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HE EDITORS are happy to present the Public with the Second and last Volume of the STATUTE LAWS OF This STATE, which, together with the Volume already published, they Aatter themselves will be found to contain all the Acts of the Legiflature of this State in force at the commencement of their Seffon in January last, and which can materially affect the interests of the Community.-The Acts in this Volume they have arranged under different Heads or Titles, in order to exhibit in distinct views the regulations on the different subjects to which they relate.This method they apprehend will tend to convenience and perfpicuity, considering the scattered and irregular order in which those Acts would otherwise appear. It could not have been adopted with the same advantage in the former Volume, nor was it there at all material, fince every Act in that Volume contained within itself all the provisions on the subject with which it was connected.

By the Act authorising the Publication of this Edition of the Laws, the Editors were required to Publish the Titles of all obsolete and private Acts and of all Acts of Incorporation and of a partial or local nature which should not be comprehended in the fame Volume with the General and Public Acts, but this direction has been superseded by a fubsequent Act of the last Sellion of the Legislature, and the Editors have therefore omitted all such Titles, except in cases where they have published other Acts in force on the same subject-In those instances they have also inferted the Titles of the Acts relating to that subject in the order in which they passed, and they conceive that those are the only cases in which the Publication of the Titles of Acts can in any degree be useful.

AlBarr, April 20, 1802.

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