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الصفحة 85 - I thank God there are no free schools nor printing-presses, and I hope we shall not have them these hundred years ; for learning has brought disobedience, and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing has divulged them and libels against the best of governments : God keep us from both...
الصفحة 251 - As a remarkable instance of this, I may point out to the public that heroic youth, Colonel Washington, whom I cannot but hope Providence has hitherto preserved in so signal a manner for some important service to his country.
الصفحة 8 - Whether it be lawful to resist the supreme magistrate, if the commonwealth cannot be otherwise preserved ?" He maintained the affirmative, and this collegiate exercise furnished a very significant index to his subsequent political career.
الصفحة 302 - The New England history from the discovery of the continent by the Northmen, AD 986 to the period when the colonies declared their independence, AD 1776.
الصفحة 55 - Baldwin, Henry. A General View of the Origin and Nature of the Constitution and Government of the United States, Deduced from the Political History and Condition of the Colonies and States, from 1 774 until 1 788.
الصفحة 236 - Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty in the United States.
الصفحة 178 - Assembly in its dispute with the proprietaries; his share in the Declaration of Independence — of -which he was one...
الصفحة 209 - Notes on France and Italy," and other literary remains, with a memoir by Rev. HT Cheever, 12mo, 1851.
الصفحة 395 - In his attempt to return he was apprehended, carried before Sir William Howe, and the proof of his object was so clear, that he frankly acknowledged who he was, and what were his views.
الصفحة 140 - ... organizing an exped. to revolutionize New Mexico. Joining him as aide and military sec., they were defeated in the spring of 1812, at San Antonio, and, after suffering severe hardships, he reached Natchitoches, and opened a law-office there. He was raised to the bench of the Dist. Court in 1822, was MC in 18314 ; judge of the Supreme Court of La., from 1834 to 1846, with the exception of a few months in 1839, when he acted as sec. of State.

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