fourteen years.

The latter was apprehended under a warOn Monday the 19th, Ralph Woodness rant of the Cheshire Magistrates, just after and Richard Smith, commonly called Cur- delivering a harangue to a reform meeting Tey, were charged with housebreaking and at Smithfield, London, held there on the theft. After a long trial, the jury unani- 21st ult. and at which the noted politician mously found Woodness guilty ; but found Hunt presided. Much alarm was previ. the libel not proven as to Smith, who was ously entertained for the result of this thereupon, after a suitable admonition, dis- meeting; and strong precautions were tamissed from the Bar. Woodness, on Tues. ken by the Lord Mayor to prevent riot ; day, received sentence, ordaining him to be but the asseinbly, after passing their faexecuted at Linlithgow, on Friday the 27th vourite resolutions regarding annual parAugust, between the hours of 12 and 4 liaments and universal suffrage, quietly o'clock afternoon. Smith, since his nar dispersed. Mr Birch, a constable, who row escape from the gallows in Edinburgh, took Harrison into custody, was shot at has been apprehended prowling about Glas- and wounded, on his return to Stockgow, and sent to Bridewell there for three port, by some raffian, who yet eludes de months, upon a former certificate of banishe tection. The proceedings of one of these meat from that city.

reform meetings held at Birmingham on

the 14th ult. were rendered rather interest, the commercial embarrassments of the ing from their novelty and absurdity. The country have prevented from finding the meeting commenced the work of reform in means of subsistence at their customary a very simple, and, it must be confessed, employments. complete way. In one moment the meet Edinburgh High School. On the 6th ing invested the town of Birmingham with instant, the Annual Examination of the the right of sending a Member to Parlia- High School took place, in presence of the ment; and without waiting for the Speak- Lord Provost, Magistrates, Professors of er's writ, or any other old fashioned pro- the University, &c. The young gentlecess, nominated and elected Sir Charles men in the different classes went through Wolseley to that honour. Sir Charles can their exercises in a manner which did boast a numerous body of electors. It is much honour to themselves and their said not fewer than 50,000 persons were teachers. The gold medal, the gift of the present. With a view to check those pro. late Colonel Peter Murray, was adjudged ceedings, the Prince Regent in Council is. to Master Edmond Logan, son of Wil. sued a proclamation on the 31st ult. which, liam Logan, Esq. Queen Street, Dux of among other topics, notices the appointment the highest Latin class :at one of these assemblages of “ a person to Inscription on the one side, sit in their name and on their behalf in the

Premium Morarianum in Schola Edinensi, Commons House of Parliament, and that

EDMONDO LOGAN, there is reason to believe that other meet

Puero Optime Merito Condiscipulorum ings are intended for a like unlawful pur

Duci. pose;" and after enumerating further se

A. D. MDCCCXIX. ditious proceedings, concludes by calling

And on the other side are upon all Magistrates to exert themselves for the discovery of such dangerous pur

The City Arms finely embossed, supportposes, in order that the guilty persons en

ed by Scots 'Thistles encircling the Civic

Crown. gaged therein may be brought to condign punishment. Since this proclamation was Another gold medal, of equal value, was published, a meeting advertised to be held presented to Master John Pringle, son of on the 10th instant at Manchester, for the Mr Pringle, merchant, Tranent, Dux of purpose of electing a member of Parlia. the Rector's Greek class, bearing an inment, has been postponed ; and it is also scription in the Greek larguage, which observable, that on several other occasions, may be thus translated :the language employed by those addres To John Pringle, an excellent boy, sur. sing the multitudes has been more guard- passing all his schoolfellows in Greek ed. It is therefore to be hoped that the Learning, the Lord Provost and Magireturning good sense of the people will show strates of Edinburgh presented this Hono. them the absurdity of all such rash and rary Premium, 1819. illegal proceedings; for it is clear that the On the 5th, the writing classes of the evils under which the country is at present High School, taught by Mr M*Kean, suffering, are such as to admit of no re were examined by the Lord Provost and medy from any political reform what. Magistrates, who expressed their highest ever, and that it is mere delusion to hold satisfaction with the numerous books of forth any such hope.

penmanship and arithmetic exhibited. SeMuch distress is also at present felt in veral specimens, in particular, of plain the manufacturing towns of Scotland ; and and ornamental writing, executed by the in the west country, various meetings of mors advanced scholars, were greatly adthe suffering workmen have been held, mired, as displaying fine taste and comwhich have not, however, of late been cha. mand of the pen. Two elegant medals, racterized by any portion of that violence one the gift of William Patison, Esq. and absurdity 60 conspicuous in those held College Bailie, was adjudged to Master in England. Here their proceedings have Henry Logan, son of William Logan, been confined to a statement of their Esq. Queen Street, as first perman ; and wants; and the magistrates and heritors the other, the gift of Mr Mkean, the are, with a laudable zeal, exerting them- teacher, to Master Robert Young, son of selves to find labour at public works, for the late Mr Robert Young, writer, Mere those tradesmen and manufacturers whom chant Street, Dux of the junior class.



of L. 25,000, and that Mr Elliston's offer Drury-Lane Theatre.-A meeting of the had been deemed the most eligible. The proprietors took place on Saturday the 7th offers for the theatre were as under: current, Mr Calcraft in the chair. The re Elliston,

L. 10,200. port of the Committee stated that the sub Dibdin,

10,100. scription loan was conpleted to the amount Kean,


Covent-Garden. This Theatre closed on Argyle is extremely weil managed ; and Monday 19th July with Hamlet, and a that where the Major detects the disguised sort of Olla Podrida of Pantomime scenes visitor in his prison, and compels him to from Mother Goose, Gulliver, &c. bespoke change situations with him, produces the for the classical entertainment of the Duke most powerful effect. In both, Pitzwilliam and Duchess of Kent, who arrived after acquits himself with infinite humnour and the play was over.

address. We could wish Mr Dibdin had Mr Young's Hamlet seemed to excite an allowed himself more time when adapting uncommon interest, not only by its inher- the Bride of Lammermoor to the stage. ent excellence, but probably from the feel. Had he done so, and produced a three ining that it would be a long time before stead of a two act piece, we think he would the admirable histrionic talents of that in the end have had no cause to regret the gentleman were again displayed before a delay occasioned by the additional labour. London audience.

The character of Caleb Balderston, as indi. Hay-Market Theatre.—The Haymaking cated in the novel, drawn out in ludicrous company, under the management of Mr incident by his whimsical efforts to conceal Terry, commenced a six weeks' season on his master's poverty, and certain doleful Tuesday the 20th July. The Soldier's mishaps contrived to betray it, might have Daughter, a very poor play, was the initi. operated more successfully on the risible atory piece, and Mrs Edwin the heroine. muscles of a Surrey audience. Taking Her comedy is loud and broad ; that which “ The Bride of Lammermoor" as we find supposing Mrs Jordan to be superfine cloth it, though we have too many evidences of might be called drugget. Except the ex the haste in which it was written, it is well traordinary actress just alluded to, we ne- entitled to the success it enjoys. The main ver yet saw one of “a certain age," upon incidents of the romance are skilfully drawhom romping manners, a hoydenish ex matised : the Master of Ravenswood reuberance of spirit, and a girlish forward- tains all his importance on the stage in the ness did not sit ill, and cause more of dis- able hands of Huntley ; while the impetulike than of pleasure to the spectators. Af. ous warmth of the Laird of Bucklaw is de. ter the play, the interlude of Lovers' Quar: picted with appropriate animation by Watrels was performed, and Mrs Gibbs and kins. Both pieces called forth the most Russell were admirably humorous. The fervent shouts of applause, and with “ The latter secms especially at home in this lit. Siege of Troy," furnish out a most sumptle Theatre ; a sure test, in our opinion, of tuous evening entertainment.--Lit. Gaz. the sterling qualities of his acting.

English Opera House.-Two novelties Theatre-Royal.-The interest of the have been produced, “ Self-Sacrifice, or theatre continues to be kept up by a sucthe Maid of the Cottage," on Monday the cession of London performers. To Mr 19th July, and “ One, Two, Three, Four, Macready succeeded Mr John Johnstone Five, By Advertisement," on the Satur- and Emery, who, in spite of the heat of the day preceding. First, of the last m or weather, attracted good houses to witness der of production, and the former in order their unparalleled delineations of character, of our enumeration. Self-Sacrifice is a and to laugh in spite of themselves, at the Melodrama, in which compound word we knavish simplicity of John Lump, and the presume every species of dramatic absurdi- blunderipg honesty of Looney MacTwolter. ty to be generally included. This piece is Mr Johnstone appeared twice in Major no exception to the rule,“ Playing whose O'Flaherty, the last time for his farewell end (both) at the first (and now) was (and benefit. In his personification of this chais) to hold as 'twere the mirror up to na racter Mr Johnstone is, according to Parture," &c. (we quote Shakespeare parenthe- tridge's mode of judging, no actor;—he does, tically, tor the modern reading must omit and looks, and says, werely what we should all the words so inclosed, or else the im- expect to be done and said by the same permortal bard would be made to have writ- sonage in real life. It will be long before ten nonsense)--playing, we say, or nature, this gentleman's place is supplied on the must have altered confoundedly if Melo- British stage ; and Major O'Flaherty, and drama be allowed to hold this reflective Mr Johnstone, and the warm-hearted pecu. mirror. Nothing can be more miserable liarities of our fellow subjects of the emerif the “ very age and body of the time” ald isle, are so indentified in public estimahas “ his forin and pressure” thus exhibit- tion, that a successor in his parts will have ed. Lit. Gaz.

much to do before he be able to untwist the Surrey Theatre.-Mr Dibdin has alrea. thread of those delightful associations in the dy with extraordinary speed, and, what is minds of those who have witnessed his rebetter, with extraordinary skill, produced presentations. The Irish melodies, too, two new dramas founded on the third series which this performer has been accustomof Tales of My Landlord. “ Montrose" ised to sing with so much spirit, and so an animated and interesting drama. The much humour, will not soon be relished scene where Major Dalgetty is examined by in the hands of another. We shall never


hear Judy O'Flannagan, the Sprig of Shi. The witchery of this lady's singing drew lelagh, or the hero of Ballinacrazy, sung by crowded houses for a fortnight, and her beanother, without thinking of the delight nefit, notwithstanding the town is half empwith which these songs were listened to, and ty, was one of the most crowded which has the enthusiasın with which they were encored occurred this season. where sung by Mr Johnstone.

Mr Farren, froin Covent-Garden theatre, Mr Emery had for his benefit The School accompanied by Mr Abbott, succeeded Miss of Reform and the farce of the Review. In Stephens, and made his debut as Lord the play he performed Bobby Tyke, in his Ogleby in the Clandestine Marriage. This own admirable manner, and John Lump gentleman is very great in this part, and in the afterpiece ; Mr J. Johnstone Looney perhaps second only to the celebrated King. MacTwolter. The house was crowded to Though a young man, he has no rivals in witness this comic treat.

this cast of characters. His Sir Peter Miss Stephens, accompanied by her bro Teazle and Sir Anthony Absolute were vether-in-law, Mr Smith of the Theatre-Roy- ry fine pieces of acting. al, Drury-Lanc, appeared on the 28th July.


WILLIAM GELDART and JOHN SER EDWARD HEARD, of Brighton, Sussex, che VANT, both of Leeds, Yorkshire, carpenters, mist; for a portable gas lamp. June 19. and JONATHAN HOWGATE, of Leeds, flax ALEXANDER HÄDDEN, of Aberdeen, Scotdresser; for certain improvements in the manner land, manufacturer; for an improved manufacof heating dry-houses, malt-kilns, and other build ture for carpeting. June 22. ings requiring heat. June 1, 1819.

EDWARD JORDAN, of Norwich, engineCHARLES ATTWOOD, of Bridge Street, Black maker ; for an improved water-wheel for drainfriars, London, window.glass inanufacturer; for ing marsh-lands, whereby water may be raised a mode or modes of manufacturing mineral al from a greater depth by a wheel of less diameter, kah, and vegetable alkali, and the application and a larger quantity of marsh-land drained in a thereof, so far as relates to mineral alkali, by way shorter time, than by any water-wheel now in of improvement on, or addition to, other modes use, and thereby grcat labour and expence saved. heretofore known or in use, but more pariicularly June 22. in the manufacture of kelp. June 22.

EDMUND WILLIAM WILLIAMS, of St MilJOHN LEWIS, clothier, WILLIAM LEWIS, dred's Court, Poultry, London, merchant; for dyer, and WILLIAM DAVIS, engineer, all of certain improvements in the mode or art of disBrimscomb, Gloucestershire: for certain improve-tilling. Communicated to him by a person residments in the application of pointed wires, or other ing abroad. June 26. pointed substances of a suitable nature, for the WILLIAM BRUNTON, of Birmingham, Warpurpose of raising the pile or face of woollen, wickshire; for certain improvements in steamor other cloths of fabric requiring such process, engines, and furnaces of steain-engines, by which June 19,

a saving in theconsumption of fuel is effected, and JOHN LEWIS, clothier, WILLIAM LEWIS, the combustion of smieke is more completely atdyer, and WILLIAM DAVIS, engincer, all of tained. June 29. Brimscomb, Gloucestershire; for certain improve NICHOLAS CONNE, of St Mary-le-Strand, rents in the applicatiou of mechanienl powers for Middlesex, glass-engraver; for an improvement the purpose of laying, smoothing, and polishing applicable to lamps for domestic purposes. Comthe pile or face of woollen, or other cloth or fa. municated to him by a foreigner residing abroada brie; and also for the purpose of cleansing, at the June 30. same time, the said cloth or fabric requiring such JOHN SCHEFFER, of Church Street, Black. operations. June 19.

friars Road, Surrey, water-proof silk, linen, and JOHN NIELSON, of the town of Linlithgow, leather manufacturer; for a machine or instruin the county of Linlithgow, glue-maker; for cer ment for writing, which be denominates the Pentain vegetable substances not hitherto used by nographic, or writing instrument. July 8. tanners and leather-dressers, may be employed in WILLIAM GOOD, of Bridport Harbour, Sy. tanning and colouring lcather ; and that certain mondsbury, Dorsetshire, ship-builder; for an imvegetable substances, not hitherto used by dyers, provement in the art of tanning hides and skins, may be employed in the art of dyeing. June 19. and barking or colouring nets, sails, and other ar

STEPHEN BEDFORD, of Birchall Street, in ticles, by the application of certain materials hiBirmingham, Warwickshire, iron-founder ; for therto unused for that purpose. July 10. improvements in the preparation of iron and JOSEPH CLISEL DANCELL, of Frome, other metals for various purposes, and also an in Somersetşhire, clothier; for certain improve provement in the converting British iron into ments in dressing woollen cloths; also in preparsteel. June 22.

ing and using wire cards as applicable to that pur. DAVID GORDON, of Edinburgh, Esq. and pose, July 17.


1. CIVIL. July 10. Adam Duff, Esq. advocate, to b She. ritf-depute of Edinburghshire.

13. Sir R. Gifford to be Attorney-Gencral, Mr Serjeant Copley to be Solicitor-General.

17. G. During, Esq. to be his Majesty's Consul at Trieste.

19. Alexander Keith, Esq. to be Knight Marischal of Scotland ; at same time received the honour of Knighthood.

23. James L'Amy, Esq. advocate, to be Sheriff depute of Forfarshíre.

- Sir Samuel Shepherd, Knight, sworn in a Privy Councillor.

30. The dignity of Baronet granted to Lieut.Col. Alexander Allen, E. 1. C. S.

M James Bell to be Consul for Hauover at Gi
Members returned to serve in the present

Borough of Tiverton--Right Hon, Dudley Ry-

der, commonly called Viscount Sandon.
Town and Port of RyeJohn Dobson, Esq. LL.D.
Borough of Bishop's Castle-The Hon. Douglas

James Kinnaird.
Borough of Eye-Sir Robert Gifford, Knt. his

Majesty's Attorney-General.

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