Trinity and Incarnation in Anglo-Saxon Art and Thought

الغلاف الأمامي
Cambridge University Press, 10‏/04‏/1997 - 221 من الصفحات
This book is a study of the theology of the Trinity as expressed in the literature and art of the late Anglo-Saxon period. It examines the meaning of the representions of the Trinity in tenth- and eleventh-century English manuscripts and their relationship both to Anglo-Saxon theology and to earlier debates about the legitimacy of representations of the divine. The book's unifying theme is that of the image, and illustrations of many of the images discussed are provided.This book will be of interest to art historians, theologians and literary scholars alike.

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If anyone wishes to be saved
God made visible
Signs and images
God in history
Christ the icon of God
Symbols of the divine
Art prayer and the vision of God
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