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responsible company to look to, and not, as rected that one half of his stipend should was contended for in the above case, mere- be appropriated towards the liquidation of ly the security of a Leith carter for the his debts. delivery of the goods.

15. Waterloo Trophies--Mr Bullock, Longevity. The King's birth day was owner of the extensive museum of curiosicelebrated this year at Bexhill, on the Sus- ties in natural history, &c. in Piccadilly, sex coast, in an appropriate and pleasing London, has been for some time employed manner. Considering the venerable age of in selling his splendid collection by aue. our beloved Sovereign, twenty-five old men, tion; and on Friday, the 11th, the car. inhabitants of that parish, whose united riage and other articles belonging to Napoages amounted to 2023, averaging 81 each, leon Bonaparte, which were captured at the the age of the King, dined together at the battle of Waterloo, and which Mr Bullock Bell Inn, and passed the day very cheer- has since exhibited throughout the princifully and happy.. The dinner was set on pal towns in the United Kingdom, were the table by 15 other old men, also of the brought to the hammer. The articles were above parish, whose united ages amounted all eagerly bought up, and some of them to 71 each, and six others, whose ages an at most extravagant prices. The following mounted to 61 each, rang the bells on the statement of the prices given for some of occasion. The male population of Bex. the things will serve to show in what estihill does not exceed 800, and it is supposed mation these relics are held : The carriage, not to be equalled in England for its num. L. 168; small opera glass, L. 5, 5s. ; ber of old men.

tooth-brush, L. 3, 135. 6d. ; snuff-boxy 10. Incautious Use of Fire-arms-On L. 166, 19s. 6d. ; military stock or collar, Monday evening, the 7th instant, a very L.1, 17:. ; old slippers, L. 1; razor, (commelancholy 'accident, from the careless mon) L. 4, 4s. ; piece of sponge, 178. 6d.; Handling of fire-amms, occurred at Fulwell, shaving-brush, L:3, 146. ; shirt, L. 2, 58. near Sunderland. Mr Gregson and Mr comb, L. 1; shaving-box, L. 7, 7s. ; pair Masterman, of Monkwearmouth, with two of old gloves, L, 1; old pocket handkerof Mr Gregson's sons, were in a garden at chief, L. 1, 11s. 6d. Many other articles Fulwell, Mr Gregson having a double-bar- were sold for prices equally high. relled gun with him. One of the barrels 19. Union of the Secession Church.com had a few minutes before been fired off, On Wednesday the 16th, the committees and he was ignorant of the other being appointed by the Associate and General loaded. The boys were playing among the Associate Synods, to deliberate on the progooseberry bushes, and Mr Masterman jo posed union between the two great bodies cularly threatened to shoot them if they of Seceders, met together at Edinburgh, acdid not behave. Mr Gregson gave Mr cording to previous arrangement. They Masterman hold of the gun, when, dread- continued their sittings during the whole of ful to relate, it went off, and shot one of Wednesday and of Thursday; and such Mr Gregson's sons, aged eight years, dead was the interest that all tpok' in the busiupon the spot !

ness, that, though the members reside in Wednesday, 9th instant, a pardon arriv. different parts of the country, of 42 who ed from the Prince Regent for James Fra- composed the joint committee, 41 attendser, who was condemned at last Circuit ed, and 25 were present at two o'clock op Court at Perth, on condition of his sen. Friday, when their work was finished. As tence being commuted to transportation be- the result of their deliberations, certain aryond seas for life.

ticles were agreed on, with common conCourt of Session. In the important sent, as the basis of union between the two question between the Earl of Fife and Sir branches of the Secession church, which James Duff and others, the trustees of the will be submitted to their respective synods late Lord Fife, the Second Division of the at their meeting in September next. Court of Session did, on Tuesday, the 8th Dreadful Accident.

On Wednesday the instant, on advising informations for the 16th, three boats set out in company, full parties, the verdicts pronounced by the Ju- of passengers, from Largs, where they had ries, and the whole cause, unaniniously re- been attending the fair the day preceding, duce and set aside the trust-deed and deed for Arran and Tarbet, to which they beof entail executed by the late James Earl longed. The wind was a-head, and, of of Fife. By this decision, the present Earl course, they had to beat to windward, Ben succeeds to an estate of nearly L. 20,000 tween Rothesay and the Cock of Arran 4 Sterling per annum.

sudden and heavy squall overtook them, On Wednesday, the 9th, the Second Di. and capsized the second boat, which went vision of the Court of Session, on the mo- right down. The boat to the leeward obtion of Mr Jeffrey, granted a cessio bong- serving this, made all sail, but when she rum to the Rev. Dr Moodie, minister of came up only one woman could be seen. Clackmannan, who has been imprisoned in They picked her up, and at that moment Stirling jail for nearly two years and a half; she was alive, but in an hour afterwards brat theis Londships, at the same time, di- she expired. There were in whole 25 per.

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sons in the boat, every one of whom pe. in procession to the spot, accompanied by a rished

band of music. Fire.Yesterday morning the mansion Emigration.Extract of a letter from house of Ballony, in the neighbourhood of Argyleshire.-" The weather since Sunday Maybele, was burned to the ground. The the 20th has been uncommonly wet here. fire had most probably originated on the The emigration from this country is imsecond floor, and was first discovered about mense. When I passed Crinan a few days one o'clock by one of the tenants in the ago, a vessel named the Harmony had 275 ground flat, by the flames coming down passengers on board, and one called the through the floor above him. He instant. Hope had about 250. The Speculation ly gave the alarm to the other tenants, who sailed also this week (June 20th) from Fort escaped without injury ; but the flames had William, with between 200 and 205. They by this time made such progress, and raged are all destined, I understand, for Quebec. with such fatal rapidity, that all efforts to From so many poor people being crammed subdue them proved ineffectual, and it was together in one little vessel, their situation with the greatest difficulty any part of the must be miserably uncomfortable. Though furniture was saved. About two o'clock the great bulk of these poor Highlanders the roof fell in, and by half-past three the are in the most abject poverty, you will be house had become a complete ruin. surprised to learn that a good many of those

21. Large Whali. An immense whale who are going out were in fair circum. has been taken at Roundstone Bay, in stances ; and it is supposed that the Har. Connemare, at Errisbeg, Ireland, the es- mony will carry in specie about L. 12,000. tate of Colonel Martin, M. P. It was ob- One man exchanged -L. 1500 for gold and served on Sunday last by some people, who silver, for which I heard he paid 5 per pursued him, and, as the tide was falling cent. fast, he soon got on ground. In this state, Glasgow and Carlisle. The improveweapons of various kinds were employed ment of the road betwcen these cities, which for his destruction, and, after considerable runs almost diagonally through the county risk, the country people succeeded in de- of Dumfries, is going on rapidly, and will stroying this monster of the deep. He not only enhance the value of property of proves to be of the spermaceti species, and every description along the line, but will is 72 feet long, 48 in girth round the body. shorten the distance of the greater part of One of his teeth was seen here, which Dumfries-shire, from Carlisle and the north weighs two pounds and a half. This fish of England, about 4} miles. The operaproduces three kinds of oil, which, together tions of the newly laid out line between with the bone, are estimated to be worth Graitney and Carlisle are now going on with L.600.-Galway Advertiser.

spirit. The new bridge over the Esk, 24.Yesterday, Alexander Short was which for 70 years back has been contempublicly whipped through the streets of plated, was founded about a month ago, Perth, by the common executioner, for re- and will be finished in June 1820; it will turning from banishment, in violation of a have two cast-iron arches, one of 150, and sentence awarded against him by the She- the other of 100 feet span. Another bridge riff for theft.

will be built over the Sark, ncar Allison's Imitation Tea. This day a quantity of Bank; it will have two stone arches, one of imitation tea, amounting to no less than 40, and the other of 30 feet span. Several 727 pounds, was discovered in a cellar in other improvements are making on roads Byres's Close, Edinburgh, by Mr Mac. in that part of the country. kenzie, supervisor, and Messrs Gorrie and 28. Burgh Reform.-An order from the Macleod, officers of Excise. This spurious Parliamentary committee now sitting on mixture was contained in four boxes, and it the subject of a reform in the municipal is supposed that above 100 pounds of it has government of the Scots burghs was recent, been disposed of, as one of the boxes was ly received by the Magistrates of Edinmore empty than the others.

burgh, directing them to give certain perMonument to Thomson.This day the sons belonging to the guildry, and other foundation-stone of the monument to be public bodies, petitioners to Parliament, erected to the memory of Jannes Thomson, access to the books of the burgh, that they the immortal author of the Seasons, was might make such extracts from them as laid by the Right Worshiptul Master, John they might conceive it necessary to transRutherford, of the Kelso St John's Lodge, mit to the committee in support of their assisted by numerous deputations from the petition. Upon advising this order, the Hawick, Jedburgh St John's and St An- Magistrates thought proper to refuse comdrew's Lodges, the Beaumont, Tweed, and pliance; and last week a summons arrived Galashiels Lodges, and a number of visit- for the Lord Provost, the Dean of Guild, ing members from other lodges. The the treasurer of Heriot's and Trinity Hosbrethren convened in the Town-hall, Kel- pitals, and the collectors of the cess in E60, at one o'clock, and walked from thence dinburgh and shore-dues in Leith, requir

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ing their personal attendance in London. impelled by steam, of 315 tons burden, These gentlemen, accordingly, left Edin- arrived at Liverpool on Sunday the 20th burgh for that purpose to-day. Delegates instant from Savannah in 25 days. The from most of the public bodies complain. want of fuel protracted the voyage to that ing have been for some time in waiting up. length, as it was calculated on her sailing on the committee.

that she would make the passage across the Royal Christening. - Friday the 25th in. Atlantic in 15 days. Several days before stant being the day appointed for the pri. her arrival the Kite revenue cutter on the vate christening of the infant Princess, Cork station chased the Savannah a whole daughter of the Duke and Duchess of day, going ten knots, supposing her to be Kent, preparations were made for the cere. a ship on fire, when at length peri:eiving mony at Kensington Palace. The Royal the Kite in chace, she stopped her engino, gold font was removed from the Tower of till the latter came up. London, and it was fitted up in the grand High Court of Justiciary.-- Trial for saloon, with crimson velvet coverings from Murder. On the 14th instant was brought the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace. The to trial Peter Bowers, journeyman millceremony was performed by the Archbishop wright in Haddington, charged with the of Canterbury, assisted by the Bishop of murder of John Sandilards, day-labourer, London. The infant Princess was named or farm servant, to the Earl of Dalhousie, Alcxandrina Victoria. The sponsors were upon the 15th day of April last, by strikhis Royal Highness the Prince Regent, his ing him on the head with an axe. Imperial Majesty the Emperor Alexander peared in evidence, that some young men of all the Russias, who was represented as had been aniusing themselves by leaping his Imperial Majesty's proxy by his Royal on the high-road opposite to Coalston tollHighness the Duke of York; her Majesty bar, when they were joined by the prisoner the Queen Dowager of Wurtemberg, who and his master's son, who had been workwas represented as her Majesty's proxy by ing in the neighbourhood, and after finishher Royal Highness the Princess Augusta, ing their job, had regaled themselves with and her Serene Highness the Duchess some gills of whisky at different publicDowager of Cobourg, who was represented houses until the prisoner was much intox. as her proxy by her Royal Highness the icated. The deceased was standing enjoy. Duchess of Gloucester.

ing the amusement, when the prisoner said The important appeal cause, respecting he would jump with any of them for twothe old leases of Panmure and Erechin pence; and having lost his bet, refused to Castle, was decided on Friday last by the pay it, when some trifling altercation took House of Lords in favour of the Hon. Wil- place among the parties, and the deceased liam Maule.

said, old as he was, (66, he would either - Dreadful Fire. An alarming fire broke jump with him, or fight with him, for any out on Saturday the 26th, in the printing thing he liked. Some high words then office of Mr Bensley, in Bolt Court, Fleet ensued between the prisoner and the de. Street, London. It happened to be the an- ceased, the import or amount of which nual festival of the workmen, so that none was not distinctly recollected by any of the of them were on the premises. The flames witnesses present; but it ended in this, were first discovered by a female servant, that the prisoner advanced towards the dewho saw them issuing from the upper ceased, and struck him a blow on the head

She communicated the circum- with an axe, which he then had on his stance to Mr Bensley, jun. who was in the shoulder, and inflicted a severe wound on counting-house ; but such was the rapid his left temple, out of which part of the progress of the devouring element, that brain protruded. The Jury by a majority nothing was saved, and the extensive build. brought in a verdict of Guilty, but unaniing, as well as several contiguous houses, mously and earnestly recommended him to were cither burnt down or seriously da- mercy, and the unfortunate man has since maged. Mr Bensley, who was the first to been respited by the Prince Regent for apply the power of the steam engine to the fourteen days. printing press, is a printer of considerable Violating the Sepulchres of the Dead. On Teputation, and his loss has been propor- the 21st George Campbell, John Kerr, and tionally great ; including books which were George M'Laren, were tried on a charge printed, paper, type, and other materials, of attempting to carry off a dead body from his loss is estimated at L. 40,000, and it is the church-yard of Prestonkirk, county of thought he is not insured for more than Haddington. The charge was clearly half this sum ; another account states thé proved, witnesses having deponed to catchloss at L. 80,000, and the insurance at ing the prisoners in the act of digging a L.30,000. There is no pretence for attric body from the grave and after a severe buting the accident to the steam engine, admonition from the Lord Justice Clerk, which remains almost uninjured amidst the in which his Lordship observed, that, had

they completed the crime, they would have Steam.Ship. The Savannah, a vessel been visited with the heaviest arm of the law;


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they were sentenced to one year's imprison being prepared to put down the first appear
ment in the jail of Edinburgh, and to find ance of any thing like a disposition to disturb
security for their after good conduct, un- the internal tranquillity of the county.
der a penalty of L. 40 sterling each.

Caledonian Canal.By the sixteenth re

port of the cominissioners given in to Par. Commercial Distresses and Political liament, it appears that the expenditure Meetings.--In our last number we advert- upon this most important national work, ed to the resolutions of the Carlisle weav. from May 1818 to May 1819, amounted ers, who, in common with other workmen to L.47,000; that the whole expenditure, employed in the manufacturing districts, from the commencement to May 1819, ahave been suffering grievous privations in mounted to L.742,000; that a moiety of the consequence of the late general stagnation Parliamentary

grant of last year, L.25,000, of trade. We are sorry to observe that the has not yet been issued from the Excheextensive distress felt in the manufacturing quer ; and a farther grant of L.50,000 has districts has at length resolved itself into been voted in this session of Parliament. political discontent. In the course of last It appears likely that this great work will month, numerous meetings of the labour. be completed in the course of the two next ing classes, a large proportion of which are years. The navigation from Inverness to out of cmployment, or unable to earn suf- Fort Augustus is already open; and there ficient to sustain themselves and families, is a near prospect, at the other end of the have taken place at Glasgow, Leeds, and canal, of a similar approach towards the some of the manufacturing towns of Lan- completion of the navigation from sea to cashire, at which the subject of discussion It appears from an inquiry, that a is no longer the means of obtaining relief proportion of about 59 in 60 of the workfor their present wants, but a radical reform men employed on the canal have been in the system of representation. At these lighlanders. large and important towns, the number of Burgess Oath. The Magistrates and persons assembled has averaged from 10,000 Council of the Burgh of Ruthierglen, at to 15,000; at all the meetings a large portion their meetiug upon the 29th ult., unaniof ardour and ignorance has been displayed mously resolved that an oath ought not to by the speakers. The attractive doctrine of be required from any person at becoming annual parliaments and universal suffrage a burgess ; and that the oath which his has been adopted, and resolutions embody- therto has been required is altogether uning that doctrine have been proposed and care necessary, and in many respects improper ; ried with loud acclamations. These meet and they therefore enacted, that in future ings have as yet been conducted with some an applicant shall be admitted a freeman, appearance of decorum, and no symptom of burgess, and guild brother of the burgh, riot or turbulence has appeared. A regu. without any oath, upon payment of lar continuance and re-appointment of the freedom fine, and upon becoming them, however, are liable to very serious bound to perform all the civil duties and objections, from the opportunities they af. obligations incumbent upon a burgess and ford to violent and designing men, to dis- guild brother. seminate principles of the worst nature, 6. Explosion of the Boiler of a Steamand to effect the most treacherous purposes, Bont. A serious accident of this nature under the mask of simple and honest zeal. liappened yesterday afternoon at GrangeAt one of these meetings, held at Stock- mouth. The steam-boat Stirling Castle was port, a Sir Charles Wolseley, said to be of preparing to start from the harbour for an ancient family of Staffordshire, was in Newhaven, when, in consequence of the the chair, and addressed the multitude in safety valve not being opened sufficiently language the most violent and inflamma- to allow the escape of the accumulating" tory, stating, that, among the feats of his steam, the boiler exploded, and nine per. youth, he had mounted the walls and as sons were more or less scalded, three of sisted in pulling down the Bastile in France; them severely ; but although a number of and that he was ready to do as much for passengers were on board, and many peo those of his own country. Lorils Castle. ple on the wharf, no lives were lost. reagh and Sidmouth were stigmatized with

Revenue.-The account of our revenue the epithets of traitors; and the multitude for the last quarter, and for the last year, were encouraged to take into their own which has been made up to the 5th July, hands the redress of their grievances, and considering the general commercial distress the reform of the existing government which prevails in the country, presents Justly alarmed that these meetings may more favourable results than we could reagenerate tumult, violence, and sedition, sonably have anticipated. The excess of the government of the country, we under. revenue for the year ending July 6, 1819, stand, have sent circulars to the Lords compared with the corresponding quarter Lieutenants of the different counties, in- of the year 1818, amounts to L.422,893, culcating a strict watch over the peace of and the excess for the whole year is the districts under their charge, and their 4.2,265,363,

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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain (exclusive of the Ar

rears of War Duty on Malt and Property) in the years and Quarters ended 5th July 1818, and 5th July 1819.

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Acta passed in the 59th Year of the Reign of George III., or in the First Session of the

Sixth Parliament of the United Kingdom. Cap. I. An act to provide for the care England, for the service of the year 1819. of his Majesty's Royal Person during the - Feb. 18. coatinuance of his Majesty's illness. Feb. Cap. IV. An act for raising a sum of 12

twenty millions, by Exchequer bills, for Cap. II. An act for reviving and fur- the service of the year 1819.- March 23. ther continuing, until the 1st day of May Cap. V. An act to ascertain the ton. 1819, an act made in the 51st year of his nage of vessels propelled by steam.- March present Majesty, intituled, An act to ex. 23. iend an act made in the 18th year of his Cap. VI. An act to enable his Majesty late Majesty King George the Second, to to direct the distribution of any reward aplain and amend the laws touching the awarded by the Commissioners of the Cuselections of the knights of the shire to serve toms or Excise to the officers of the army, in Parliament for England, respecting the navy, and marines, in such manner as his expences of bustings and poll clerks, sa Majesty shall be pleased to appoint-March faz as regards the city of Westminster. 23. Feb. 12.

Cap. VII. An act to regulate the cutCap. III. An act for continuing to his lery trade in England, where articles are Majesty certain duties on malt, sugar, to formed by the hammer, the manufacturers bacce, and souff, in Great Britain, and on to have the privilege of making them with pensions, offices, and personal estates in the figure of a hammer. March 23.

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