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Winchester...Sir R. Gamon, bart.

Dumfermlin, &C...Sir J. Henderson, bart. Sir H. P. St. J. Mildmay, bart. Edinburgh...Sir P. Murray, bart. Winchelsea.., Sir F. F. Vane, bart.

Fortrose, &c...G.Cumming, esq.
C. Bewick, esq.

Glosgow, &C...A. Campbell, esq.
Windsor...L. Desborough, esq.

Jedburgh, Si...Hon. W. Lamb
R. Ramsbottom, esq.

Kirkaldy, 8C...R. C. Fergussun, esą.
Woodstock... Sir H. W. Dashwood, bart. Rothsay, 8c... John Campbell, esq.
Hon. W. F. E. Eden

St. Andrew's, &e... Sir D. Wedderburn, bart Wootton-Bassett...R. Williams, esq.

Selkirk, 8c... Sir C. Ross, bart.
R. Knight, esq.

Stranraer, &c...Hun. G. R. Stewart
Worcestersh... Hon, W. B. Lygon
Hon, W. H. Lyttleton

Worcester...Ab. Robarts, esq.

Antrimsh...E. A. M Naghten, csq.
H. Bromley, esq.

Hon. R. B, O'Neil
Wycombe...Sir J. D. King, bart.
T. Baring, esq.

Armaghsh.. Viscount Acheson

Hon. H. CaulGeld
Yarmouth...Hon, E. Harboard

Armagh., P. Duigenan, esq.
A. Lushington, esq.

Athlone...Rt. Hon. G. Tierney
Yarmouth, Hants...). C. Jervoise, esq.
T. W. Plummer, esq.

Bandon Bridge...Hon. C. Boyle
Yorkshire... W. Wilberforce, esq.

Belfast...Ed. May, esq.
W. Fawkes, esq.

Carrickfergus... Lord S. S. Chichester
York...Sir W. M. Milner, bart.

Cashel...Viscount Primrose
Hon. L. Dundas

Catherloghsh..... Lalouche, esq.

Walter Bagenel, esq.

Catherlogh... Hon. F. Robinson

Catansh...N. Sneyd, esq.

J. Barry, esq. Aberdeensh... Jas. Ferguson, esq.

Claresh... Hon. F. N. Burton Ayrsh... Sir H. D. Hamilton, bart.

Sir G. OʻBrien, bart, Argyllsh...Lord J. D. E. H. Campbell Clonmel...W. Bagwell, esq. Bumfsh,.,Ri. Hon, Sir W. Grant

Colraine... Berwicksh...G. Baillie, Jun. esq.

Corksh...Viscount Boyle Bute and Caillmess...Hon. J. S.W.MKenzie

Hun. G. Ponsonby Cromartysh...H. F. Campbell, esq.

Cork...M. Longfield, esq. Dumbartonsh...C. Edmonstone, Jun, csq.

Hon. C. Hutchinson Dumfriessh...Hon. H. Erskine

Donegallsh... Sir J. Stewart, bait. Edinburghsh... Hon R. Dundas Saunders

H. V. Brooke, esq. Elginsh... Jas. Brodie, esq.

Downsh...F. Savage, esq. Filesh ..R. Ferguson, Jun. esq.

Hon. J. Meade Forfarsh... Hon. W. Maule

Downpatrick...E. S. Ruthven, esq. Haddingtonsh.. Hon. C. Hope

Drogheda...H. M. Ogle, esq. Invernesssh...C. Grant, esq.

Dublinshe..H. Hamilton, esq.

F. J. Falkiner, esq. Kincardinesh...W. Adam, esq.

Dublin... Rt. Hon. H. Grattan Kinrosssh... Hon. G. Abercromby

R. Shaw, esq. Kircudbrighl...Hon. M. G. J. Stewart

Dublin Univ... Hon. G. Knox Lanarksh... Lord A. Hamilton

Dundalk... Linlithgowsh... Hon. A, Hope

Dungannon...Hon. G. Knox Orkneysh...R. Honeyman, esq.

Dungarvon...Hun. G. Walpole Peeblessh...Sir J. Montgomery, bart.

Ennis...Rt. Hon. J. Fitzgerald Perthsh... Thomas Graham, esq.

Enniskillen... Renfrewsh...W. MÓDowall, esq.

Fermanaghsk...M. Archdall, Jun, esq. Rosssh...A. M. Frazer, esq.

Hon. G. L. Cole Roxburghsh...J. Rutherford, esq.

Galwaysh...R. Martin, esq. Selkirksh...W.E. Lockbart, esq.

D. B. Daly, esq. Stirlingsh... Hon. C. Elphinstone Fleming

Galwry...Jas. Daly, esq. Sutherlandsh...Rr. Hon. W. Dundas

Kerrysh... Rt. Hon. M. Fitzgerald Wigtownsh... W. Maxwell, Jun. esq.

H, A. Herbert, esq. Annan, &c...Hon. H. Erskine

Kildaresh...Lord R. S. Fitzgerald Anstruther, 8c... Rt. Hon. Sir J. Anstruther

R. Latouche, esq. Brechin, 8c...Hon. J. Ramsay

Kilkennysh... Hon. J. Butler Cullen, &e...G. Skene, esq.

Hon. F. Ponsouby Dornoch, &c...Sir R. Mackenzie, bart, Kilkenny...Hun, C. H. Builer

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List of the House of Commons. (APPENDIX. King's Co...Rt. Hơn. Sir L. Parsons, bart. Qucen's Co... Hon. W. W. Pole len T. Bernard, Jun. osq. 814

H. Pargell, esq. Kingale. H. Martin,'esq. UN'I';,?,,T Roscommons. A. Frenchs esq. Leitrimsh...H. J. Clements, esq.1. 176" bat.

Hon, $. Mahou 326 twist 57:1396, Hon. W. Gore.c; sed Ross, New, C. Leigh, esge 101

SC 19 Limericksh,..W. Odell, esq.u u uwis ons sont Sligosh... o Hara, exgori:B 23:via ! Hon. W. Quin, e i

Ę. Ş. Coopera esgoh es vd !!? Limerick..C. Veseker, esq. The 4

Sligo... George Canniya, eng Lisburne...Bal of Yarmouth. 29 ube

Tipperarysh...Hgn, F. A. Pringle 1,9791 Londonderrysh...Lord G. T. Beresford Jivia

Hon. M. Mathew

19100 Hon. C. W. Sievart in bralce bold I2 ES ! Landandersy... Sis G. F. Hill, barte, se suoce Tyronesh...

Jas. Stewart, esą.

Hon. T. Longfordshm Sir T. Fetherstone, barli yer :

04 (AT 11. Viscount Forbes bien

#aterfordsh...IN 902.05. 11.5) Lorethsk.. Rt. Hon, J. Foster

R. Pwer, esq.
Vičcount Jocelyn


Waterfors?... Rt. Hon, Sir J. Newport, bare Mallow, De Jephson, esg.

Westmeathsh,..G. H. Rochfort, esq Muyosh... Rt Hon. D. Browne

W. Smyth, esą.

Dick 3499 s'. s. Cat Hon. H. A. Dillon

1 1 2 3 4

Werfordsh...J. Colclough, esq.
Meathsh...Sir M. Somerville, bart.

R. S. Carew, esq.
T. Bligh, esq.

Wersord...Sir RWigram, baft. * " '5492918 Monaghansh...R. Dawson, esq.

Wicklowsh...W: H. Hume, esq.
C. P. Leslie, esq.

W. Tighé, esq.!. 4101?!. Newry... Hon. F. Needham

Youghall...Viscount Bernard il v Porturlington...Sir O. Mozley

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touss Continued from Page 776.) GREAT BRITAIN.

information of scientific and professional

gentlemen, ameteurs of Natural History, The late Mr. RUSSELL left, at his death, students of the liberal and fine arts, &c.) Two Lunar Planispheric Drawings, one of recommence on the 27th of January, at which exhibits the Lunar Diskin a state of the Bloomsbury Dispensary, No. 62, Great direct opposition to the sun, when the Russel Street, to be contiqued every Tues eminencesard depressions are undetermine day and Friday evening, at eight o'clock ed and every intricate part, arising from precisely. Twenty transferable tickets colour, form, or other causes, is delineat

are given for two guineas, which admit ed: the other, of the same proportion, re

gentlemen to all the lectures in one sei. presents the eminences and depressions of the moon, deterinined as to their form, pro- No progress has been yet made in an. ducing their shadows when the sun is only rolling the six Herculaneum MSS. wbich a few? degrees above the horizon. The

were presented by the King of Naples, fomer of these was engraved by Mr. Rus. about two years since, to the Prince of sel, the latter was left in such a forward Wales.. A cornet only of one of the rolls state, that it will sooir be finished. Mr. was unfolded; and the whole was afterWilliam Russell, son of the late Mr. Rus- wards subunitted to the action of steam. sell, proposes to publish by subscription The steam, however, instead of giving these lunar plates. These engravings, it is pliability and consistency to the tinder, as believed, will be found useful in ascertain- was hoped, has more: firmly united the ing the tongitude, and in the observations mass; and, in a great measure, obliterated on lunar eclipses, and may also lead to im- the writing. The ill success of this expeportant speculations in natural philosophy. riment has discouraged further attempts The diameter of each Planisphere is fif- on the other five rolls. : D.' teen inches, and the price to sabscribers Mr. ARTHUR YOUNG, in the course of is five guineas

his experiments on manures, has discoverMr. Blair's Lectures on Anthropology: ed that hydrogen gas, admitted to the roots or the Natural History of Man, itlustrated of plants, increases their growth and pi. by anatomical preparations, &c. (for the gour more than most other stimulants.

Carbonated hydrogen would probably, dren we presume) of convulsions, 1,158 08 have a still greater effect than pure hy- small-pox, and 1,364 of fevers of all kinds. drogen. This discovery might be turned There have been executed, in the city of to good account in hot-houses, coustructed London and county of Surry, 15. : like those for admitting steam beneath A method of pruning has been practised the plants. Carbonic hydrogen is pro- in the garden of the Margravine of And cured by the distillation of coal, in the SPACH, which has much improved the fruit manner practised for the gas' lights ; and produced. It consists in leaving the intermight, in a hot-house so constructed, be val between the shoots on each brauch-as forced beneath the plants in great abund- short as possible, cutting every branch of ance, at a small cost, by a similar appara: beyond its first shoot, and leaving a very tus.

short stem. By this means tlie sap silt Mr. TAYLOR, of Morton, has discovered have the least possible distance to run to that hawthorn hedges may be formed in a the fruit ; and the vigour of the tree will, more expeditious manner than usual, by consequently, be spent in producing fruit, cutting the roots of the plant into smalt instead of wood and leaves. pieces, and planting them with the top one- The spirit of commercial enterprise in fourth of an inch above the ground. The this country, and the opiniou (we fear an upper end of each piece may be inarked, ill-founded one) entertained of the importa when cutting, by giving it two cuts; and ance of our recent conquests in South the lower end, but one. The spring is the America, are strongly manifested by the best time to plant the sets,

Of those fact of 72 vessels of upwards of 44,000 planted by Mr. Taylor, not five in one tons burthen, baving already sailed for hundred were lost. For this discovery, Buenos Ayres... About halt the vessels are Mr. Taylor received the Silver Medal from from London. the Society of Arts.

Interesting experiments have been reAccording to the Annual Report of the cently made in the Artillery Service. Lieut, Coinpany of Parish Clerks of London, Col. CRICHTON, with two six-pounders, there have been, from December 17, 1805, mounted on a carriage of a new construca to December 16, 1806 ; in the 97 parishes tion invented by hiin, together with the within the walls, Baptisms, 1,121-Bu- artillery-men attached to them, was die rials, 1,152: in the 17 parishes without rected to set out from Edinburgh for Wool. the walls, Baptisms, 4,763—Burials, 3,673; wich, taking post horses at the ordinary in the 23 out-parishes in Middlesex and stages. One of the axle-treex broke on Surry, Baptisms, 9,734_Burials, 7,349 ; on the road, which occasioned a consider and in the 10 parishes in the City and Lin able stop; and some other delay occurberties of Westminster, Baptisms, 4,762- red: yet the party reached Woolwich, a Burials, 5,271. Total Baptisms, 20,380; distance of 400 miles, in 77 hours; the of which 10,452 were of Wales ; 9,928 of men arriving in perfect condition for surg Females. Total Burials 17,938 ; of which vice, lo consequence of the accident 9,215 were of Males: 8,723 of Females ; which had happened, a second experimeno and an increase of 363 has occurred in the was usdered. The party went from Woola burials of this year.

wich, to Suuthampton, and returned to

Woolwich, a journey of 160 miles; in 24 AGES OF THE DECEASED

hours, without fatigue. These trials have Under two years....8,405 **

ascertained, that, in case of an enemy's Between two and fire...2,029 N landing at any distant point, where few or Five and ten............. 822's <di's

no guns might be stationed, a powerful Ten and twenty.........: 635

force of artillery may be trausporled to Twenty and thirty .....1,829

the spot, before the invader could have Thinty and forty ...,1,732 : Birde

made any cousiderable progress. Forty aud fifty.wow...1,793

The 28th report of the Sociely for Fifty and sixty........1,50

bellering the Condition and increasing the Sixty au seventy in.1,265

Camforis of the Poor, just published, con. Seventy and eigtity.... 859

tains some interesting articles, viz. two Eighty and ninety.... 14 extracts from Mr. Clarkson's portraiture of Ninety, and a hundred...7 49 quakeristo, the one giving an account of the A buodred..........a

system of the quakers with respect to theig A hundred and four.com 1

poor, the other, an account of the execuOf this number 3,996 art stated to hnte tion of criminal law in Pennsylvania, du Lad of consumpsi ti, 3,492 («hiefs chile account of a retreat for old age aa Chaning

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near Paris, provided by the monthly con- creased, in ten years, to 4,000 copies : at tributions of the individuals who enjoy it; present their sale has reached 8,000. and a farther account of the school for the , The University of Dorpat, in Liropia, indigent blind at Liverpool. The efficacy established in 1802, has made great proof ivbitewashing the houses of the poor, in gress in opening schools under its direcs preventing contagion in cases of typhus, is tion, throughout the four provinces of Lis established by a report of the Dublin house vowia, Courland, Fionia,, and Esthonia, of recovery. The medical geutlemen of Attention has bitherto been chiedig die Liverpool, greatly to their honour, have rected to those establishments, which are publicly announced their resolution to dis- especially destined for tbe, instruction of courage the practice of inoculation for the youths intended for commerce, trade, or small-pox, and to use all their influence in the arts; and as preparatory schools for promoting vaceination. Ao interesting ac. those, who are scbsequently to make lites count is subjoined of the measures taken rature their profession. The parocbiai by the Spanish government to extend the schools, where the first elements of educac benefits of vaccination to their foreign do- tion will be taught, begiy also to be orgaminions, and to other countries.

nized; of these, every town, however

small, will contain two ; one for children FRANCE.

of each sex ; and similar institutious are

formed in the country. But, as able teachSo large a demand is expected for the New French Catechism, that a bookseller

ers are greatly wanted, five seminades

have been formed in the district of the unibas purchased the copy right for 25,000

versity, for the express purpose of training dollars. It is to be stereotyped. A historical column is to be erected in

and qualifying schoolmasters. The Em

peror bas granted 42,000 roubles per aathe Place Vendôme ; denominated the column of Austerlitz. It is to be 120 feet in lies; which will continue in full activity

num, for the support of these five semnioa. height, and entirely covered with bronze.

for three years. Each student receives, It will display the most memorable events

while in these seminaries, 300 roubles of the campaign of 1805 in basso relevo.

yearly; and engages to take the charge of The subjects to be represented will be

one of the public schools, when appointed, distributed to different artists, who will

and to continue in his office for at least ten furnish designs. The pedestal of this co

years. lumn is already begun.

The Emperor suppressed, by ukase, GERMANY.

in February last, the imperial seminary

for the reception of young ladies, which The first part of an edition of WOLF'S was amply endowed by Catharine II. In Homer, in folio, appeared at the Leipsic the preamble of his edict, he declares, that Fair, which is the most splendid work yet

the funds of this institution would be einproduced in Germany. The text is said to ployed to greater advantage, in the educabe immaculate. Four parts will complete

tion of those youths, who are intended to the work. Only 15. subscriptions have

serve their country: and that the educabeen received, and 100 copies printed.

tion of a feinale, being chiefly limited to The King of Prussia has presented a copy

the management of family affairs, she will to each of the universities in his dominions, sooner acquire the knowledge of them in

her father's house, than in a sumptuous RUSSIA.

school, where it is attempted, but in vain, Twenty years since, there were but two to teach them the rudiments of sciences, booksellers' shops in Moscow; the re.

the knowledge of which nature does not turns-of which did not amount to 10,000 allow them to acquire. roubles per annum. The number is now

The crews of the two Russian ships twenty ; and the yearly return is about

which lately sailed round the world, vere 200,000 roubles. The increase of the trade extremely healthy. During the whole three and circulation of books in Moscow, is years' voyage, they lost only two med. pripcipally owing to the exertion of Mr. It is already koown that their fresh water Novikow. He procured translations from was preserved in cusks charred within ; but foreign languages, established libraries, it is not so generally known that they used studied and anticipated public taste, and the same precaution, for preserving their traded in books. with acuteness and suc

salted provisions. . The beef, which they cess. Not more than 600 copies of Mos- carried out with them, tasted as pleasantly cow newspapers were formerly sold ; but on their return, as it did three years be. under bis management, the demand in- fore, when first salted,




Philadelphia: 50 pages : 8vo. with porNORTH AMERICA.

traits: 25 cents. Since Louisiana became a part of the Magazine ; occasionally ; at Boston : 194

The Massachusett's Baptist Missionary United States, two literary societies have been formed there : one at New Orleans,

The Christian's Magazine ; quarterly ; which publishes monthly a journal, intend

at New York : 120 pages: 8vo. 374 cents. ed to render the country better kuown ;

The Christian Monitor ; quarterly ; at the other at Natches, on the River Miss

Boston. sissippi. The following English works are reprint

The Panoplist, or the Christian's Armouing in America : BIGLAND's Lellers on

ry ; at Charlestown : 48 pages : 20 cents. the Study and Use of History. WALKER'S

EAST INDIES. Critical and Pronouneing Dictionary.

A siogular method of forming firm walls GRAHAM's Sabbath. SOU THEY's Marine; has been long practised in India, though no and his Thalaba. The Bishop of London's account of it was made public in this coun Sermons ; and the second American edi- try till last year. The walls are first built tion of his Lectures on St. Matthew. Scott's of moistened earth, like those called cod Commentary on the Bible. Gill's Exposi- walls in Devonshire. When dry, they are tion of the New Testiment. Carr's Stringer surrounded with a framework, at a proper in Frmer, and his Travels round the Baltic. distance; to support firewood in contact The following periodical works appear

with every part of them in different stages, in the United States.

so that the quantity in the lowest stage is The Literary Miscellany : quarterly; at

greatest. This, as it burns down, bakes the Cambridge : 100 pages : 8vo. price 50 walls, like bricks, to the depth of ten

inches. These walls are so strong, that they The Manthly Anthology and Boston Re- resist the attacks of floods, and last for cena view ; at Boston: 50 pages : 8vo. 37

turies. cente, The Literary Magazine and American

UNIVERSITY PROMOTIONS. Register; monthly; at Philadelphia.

Orford. The Mathematical Correspondent ; at Nov. 15. The appointment of the Rev. New York : 24 pages : 12mo. 18 cents.

J. Cole, D.D. Fellow of Exeter College, as The Medical Repository ; quarterly ; at

one of the Public Preachers, in the room of New York.

the Rev. Mr. Philpotts of Magdalen Cola The Collection of the Historical Society, lege, who has resigned, was approved in at Boston ; generally an annual volume, full convocation. In the same convocation,

The Transactions of the American Philo- the appointment of the Rev. G. Shepherd, sophical Society.

M. A. Fellow of University, and the Rev. The Memuirs of the American dcademy of R. Dixon, M. A. Fellow of Queen's, to be Aris and Sciences.

Public Examiners, was approved. The Polyunthos ; monthly ; at Boston; The following is a list of the ten public with plates.

preachers, The Rev. M. Marlow, D. D. The Medical and Agricultural Register ; President of St. John's ; Rev. J. Parsons, monthly : 16 pages: 8vo. 1 dollar per an. D.D. Master of Balliol ; Rev. J. Cole, D.N.

The Monthly Register and Review of the Fellow of Exeter; Rev. R. Lawrence, United States ; at Charlestown, 6 dollars D.C.L. of University ; Rev. J. Buckland, per annum.

B.D. of Corpus Christi ; Rev. W. Wood, The profits of the following religious pe. R.D. Student of Christ Church ; Rev. R. riodical publications are appropriated to Churton, M.A. of Brasennose ; Rev. H. the support of missions.

Hatton, M.A. of Balliol ; Rev. G. HeathThe Connecticut Evangelical Magazine ; cote, M.A. of New College; Rev. J. montbly ; at Hartford : 40 pages : 8vo. Browne, M.A. of Corpus Christi. 124 cents.

The six public examiners are the follow. The Massachusett's Missionary Maga- ing : the Rev. G. Smith, Fellow of Magzine ; once in two months; at Boston : dalen; Rev. J. Dean, of Brasennose; Rev. 40 pages : 8vo. 12 cents.

W. Corne, Student of Christ Church ; Rev. Tbe Piscalaqua Evangelical Magazine ; R. Hughes, Fellow of Jesus; Rev. G. Shep. once in two months; at Portsmouth : 40 herd, Fellow of University; Rev. R. Dixon, pages i Svo. 12 cents.

of Queen's. The Assembly's Missionary Magazine, or Nov. 19. Rev. T. A. Methuen, B. A. of Evangrlical Intelligencer; monthly; at Oriel, admitted M.A.; Messrs. W. Vaux of

CHRIST. Obsgav. App.

5 N

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