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of last year.

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ancient Greeks. The better to illustrate ing from its beauties, the author recomthe nature of his plan, he published, last mends the introduction of the verses called year, a sort of syllabus, under the title of sciolto by the Italians, when, he conceives, " Claudii Galeni,” &c. or a treatise, by that the absence of rhyme would not be felt. Cl. Galen, on the best methods of teaching; In the second part, he gives a selection of Specimen of a new edition of all the Greek verses of all metres, composed agreeably Medical works extant, &c.

to the rules of this system. The third part Dr Forster, professor in the school of contains observations on the verses of the artillery and engineering, at Berlin, claims most celebrated French poets, composed on the merit of having first applied the litho- the plan of the new rhythmus. graphic art to the printing of books. He Several artists in Rome are at present has inscribed on stone, with his own hand, collecting the Letters and Manuscripts of a new work, entitled, “ An Introduction to Raphael, (who died 1520,) with the inten. Geodosy."

tion of publishing them in the course of the The two following Treatises by C. F. following year, on occasion of the third Gauss, the celebrated German Mathema. secular celebration of the day of his death. tician, appeared at Göttingen in the course The third volume of the ancient ma

nuscripts discovered at Pompeia will shortDeterminatio attractionis, quam in punc- ly appear at Naples. . tum quodvis positionis datæ exercet planeta, Vismara has lately translated the Elegies si ejus massa per totam orbitam, ratione of Propertuis into Italian verse, with notes. temporis, quo singulæ partes describuntar The first part of this work has appeared at uniformiter esset disperrita. pp. 30. in 4to. Milan, published by Ferrario.

Theorematis Fundamentalis in doctrinæ Sacchi of Pavia has just published the de Residuis quadraticis demonstrationes et first volume of his History of the Grecian ampliationes novæ. pp. 20. in 4to. Philosophy

Throughout the Austrian States,- the V.J. Brera, C. Ruggeri, and F. Caldani, Minerve L'Independant, Lettres Norman- have lately established a New Periodical des, and other French journals, have been Publication at Padua, entitled, New Medi. prohibited.

cal and Surgical Commentaries; it is in tendThe 169th number of the journal en ed that a number of this work shall aptitled “ Freymüthigen fur Deutschland,” pear every six months. The first number has been confiscated, and some other jour- is already published. nals prohibited at Berlin.

Russia.--The Lancasterian system of Professor Walch of Berlin is about to mutual instruction, introduced last year inpublish a new edition of Livy, with a cor to Russia, is spreading with rapidity, under rected text, collated with forty ancient MSS. the high protection of the Emperor, Prince an “ Apparatus Criticus,” which is intend. Galitzin, and the Russian noblesse. A led to contain all the notes of the Draken. Normal school, on this plan, has been ese borch edition, and a “ Lexicon Livianum.' tablished at Petersburgh, where 250 pupils The whole in sixteen octavo volumes. are maintained at the public charge; this

An interesting collection of the Ballads forms a seminary wherein teachers are iniand Airs of the Austrian peasantry, col- tiated to diffuse the knowledge requisite lected by F. Ziska, and J. M. Schottky, through all parts of the empire. In every has been lately published ; it is printed at regiment, by orders of the minister, there is Pesth in Hungary.

a school for the subaltern officers and solHanover. Some of the foreign journals diers. The different schools at Odessa are make mention of a manuseript of the four- competent to receive 10,000 pupils. There teenth century, lately discovered in the are establishments not only at Moscow, library at Hanover, which contains a num- Tver, Casan, &c. but schools of this deber of facts hitherto unknown, tending to scription are in course of active progress illustrate, in no small degree, the history of even among the Cossacks, and in Siberia. northern Germany and Denmark. It bears Sweden. A manufacturer of iron-ware, for title, Conradi Halberstadensis Chrono- at Smalland in Sweden, after a variety of graphia summorum Pontificum et Impera- experiments, has discovered a particular torum, or a Chronological Narrative of the process for rendering brass mote malleable.. Emperors and Roman Pontiffs, by Conrad His warehouse contains a number of utenof Halberstad.

sils, with scissors, razors, and knives, all Italy.-The Diario Romano announces made of brass, that prove to be equally a recent publication at Rome, by the Count serviceable with those of steel. de St Leu, or Louis Bonaparte; it is a Denmark. Professor Oehlenschlager of memoir on French versification, divided in- Copenhagen has lately published a new to three parts. In the first, he undertakes Epic Poem in the Danish language, entitto refute the validity of Abbé Scoppa's ar. led, The Gods of the North. guments, in his work entitled Poetical Beail Spain.--The public journals that appear at ties of all Languages. In discussing the Madrid are theGazeta de Madrid, more comquestion, whether the French language may monly known under the name of the Court shake off the yoke of rhyme without detract. Gazette ; Mercurio de Espana, which con

tains extracts from the Moniteur, and from tendency, we observe the work of La Croix, La Bibliotheque Universelle ; Cronica Scien- Essai sur l'enseignement en general et sur tifica Literaria, or the Scientific and Liter- celui des Mathematiques en particulier. ary Chronicle, containing analyses of the African-It appears, by letters from LegSpanish publications, and extracts from the born, that a considerable part of the rich foreign journals ; and, lastly, “ Almaceo collection of Egyprian monuments collected de Frutas Literarias," or Magazine of Li in Upper Egypt by M. Drovetti, ci-devant terary Productions.

Consul of France, at Alexandria, has safely A numerous list of French books pro arrived in Europe, and that the remainder hibited has lately appeared at Madrid." it might be shortly expected.' M. Drovetti is divided into three classes, among those proposes to return with the second cargo, to of the first class, or, in other words, those enjoy, in his own country, the fruit of so which are considered of the most hurtful many learned labours and researchés.




Essay on Man, illustrated with designs by It is proposed, on the 15th of January Uwins, which are engraved in the first 1820, to commence the publication of a style of the art, and in the line manner, by monthly volume, printed in the manner of Charles Heath, Rhodes, Scott, and Warren; an ordinary Novel, but occasionally varied and a full-length portrait of the author, in type and bulk, according to the quantity, engraved by Robinson, from the original, though always sold at the fixed price of 5s. by Jervas. The illustrations of this edi. 3d. per volume, in boards, under the gene- tion, which is necessarily limited to 200, ral title of The Circulating Library, or are all on India paper, and are the only Periodical Series of Original Novels, Ron proofs taken oft previous to the insertion mances, and Tales : consisting partly of of the writing ; the subsequent impressions original works by eminent writers, who of the plates being intended as embellishhave promised their co-operation, and part., ments to a foreign translation of the work. ly of translations of new or unknown works, In a few days will be published, a Let. from the French, German, Italian, Spanish, ter on Superstition, by the Right Hon.' Persian, and Arabic languages. Unless Wm. Pitt, (afterwards Earl of Chatham,) the plan should be varied by unexpected first printed in 1733, addressed to the mul. Co-operation, or by the intervening publi- tifarious sects of the British empire. cation of foreign works of eminence, it is The abridgment of Blackstone's Comintended that the early volumes shall be mentaries into the compress of a single assorted as under:

volume, by the late John Gifford, Esq. Vol. I.-An original Novel.

the magistrate, and author of the Life · Vol. II.-A translation from the French. of Pitt, &c. &c. will be ready in a few Vol. III.-Translations from the Ger. days.

Mr James, the author of two works, Vol. IV.-An original Novel.

one on the 6 Naval,” the other on the Volumes III. and IV. are in the press “ Military Occurrences of the late Ameriof a View of the History, Literature, and can War,” is preparing for the press, the Religion, of the Hindoos; including a Naval History of Great Britain, from the minute description of their manners and commencement of hostilities in May 1803 customs, and translations from their prin. to the present time. cipal works, by the Rev. W. Ward, of A portion of the following entomologiSerampore, Bengal. The Hindoo religion, cal work is ready for publication ; it is in one form or other, it is highly probable, well printed and with plates : Horæ En(says Mr W.) is professed by more than tomologicæ; or Essays on the Annulose half the human race: the doctrines of the Animals: by W. S. Macleay, Esq. A.M. Védu, it is well known, are acknowledged of Trinity College, Cambridge ; Vol. I. all over India ; the religion of Boodh, a Part I. containing general observations on Hindoo incarnation, prevails throughout the geography, manners, and natural affithe Burman empire, Siam, Ceylon, &c.; nities, of the insects which compose the Lamäism, spread throughout Tartary, may genus Scarabaus of Linnæus ; to which also be traced to a Hindoo origin; and if, are added a few incidental remarks on the as is conjectured, the Fo of the Chinese be general Lucanus and Hister of the same the Boodh of India, then it will be evident, author. that far more than half the population of The author of Affection's Gift, &c. &c. the world remains under the influence of has nearly ready, Letters on History, Part the superstition taught in the Védu. II. Profane.

Early in December will be published, Mr J. P. Arrowsmit is printing the superbly printed in atlas quarto, Pope's Art of Instructing the Infant Deaf and

„Dumb; with copperplates, drawn and A New Theory of the Heavens and engraved by the author's brother, who was Earth will speedily be published, by Mr born deaf and dumb.

Joseph Wilkinson, of Manchester : to Dr Robert Hooper will soon publish a which will be added a Supplement, in new edition, in octavo, of his New Medi- which will be expounded, the law of God, cal Dictionary.

commonly called Moses's Laws; with seThe second and concluding volume is in veral parts of the Old and New Testaments. the press of Dr Pye Smith's Scripture Early in November will be published, Testimony to the Messiah ; a work in. Elements of a Plan for the Liquidation tended to elicit, by a cautious induction, of the Public Debt of the United Kingthe whole evidence on the question in the dom ; being the draught of a declaraUnitarian controversy.

tion submitted to the attention of the Mr J. B. Williams, of Shrewsbury, has landed, funded, and every other description in the press, and will speedily publish, a of proprietary of the United Kingdom; by Memoir of Mrs Hutton, the youngest Richard Heathfield, gent. daughter of the Rev. Philip Henry; the Mr Shaw, of Manchester, is printing a life is written by the Rev. Matthew Henry, Vocabulary of the English Language for and has never been printed.

schools, and a work on Logic, or a PhiloSpeedily will be published, Part I. of a sophical Grammar of the English LanSeries of Portraits of the British Poets, guage. from Chaucer to Cowper and Beattie, A concise View of True and False Re. They will be engraved in the line manner bigion, pointing out the various substitutes by Messrs Armstrong, Cooper, Engle. for real religion, which satisfy many, the hart, Finden, Pye, Warren, Wedgewood, cause and cure of declensions, &c, the &c. from drawings made expressly for the whole proved from appropriate Scriptures, work by Mr Thurston, from the most au

extracts from the works of celebrated authentic originals, many of them not hither. thors, and the dying sayings of eminent to engraved. The series, it is expected, Christians; with a list of the best books on will be completed in about twenty-five experimental religion ; by the Rev. G. G. Parts, each part containing six engravings, Scraggs, A. M. is preparing for publica. and will forin two volumes.

tion. In November will be published, Time's In the press, and speedily will be publishTelescope, or a Complete Guide to the Al. ed, in post 8vo. Price 6s. The Thoughts manack for 1820, including a variety of of one that Wandereth, a Poem, in four novel and interesting matter relative to na Books or Reveries, on the World, Kings, tural history, astronomy, biography, anti. Prostitution, and Death; by Wm. Andrey quities, &c. and an Introduction on Ento. Mitchell. mology. The scarce and admirable Essay on the

Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff, The First Book by the Master of Edin-
by the late Maurice Morgann, Esq. forburgh : containing the Lothian Shepherds,
merly under-secretary of state, is reprint- a Pastoral ; and other Original Poems,
ing, with a biographical and critical preface. chiefly Scottish.

An English edition is in the press of A New Theory of Causation, with Ob-
Count Orloff's Historical, Political, and servations on Professor Brown's Inquiry
Literary Memoirs of the Kingdom of respecting Cause and Effect.

A New Theory of the Earth, deduced
Mr John Russell has a volume of Poems from Geological Obseryations.

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in the press.

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of Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, AGRICULTURE.

Chemistry, &c.; by Underwood. ls.
The Farmer's Companion ; or complete

System of Modern Husbandry ; by R. W. Manual of Chemistry ; by W. T. Brande
Dickson. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 2, 2s. boards. L. 1, 5s.

An Essay on Chemical Analysis ; by J.
Herbarium Edinense. By James R. G. Children. 8vo. 16s.
Scott and William Jamieson.

Observations on the Structure of Fruits The Peasant Boy: an opera. 2s. 6d.
and Seeds ; by John Lindley : with plates. Lyrical Dramas: with Domestic Hours:
8vo. 5s. 6d.

a miscellany of odes and songs; by Corne BIBLIOGRAPHY.

lius Neale, late Fellow of St John's ColA Catalogue of an extensive collection lege, Cambridge. 12mo. &s.




earliest times to the present; comprising A Geological Map of the Great Mining the lives of eminent composers and musiDistrict of Cornwall, between Cawborne cal writers: the whole accompanied with and Chasewater ; by Richard Thomas, notes, &c. critical and illustrative ; by Dr L, 1, 12s.

Busby. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 10s. HISTORY. Conversations on General History, from Any thing but what you expect ; by the earliest ages of which we have any au- Jane Harvey. 3 vols. 12mo. 15$. boards. thentic records, to the beginning of the The Munster Cottage Boy ; by R. M. year 1819 ; by A. Jamieson. 12mo. 6s. Roche. 4 vols.

Part XVI. of Aspin's Systematic Ana The Highlander ; a Tale of my Landlysis of Universal History. 5s.

lady. 2 vols. Ils.

Adventures of Julien Delmour, transA Digest of the Criminal Statute Laws lated from the French of Madame de Genof England ; by H. N. Tomlins. 2 vols. lis. 4 vols. L. I, 4s 8vo. 1.. 2, 10s.

The Hermit in London, or Sketches of The Practical Abridgment of the Laws English Manners. 3 vols. 185. of Customs and Excise ; By Charles Pupe. Eveleen Mountjoy, or Views of Life ; MEDICINE.

by Mrs Robert Moore. 4 vols. L. 1, 4s. Manual of Practical Anatomy; by Ed.

POETRY ward Stanley, 12mo. 9s.

Don Juan, Canto III. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Medical Topography of Upper Canada ; Part I. of the Wars of Wellington, in by John Douglas. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

fifteen cantos. by Dr Syntax. 4to. 128. A Letter to the Right Hon. Viscount The Wizard or Fatal Banquet, in four Palmerston, on the subject of an Ophthal- parts; by Henry Llewellyn. 8vo. 4s. mic Institution for the Cure of Chelsea Jona, and other Poems. 3s. Pensioners ; by John Vetch. 2s. Gd.

THEOLOGY. The Atmosphere and Climate of Great The African Committee ; by T. C. BowBritain, as connected with Derangements dich. 3s. of the Liver, &c.; by Dr James John The Select Works of Jercmy Taylory: son. 9s

D. D. 6 vols. 8vo. L. 3, 3s. Observations on the Yellow Fever of the The Answer given by the Gospel to the West Indies ; by R. Dickenson. 8s. Atheism of all ages ; by Thomas Mulock.

An Essay on the Diagnosis between 8vo. Os Erysipelas, Phlegmon, and Erythema ; by A new and elegant folio edition of the G. H. Weatherhead. 8vo. 4s.

Holy Catholic Bible: with Dr Challoner's Opinions on the Causes and Effects of notes ; published with the approbation of Diseases in the Teeth and Gums; by C. the Right Rev. Dr Gibson, Vicar AposBew. L. 1, Is.

tolic of the Northern District. A Dissertation on Death, and on sus

TOPOGRAPHY. pended Animation ; by the Rey. W. History of the Great Plague which visit. Whiter. 14s.

ed London in the year 1665; by D. De

foe. 8vo. 12s. A circumstantial Narrative of the Cam Views of Society and Manners in the paign in Saxony in the year 1813 ; by North of Ireland ; in a series of letters Baron Odelben. 2 vols. 186.

written in the year 1818;by J. Gamble. 12s. The Shooter's Companion; by T. Bu Excursions through Freland ; by ThoJohnson. os. 6d. boards.

mas Cromwell: illustrated with six hunThe Emigrant's Directory to the West- dred engravings. No. I. 2s. 6d. or on large ern States of North America, including a paper, with proof plates, 43. Voyage out from Liverpool ; by Win. A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, Amphlett. 8vo. 6s. boards.

Westmoreland, and Lancashire ; by John The Quarterly Journal of Literature, Robinson, 8vo. 158. Science, and the Arts; edited at the Royal The Traveller's New Guide through Institution. 78. 6d.

Ireland. L. 1, Is. The Colonial Journal, Nos. IV. and Beauties of Cambria : Part I. Oblong IX. 88.

folio, los. Gd. Hints on the Sources of Happiness; ad


dressed to her Children by a Mother. 12s. No. VIII. of the Journal of New Voy

Rural Sports, or a Description of the ages and Travels; containing, 1. M*KeePleasures and Amusements arising from ver's Voyage to Hudson's Bay, with many the Air, the Fields, the Water, and the engravings; 2. Freminville's Voyage to Forest. 3 vols. 4to. L. 7, 178. 6d. or the North Pole. 3s. 6d. in boards; and 3 rols. royal 8vo. L. 5, 5s.

38. sewed. The Family Dyer and Scourer ; by W. Travels through France in 1817; by Tucker, 4s. 6d.

the Duke of Angouleme. 8vo. 8s.

The Emigrant's true Guide to the BriA General History of Music, from the tish Settlements in Upper Canada ; con



taining the best advice and directions re- ces of the country ; by the Right Họn. specting the voyage to Montreal, and mode Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Is. of travelling and conveyance up the coun Common Sense ; a Satirical Poem, in try, with an itinerary of distances, and a two Parts. 8vo. 4s. description of the Falls of Niagara : to A Compendium of Anatomy, human and which are added, an Account of the Settle- comparative, intended principally for the ment called London, on the banks of Lake use of Students; Seventh Edition, enlarged Erie, with some original letters ; by a Lan. and improved. By A. Fyfe, M. D. 4 vols. castrian Farmer, now resident: with pre- 8vo. L. 2, 2s. fatory remarks on Emigration, proving the A Short Account of the Commencement, superior advantages of the British Canadas Progress, and Present State of the Buildto the Cape of Good Hope.

ings helonging to the Royal Medical So

ciety of Edinburgh. 880. stitched. EDINBURGH.

Chronological List of the Royal Com. Essays on Phrenology; or an inquiry pany of Scottish Archers. 8vo. stitched. into the principles and utility of the system Observations on the Use and Abuse of of Drs Gall and Spurzheim, and into the Mercurial Medicines in various diseases ; objections made against it; by George by James Hamilton, jun. M. D. 8vo. Combe. 8vo. 12s.

7s. 6d. Sermons, by the late Rev. John Logan, The Edinburgh Encyclopædia, conductF. R. S. E. one of the ministers of Leith. ed by David Brewster, LL. D. Vol. XIII. New edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 158.

Part II. L. 1, Is. Report on the Statements of the Lord A Treatise on Aneurism, with numerProvost, and Mr A. Bruce, respecting the ous Additions, and a Memoir on the Ligaaffairs of the city of Edinburgh ; with an ture of the principal Arteries of the Ex. Appendix, containing abstracts of the city's tremities; by Antonio Scarpa. Translated Income and Expenditure, for twelve years from the Italian, with Additional Cases, preceding Martinmas 1818, and other State and an Appendix ; by J. H. Wishart, Fel. ments; by John Greig, Accountant, Bur- low of the Royal College of Surgeons. gess and Guild Brother of the city. 2s. 6d. 8vo. 15$. Encyclopadia Edinensis; Vol. III. Part The Collectanea Græca Majora ; Vol

. III. 8s.

III. in two Parts, by Professor Dunbar. Elocutionary Exercises ; by P. M. Dar. 15s. ling. 12mo, bound 3s.

The Farmer's Magazine, No. 80. Price, Report of the Committee of the Guildry 3s. of the City of Edinburgh. 6d.

Observations on the Propriety and Use.' Tlioughts on Paper Circulation ; with fulness of an Establishment in Edinburgh, some remarks on the Speech of the Earl of for teaching Oriental Languages

, for Civil Liverpool, in the House of Peers, on the and Commercial purposes, to young gen. Report of the Bank Committee ; and a plan tlemen going to India ; by David Scot, for re-establishing the financial circumstan. M. D. minister of Corstorphine, 25.

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It has spread its ravages to Seville, where FRANCE..The Paris papers contain an it rages with such malignity, that out of account of the trial of the editor and the 120 cases 30 had proved fatal. Madrid publisher of Mr Hobhouse's History of the had hitherto escaped the contagion ; but in Hundred Days, before the Assize Court Cadiz the deaths amount to 100 daily

. In there, when they were found guilty of in- the Isle of Leon, where the devouring masulting the King and Royal Family, and lady first made its appearance, it has atthe Court, after some deliberation, senten tacked nearly every person who had not ced the one to six months' imprisonment received the disease at some former period. and 1000 francs of fine, and the other to All those who could quit the place left it one year's imprisonment and 1000 francs on the first alarm; the population of fine.'

minished to 16,000; of these, nearly hall, SPAIN.

The intelligenee from this coun. as had been ascertained by returns made try is still occupied with melancholy details for that purpose, had been previously

in of the progress of the yellow fever, and fected : of the remaining number 3225 the horrors of this dreadful scourge are

persons died. It appears, by the last acheightened by the poverty of the people. counts from Cadiz,

that the Spanish force,

Was die

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