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Wright, M. London, wine merchant

Ward, D. Brisley, Norfolk, seed-merchant Wright, J. Doncaster, miller

White, B. London, hosier Webster, T. Chedgrave, Norfolk, printer

Wenham, J. Beckley, Sussex, sailor Wellington, J. jun. Chard, Somerset, grocer Weldon, J. Manchester, warehouseman Wilson, J. Worksop, money scrivener

Whitchurch, J. London, coach-maker Wilson, J. London, inerchant

Wells, G. Hadleigh, Suffolk, salesman of clothes Woods, J. jun. Portsea, baker

Zamira, J. London, grocer. Wattam, T. Lincoln, cor-dealer


November 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Smith, J. and Co. Peterhead, booksellers

Stewart, Glasgow, flesher and cattle-lealer Bethune, A, Bridgend of Alness, merchant

Thomson, A. and W. Dubbyside, manufacturers Cliffe, W. Langholin, manufacturer

Torrance, J. Galston, innkecper
Gillespie, D. St Andrews, merchant tailor

Wills, P. Glasgow, jeweller
Hogg and Brack, Earlston, manufacturers
Hurlett copperas Company

Lumsden, J. Dysart, merchant

Cochrane, Davidson, & Co. Glasgow, merchants : M'Call, J., and Sons, Glasgow, merchants

by F. Garden, merchant there, 15th December. M‘Cubbing, J. Springfield, cattle-dealer

Eddie, J. Forres, merchant; by J. Cumming, M'Gibbon, E. Glasgow, merchant

banker there, 27th December. MÅLane, A. Glasgow, merchant

Gilchrist, J. Eaglesham, cotton-spinner; by R. Peacock, R., and Sons, Paisley, merchants

Wight, accountant, Edinburgh, 20th Dec. Pinkerton, J. Glasgow, brewer

Milne, M. Stonehaven, merchant; by the trustee Robey, G. Anstrucher, merchant

there, 20th December.


a son.


# son.


16. At Brahan Castle, Ross-shire, the Hon. Nov. 3. At Darnhall, the Hon. Mrs Oli. Mrs Stewart Mackenzie, a daughter. phant Murray, a son.

The lady of David Pollock, of Carey 4. At Hillsborough, the Marchioness of Street, Lincoln's Inn, Esq. barrister at law, Downshire, a son.

At Lennox Love, the lady of Colonel the Hon. P. Stuart, a daughter.

- At Inchmarlo, the lady of Henry Oct. 19. At Sanquhar House, Alexander Iveson, Esq. of Blackbank, a daughter. Grant, Esq. Thornhill, to Hannah Grant

7. At Aberdeen, Mrs Captain John Boyd, daughter of the late George Grant, Esq. late of the 82d regiment, a son.

Burdsvards. 8. At the Royal Military Asylum, 29. W. B. Rose, Esq. of Rhinie, to Mary, Chelsea, the lady P. Macgregor, Esq. youngest daughter of the late David M.

Culloch, Esq. of Glastullich. 9. At the manse of Kirkhill, Mrs Fraser, Nov. 2. At Edinburgh, Captain Thomas a daughter.

Murray, of the Hon. East India Company's 10. At London, the lady of William Gore service, to Martha, daughter of the late don, Esq. of Devonshire Street, a daughter. Joseph Purvis, Esq. of Liverpool.

11. Mrs Abercromby of Birkenbog, a 3. Mr Robert Nasmyth, surgeon, Edirdaughter.

burgh, to Mary Lockhart, eldest daughter At Stony Bank, the lady of Major J. of David Jobson, sen. Esq. Dundee. S. Sinclair, Royal Artillery, a daughter. 4. At Ofley, Herts, James Gordon Mur

At Chapelton, the lady of Captain doch, Esq. of Oaktield, Berks, to Caroline John A. Durie, late of the 92d regiment, a Penelope, fifth daughter of the late Samuel daughter.

Gambier, Esq. Commissioner of his Ma12. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Dun- jesty's Navy, and niece to Admiral Lord das of Dundas, a son and heir.

Gambier. At Edinburgh, the lady of Lieuten 8. At Banff, Osbert Forsyth, Esq. of ant-Colonel Taylor, 10th hussars, a daugh- London, merchant, to Isabella, only daugli

ter of Captain Reid of Inverinkcey. 13. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir Alex

At Great Baddow, Essex, Thomas ander Mackenzie of Avoch, a son.

Francis Balderston, Esq. Commander of 14. At Annan, the lady of James Bur the Hon. Last India Company's ship Asia, gess, Esq. R. N. her seventh daughter. to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Walter

15. At Sir A. Macdonald's, Sheen, Mrs Urquhart, Esq. Randolph, a daughter.

9. At Ayr, Maurice Tweedie, Esq. of the At Paisley, the lady of Fulton M Hon. East India Company's service, to Kerrell, Esq. a son and heir.

Elizabeth, second daughter of Alexander 10 At Cockenzie, Mrs H. F. Cadell, a

Gardner, Esq.

At Kincorth, Frederick Grant, Esq.


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of Quebec, to Davina, youngest danghter Aug. 1. At Sierra Leone, in Africa, the of the late Robert Grant, Esq. of Kincorth. Rev. John Collier, late of York, and first

9. At Glasgow, James Wilson, Esq. chaplain of that colony. advocate, to Margarct, youngest daughter 14. At Up Park Camp, Jamaica, of the of the late John Crawford, Esq. of Broad yellow fever, Lieutenant Richard Macdonfield.

nell, of the 92d regiment. At Edinburgh, J. D. H. Hay, Esq. 23. On board the United States'schooner to Jane, second daughter of William San- Nonsuch, at the moment of her arrival at derson, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh. Port Spain, in the island of Trinidad, Com

10. At Broich House, Stirlingshire, John modore Perry. M'Farlan, Esq. younger of Ballencleroche, - In Tobago, Mr James Lapslie, seto Miss Janet Buchanan, only daughter of cond son of the Rev. Mr Lapslie, minister the late Robert Ewing, Esq. merchant, of Campsie. Glasgow.

10. At Charleston, South Carolina, of At Mary-la-bonne, London, Felix yellow fever, Mr Peter Buchanan, formerWhitmore, jun. Esq. of Belvidere House, ly resident in Greenock. Lambeth, to Rosamord, second daughter 15. At Roslin, in the State of South Ca. of Major Tulloch of Portland Place. rolina, Archibald Simpson Jolinston, Esq.

13. At St Pancras Church, London, cldest sou of Adam Johnston, Esq. Col. Charles Phillips, Esq, of the Irish Bar, to lector of his Majesty's Customs, GreenMiss Whalley, of Camden Town.

ock. 15. At Makerstown, Major-General Sir 22. At Trenton, New Jersey, Andrew Thomas Brisbane of Brisbane, K. C. B. to Gray, Esq. of Craigs, Dumfries-shire. Anna Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Henry Oct. 5. At Perth, Alexander Moncrieff, Hay Mackdougall, Bart. of Makerstown. Esq. Captain in the Royal Ayrshire mili

16. At Wellhall, near Hamilton, Capt. tia. Arch. Stewart, of the rifle brigade, to Eliza, 7. At his house, near Cupar in Fife, Dr only daughter of the late R. Crosse, Esq. John Govan, physician in Cupar. of Barrachnie.

11. At Pistou, Nova Scotia, after a short 18. At Doveridge Hall, Derbyshire, illness, and in the 51st year of his age, George Richard Phillips, Esq. M. P. only Edward Mortimer, Esq. merchant. He son of George Phillips, Esq. M. P. of Sedge was a native of Scotland, and having gone ley, Lancashire, &c. to the Hon. Geor- thither in early life, soon rose to high congiana Cavendish, eldest daughter of Lord sideration by his character and talents. Waterpark.

For upwards of 20 years, he represented At Greenock, Major Allan Macdon- the county of Halifax in the colonial Leald, of the 55th regiment, to Flora, eldest gislature; and the New College of Pictou, daughter of Patrick Nicolson, Esq. of Ard- erected on a liberal foundation, owes its

institution, in a great measure, to his exer26. At Edinburgh, James Winks, Esq. tions and influence. Indeed, he took a Pitt Street, to Elizabeth, youngest daugh lively interest in the public welfare of the ter of the late Mr John Brodie, farmer, colony--in all respects was exemplary in Coathill, Berwickshire.

his manners, as well as in his attention to 30. At Gateshead, near Newcastle, Ste. religious duties—and, as he devoted the latphen Reed, Esq. solicitor, to Isabella, eld- ter years of his life greatly to purposes of est daughter of the late John Barras, Esq. benevolence, he was greatly endeared to of the former place.

the inhabitants of Pictou, as well as respected by all ranks of people in the province.

15. At London, Captain Andrew An. April 23. At Columbo, island of Ceylon, derson, of the Hon. East India Coinpany's Lieut. John Hogarth, of the Bengal in- service, Bombay an officer, wliose zealous fantry, third son of James Hogarth, Esq. and conscientious discharge of his military of Berwick. His brother officers, as à duties, during 19 years, amiable manners, mark of regard for his excellent character, warmth of friendship, and patience under have erected a monument to his memory. long and severe sufferings, gained him the

May. At Trichinopoly, Benjamin Horne, respect and esteem of, and endeared him Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's to all, with whom he had any intercourse. civil service, third son of John Horne, Esq. At Bridgend, the Rev. Robert Kar, of Stircoke.

one of the ministers of Perth. 13. Charles Eliott, Esq. of the lion. At Oxford, in the 39th year of his East India Company's service, sixth son of age, Richard Reale, Esq. of Kilkenny, 0.72 the late Sir William Eliott of Stobs, Bart. of the gentlemen who were in the old Chel. --He fell gallantly in the attack on the fort tenham coach, which was overturned on the of Rupal Droog, in the East Indies.

8th curt. at Botley turnpike. His death June. At the Isle of France, the Ilon. was occasioned by the bruises he then reSir Alexander Anstruther, Recorder of ceived. Bombay.



15. At Edinburgh, Mr William Hunter, of the State. As a classical and a general spirit-dealer, High Street.

scholar, greatly accomplished in languages - At Portobello, Charles Stewart, Esq. and in letters, few were his superiors ; but of Boreland, merchant in Edinburgh, in it is for his friends alone to speak with jus. the 28th year of his age.

tice of his social merits. Inheriting with 16. Aged 102, John Milner, of the the name the humour of Lord North, the Bank in Leeds. He served 37 years in characteristic humour of his family, which the army, and received a pension for 30 appeared to be rather the effusion of playyears.

ful spirits and of social enjoyment, than the At Fairlie, Mr Robert Tennant, effort of wit, and being free from spleen or junior, merchant in Glasgow.

vanity, was incapable of inflicting painAt his house, Newton of Mearns, he enlivened every society by his presence. Mr Robert Osburn, aged 78 years. A cheerful and agreeable companion, a

17. At Hyde Park, Anderston, John warm and generous friend, a kind and M'llwham, Esq. of Carnbroe.

affectionate son ; nothing remained to make 18. At the manse of Trinity Gask, John his private character more amiable, but Burgh, only son of the late Rev. Ralph that most endearing relation of all, which, Taylor, minister of Monzie.

with every prospect of happiness, he had 19. At Bourdeaux, Mr Francis John- undertaken only a few months before hsi stone, writer in Ayr, son of Q. Johnstone, lamented death. Esq. of Trolerg

22. At Pirnmains, Robert Mitchell, aged - At Hamburgh, John Fisher, Esq. 97. - At Edinburgh, Mr David Dow, of At Edinburgh, in her 82d year, Miss the British Linen Company's Bank. Anne Wishart, daughter of the late Dr

- At Innerleithen, Mrs Agnes Greig, William Wishart, Principal of the College James' Court, Edinburgh.

of Edinburgh. At London, Wm. Spence, son of At Brodie's Buildings, Canongate, Mr Wm. Spence, Felton Green, Mussel- Edinburgh, Mr John Reid, writer. burgh.

23. At Callander, Mrs M'Arthur, widow 20. At Glasgow, Mr John Stewart, of the late Alexander M'Arthur, Esq. of writer, Ayr.

Littlemill. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Mac Mr James Bauchop of Brucefield, millan, of Stirling, in the 68th year of his Mid Calder, aged 72. age, and 42d of his ministry.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Home alias At Lisbon, Mary, sixth daughter of Buchan ; she was the last of that family of the late George Ramsay, Esq. of Barnton. Home, formerly of Kello, in Berwickshire.

21. Mrs Agnes Redfoord, wife of Mr The family of Home of Kello was one of Robert Lamb, wood-merchant, Leith Walk. the branches of the Earl of Home's family,

At Cambusmore, after a short but and was connected with many of the prin. severe illness, Captain Donald Crauford, of cipal nobility in North Britain, and enjoy. the royal artillery, son of the late P. George ed for many generations ample possessions; Crauford, Esq. and brother of John Crau. but, latterly, the keenest shafts of evil forford of Auchenames, Esq.

tune were directed against it, until it was At Juniperbank, Alison, aged 15 ; levelled with the dust. Its misfortunes and on the 23d, Jane, aged 17, daughters may be said to have begun with John of Mr John Thorburn.

Home of Kello, who was an eminent CoreAt Edinburgh, James, infant son nanter ; and having been appointed one of of Macvey Napier, W. S.

the trustees for managing the affairs of In Tobago Street, in the 88th year Scotland by Oliver Cromwell. At the Reof his age, John Arthur, during 60 years storation, he, and many others who con. servant to Mrs Stuart of Kirkbraehead. tinued true to what they conceived the prin

At Exeter, James Connell, Esq. mer- ciples of civil and religious liberty, were chant in Glasgow

prosecuted for high treason, and had their In Brook Street, London, the Hon. estates torfeited. The Marquis of Argyle, Frederick Sylvester North Douglas, only and Lord Johnstone of Wareston, it is well son of Lord Glenbervie, and Member of known, lost their lives on the scaffold; Parliament for the borough of Banbury. Home, however, escaped, and at the HeIndefatigable in his attention to public bu- volution in 1688, George, his son, had the siness, he brought to the consideration of greater part of the family property restored every subject a clear, vigorous, and active to him; lie was Knighted by King William, understanding, a copious rund of informa- and was elected Iord Provost of Edinburgh, tion, the spirit and the tact of a man of at a time when it was still common for business. He had devoted, at an early age, gentlemen of family to fill that office; he all his faculties to public lite, and in the was succeeded by his son George, and he by opinion of the most judicious among his his son David, who, having unfortunately contemporaries, he would have obtained killed a gentleman of the family of Inver. the highest distinctions of Parliament and may in a duel, he was obliged to fly his

native country, and his affaire went to utter 30. At Florence, Wm. Mackenzio, Esq. ruin, injustice snatching away what folly of the island of St Vincent. and extravagance had left; and for two At Easter Causeyend, Mr Thomas generations, five goodly sons perished most. Graham, farmer. ly in foreign lands, in their endeavours to At Carfrae, in the 78th year of his raise the fallen fortunes of their family. In age, Robert Hogarth, Esq. tenant there. 1796 Mrs Buchan lost her last surviving This respectable gentleman was the first by brother, Dr David Home, who died in whom the system of turnip husbandry was Westmoreland, Jamaica. Two years pre- introduced into the higher districts of Bervious to this she had been left a widow, wickshire, from which such benefits have with an only child, her husband having been since derived to that thriving part of died on the same island shortly after her Scotland. Mr Hogarth was a man of ex. marriage. She was a person of an uncom- cellent understanding, of unspotted intemonly mild and inoffensive disposition, and grity, and of attainments very greatly subore a long and painful illness with much perior to those which were generally chapatience and resignation.

racteristic of the class to which he belonged, 24. At Dalmeny manse, Miss Elizabeth at the period when he entered upon lite. In Morison, 23, Duke Street, Edinburgh, the discharge of all the duties of society he daughter of the late Mr James Morison, might well be termed exemplary. Of those Muthil.

that belonged to him as a master, a neighAt the Baths of Tivoli, near Paris, bour, and a friend, the general respect and in his 20th year, Sir Arthur Grey Hazle sorrow of his vicinity afford the most unerigg, Bart. of Nosely Hall, Leicester- quivocal evidence. His surviving family shire.

have lost a head, and his exclusive circle 25. At Savannah, Georgia, North Ameri. of relations a member, of whom it may be ca, aged 26 years, the Lady of John Wile truly said, that his death was the first liamson Stirk, Esq. daughter of the late and the only affliction he ever occasioned Captain John Baugh, of the 58th regiment them. of foor.

31. Mrs Hutchison, relict of the late At No. 5, North St David Street, Thomas Hutchison, baker in Edinburgh. Robert Thom.

Nov. 1. At Kirkwall, Orkney, in the At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Rat- 230 year of her age, Agnes Scarth, wife of tray, relict of David Robertson, Esq. late James Spence, Esq. merchant. of Bleaton, aged 88.

Miss Esther Orr, daughter of the 26. At her house in Maitland Street, late William Orr, Esq. of Barrowfield. Edinburgh, Miss Ramsay, daughter of the At Swinton manse, Mrs Harriet Heplate Robert Ramsay, Esq. merchant, Leith. burne Mitchelson, wife of John Tait,

At Annfield, near Edinburgh, Henry younger of Pirn, W. S. Miller, of Pourin, M. D. of the Honourable 2. At Edinburgh, Miss Katharine Mor. East India Company's service.

rison Mackenzie, daughter of the late Sir At his house, near Cupar Fife, Mr Roderick Mackenzie of Scatwell, Bart. Andrew Milne, of South Baltilly.

James Kirkpatrick, Esq. of NewAt Edinturgh, in the 84th year of port and Seafield, Isle of Wight her age, Mrs Barbara Lockhart, daughter At Edinburgh, William Gordon, of the late John Lockhart, Esq. of Cleg. Esq. late writer in Stonehaven. horn.

-At Parkhead, in the 71st year of his Oct. 27. At Pitten weem, Mrs Major age, Mr David Black, writer. Duddingston.

At Ayr, Deacon Alex. M‘Cubbin, At Maybolc, John Goudie, Esq. sen. aged 36. residing there.

3. At the Moat of Troqueer, George 28. At Edinburgh, William Govan, Esq. Rae, Esq. of Hermiston.

In the Charity Workhouse of - At Blair Drummond, George Home Edinburgh, John Barclay, aged upwards Drummond, Esq. of Blair Drummond. of 80 years. He resided in this establish

29. At Hartfield, aged 71, Mr James ment for more than 73 years, during which Duncan, junior, for many years bookseller time he never slept a night out of the in Glasgow

house. When he was admitted there At Roseneath House, Elizabeth Wil- were only twelve inmates resident in the son, youngest daughter of the late William house. Wilson, Esq. of Milcroft, New Monkland, At his son's house, Kincardineshire, and wife of Mr Hugh Barclay.

John Denham, late farmer in Maryhill, At Edinburgh, No. 9, Gayfield aged 85. Square, Miss Jean Bruce, aged 84, daugh At Aberdeen, aged 23, after a lingerter of the deceased Mr John Bruce, mini- ing illness, Mr John Still, merchant. ster of the parish of Airth.

At Edinburgh, aged 88, Miss Mar The Right Rev. Edmund Derry, D. garet M'Laurin, daugliter of the deccased D. Roman Catholic Bishop of Dromore. Mr Donald M.Laurin, sometime surgeon

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in Edinburgh, and sister to the late Dr 13. At Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Ballin. Robert M‘Laurin, physician in London. gall, widow of the late Mr John Ballin

4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Dirom, widow gall, Glasgow. of Alex. Dirom, Esq. of Muiresk, in the - At Glasgow, Mr J. Steven, bookseller. 85th year of her age.

14. At Glasgow, Miss Rutherford. At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Camp At Balmuto, Mr James Young, 47 bell, daughter of the deceased Neil Camp- years faithful gardener there, and who last hell, Esq. late Collector of the Customs, year obtained the Caledonian Horticurural Oban.

Society medal for the reward of long and -- At Aberdeen, Maj. Gen. Charles Irvine. honest services.

5. At Preston, the Rev. J. Douglas, At Irvine, Capt. John Farrie. F. A. S. author of " The Nænia Britan. 15. At Muthil manse, Mrs Catharine nica,” and various scientific and literary Cunningham, wife of the late Rev. Johu publications.

Russel, minister of Stirling.
At Glasgow, MrW. Aitken, merchant.

At Orangefield, county of Down, At Gray's Mill, Mr James Belfrage, Hugh Crauford, Esq. many years an emi. merchant, South Bridge, Edinburgh. nent and respectable merchant and banker

At Traquair Manse, Peebles-shire, in Belfast. the Rev. James Nicol, minister of that 16. At Greenlaw, Berwickshire, John parish, in the 50th year of his age. Wilson, student of divinity, much respected,

6. Mr William Idle, once the dashing last surviving son of the late Rev. Robert head of the “ Repository of Fashion" in Wilson, minister of Aytoun. Norwich, but latterly an inmate of the At Edinburgh, in the 8th year of Leeds workhouse, where he terminated his her age, Betty Cameron, a native of Lochaearthly career.

ber, who has resided here for the last sixty 7. At Portobello, Miss Isabella Clunie, years. This poor woman was one of a sixth daughter of the late Rev, John Clunie, small class of people, perhaps more peculiar aninister of Whitekirk, after a severe and to Scotland than any other country, who painful illness for a series of years. never beg, yet never want, and who, with

After a few days' illness, Mr Bryan out relatives, fortune, or certain income, M•Swiney, for many years printer of the are provided for as if they had all these. London Courier newspaper.

She was not a common pauper, but a hum8. At Doneraile House, county of Cork, ble visitor at friendly houses, and though suddenly, of a water in the chest, Viscount seldom possessed at one time of more than Doneraile, in his 65th year.

the morrow required, was proverbially At Edinburgh, Mrs Gibson of Clif- honest, and had a strict regard to truth. tonhall, ageu 88.

She never abused the goodness of the bene9. At his house, Coats Crescent, Edin. volent by Waste or intemperance, and was burgh, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Erskine to a severe degree exact in all religious obof Shellfield.

These qualities recommended 10. At Brighton, the lady of Sir James her to the truly charitable; but she added Mansfield.

to these a considerable share of strong in11. At Liverpool, Edgar Corric, Esq. stinctive scnse, and an abundant store of aged 71.

information and anecdote concerning the At Edinburgh, William Speid, fourth principal families of Scotland, as well as son of Robert Speid, Esq. W. S.

of the young Chevalier, whom she had seen At Ayr, Capt. Thomas Humble, in hor youth. She talked with enthusiasm late of Newcastle.

of the deeds of Highland valour, and pre12. At Edinburgh, Miss Margarct served to the last all the prejudices of clanGrame, sister to Colonel Grame of inch ship. In her 85th year she danced a reel, brakie.

and sung till lately, with great spirit, the At Edinburgh, David Ilay, Esq. of pibrochs that were sounded at the rising." Belton.

When age al length brought her to her At London, in a fit of apoplexy, humble death.bed, she was not neglected. John Dawson, Esq. an eminent solicitor. Jler la:: hours, calm and confident under

At Glasgow, Mr John Provan, late the intiuence of religion, were sweetened by merchant there.

the assurance that the same kind friends At Netheralbie, parish of Middlebie, who ministered to her little wants on earth, in the 72 1 year of his age, Jarmes Holliday, would see hier worn-out frame carried home Esq. after a lingering sufferance of more with the decent solemnities so prized and than three years, during which he never attended to in Scotland. allowed a sign of complaint to escape bim. 29. At Leith, Agnes Paterson, aged 31,

At Deal, Catherine, wife of Captain spouse of Mr Robert Strong, jun. merchant, John Paterson, of the East India Com- and only child of Mr John Paterson, civil Düny's servicc.

engineer there.


Print: l by George Ramsay and Company.

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