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Siege of Troy. It is a jeu d'esprit in Mr Drury-Lane.--Drury-Lane closed on Dibdin's best manner, and, we need scarceTuesday June 8th. A meeting of the pro- ly add, full of whim and drollery.--Lit. Gaz. prietors took place on the preceding Satur

EDINBURGH. day, when it appeared that the debt of the The Theatre-Royal opened here for the House had been augmented from L. 14,000 Summer on the 21st of June, with Mrs to L. 90,000 during this experimental sea Alsop from Drury-Lane. This lady fills son. Various plans of redemptionary finance the same cast of characters as Miss Kelly, were mentioned, and a committee appoint- though in many of the parts she seems ined to receive tenders for renting the thea- ferior to her predecessor. She performed

Among the aspirants to this dubious twelve nights to very poor houses indeed speculation, Messrs Arnold and Kean were for it would require attractions of the very particularly specified, and other reports first order to induce one to prefer the taintspeak of Elliston, of a Company of perfor. ed atmosphere of a theatre to the fresla mers, of an Association of Monied-men, breezes and the exhilarating prospects of &c. &c. As yet Mr Kean's has been the the country at this season. Mr Knight, also most distinct bidding, viz. L. 8000 per of Drury-Lane, followed Mrs Alsop, and ann.-Lit. Gaz.

walked his week upon our stage, to nearCovent-Garden. On Wednesday June ly empty benches. We are sorry that this 9th, Mrs Siddons performed Lady Ran. gentleman had not appeared at another time, dolph in Douglas, for the benefit of her re when a fuller attendance miglit have done latives, Mr and Mrs Charles Kemble ; the justice to his merits, which, in country attraction was irresistible, and the house bumpkins and characters of that description, was crowded to excess with a brilliant au are of the first order. dience.-Lit. Gaz.

Mr William Macready, a tragedian English Opera House.--At Home. Mr from Covent-Garden, succeeded Mr Knight, Mathews closed his prosperous career on

on the 12th July. He made his first apSaturday June 5th, and took leave in an ad. pearance in Orestes, in the Distress'd Mo. dress, thanking the public for past favours, ther, which he performed in a very able promising novelty for next season, and lus- manner, and he was excellently supported tily defending his profession as imitation in the part by Mrs H. Siddons and Mrs not mimicry. We shall not quarrel about Renaud in Hermione and Andromache. names, but he is a most delectable mimic for all that, and a very fountain spring of

We omitted to notice, some months ago, laughable entertainment, whose overflow- the establishment of a Theatrical Fund in ings of humour and of audiences we shall this city. The Edinburgh Theatrical Fund be very glad to witness again.

was established on the 2d April 1819, un. This theatre opened again on Monday der a most respectable patronage ; and in June 14th, with Lionel and Clarissa.--Lit. the printed address to the public, its object Gaz.

is declared to be to “afford relief and Haymarket Theatre has opened with the support to such Actors and Actresses, who Drury-Lane Company. It is managed by being, or having been engaged in the Thea a Committee, consisting of Messrs Munden, tre-Royal, Edinburgh, and, during such Rae, Holland, and Russell : the higher engagement, regularly proposed and acceptperformers incur the risk, and the inferior ed as members of the said fund, shall beorders are to be provided for by tolerable come incapacitated by age or infirmity from salaries. On these, of course, many fami: continuing the exercise of their profession. lies depend for bread. But it will not, we “ To carry these intentions into effect, it think, be less productive to those at the is calculated that the weekly and annual sube head of it. We trust it will add to their scriptions of the performers, with the liberal fortunes ; we are certain it will add to aid promised by the proprietor of the theatheir dramatic fame, and to their private tre, assisted by immediate or future donareputation with a discerning public.--Lit. tions, annual subscriptions from the patrons Gaz.

and well-wishers to the Institution, occaThe Surrey Theatre pursues a course of sional benefits, and such other means as uncommon and excellent variety. Florence may appear to the Directors best calculated Macarthy has become a decided favourite ; to promote the interest of the fund, and meet and a new piece has been produced, called the approval of its supporters, will, in the a comic divertisement, with "entirely new space of seven years, accumulate a capital, Comic, Pathetic, Historic, Anachronasma, the interest of which, aided by the contributic, Ethic, Epic Melange,

tions of each future year, will afford a suffic

cient sum to shield such claimants as may * Full of doleful mirth and right merrie conceit."

then require assistance from that misery It is entitled, Melodrame Mad! or, The and distress which has too frequeatly en

bittered the declining years of the aged and spent in the service and for the amusement infirm members of this profession.' of the public, may not, when veritable ills

We sincerely hope that this meritorious press upon their declining years, be abaninstitution may meet with liberal support; doned without resource to the evils of aband that those whose mimic life has been

solute poverty.


AUGUSTUS SIEBE, of No. 6, Crown Street, working steam-engines and other apparatus. Soho, Middlesex; for an improved weighing ma April 3. ebine. April 5, 1819.

HENRY PETER FULLER, of Piccadilly, St, WILLIAM BUNDY. of Camden Town, Mid George, Hanover Square, Middlesex, surgeon and dlesex, mechanical instrument maker; for certain apothecary; for an improve'nent in the methods machinery for breaking hemp and flax. April 1. of procuring or preparing sulphate of, soda, soda.

PAUL SLADE KNIGHT, of Lancaster Moor, subcarbonate of soda, and muriatic acid. April 3, Lancashire, gentleman; for an improved kind of PHILIP PINDIN, of Farningham, Kent, shoefire engines, pumps, and other engines; in which maker; for an improvement on single and double are used pistons working in barrels or cylinders. trusses, April 20. April 3.

JOHN SMITH, of Bermondsey, Surrey, timJOHN SEAWARD, of Kent Road, St George, ber merchant; for improvements in making arms Southwark, engineer; for a method or methods or axle-trees for coaches, carts, waggons, and all of raising or producing steam, for the purpose of other descriptions of carriages. April 20.




6 Dr.



7 F.


I. CIVIL. June 3. The honour of Knighthood conferred upon William Draper Best, Esq. on his being appointed one of the Judges of the Court of King's bench, London.

The honour of Knighthood conferred on John Richardson, Esq. on being appointed a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, London.

15. Sir Samuel Shepherd, Knight, to be Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland.

The Marquis of Lothian, to be Lieutenant and Sheriff-Depule of the shire of Mid-Lothian.

The Marquis of Queensberry, to be Lieutenant and Sheriff-Principal of the shire of Dumfries.

24. Alexander Maconochie, Esq. to be a Lord of Session and Justiciary in Scotland, in the room of David Douglas, Esq. deceased.

Sir William Rae, Bart. to be Lord Advocate, in room of Alexander Maconochie, Esq. Members returned to serve in the present

Parliaincnt. Borough of Shrewsbury.- John Mylton, Esq. Burghs of Selkirk, Linlithgow, Lanark, &c.

Johu Pringle, Esq. of Clifton. Borough of Tralee. ---James Cuffe, Esq. of Deel

Castle, county of Mayo. Borough of Dorchester. Charles Warren, Esq. of

Bedford Square, Middlesex. Borough of Heytesbury.--The Hon. William Henry John Scott.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. June 17. A call was moderated in the Relief Chapel, Dysart, for Mr James Spence, preacher, of the Edinburgh Presbytery, as assistant and successor to the Rev. William Billerwell.

23. The Magistrates and Council of Glasgow elected the Rev. Daniel Dewar, LL. D. Professor of Moral Philosophy, King's College, Aberdeen, to be minister of St Mary's, or Tron Church, and parish of Glasgow.

July 8. Mr James Marshall was ordained to the pastoral office, and admitted minister of the Outer High Church, Glasgow, in room of the Rev, Dr Balfour, deceased.


Major R. W. H. H. Vyse, 2 Life Gds. to be Lieut. Col. in the Army

13th May 1819. R. Mansell to be Cornet by purch. vice Lambert, ret.

27th March Gent., Cadet E. S. Gooch to be Cornet

by purch. vice Speke, ret. 27th May Capt. B. J. Smith to be Major by purch. vice Lawrence, ret.

do. Lieut. J. Ender by to be Capt. by purch. vice Smith

do. Cornet Alfred Davis to to be Lieut. by purch. vice Enderby

do. W. H. Williamson to be Cornet by purch. vice Davis

do Lieut. R. Muter to be Capt. by purch. vice Major, ret.

do. Ensign C. Rowley, from 68 F. to be

Lieut. by purch. vice Muter do. Ensign C. H. Brisbane to be Lieut. vice Hart, dead

20th do. T. Sandes to be Ensign, vice Brisbane

do. Lieut. Gen. J. Champagne, from 41 F. to be Col. vice Gen, G. Garth, dead

11th June Lieut. J. V. Evans to be Capt. by pur. vice Coker, ret.

20th May Capt. J. Burton, from h. p. 31 F. to be Capt. vice Bennett, 69 F.

do. M. Gen. Hon. Sir E. Stopford, K.C.B.

from R. Arr. Corps, to be Col. vice

Lt. Gen. Champagne, 17 F. 14th June Capt. W. Bennet, from 33 F. to be Capt.

vice Freeman, h. p. 31 F, 20th May Lieut. P. Sutherland to be Capt. vice Gethin, dead

do. Ensign H. Rose to be Licut. vice Sutherland

25th do. T. W. Nicolls to be Ensign, vice Rose

do. Lieut. H. Jervis to be Adj. vice Coventry, res. Adj.only.

do. Capt. Jas. Campbell, (2d) to be Major

by purch. vice Cameron ret. 3d June Lieut. J. Fraser to be Capt. by purch.

vice Campbell








79 Ensign Dunean M'Dougall to be Lieut.

Appointments Cancelled.
by purch, vice Fraser 30 June
H. F. Maule to be Ensign by purch.

2d Licut, R. Basset, 1 Ceylon Reg.
vice M.Dougall, prom.

do. 89 Lieut. W. Pearce to be Capt. vice

Croker, dead

27th May Paymaster Alexander Biggar, 85 F.
Ensign W. H. Dougan to be Licut. vice


A. R. C. Noreott to be Ensign, vice

Gen. George Garth, 17 F. Lt. Gov. of Placentia.

do. Afr. Cor. Lieut. A. B. Armstrong to be Adj. vice

Li.-Gen. Barton, late of Life Gds.
Adamson, res. Adjut. only 1st March

Lt.-Gen. Sir James Campbell, Bt. from 61 F.

5th June 1813. Roy. Art. Capt. J. Briscoe, from h. p. to be Capt.

Sth May

Col. Walsham, Radror Militia. 1st Lieut. G. Coles to be 2d Capt.

Lt.-Col. Rodewold, h. p. 2 Huss. K. G. L. do.

10th April
J. A. Wilson, from hi p. to be
1st Lieut.

Major Wilmerding, 1. p. 2 Lt. Dr. K. G. L.

15th do. 2d Lieut. D. Thorndyke to be Ist Lieut.

Capt. Hussey, 38 F.

24th March S. A. Serverne, from h. p. to

Stone, 53 F.

25th Dec. 1618. be Ad Lieut.

Elenholme, 75 F.

Ist Nos. do, Garrisons. Lt. Col. G. J. Reeves, h. p. 27 F. to be

M Laine, 86 E.

20th Oct.

Croker, 89 F.
Lt. Gov. of Placentia, vice Gen. G.
Garth, dead

15th Nor. 19th June

Sunith, 2 Ceylon Regt.

Hawkins, Pay. So. Devon Militia.
Lieut. A. Lane, h. p. 98 F. to be Town
Major of Prince Edward's Islands, vice

Connellan, Adj. Westmeath do.
M'Donell, dead

Lieut. Wilton, 14 Dr.

1st May 1819. 1st Jan. Med Dep. Hosp. Assist. B. Conway, from h. p. to

Hart, 9 F.

6th April

Ness, 30 F.
be Hosp. Assist. vice Nelson, dead

20th May
Winrow, 30 F.

11th Nov. 1818. Macpherson, 53 F.

23d do. Exchanges.

Pelican, h. p. Watter. R. 7th Oct.

2d Lieutenants and Ensigns. Capt. Heathcote, from 10 F. with Capt. Mac. dowall, Staff in lonian Islands

Lardner, 30 F.

7th do. Barralier, froin 35 F. With Capt. F. Barral.

Magennis, 60 F.

27th March 1819 lier, h. p. 101 F.

Trydell, 73 F.

Sth Nov, 1818. Grant, from 18 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. Ver Hunt, Afric. Cor. (killed by the Caffres) non, h. p. 23 F.

1st Feb. 1819. Crosse, from 8 F. with Capt. Fraser, h. p.

Newnan, 1 Ceylon Regt.

28th Oct. 1818. 78 F.

Henderson, 1 Ceylon Regt.

3d Dec. Arnold, from 19 Dr. rec. diff. with Brevet

Medical Department.
Major Stewart, h. p. Rifle Brigade
Hutchison, from 1 F. Gus. rec. diff.' with

Dr Quin, Physic. Gen, in Ireland, Nov. 1818

do. Capt. Butler, h. p.

Dr Harvey,

12th March 1819 M'Donald, from 42 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

Gilmour, Hosp. Assist.

Apri Middleton, h.P.

Nelson, do.

9th Aug. 1818 Lieut. Ross, from 1 Dr. with Licut. Green, h, p.

Mulquiny. do.

20th Oct Staff C. of Cavalry

Wigley, from 63 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Additions and Alterations while Printing. Fry, h. p.

26th June 1819. Stuart from 88 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Hon. C. Napier, b. p. 75 F.

1 Life G. Lt. Wm. S. Sunith, fm. 10 Dr, to be Mason, from 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Cornet and Sub-Lieut. vice Burdett, Stewart, h. p. 92 F.

7th June 1819. Letham, from 64 F. reo. diff. with Lieut.

5 Dr. G. Comet C. H. Seton, fm. 18 Dr. to be Boyes, h, p. 26 F.

Cornet, vice Battier, exch. 17th do. Thomas, from 64 F. ree. diff. with Lieut.

6 Dr. Lieut. A. Hassard to be Capt, by pur. Jull, h. p. 50 F.

vice Browne, rot.

do. M'Phee, from 79 F. with Lieut. Crawford,

Cornet E. Armstrong, to be Lieut. by

purch. vice Hassard Cornet St John, from 12 Dr. with Cornet Morris,

and Adj. T. Boyd to have rank 13 Dr.

of Lieut.

Isth do. Smith, from 3 Dr. rec. diff. with Cornet

18 Walter Scott to be Cornet by purch. Gulston, h. p. 11 Dr.

vice Sir C. Style, ret. 10th do. 2d Lieut. Bruce, from Rifle Brig. rec. diff. with

Cornet W. Battier, fm. 5 Dr, G. to be Cornet Falconar, h. p.

Cornet, vice Seton, exch. do. Ensign Williams, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Ensign


Capt. W. Major, from 20 W. I. R. to J. Cameron, jun. h. p. 92 F.

be Capt. vice Armstrong, exch. do. M'Lachları, from 57. F. rec. diff, with

Cornet A. Bajiry to be Lieut. by purch. Ensign Ferrier, h. p. 56 F.

vice Downes, ret.

do. Anderson, froin 57 F. ree. diff, with En

31 F. Lieut. A. Beainish to be Capt. by purch. sign Bainbringe, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.

vice Docwia, ret.

3d do. Hurst, from 11 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

Ensign W. Smyth to be Lieut. by pur. Tuckett, h. p. 87 F.

vice Beamish

do. Qua. Mast. Buchanan, from 26 F. with Qua.

F. Ward to be Ensign by purch. vice Mast. M'Gregor, h. p.


43 Assist. Surg. Murray, from 60 F. with Assist.

Major W. Haverfield, from h. p. to be Surg. Simpson, h. P:

Major, vicc Napier, exch. 17th do. Staff Surg. Rawling, with Staff Surg. Thompson,

54 Lt. Col. J, Daniell,

fm. h. p. 98 F. to be Lt. Col. vice Earl of Waldegrare, exch,

do. Resignations and Retirements.

79 Capt. A. F. Macintosh, fm. h. p. 60 F,

to be Capt. vice Langley, exch. rec. Lt.-Col. D. Cameron, 79 F.


do. Major Lawrence, 22 Dr.

Cape Corps. Lieut. C. H. Somerset, from 21 Dr. Capt. Major, i F.

to be Capt. by purch. vice HardCoker, 29 F.

ing, ret.

do. Jones, Idi. Anglesea Milit.

2 W. I. R. Capt. w. Armstrong, from 19 Dr. to Lieut, Stoddard, Stafford Milit.

be Capt. vice Major, exch. do. Cornet Lambert, 6 Dr.

Lieut. H. J. Ricketts to be Adjur. Speke, 14 Dr.

vice Anderson, res. Adjut. only Paymaster Cayley, So. Lincoln Milit.

25th March


h. p.


b. p.

[blocks in formation]

Captains. Richard Raggett Richard Sauinarez J. W. Montagu David Buchan Sir Chas. Burrard Henry Forbes F. Moresby Charles Nelson


Mbion Brisk Creole Illind Larne Menai I To the Ordinary i at Portsmouth

Charles Adams
Spencer Smyth
Henry M. Williams
Daniel Leary
Henry G. Etough
H. P. Lew
Joshua Maynard
Wm Whitehead
B. M. Festing
Charles Walcot
J. G. Wigley
E. A. Frankland
John Cornwall
Francis Hart
Charles C. Dent
D. J. Dickson
T. S. Shuckburgh
John Geddes
B. Aplin
John Adams (a)
Thomas Phipps
James Roy
A. H. Kellet
Spencer Vassall (act.)
charles Inglis
Edward Biddulph
George J. Hay
Rich Weatherley
R. J. Nash
Geo. A. Sainthill
Edw, Fayerman
James Henderson (b)
Thomas D. Stewart
John M. Waugh
Hon. Edward Gore
J. B. L. Hay
Robert Hagan
W.J. H. Johnstone
C. P. Madryil
W.P. Stanley
Alex. Kennedy
J. C. Woolnough
Richard Fegen
Charles Fraser
Alex. M'Leod
Francis Little

Royal Marines.
2d Lts. H. H, Hamilton

James J. Cracknell

Henry Jackson (act.) Albion

Thomas Webb Beaver

John Craggs

Wm. Hall (act.)
Grasshopper R. Hains

Lewis Fitaaurice

John Browning Menai

Francis Gordon

David Davies
Richard Skinner

Wim. Fuller (act.)

Wm. White (3)

James Wilshin

J. B. North,

Wm. Read

James Holvoak

Robert Baltour


Wm. Warden Confiance

James Osbom

James Lepper

John Davis

Wm. Anderson (1)

James Carruthers
Falmouth James Litle

Assistant Surgeons. Hind

Robert Gondon

Win. G. Borland
Hyperion Thos. Thompson

John Riddle Icarus

Alex. Anderson Iphigenia James Low Larne

Robt. Marshah (1)

Hamilton Stewart

C. D. Keane

John M'Arthur
Myrmidon George Wilson

P. H. Maclean Severn

Wm. Logan Snapper

David Bemeti Swan

J. R. Rees

Thomas Bell (2)


Stephen Street Vengeur

Wm. Thomas Wolf

Henry Wells
Swallow, rev. cutt. Wm. Webb
Hound, do. John Beal
Tartar, do. Wm. Thom
Tiger, do, Jos. Mason
Mermaid, do. James Benifold
Wellington, do. Richard Sholl

C, Hunter
Thomas G. M.Murray

Albion Bulwark Creole Falinouth Hasty Hind Hyperion Larne Martial Menai Snapper Spencer Superb Thistle Ord. at Plymouth Severn

Albion Brisk Bulwark Egeria Falmouth Grasshopper Hind Larne Menai Nimrod Perşeus


Masters, Wm. Balliston Thomas Haydon (act.) Wm. Aykbone

[blocks in formation]


Rept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, namely, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock in the evening. The morning observations in the first column are made on the Register Ther


[blocks in formation]





June 1
1. 41 29.46 7. 52 Cble. Showr. ford.


M. 459.770 M. 60
E. 131 .540 E. 56 high sunsh. aft.


E. 5: .867 E. 58)
M. 46 ,593 M. 59 S. W.

IM. 15)

1945 M. 62 IN. E. E. 581 .59 E. 59 ) mod

|Fair, sunsh. 17

TE. 58

.996 E. 58 ) M. 49 .480 M. 69 S.W. Fair foren. 3

M. 10 .958 M. 67W. .is E. 58 ) v high heav, rn, aft.


E. 55 .951 E. 65 )
.59) M. 61S. W.

M. 47 .976 M. 62 W.
E. 56

.591 E. 61 ) mod Fair, sunsh.

E. 59 .886 E. 62)
M 121 .640 M. 61 S. W

M. 46 .9.38 M. 64 W.
E. 55 .737 E. 60 ) brisk Ditto, ditto 20

E. 57 ..726 E, 613
M 16 .58 M. 64E.

M. 45 .691 M. 64 W.
S. 58 .5. 63 ipod

Ditto, ditto

E. 59

.733 E, 58 ) M. 48 .10 M. 59S, W.

M. 41

735 M, 57E. E. 53

Showery .241 E. 56 mod

E. 591 .735|E. 56 )
M. 41
.23. M. 60S. W. Fair foren.

IM. 48 .6.34 M. 57 W..
E. 55 .23. E. 58 ) high rain aftn.

E. 54 .242 E. 56
M. 16 .227/ M. 63 S.

M. 51 .241 M. 60W.
E. 62 .191/E. 58 mod Fair, dull

E. 58 ..310 E. 60)
M. 45 .207M. 59 Cble. Rainforn.fr.

M. 41 .384 M. 60 S. W.
E. 53 .460. 61 S mod sunsh.aft.


E. 561 .192 E. 575
M. 42 .6.3. 1. 60 W.

Mild, sunsh

M. 14 .221 M. 60. W.
E. 54 .678. 59 brisk showery aft.

E. 55 .205 E. 60
.68 M. 57 Cble. Wm.thn.m.

M. 44

.259 M. 52 S.W.
UE. 50 .745 E. 59 mod frn. sun aft. UE. 56 .291E. 51
M. 48
.686 M. 57 ) S.

M. 42 .342 M. 59S, W.
E. 53 .686 E. 57

E. 591 ..396 E. 59)
.56 M. 59 S. W.

M. 42 .510 M. 53W.
E. 51 .39E. 51

UE. 56 .416E. 62
M 14 .380 M. 59W.

M. 42.379 M. 63 N. W.
E. 551 .176 E. 58 )


E. 591 .560 E. 59 )


*** Some accident has prevented the weather being
noted in the books of the Observatory during the latter
part of this month.




[ocr errors]

121. 40




[ocr errors]



Quantity of rain, 1.645.


NOTWITHSTANDING the variable weather, and occasional night frosts in June, crops of all kinds wear a promising aspect. Hay is, however, but a light crop; and considerable injury has been done to the fruit-trees by the frosts in the latter end of May. Turnip sowing is generally finished. The early sown wheats promise an abundant return; and barley and oats will reach a fair average crop. The prices of grain have re mained nearly stationary during the last month, but seem rather on the advance. In England, hops have in general a good appearance; and a great breadth of turnips have been sown under favourable circumstances.-July 14.

The Potamogeton natans, an aquatic plant, came in flower on the 13th June, and the flowers of the water millfoil appeared on the 15th ; the common spearwort, the water flag, and lesser bur-reed, came in flower by the 18th. In the fields, wheat came in ear, and clover came in flower, by the 19th. In meadows, the Lychnis flos cuculi expanded its blossoms by the 21st, the flowers of the Digitalis purpurea appeared on the 25th, and those of the Veronica scutellata, a water plant, on the 27th. Virginian strawberries were ripe by the 30th, nearly eight weeks from the time they came in flower. The floating fescue grass was in flower on the 1st of July, the greater bur-reed on the 5th, the Campanula priinula on the 7th, Ayrshire roses on the 9th ; early oa came in ear by the 10th, the lesser water plantain opened its blossoms on the 13th, and the flowers of the common privet were expanded by the 14th. Temperature of the water in the pond 52o.-July 14.

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