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want of annual parliaments and universal bills against Hunt and his associates for suffrage. But what chiefly distinguished conspiracy. These characters are at liberthis meeting from every one previously ty on bail, and have all traversed the in. held in Scotland, was the undisguised con dictments until next assizes. tempt for religion which pervaded all their Meeting at Westminster. On the 2d speeches. It was asserted, that the clergy instant, a meeting of the inhabitants of gulled every government, and that it was Westminster took place in Palace-vard, their infamous combination with the land for the purpose of considering the conduct ed proprietors which had cheated the poor of the Manchester magistrates. Sir Franout of their rights. All those who attend. cis Burdett in the chair. The number of ed church were denounced as hypocrites, persons assembled is computed at 40,000. because they went to hear clergymen de- Resolutions were passed strongly disapscant on charity, morality, and virtues proving of the conduct of the magistrates which they well knew the preachers them- of Manchester; and an address to the selves dever practised. Bible societies came Prince Regent, founded on these resoluin for their share of abuse, and much con tions, was unanimously voted. tempt was expressed for their patrons, who, Visit of Prince Leopold to Scotland. it was alleged, contributed cheerfully to On the 18th ult. Edinburgh was honoured every fantastie proposal, if it was only sup. by a visit from his Royal Highness Prince posed to be religious, while they withheld Leopold, who came that morning from the their assistance from actual objects of cha- seat of the Earl ot' Lauderdale at Dunbar. rity at their own door, and who received, The Prince was received with indescribawith open arms, every adventurer with a ble enthusiasm by all ranks of people begging scheme, while they neglected mo wherever he went. He spent two days in dest merit in their poor neighbours. Plays, visiting all that is remarkable, and his afconcerts, balls, and all kinds of amuse- fability gained him the esteem of all who ment, were advertised for the benefit of had the honour of being admitted to his Missionary Societies ; and one speaker, presence. On the 20th his Royal Highfollowing out these views, declared, that he ness lett this city to visit the Marquis of should not be in the least surprised to see Huntly, and enjoy the sport of shooting at the Sultan Katte Ghery standing at the his romantic hunting seat of Kinrara cotend of the old bridge on the Glasgow fair tage. After passing through Perth and week, with a rowley pozeley, the profits of Dunkeld, where his reception was equally which were to be appropriated to the diffu- flattering, the Prince was received by the sion of the gospel in foreign parts. Saving noble Marquis at Dalwhinnie, on the Sabanks, wittily pronounced shaving banks, turday; and after spending the Sunday at were next the topic of ridicule, and the Laggan, they proceeded on Monday to proceedings at Manchester were declared Kinrara. The weather has since proved to have no parallel except the massacre at admirable, and the time of the distinguishGlencoe. The meeting concluded with a ed party has been pleasantly divided, beresolution relative to the establishment of tween the moors of Badenoch and the elean independent newspaper; till the accom gant hospitalities of Kinrara.

His Royal plishment of wliich most desirable event, Highness is said to have often expressed it was resolved to support Wooler's Black himself in glowing terms of admiration, in Dwarf, the Manchester Observer, the the course of his journey through the endStatesinan, and the Belfast Irishman. Af- less diversity of sublime, picturesque, and ter this they quietly dispersed. The num. romantic scenery which enriches the route ber of persons present at this mecting, by which he approached the Highlands; many of them evidently spectators from cu but by nothing did he appear so much riosity, did not exceed 2000.

struck and delighted, as by a scene conjur

ed up at the command of his noble host Hunt has endeav. 'ured to turn the tables at Kinrara, and which almost realized the against his prosecutors at Manchester. At apparition of Rodrick Dhu's mountain the Lancaster assizes, which commenced ambuscade. Prince Leopold, conducted on the 1st instant, he preferred bilis of in- by his host, ascended Tor Alvie, where dictment against several individuals of the the Marchioness of Huntly, and a small Manchester cavalry, for maliciously cutting party of Highland ladies and gentlemen, and wounding, &c., and against the per waited to receive him. In the middle of sons who made oath before the magistrates this ceremonial, and amidst comparative concerning the nature of the mecting, stillness and solitude the piper suddenly charging them with wilful and corrupt per. sounded the rallying note, and in an instant jury. The Grand Jury have thrown out the height was transformed into something all these bills, except one against Rich- like a beleaguered station, whiere the Marard Owen, a pawnbroker in Manchester, quis and his guest stood pre-eminent, en

or wilful and corrupt perjury. The circled by several hundred of hardy HighGrand Jury, at the same time, four.d true landers, equipped in their native warlike


garbeach pouring forth the “ wild greet multitudes were returning from the meeting of the mountaineer” to this illustrious ing. The crowd resisted, and commenced stranger.

throwing stones and other missiles, by The Prince has besides visited Inverness, which the council-chamber windows were Gordon Castle, Elgin, Fochabers, and broken ; and similar outrages took place many other places in the north, from in various parts of the town. The mili. whence he has returned to Kinrara ; and tary were called in fron) Glasgow, who disafter passing some longer time there he persed the rioters about three on the Sunproposes to return by Inverary and Buch- day morning. On Sunday, when the ma. anan House to Edinburgh, to be present gistrates were going to church, they were at and patronise the approaching Musical insulted by the populace, and rioting was Festival in that city,

again commenced, and many enorunities Singular Accident.On Tuesday the committed. The riot act was read thrice 24th ult. a boy, named Paton, residing at before nine o'clock; and the military, in Carnbeddie in Perthshire, playing with a clearing the streets, were at one time sedouble barbed fly-hook, incautiously swal. riously opposed by numbers who had arma lowed it, and the barb stuck a considerable ed themselves with bars of iron torn from way down his throat. He was sent to Perth, the railing in front of a church. On Monand from thence to the Royal Infirmary of day the streets continued crowded; and Edinburgh, for surgical assistance. This the authorities having procured a reinforcecase, on account of its singularity, and the ment of troops, read the riot act at two apparent difficulty and danger in hazarding o'clock in the afternoon; and about five any operation for the extraction of the the crowd were compelled by the soldiers, hook, had excited a considerable degree of with the least possible injury, to leave the interest and curiosity. On Saturday last, streets. In all these cases the troops were not the 4th inst. Mr Gillespie, one of the sur called in, until it was absolutely necessary, geons to the Royal Infirmary, succeeded and, according to all accounts, both the in sately effecting its removal by means of civil and military authorities behaved with an instrument of a very simple construc a voderation highly creditable. No lives tion, made by an ingenious artist of this were lost, nor any very serious personal inplace, which being passed down to the jury sustained. hook, so entangled it, that it was brought fit in Glasgow.-On Monday night, out entire, without inflicting any injury Glasgow was the scene of most disgraceful upon the throat, or causing much pain to outrages About dusk. a mob collected, the boy, who has since returned home per to the amount of 3000, apparently for the fectly cured.

sole purpose of mischiet and plunder. They 16. Reform Meeting and Riots at Pais, accordingly proceeded to break the lamps ley. On Saturday, the 11th, a reform in different streets, to plunder provision meeting took place in the vicinity of Pais shops, and to attack some private houses. ley, which, we regret to state, terminated About nine o'clock the riot act was read by in riot and disturbance. There were be the Magistrates, and the military proceed. tween 12,400 and 18,000 persons present, ed to disperse the mob. At midnight the who assembled with the usual ensigns and customary peace was restored, and next banners. These having been prohibited by morning there was no appearance of outproclamation of the Sheriff, some of them

rage. were seized by the constables, when the


Acts passed in the 59th Year of the Reign of Gcorge III. or in the First Session of the

Sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Cap. VIII. An act to continue, until of the army and their quarters. March 25th day of March 1820, an act of the last 23. session of Parliament for preventing aliens Cap. X. An act for the regulating of his from becoming naturalized, or being made Majesty's royal marine forces while on or becoming denizens, except in certain shore.—March 23. cases.- March 23.

Cap. XI. An act to indemnify such per. Cap. IX. An act for punishing mutiny sons in the United Kingdoms as bave omit. and desertion, and for the better payment ted to qualify themselves for offices and

employments, and for extending the times Cap. XXI. To amend several acts for limited for certain of those purposes re- purchasing an estate for the Duke of Wel. spectively, until the 25th day of March lington.-- March 31. 18:20, and to permit such persons in Great Cap. XXII. For the further regulation Britain, as have omitted to file affidavits of his Majesty's Household, and the care of the execution of indentures of clerks to of his Royal Person, during the continu. attornies and solicitors, to make and file ance of his indisposition.-- April 6. the same on or before the first day of Hi. Cap. XXIII. To retrain, until the end tary Term 1820, and allow persons to of the present session of Parliament, the make and tile such affidavits, although the Governor and Company of the Bank of persons whom they served shall have ne. England from making payments in cash glected to take out their annual certificates. under certain notices given by them for that March 23.

purpose. --April 6. Cap. XIII. To continue two acts of the Cap. XXIV. To restrain, until the end 56th and 58th years of his present Majes- of the present session of Parliament, the ty, for reducing the duties payable on Governor and Company of the Bank of horses used for the purposes therein men. Ireland from making payments in the gold tioned, to the 5th day of April 182); and coin of this realm, under certain notices to reduce the duties chargeable under cer- given by them.-April 8. tain acts of the 48th and 52d years of his Cap. XXV. To enable his Majesty to present Majesty, in respect of certain fix the rate and direct the disposal of horses, mares, geldings, and mules. freight money, for the conveyance of specie March 31.

and jewels on board his Majesty's ships Cap. XIV. To continue, until the 1st and vessels.-April 8. day of July 1823, an act of the 46th year Cap. XXVI. For fixing the rates of of his present Majesty, for permitting the subsistence to be paid to innkeepers and exportation of wool from the British plan- others on quartering soldiers.---April 8. tations in America.-March 31.

Cap. XXVII. To facilitate the trial of Cap. XV. To continue, until the 1st felonies committed on board vessels emday of July 182), an act of the 54th year ployed on canals, navigable rivers, and inof his present Majesty, for granting cer- land navigations.-May 19. tain duties on merchandise imported into Cap. XXVIII. To empower magisIreland from places within the limits of trates to divide the Court of Quarter Sesthe charter granted to the United Company sions.- May 19. of Merchants of England trading to the Cap. XXIX. To repeal the duties on East Indies.—March 31.

mineral alkali, and on articles containing Cap. XVI. To carry into effect the mineral alkali and other articles, and to treaty with the Netherlands relating to the impose other duties in lieu thereof.—May slave trade.--March 31.

19. Cap. XVII. To amend an act of last Cap. XXX. For vesting in commissession of Parliament, for carrying in- sioners the line of road from Shrewsbury, to execution a convention made between in the county of Salop, to Bangor Ferry, his Majesty and the King of Portugal, for in the county of Carnarvon, and for disthe preventing the traffic in slaves.- March charging the trustees under several acts of 31.

the 17th, 28th, 30th, 41st, 420, 47th, and Cap. XVIII. To make perpetual an act 50th years of his present Majesty, from the of the 44th year of his present Majesty, for future repair and maintenance thereof; permitting the exportation of salt from the and for altering and repealing so much of Port of Nassau in the Island of New Pro- the said acts as affects the said line of road. vidence, the Port of Exuma, and the Port – May 19. of Crooked Island, in the Bahama Islands, Cap. XXXI. To enable certain comin American ships coming in ballast.- missioners fully to carry into effect several March 31.

conventions for liquidating claims of Bri. Cap. XIX. To render, until the 5th tish subjects and others against the Go. day of July 1820, the growing produce of vernment of France.-May 19. the consolidated fund of the United King

Cap. XXXII.To continue until the dom, arising in Great Britain, available for 5th day of July 1822, and amend so much the public service.- March 31.

of an act made in the 55th year of his preCap. XX. To enable the Commissioners sent Majesty, for granting, until the 5th of his Majesty's Treasury to issue Exche- day of April 1819, additional duties of ex. quer bills, on the credit of such aids or cise in Great Britain, as far as relates to to. supplies as have been or shall be granted bacco and snuff, and certain excise licences. by Parliament for the service of the year May 19. 1819.- March 31.


comic portrait of an uxorious old man. i


by the back-ground of all contemporary

productions of a similar nature ; and can King's Theatrı.–Last week, Mr Wa- by no heedlessness be passed over by the ters paid into the accountant general's of. " mind's eye." While amusing and profice, the sum of L.4595, 7s. 8d. which com

bable incident, while various and enterpletes his purchase of the King's Theatre. taining and contrasted character, while the The point now remaining for decision in happiest stage effect, while natural but elethe Court of Chancery in the matter of Waters v. Taylor is their respective moie. sant dialogue, while the most sound and

brilliant wit continue to charm, never will ties of a very large sum lying in the above this chef-d'æuvre of genius cease to be read office, and which we understand amounts

or witnessed with delight. Nor do we to nearly 1.. 109,000.—Lit. Gaz.

think the objections which have been freCovent-Garden Theutre opened on Mon- quently made to its morality so well foundday the 6th September, after a vacation of ed as some imagine. We hope that no little more than two months, with the trage. persons are more sensible than ourselves of dy of Macbeth : - Macbeth by Mr Charles the value of prudence and justice. It is Kemble ; Maduff by Mr Yates. During to be regretted that there is a tone, and that interval much has been done in the that there are expressions in some scenes of way of embellishment. The gilding has The School for Scandal, which seem to been refreshed. The pale ground on the place those qualities in a less estimable pannel and ceiling has received a slight point of view than that in which they tint of yellow, and affords a better relief ought always to be regarded. But while than formerly to the ornaments dispersed this evil is admitted, let not the ample aover it.

The pillars which support the tonement that is made in other respects be boxes have been covered with burnished forgotten. For our parts, we consider hy, gold. The front of the slips has been enriched with crimson drapery. In short, a

pacrisy and calumny, as vices of a much

baser nature, of a much deeper dye than splendorr has been communicated to the general effect of which we entirely approve, when were hypocrisy and calumny ever

extravagance, however reprehensible; and conceiving as we do that the appearance of

more successfully exposed ? Of the latter in buildings appropriated to amusement and gaiety should always be in harmony with particular.—that besetting sin of society,

in all its gradations—that poisoner of the their objects.


of felicity—that disturber of the tranThe choice of a commencing perform- quillity and comfort of human life, from ance we highly applaud. Macbeth pos- the humblest to the most exalted rank, sesses qualities which, to use the admir- from the village tea-table to the coterie in ably expressive language that has been ap St James's—who has ever so strongly re. plied to a different purpose, are rare in presented the pernicious tendency-who their separate excellence, wonderful in their has ever depicted it in such odious and recombination !" It traces with exquisite volting colours as Sheridan ? skill the progress of one of the most power

The performance went off with eclat, ful and destructive passions that can agi. It was the debut of that very charming actate the breast of man ; and in doing so it

tress Mrs Davison at Covent Garden ; and exbibits all that can interest in character,

we do hope that the public will now be all that can amuse in story, all that can gratified by her frequent appearance. She instruct in morals, all that can delight in played Lady Teazle with great vivacity poetry, all that can appal in superstition. and effect. Of Farren's Sir Peter we have Summoning “ metaphysical aid” to the in.

more than once spoken. It was a fluence produced by the highest human agency, to this “ gorgeous tragedly", pecu- Kemble performed Charles Surface with liarly refers the passage in Johnson's culo- his usual gaiety and gentlemanly deportgium on Shakespeare, in which the latter ment, although, with reference to the latis described as having

ter quality, he appeared to us occasionally " Exhausted worlds, and then imagined new." to indulge in an excess of ease which al.

On Wednesday, as if the managers were most degenerated into lounging. We do laudably resolved that Thalia should ad not know any man on the stage, however, vance pari passu with her dignified and so who could sustain the part so lappily. It lemn sister, they produced the finest co is difficult to conceive characters more suit. medy of modern times. Who will for a ed to the peculiar abilities of Terry, Blanmoment hesitate to say, that it must have chard, and Liston, than Sir Oliver Surface, been the School for Scandal ? It stands Sir Benjamin Backbite, and Crabtree. out, as artists call it, powerfully relieved Macready, than whom no more powerful

a new


actor treads the boards, was not quite so given out for repetition by Miss Kelly with effective in Joseph Surface as we expected. unanimous applause. His conception was admirable; but, al On Thursday the 19th inst. though his voice is, in general, remarkably Musical Drama was produced at this Thea. rich and forcible, he murmured a grent tre, called Tie Broton Man. It is from portion of the dialogue in a manner which the French ; and is in name only an imi. rendered it inaudible to those who were re tation of “ L'Homme Gris," on which Mr moved but a short distance from the stage. Jopes founded his “Green Man." The Simmons's Moses was highly amusing. original is by no means so good as its preChapınan and Connor acquitted themselves decessor; and justice compels us to say, very creditably. Mrs Gibbs's Mrs Can- that the inferiority is not repaired in the dour has too often delighted the town to translation. The plot of this trifle is scarecrender our encomium necessary. Missly worth detailing.–Lit. Gaz. Foote was very amiable in Maria. In her own department Mrs Connor is a very in Theatre-Royal.-Miss O'Neill followed teresting and good actress; but as Lady Mr Farren in the succession of London perSneer well she was not equal to the excele formers at this theatre. She performed lent performers by whom she was sur several of her most favourite characters to rounded, -and appeared like a frigate respectable but not crowded audiences, and (though certainly a very fine one) taken on had Evadpe for her benefit. She was sucan emergency into the line in a naval en

ceeded by Mr Henry Erskine Johnston for gagement. The whole together afforded a four nights, when the theatre closed on the rich treat -Lit. Giz.

11th for a fortnight. It re-opens on MonHay-Market.-" Ladies at Home; or, day the 27th September with Mr Kean, who Gentlemen we can do without you ;" a piece is engaged for twelve nights previous to similar to that brought out at the English his departure for America. Opera House, and acted entirely by women, The Grand Musical Festival, for the bewas brought forward here on Saturday the nefit of the Charitable Institutions of Edin. 7th August. The principal actresses are Mrs burgh, 1819, is advertised to commence on

Edwin and Mrs Gibbs; Mrs Listor has a Tuesday, October 1941, under the patronsong. It was ably performed and excited aye of His Royal Highness Prince Leomuch mcrriment. The race of priority pold of Saxe Cobourg. has been gained by the Strand Ilouse, which There will be six performances ; three it is stated prepared the whole in three days. of which will consist of selections of Sured This was at least a run before being acted, Music from the works of Handel, Haydn, and we doubt not but as an agreeable baga Mozart, Beethoven, Pergolesi, and inclutelle, the Ladies' coteries will run, like ding the Messiah, the Creation, Mount of their tongues, for many nights to come.-- Olives, Requiem, &c. to take place in the Lit. Gaz.

Parliament House on the mornings of English Opera House. On Friday the Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday:6th August, a whimsical entertainment, And three Miscellaneous Concerts of Animported from Paris, and entitled - Belles cient and Modern Music, which will take withont Beaul; or the Ladies among them- place in the Theatre on the evenings of selves ;" was produced at this Theatre. The Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. punishment, or rather the conversion of a The principal Vocal Performers are prude is the object of this drama, and, in Miss Stephens, Miss Goodall, Miss l'aton, extension of the legal principle of offenders Signora Corri, Mr Bellamy, Mr Jager, Mr being tried by their peers, the whole of this Swift, and Mr Braham ; and the principal affair is committed to the charge of female Instrumental Performers,- Principal first performers. The denouement convinces Violin, Mr White; Principal S cond, Mr che prude that women may be suspected Penson : Principal l'ioloncello, Mr Lindand slandered without cause.

ley ; Double Bass, Mr Dragonetti ; Tenor, The dialogue is rather smart, and the Mr R. Ashley ; Flute, Mr Ireland ; Cladouble-entendres very little beyond what rionet, Mr Wilman; Hautboy, Mr Grie:might be uttered by modest persons, and bach ; Horns, Messrs l'etrides; Bassoon, listened to by moral audiences. There is Mr Holmes; Trumpet, Mr Schimidt; nothing that the Society for the Suppres- Trombone, Mr Mariotti ; Double Druns, sion of Vice can lay hold of. Miss Carew Mr Jenkinson ;--the Leader ot' the Band, sings a pretty song in the sweetest manner, Mr Yaniewicz. and Miss Kelly, as Doran, an arch one; The Choruses will be completed, and thus favoured by a lively plot, pleasing mu filled by the most eminent singers from sic, and admirable acting, the piece was Lancashire, Yorkshire, Litchfield Cathedeservedly successful. It is precisely one dral, Edinburgh Institution, &c. of these gay and amusing things which are The whole Band, which will be on the suitable to such places of entertainment. grandest scale, to be conducted by Sir Perhaps some curtailment would render it George Smart. Mr Mather will preside at still more piquant; but as it was, it was

the Organ.

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