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Accession of King George 11., inte. Blanchard, Madame, killed by falling from
resting notices concerning, 468

a balloon, 177
Accident, melancholy one in the Solway Blasphemy, trial for publishing, 467

Frith, 74—Dreadful one ncar Rothsay, Bonaparte, Napoleon, recollections of, 343
75%In a steam-boat, 76-Shocking one Boswell Redivivus, a dream, 304
in France, 177—Singular one in Perth- Bowers, Peter, trial of, for murder, 77
shire, 276–In Edinburgh, 369—Shock- Brazils, notice from the, 232
ing one at Fintray, 370—At Edmon- Bribery at elections, trials for, 568
stone, near Edinburgh, 469

Britain and America, on the unfriendly
Acid, pyroligneous, effectual in preventing dispositions existing between them, 104

the putrefaction of animal substances, British legislation, 79, 276, 375, 570

Bruce, King Robert, re-interment of his
Addison's Vision of Mirza, compared with remains at Dunfermline, 469
Plato's Apologue of Eurus, 310

Bruce and Wallace, a vision, 496
Admirable Crichton, remarks on Tytler's Bruce's Travels, on the authenticity of,
Life of the, 136

Africa, account of a journey into the inte. Buccleuch, the late Duke of, memoir and
rior of, 61

character of, 287
Agricultural reports, 84, 192, 282, 383, Burgh reform in Scotland, information re-
478, 575

spectig, 76
Alloa, skeleton of a whale found there, 171 Burckhardt, Mr, the African traveller, let.
America, United States of, commercial em ter of, 133

barrassments in, 71, 179-On the un. Burns, Robert, meeting in London to com-
friendly dispositions existing between meniorate, 28
Britain and, 104—Remarks on English Byron, Lord, remarks on his Mazeppa,
writers on, 317-Plagne rages in, 466 145

Spanish, intelligence from, 71 Caledonian canal, progress of the, 78
- Attack of Callao, by Lord Cochrane, Cape of Good Hope, attack of the settle-
180_Victorious career of the patriots in, ment there by the Caffres, 271

Carlisle, Richard, trial of, for blasphemous
American literature, specimens of, 206– publications, 467—His sentence, 568
“ The author's account of himself," 207 Cashmir goats, information respecting, 65

-“ The voyage," 208—“ Rural life in Catastrophe, affecting one, 566
England,” 211

Cause and effect, remarks on, 502
Amsterdam, account of the bank of, 46 Ceylon, inhabitants of the central districts.
Amusements, public, 80, 187, 278, 376, of, 451
470, 571

Chalmers's, Dr, sketch of his manner in
Anecdotes, historical, literary, and scel preaching, 188_Thoughts suggested by
laneous, 20, 455, 527

a pamphlet of, 432
Animals, mammiferous, notice of a work Chili, earthquake in, 368

Chinese, translations from the, 24-Porce-
Apologue of Eurus compared with Addi. lain pagoda at Nan-King, 25—Letter
son's Vision of Mirza, 310

frora the Emperor to the Prince Regent
Appointments, promotions, &c. 80, 189, of Britain, 26
280, 379, 470, 573

Churches, L. 100,000 granted for new
Banking companies of Europe, historical ones in Scotland, 74
sketch of the principal, 46

Circuit intelligence, 371
Bankrupts, lists of English and Scotch, 88, Clark, Dr, abstract of his travels in Scan-
196, 286, 387, 482, 579

dinavia, 249
Barcelona taken by the patriots of South Clerical portraits, Sir H. Moncreiff, 113—
America, 368

Dr Inglis, 114-Mr Andrew Thomson,
Biographical sketch of Macdonald, author ib.-Dr Macknight, Dr Brunton, Bi-

of Vimonda, 233_Of the late Lord shop Sandford, 116-Mr Alisor, 117-
Somerville, 483

Dr Chalmers, 118
Births, lists of, 93, 197, 291, 387, 485, College verses, 416

Coloured snow, account of, 66

on, 553


on, 121

Combination of metals, experiments on Engraving, improvements in, 553
the, 265

Ephemera, the, a fable, 450
Comet, stanzas addressed to a, 30mAc- Eruptions of Mount Etna in 1809 and
count of a new one,

1811, account of, 160
Commercial distress in Britain, 78 Essays on early English dramatists, 104,
Commercial reports, 86, 194, 284, 385,

480, 577

Etna, Mount, account of eruptions of, 160
Common Sense, a poem, remarks on, 499 Eurus, Apologue of, compared with the
Commons, House of, budget opened in, Vision of Mirza, 310

72—New taxes, 73_Grants L. 100,000 Events of the war, on the inferences to be
for building new churches in Scotland, drawn from the, 395

74-Report on the criminal laws, 491 Explanation of a passage in St Paul, 120
Copenhagen, account of the bank of, 48— Extracts from a demoir of Dr Wells, 10
Persecution of the Jews in, 367

-From the Desert, a poem, 30—From
Corfu, earthquake in, 465

the poems of Pindemonti, with English
Corn tables, 85, 193, 283, 384, 479, 576 translation, 54-From the Life of Cur.
Cornwall's Dramatic Scenes, &c. remarks ran, 56, 337–From early English

dramatists, 104—From Peter's Letters
Court of Session, proceedings in, 73

to his Kinsfolk, 113_From Cornwall's
Craniology, or Phrenology, remarks on, Dramatic Scenes, &c. 122–From Tyt.
299, 423

ler's Life of the Admirable Crichton,
Crichton, the Admirable, remarks on Tyt. 136_From Lord Byron's Mazeppa, 147
ler's Life of, 136

--From some American authors, 207–
Criminal Laws, Parliamentary report on From translations of Virgil, 214--From
the, 491

Dante's Purgatoria, 330-Prom the
Criticism on a passage in Livy, 336-On manuscript journal of a traveller in
verbal, 515

Italy, 411_From Fuller's Holy State,
Crystal mine in France, discovery of a, 266 419-From a pamphlet by Di Chal-
Curious account of an improvisatore, 333 mers, 433_From an old pamphlet of

Facts regarding the swallow, 362 Dr Zimmermann, 437–From Mrs He-
Curran, J. P. remarks on the life of, 56 mans's poems, 445_From a poem by
337, 428

Miss Holford, 507–From Latimer's
Dante's Purgatoria, remarks on, 329 first sermon before King Edward, 509
Death, verses composed in the prospect of, From Common Sense, a poem, 499

Fairies, on good and bad ones, 16
Deaths, lists of, 95, 199, 293, 389, 487, Farewell, the, 212

Female, account of one of the white species
Denmark, persecution of the Jews in, 367 of mankind, having the skin of a negro,
Desert, the, a poem, remarks on, 30

Difference between spoken and written Fire damp, explosions of, 567
thought, 530

Fires, in mansion-house of Ballony, 76–
Dramatists, essays on the early English, In Mr Bensley's printing-office, London,

104, 522
Dream, a, 304

Flowers, verses on, 449_On a sprig of
Dundas, Chief Baron, character of the heath, ib.-— The passion flower, ib.The
late, 90

primrose, 456_The violet, ib.
Dunfermlinc, re-interment of the bones of Forfarshire, account of a vitrified fort there,

King Robert Bruce at, 469
Earthquakes in Chili, 368—In Corfu, 465 France, statistical accounts of, 66_ Insti.

-In Germany, 561_Dreadful one in tute of, 67–New peers created in, 177
the East Indies, 562-At Comrie in -Political trial in, ib.-Discovery of a
Perthshire, 568

crystal mine in, 266_Change of minis.
Edinburgh, graduations at the university try in, 560-Recal of persons banished

of, 169—Additions to the College mu from, ib.- Opening of the legislative bo-
seum of, 170, 361-Examination of the dies in, ib.
High School of, 187- Mr Wallace elect- France, Isle of, hurricane in the, 179
ed professor of inathematics in the Col- Frederick the Great, recollections of, 347
lege of, 369—Opening of the Calton. Fuller's Holy State, extracts from, +19-
Hill road, 467–Visit of the Persian Of jesting, ib. Of self-praising, 4201
ambassador to, 469- Musical Festival at, Of travelling, ib._Of company, 421-
471-Letters written from, in 1745, 540 Of apparel, 423_Of building, ib.
-Proceeds of the Musical Festival, 567 Gardiner, Colonel, remarks on Doddridge's
-Final decision respecting the election of Life of, 35
Magistrates in 1817, 569

Gas lamp, portable, account of Mr Gore
Egyptian mummy, account of an, 65 don's, 361
England, account of the bank of, 50 German literature, annual report of, for
English writers on America, 31-7

1818, 495



Germans, on the progress they have made Leith smacks, owners of, liable for delivery
in writing history, 141

of goods in Edinburgh, 74
Germany, tour into the district of Harz, Leopold, Prince, visit of, to Scotland, 275,

in, 130, 226—Arrests for political of. 370
fences in, 178, 271.-Number of students Letter from the Emperor of China to the
in the universities of, 267-Persecution Prince Regent, 26
of the Jews in, 271, 367

of Mr Burckharde, the African
Glasgow, meetings for reform at, 274 traveller, 153

Riot there, 276~ Apprehension enter. Letters from London, by an Islander, 154
tained of a rebellion there, 569

-Written by a gentleman in Hungary
Glassford, Henry, Esq. memoir of the late, to his sister in Edinburgh, in 1671, 538

-Written from Edinburgh in 1741,
Grain, experiments relative to the preser. 540
vation of, 265

Life of Curran, remarks on, 56, 337, 428
Hamburgh, account of the bank of, 47 Literary, historical, and miscellaneous an-
Harz, tour into the district of, 130, 226 ecdotes, 20, 455, 527
Hemans, Mrs, remarks on her poems, Literary and scientific intelligence, 65,

169, 265, 361, 457, 553
Highlands of Scotland, deplorable state of Literature, American, specimens of, 206_
ignorance of the, 184

Annual report of German, 495
Historians of Germany, remarks on the, Livy, criticism on a passage in, 336

Lords, House of, reject motion for repeal-
Historical, literary, and miscellaneous anec ing the test acts, 72
dotes, 20, 455, 527

Macdonald, Andrew, author of Vimonda,
illustrations of Shakespeare, 262 biographical sketch of, 233
Holford, Miss, extract of a poem by, Macgregor, General, his disastrous expedi-

tion to Porto Bello, 71
Holland, journal of a visit to, 217—Briel, Magnetic poles of the earth, supposed dis-

ib.-Rotterdam, 218, 313, 409-Schi. covery respecting the, 266
dam, 315 The Hague, 505

Malays, establishment of a British port in
Holy State, Fuller's, extracts from, 419 the ancient capital of, 368
Hungary, letters written from in 1671, Malta, account of the plague there in 1813,3

Mainmiferous animals, notice of a work
Hunt, Mr, his triumphal entry into Lon.
don, 376

Manchester, reform meeting there dispers-
Hurricanes in the West Indies, 563

ed by the military, 274–Apprehensions
Imperial tea, notice respecting, 363

of a rising of reformers there, 569
Improvisatore, curious account of an, 333 Marriages, lists of, 94, 198, 292, 387, 486,
Indies, West, intelligence from the, 72 580
Violent hurricane in the, 563

Mathematics, Mr Wallace elected professor
Inoculation for the plague practised in of, in Edinburgh, 369
Tangiers, 565

Mazeppa, a poem by Lord Byron, remarks
Inscriptions, Latin, remarks on, 532
Ionian Islands, insurrection in, 561 Metals, experiments on the combination of,
Inferences to be drawn from the events of 265
the war, 395

Meteorological tables, 84, 192, 282, 383,
Islander, an, letters from London by, 154 478, 575
Italy, on the living poets of, 52-Extract Mirza, Vision of, compared with Plato's

from the journal of a traveller in, 411 Ар gue of Eurus, 310
Jews, persecution of, in Germany, 271, Miscellaneous, literary, and historical anec-
367-And in Denmark, 367

dotes, 20, 455, 527
Journal of a visit to Holland, 217, 313, Mollier's journey into the interior of Afri-

409, 505_Of a traveller in Italy, 411
Jury trial in Scotland, thoughts on, 258 Monody on the death of a dear friend, 504
Justiciary, High Court of, proceedings in, Moore, General Sir John, ode to the me-
77_Trial of Peter Bowers for murder,

mory of, 29
ib.-For raising dead bodies, ib.-For Mount Etna, account of two eruptions of,
robbery and hamesucken, 186—For 160

stouthrief and hamesucken, 569 Musical festival at Edinburgh, account of,
Kaatskill mountains, legend concerning 471
the, 321

Nan-king, description of the porcelain pa-
Kemble, Mr J. P., recollections of, 99 goda there, 25
Lapland, description of, by Dr Clarke, 253 Napoleon, recollections of, 343
Latin Inscriptions, remarks on, 532 Navy, British, state of the, 375
Latimer, extracts from his first sermon be. Nelson, Lord, recollections of, 350
fore King Edward, 509

Newfoundland, destructive fire at St John's,
Legend of Montrose, remarks on the, 38 272

on, 553

on, 145

ca, 61

Newgate, state of, 370

Promotions, appointments, &c. , 143,
New South Wales, intelligence from, 562 280, 379, 476, 573
Norway, notices respecting, 256_Farm- Public amusements, 80, 187, 278, 376,

houses of, ib. Drontheim, 257-Man. 470, 371
ners of the people, ib.

Publications, monthly lists of new ones,
Notice from the Brazils, 232

68, 175, 268, 365, 462, 358
from Rome, 237

Purgatorio, Dante's, remarks on, 3:29
Observations on things in general, 513 Pyroligneous acid, discovery respecting the
Ode to the memory of Sir John Moore, 29 qualities of, 264
Original letters, 538

Recollections of Mr John Kemble, 99
Pagoda, description of the porcelain one at Of Napoleon, 313-0f Frederick the
Nan-king, 25

Great, 347–Of Lord Nelson, 350
Paisley, riot at a reform meeting there, Reform, meetings to petition for, 78, 186,
276, 350

274, 470— Measures adopted by govert-
Parga, one of the Ionian Islands, deliver-

ment to counteract them, 563, 566
ed up to the Turks, and evacuated by Remarks on the works of Dr Wells, 3
its inhabitants, 178–Remarks on that On the Desert, a poem, 30-On Dod.
cvent, 245

dridge's Life of Colonel Gardiner, 3
Parliament, prorogation of, 180–Opening; On the Legend of Montrose, 380a

564— Measures proposed in for settling the living poets of Italy, 32–0n the

the disturbances in the country, 565 Life of Curran, 56, 337, 428_On the
Patents lately enrolled, 80, 109, 379, 475 English dramatic writers who preceded
Paul, St, explanation of a passage in, Shakespeare, 104, 522—On Dramatie

Scenes, &c. by Barry Cornwall, 121–
People, the, and their rulers, 518

On Tytler's Life of the Admirable
Petrified trees in Russia, account of, 67 Crichton, 136_On the progress of the
Phrenology, remarks on the science of, Germans in writing history, 141-On
299, 425

Lord Byron's Mazeppa, 113_On the
Pindemonti, an Italian poet, remarks on, different translations of Virgil, 214

On the Transactions of the Wigwam
Plague at Malta in 1813, account of, 3 Society, 220-On the cession of Parga,

-Rages in Spain and America, 267, 2113—On the science of phrenology, or
466-Inoculation for, practised in Tan cranioscopy, 299, 423_-On English writ-
giers, 533

ers on America, 317-On Dante's Pur-
Plato's Apologue of Eurus compared with gatorio, 329-On Mrs Hemans's poems,
Addison's Vision of Mirza, 310

443-On the diffrrence between spoken
Playfair, the late Professor, character and and written thought, 630_On Latin

merits of, 163-Account of the funeral inscriptions, 537-On the anthenticity
of, 185

of Bruce's Travels, 544_On the people
Poetry, Scottish, specimens of, 355

and their rulers, 548_On Common
Ode to the memory of Sir Jolin Sense, a poem, 491-On cause and ef-
Moore, 29-Stan zas addressed to a co fect, 502
met, 30—The Cauzone of Pindemonti, Revenue of Britain, quarterly accounts of,
54—The broken heart, 123-The silliad, 78, 375
133—Verses to the author of Aonian Richmond, Duke of, death of, by, hydro-
Hours, &c. 159 The runaway, a tale,

phobia, 389
230, 353—The banished man on leav- Riots at Glasgow and Paisley, 276, 356
ing his country, 262—The farewell, 312 Rip Van Winkle, a tale, 321
Verses to Misses L, 333-On the Rome, notice from, 237
victory of Waterloo, 408-College verses, Royal burghs of Scotland, sitting of conten-
416_Verses on flowers, 449—The ephe tion of the, 184
mera, a fable, 450- Verses on the pro- Rolland, Adam, Esq. character of the late,
spect of death, 451-The rose unique of 290_Legacies left by, 291
Britain, 456~The worth of woman, 521 Runaway, the, a poem, 230, 353
-Song, 537–Kintra Jock, ib.-Wal- Russia, account of the bank of, 49—Pe.

lace and Bruce, 497-Monody, 504 trified trees in, 67—System of educa-
Political meetings in Britain, 78, 186, 274, tion in, 173—Periodical publications of,

Population of France, 66

Scandinavia, abstract of Dr Clarke's travels
Portable gas lamp, account of a, 361 in, 249
Preservation, wonderful one, 567

Schiller, an imitation of, 521
Prince Regent, letter to, from the Emperor Scientific and literary intelligence, 65, 169,

of China, 26-Speech of, on proroguing 265, 361, 457, 553
Parliament, 180-On opening session of, Scotland, new churches in, L. 100,000
for 1819, 564

granted by Parliament for, 74_Prospect
Printing machine, notice of a new one, of union in the secession churches of, 75

- Proceedings of the convention of royal


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burghe, 184—Thoughts on trial by jury Tytler's Life of the Admirable Crichton,
in, 25&Visit of Prince Leopold to, 136

Venezuela, success of the patriots of, 180,
Scottish poetry, specimens of, 355, 536 272, 368
Secession churches of Scotland, proposed Venice, account of the bank of, 46
union of the, 75

Verbal criticism, on, 515
Seduction, case of in the East Indies, 562 Verses by a banished man, on a last view
Sermon preached before Ferdinand, King of his country, 262— To Misses L-

of Spain, 23-Latimer's first one be 333_On the victory of Waterloo, 408
fore King Edward, 509

-On the prospect of death, 451
Severn, large whale caught in the, 567 Vienna, account of the bank of, 47
Shakespeare, on the English dramatic wri. Vision of Mirza compared with Plato's A-

ters who preceded him, 104, 522-Ilis pologue of Eurus, 310
torical illustrations of, 262

single and double, account of expe-
Silliad, the, a poem, 133

riments on, 12
Sincapore, establishment of a British port --, a, Wallace and Bruce, 196
there, 368

Virgil, remarks on the different transla,
Snow, coloured, showers of, 66

tions of, 214
Somerville, the late Lord, biographical Vitrified fort, account of a, 125
sketch of, 483

Wales, New South, progress of the colony
Spain, revolution in the ministry of, 70 there, 562
Mutiny among the troops in, 177-YelWallace, Mr, elected professor of mathe-
low-fever breaks out in, 307, 464

matics in Edinburgh college, 369
Specimens of Scottish poetry, 355, 536 Wallace and Bruce, a vision, 496
Steam-ship, arrival of one in Britain from War, on the inferences to be drawn from
America, 77

the events of the, 395
Stockholm, account of the bank of, 48 Waterloo trophies, sale of, in London, 75
Swallow, curious facts regarding the, 362 Watt, the late Mr James, character of, 203
Swederi, periodical publications in, 173– Wells, Dr, remarks on the works of, 9

General picture of the north of, 281 Whale, description of the skeleton of an
Farm-houses in, 250_Public presses in, found near Alloa, 171--One taken in

the river Severn, 507
Tales of My Landlord, third series, re Wiffen, J. H. verses to, 159
marks on, 38

Wigwam society, account of the transic-
Taste, thoughts on, 13

tions of, 220---Paper on the education of
Tea, imperial, notice respecting, 363

the lower animals, ib. On men without
Things in general, observations on, 513 heads, 223— Account of a new discovery
Thoughts, written and spoken, on the dif. in sheep-farming, 225
ferenee between, 530

Winkle, Rip Van, 321
Thoughts on taste, 13-On trial by jury Woman, the worth of, an imitation from

in Scotland, 258-Suggested by Dr Schiller, 521
Chalmers's late pamphlet, 432_By Dr Works preparing for publication, 67, 174,

Zimmermann's old pamphlet, 437 207, 363, 461, 556
'Thunder storms in Scotland, 272

Writing machine, notice of a new one, 457
Translations from the Chinese, 24–From Yellow-fever breaks out in Spain, 307,

the Italian of Pindemonti, 54—From 464-In the United States of America,
Virgil, remarks on, 214

Travels, Dr Clarke's, in Scandinavia, ab. Zimmermann, Dr, thoughts suggested by
stract of, 249

an old pamphlet of, 437


Bainbridge, 475
Baynes, ib.
Bedford, 189
Brockedon, 379
Brunton, 189
Bundy, 81
Conne, 189
Dancell, ib.

Davis, 189
Fuller, 81
Geldart, 189
Good, ib.
Gordon, ib.
Head, 379
Heard, 189
Hilton, 475
Howgate, 189

Jordan, 189
Knight, 81
Lewis, 189
Neilson, ib.
Perkins, 475
Phillips, 379
Pindin, 81
Scheffer, 189
Seaward, 81

Servant, 189
Siebe, 81
Smith, ib.
Strutt, 475
Thierry, 379
Thompson, ib.
Tritton, ib.
Williams, 189

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