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An Abridgment of the History of New Metropolis for encouraging and enabling England, for the use of young People. By industrious and prudent Individuals in the Haupah Adams. 12mo, neatly half bound, various Classes of the Community to proroan backs and corners. Price 3s,

vide for themselves by the Payment of The History of the Campaigns, of 1815 small weekly sums. By J. Bone. 3s. 6d. in Germany and Italy. By W. Burke, A Brief Examination into the Increase of late Army-Surgeon. hs.

the Revenue, Commerce, and Narigation, Letters from the Dead to the Living, or of Great Britain, during the Administration Thoughts on the separate States of depart- of the Right Hon. W. Pitt. By the Right ed Spirits ; to which is added, the Con

Hon. G. Rose, M. P. 5s. ficts of Passion, and final Triumphs of An Account of Two Attempts towards Faith. By L. S. Abington. 1s.

promoting the Improvement and gradual Explanations of Time-Keepers Civilization of the Indian Natives of North structed by Mr. Thomas Earnshaw and the America. 2s. late Mr. John Arnoid. Published by Order A Dialogue between Bonaparte and we of the Commissioners of Longitude. 4to. 5s. jeyrand on the Subject of Peace with L:g.

The Principles and Regulations of Tran. laud, 6d. quillity, an lostitution commenced in the

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missionaries at Kara's to be educated, ut EDINBURGH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. der their eye, in the Christian religion. This society has lately published its an

• ( the depth of the riches both of the

wisdom and knowledge of God! Hos onnual report, containing a view of the pro

searchable are his judgments, and his ways gress of their affairs during the last year.

past finding out. Would it have been The only part of this report which we have

proper for the missionaries to have declined not anticipated, is an occurrence of considerable importance to their mission in

the offer because they had not the approba

tion of the society? Would it have been Tartary, which has recently taken place. It is thus related. “ When the state of

proper for the society, after they received our funds had put it out of the power of information, to have censured their con. the missionaries to redeem any more of the

duct is accepting so singular a gift ? Cernative youths *, the providence of God, in taimly not. They are the Children of Proa very extraordinary manner sent them, vidence. God has said, “Take these chilfree of cost, from a distant part of Tartary, dren and educate them for me, I will give above forty children, to be educated in the

you your wages :' and it is hoped that the Christian faith, They are of a tribe of friends of religion will not suffer the mis.

sionaries to want the means of feeding and Kre:sian Tartars, of both sexes, and from five to fifteen years of age. In their na

clothing them, and of bringing them up in

the nurture and admonition of the Lord *." tive country, that were, to human apa

Still later accounts, we understand, bare pearance, placed hond the reacb of the

been received from Karass, from which it means cigrace ; but HE who says • I will bring my sons d'om far, and my daughters appears that the missionary settlement is from the ends of the Earth,' compelled healthy; that the baptized natives conduct their tribe, under the pressure of tamine, to

themselves in a manner that accredits offer their children to the Emperor as the

their profession ; that their young pcople price of bread ; and induced his couu- 'are very promising, sereral of them being sellors to present a portion of them to the

able to read both Turkish and English; that the prejudices of the surrounding na.

tives are not so violent as formerly ; and * The funds of the society, we are sorry

that even some of the Effendis are become to perceive, are now quile exhausted. The friendly, and seem to wish well to their directors earnestly solicit the assistance of all who are interested in the success of * The family of the missionaries now the Gospel

consists of upwards of 80 persous

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cause. The Russian Government has made the rules of this society with respect to
them a grant of land, and annexed to the smuggling, which the conferencë directs to
grant certain important privileges. A tract be enforced. “ How shall we put a stop to
against Mohammed'sm has been printed smuggling ?"_" Speak tenderly and free
by the missionaries in their press at Karass. quently of it in every society wear the
It is written in Arabic, and the typography coast: carefully disperbe Mr. Wesley's
is said to be remarkably well exccuted. world to a smuggler : expel all those who
The tract makes a great stir among the will pot leave it off : silence erery local
Moslems. Mr. Brunton has made consi. preacher who defends it.”
derable progress in truustating the Scrip- In another place, in speaking of the ex-
tures into the language of the country. To travagance of dress, they express a deter-
this object he has devoted much of his time mination, (which, in some of its objects
and attention ; and he thinks that he tas at least, appears to be a little whimsi-
succeeded in making such a translation as mal,) "to put an end to the unjustifiable
will be understood, not only by the Turks, 1 istom of the men wearing lapelled coats,"
but also by the Tartars. All the mi, iona. (10. re not aware that lapelled coat:
ries, and some even of the Eff pois, ars sec onoxinus to censure) “and expen-
Anxious to have it printed, but les cannot sirn howy stutis ; th.: women wearing
be done without a new font of Arabi cost sleeves and long siled gowns; and
types; anıl in the present exhausted stato Kildren a superti: ultons and
of the society's fund it is doubtful whether tands."
they can engage in this great and neces-
sarily expensive work.


Agreeably to our promise, wa The minutes of the annual conference of insert a few extracts from the Appendix io the methodist preachers late in connexion the second annual report of this Society, with Mr. Wesley, represti't the numbers Extract from an address to the Christians in in their sociсties to be as follows:

the Prussian States. In Great Britain........

..110,803 In Ireland..........

“ In that highly favoured country where,

23,773 Gibraltar......

for a considerable time past, the spirit of

40 Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and

active Christian charity lias been awakenNewfoundland......


ed, and a fire kindled by the Lord, which West Indies, Whites.... 1,775

already shines into the remotest parts of Coloured people, &c ......13,165

the earth-in the powerful kingdom of 14,910

Great Britain, a society has been formed, United States. Whites.......95,629

consisting of Christians of all ranks and reColoured people, &C......24,316

ligious denominations, for the laudable pur-119,945 pose of propagating the word of God to the

utmost of their power by cheap distribu

270,919 tion among the poor." In the course of the conference, a que3- [Here foilows an extract from the first tion is asked, “ Can any advice be given Report of the British and Foreign Bible concerning the mode of conducting the Society.] Sunday service in our Chapels ?” to which « No fire burns upon the aliar of the the following answer is given : “ We insist Lord, without spreading its fames around. upon it, that the Holy Scriptures shall be con

This fire has also extended its names. The stantly and statedly read in public, where- zeal of Christians in England has also inever we have preaching in the forenoon of fused itself into the hearts of Christians in the Lord's Day. Our fixed rule is, that Germany. wherever disine service is performed by us

“ Already in the German Empire a soin England on the Lord's Day in Church ciety has been formed actuated by th: hours, the officiating preacher shall read ei

same spirit and for the same purpose as ther the service of the Established Church, that in England. In the Prussian states our venerable father M. Wesley's abridg: also there is still room for sowing the good ment of it, or at least the lessons appointed seed of the word. They still contain disby the calendar.” There is a latitude in this tricts, where, in the houses of many Pige fixed i ule which ought to prevent its proy- testant families, the precious Bible is sought ing a burden to any man's conscience. in vain.'' It is impossible not to approve bighly of

" Christians in our Prussian country! Christ. Obsery. No. 57.

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who have been favoured by God with spi- tion, it will also outlive this age of infidelity ritual blessings in heavenly places, and at and contempt.' Therefore we cannot sufficithe same time in greater or less degrees ent!y rejnice, that we are privileged to serve with temporal goods, aid us by your active such a Master, who is infinitely superior to concurrence in performing this work of all his enemies, who has the victory in his love. Enable us by your charitable contri- hands, ever since the world bas stood, who butions, both small and great (for the finally shall put all enemies under his feet, smallest gift derives worth from the inten

at whose name erery knec shall bow and tion of the giver, and becomes, by God's

erery tongue confess, that Jesus Christ in blessing, great) to sow the good seed of Lord. Nor shall we be able sufficiently to God's word in abundance. Let us do good know and to appreciate all the excellento all men, but chiefly to those of the eies of the kingdom of Christ, and the exhousehold of faith. (Gal. vi. 9.)"

alted dignity of bis Person : never shall we The above-mentioned address having be able fully to comprehend the favour been inclosed in a letter to his Prussian and happiness vouchsafed to them abo Majesty, soliciting his gracious protection, shall be partakers of the kingdom of God be returned the following answer :

through faith in Christ. Would not even 46 It is with real satisfaction that I dis.

our blessed Lord and Saviour hiinself recover, from your letter of the 7th of Fe- joice to see the fraternal union which subbruary, and the inclosed address, the laud.

sists between us, the interest which we able endeavours of the Prussian Bible So

mutually take in each other, and the since. ciety for the gratuitous and cheap distrie rity of our wish to see all our brethren bebution of the Bible to the poor of my do- come partakers of the same blessings ! minions; and whilst I render justice to Yes, Lord ! let thy kingdom come, and be your particular merit in promoting such an extended further and further. May our useful institution, I transmit to you at the blessed Lord and Saviour daily more besame time 20 Frederick's d'or, as an addi

cone that which he is made of God unto tion to its funds. I am your gracious us, Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, King,

and Redemption ; yea may he become FREDERICK WILLIAM."

our all in all, and we fruitful branches in

him the living ine. May light and life Ertract of a Letter from a Roman Catho

and love be multiplied in us, and may the lie Clergyman in Szcabia.

peace of God which passeth all under. “ I feel the highest regard for the wise standing, keep our hearts and minds in the and prudent zeal of the English Bible Com- love of God and his dear Son Jesus Chrst." mittee, because it is my own desire to see the pure and genuine word of God spread, Extract from an Advertisement of the Roman and ain so entirely against all corruption Catholic Bible Society at Ralisbon, to the of this invaluable treasure, that I myself Christians of that Persuasion throughout would prevent it by all means in my power. Germany. As the degeneracy of all outwarl churches is so great and general, and still threatens

To those who value the Doctrine nf Jesus. to become greater and more general, I

“ Dear Brethren and Sisters in Christ! comfort myself with this, that the Lord is “ It is desirable, that the Holy Scripretiring into the inner temple, and more tures of the New Testament could be put gloriously building up the invisible church. into the hands of many pious Christians at At least he does not sit idle at the right a low price. Thereby they would be com: hand of his father, nor can he lose his suit; forted in their afflictions, strengthened in whatever may now be the appearance, he their trials, and more preserved from the must finally be the gainer. Our duty how• temptations of the world. Many excellent ever is this, to pray more earnestly than souls do not find in the public religious inever : let thy kingdom come ! and, Lord struction that for which they hunger; are abide with us, for it is towards evening. also often in the confessional only judged Dr. Sailer, (who by bis truly evangelical for their outward deeds, without being led instructions and writings has proved a to an acknowledgment of their inward great blessing to the Roman Catholics in corruption, and to faith in the blood of Je. Germany) thus expresses himself in his sus their Redeemer: if these could read last book:Christianity is so firmly found. the Holy Scriptures of the New Testaed on its own basis, that after it bas out.

ment in the quiet time of holidays, their lived the times of persecution, after it has faith in the simple doctrines from the mouth remained unshaken in the age of superstio of Jesus Christ would, by the mercy of

their Saviour, be thereby enlivened ; and nor private institution for the express puram the Lord's gifts in the Holy Spirit be pose of relieving this want by a gratuitous quickened in them. They would hear the or cheap distribution of Bibles, except a voice of the Father in their inward part, few small legacies, which have beep lett to which leads them to their Saviour, of which some churches for supplying the schools Christ saith: They shall be all taught of with Bibles. God; and whosoever hath learned of the “ Many, who are destitute of the Bible, Father, and receiveth it, cometh unto me.' express a great desire after this treasure,

“ From these considerations has arison, which desi.e is increased, when they find in the minds of some clergymen, a wish to it in the possession of others.'' set on foot a cheap German edition of the " I have not a moment's doubt, that New Testament, for the use of many pious here a Society of respectable Clergyn:en Christians, the Repository thereof to be at and other pious Christians might be form. Ratisbon, in the Ecclesiastical Seminary, ed for the express purpose of spreadiug as a central place in Germany.

the Bible more generally.” “ I hereby give this intelligence to some

“ I feel the less hesitation in saying known confessors of Christ, with a re. that such a Society might be established, quest that they will consider the matter because among the 50 or 60 clergymen iu before the Loril, recommend it to him in this country, as also among the private prayer ; and if he is pleased to afford gentlemen in Lapponia, several are known them any opportunity to contribute in any to me as men wbo feel the most lively inway toward it, that they will not neglect it. terest in enlightening the mind, and are. Christian poverty and love have accom: liorating the state and condition, of their plished greater things in the world than fellow-creatures, by faith in Christ. the power and riches of the world could " Permit me now, reverend and dear do.

Sir, to accompany this information with a O Lord! Redeemer of our souls ! bumble petition to the British and Foreign Shepherd of the small despised Aock! do Bible Society kindly to remember the 50 with this work as may please thee. Thy country parishes in Esthonia, which con. kingdom proceeds an incessant pace in a tain at least 15,000 families, and to assist still small way, and those who oppose it them with a pecuniary aid, in order tha: can do nothing against it, but become thy

the whole Bible, or at least a pait o. footstool, and contribute to the rest of thy it, may be gratuitously or cheaply distri. feet in the peace of thy people. If it please buted to the many indiĝent persons who ar: thee, let thy holy history, the bistory of at present destitute of this treasure.” thy childhood, of thy ministry, of thy suf

“ In the mean while I shall endearai fering, and of the victory of the Holy Spi

to form a Bible Socicly in our parts; ai rit in the apostles and firstlings of the should it picase the British and Foreiz Christian Church, come into the bands of Bible Society to lend us their generous a thy little ones for their comfort and confir- in procuring a fund for such an institutio mation."

I have not a moment's doubt, that mai

gentlemen in our parts would thereby i Extract of a Letter from a respectable Lue excited to take an active part in such a bo theran Minister in Esthunin.

nevolent design." « As you made some inquiries respect- Esiruct of a Letter from a Clergyman ing the state of the Bible in the Russian

Alsace. Empire, permit me now to return you the following answer :

" Before the revolution, I never gave a Among the poorer classes of our coun. Bibles to the Roman Catholics with a trymen the Holy Scriptures are so scarce, own hanıls, but always through those that perhaps out of 100 families hardly my parishioners; since the revolution. five will be found in possession of a Bible have ruore freedom, so that I may evi or New Testament.

let the Roman Catholics take the sacr: “ The scarcer Bibles are, the more di- ment in our church, which has often bap Jigently they are read by the people when pened. Now the priests excite a suspicica they can obtain them.

of the Swiss Bibles, so that many of their ". Throughout the whole province of people do not know what to do about thewt. Esthonia there is a great want of Bibles, i ain, however, in hope soon to procure ehiefly among the Swedish and Esthonian some of the Protestant Bibles, which are peasants.

now printing at Paris. About a fortnign “ There is in general neither a public ago, I had thc unexpected pleasure of an

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emigrant expriest accepting, with thanks, paid to them. The mode in which they a Parisian New Testament. I wrote him, are distributed is as follows: We generally I should readily offer him a whole Bible, class the prisoners six in a mess; the most had I any other than a Swiss edition, which intelligent person of that number has it in might appear to bim suspicious, though it charge to make the contents of the book was so to none who examined it by the kuown to his companious, which, I trust, original. He replied, he would thankfully will have the desired effect." accept it. At last he came to me in person, and also took a German Bible and Extract of a Letter from a respectable Core some other German books, having learnt

respondent. German during his emigration.

The state of the Highlands of Scot" I beg leave to add, that many French land for want of Bibles in the Gaelic lan. gentlemen of respectability have accepted guage is very deplorable. Very few faBibles from me with apparent sincere joy; milies have got a whole Bible; and the and lately a lady care several leagues number of those who have got one volume on húrseback in order to request one of does not exceed one in forty, and in many me.”

places not so many. Iudeed the wbole

Bible sells at such a price, that very few Extract of a Letler from


poor families can have it; nor is it now ea. Agent for Prisoners,

sily to be procured at any price. “ I beg to acknowledge the receipt of A friend who has every means of ac. your letters of the 1st of February, and quiring accurate information on this head, ilth of March : the first accompanied by thus writes : «With respect to your inquia packet containing 20 Testaments in the ry about the number of Gaelic Bibles, I am French language, whieh have been distri- sorry to tell you, that, from any thing I buted among the French prisoners at this could learn, there are not forty Gaelic depôt; and I have the satisfaction of mak- Bibles in all the districts throngla which I ing known, that they have been thankfully have travelled, which, I think, consists of received ; that to all appearance a very about 700 miles. In Sky alone, where proper use is made of so valuable a gitt; there are about 15,000 souls, there is not and that a further supply, if convenient, one Gaelic Bible ; and, till of late, there will be received by them with gratitude. were nut above two schools in all the

By your letter of the 11th ult. I have island. Oh! what multitudes are perish. received the packet containing 100 copies ing in our native country for lack of knowof the Gospel of St. Matthew in the Span- ledge.' ish language, which have also been distri. “ All the Western Islands are nearly in buted among the Spaniards. They also the same deplorable condition." seem to be grateful for so much attention


held in the esteem of Europe, by anCONTINENTAL INTELLIGENCE.

nouncing his refusal to ratify the treaty The aspect of the European Continent has concluded by D'Oubril at Paris, both as undergone some very material changes being disgraceful in itself and injurious to since we closed our last number. Our

the interests of Europe, and as being readers will recollect that the French Ga- contrary to the letter and spirit of his in. zette had officially notified the restora- structions. The treaty has since been tion of peace between France and Russia. published. It contains an acknowledge Under the depressing influence of this in- ment of the validity of all the changes telligence, the Emperor of Germany yield. which Bonaparte has effected in the comed to what appeared to bim the imperious monwealth of Europe, and an agreement necessity of his circumstances, and for.

to give up Cattaro, and reduce the Russian mally renounced his title to the inperial force in the Mediterranean to 4,000 men, crown of Germany, acknowledging at the and to withdraw even these at the bidding saine time the confederation of the Rhine. of France. The Russian Monarch's refu. This humiliating instrument liad scarcely sal to ratify these shameful concessious met the public eye, when the return of a has been accompanied with the utmost courier from Petersburgh restored the Em- activity in pressing forward his new leries, peror Alexander to the place which he had which, it is said, will raise his arasies to

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