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The British Artists will doubtless be preferred in this Work; but we shall fiequently give OUTLINEs of the most celebrated Paintings of the ANCIENT MASTERS,-especially when they are confined to British COLLECTIONS; and more particularly when they are of a super-eminent reputation, and can be given in COMPLETE SETS; of which a Specimen is now laid before the Public, in the


This will be sufficient to give a taste and knowledge of the Plan of OUTLINE ENGRAVINGS.

The next Number will contain a correct and vigorous Outline of the celebrated Picture of the Death of General Wolfe, by B. West, Esq. President of the Royal Academy; copied from the original Picture in his own possession, and under his special superintendance.

Every succeeding Number of the Magazine will contain an OUTLINE, executed in a similar manner, of some distinguished Historical Picture of a modern Artist; and the succeeding Supplements will contain WHOLE Sets of Engravings, either of ancient or deceased British Masters.

A Set of HOGARTH's Marriage A-la-Mode is now in land for the next Supplement; and it is intended to comprehend all the Works of that celebrated Artist in this Magazine; in order that every thing introduced may be complete, and not left in an unbroken series.

It is trusted that this will be esteemed an additional Embellishment of no ordinary value.- It is necdless to say that a Periodical Work, of a similar sort with this, has never attempted any decoration of the like kind.

It is intended, moreover, to introduce another material improvement in this Work, viz.

COSTUMES OF EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD. They will be given in addition to the usual Fashions; and it is trusted their value will be sufficiently understood, when it is known what immense sums are daily demanded for publications of a similar kind, of which the Plates we not so well executed as those which will be given (as the Additional and Extraordinary Embellishments) in this Magazine.



BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH ES OF ILLUS- | Essay on good Travellers, 314

on Knotting, 319
Her Grace the Duchess of Richmond, 3

on Anger, 321
Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, 4

on Printing, 310
Queen of Prussia, 63

Female Sex, history of, 302
Queen of Portugal, 119

Former Times, a tale, 35, 36
Qucen of Naples, 120

Hamborgh and Bremen, a description of, 71
Queen of Etruria, 231

Historical essay on the Secret Tribunals in
Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Germany, 15
Denmark, 175

History of a Russian young lady, 133
Her R. H. the Duches of Brunswick, 291

of Paulina, 232
Sladame Tallien, 121

Husband, how to taine a turbulent one, 82

Ladies' Toilette; or Encyclopædia of Beauty,

30, S3, 205, 296
Account of a premature interment, 251

Losses of Prossia by the Peace of Tilsit, 145
— of T. W. Malkin, 326

Melai's Dog, 304
Adventure of a British soldier in America, 203 My Night-Cap, 218
Additions to the natural history of certain | Occupations of departed souls, 94, 125, 176
animals, 140, 180, 235, 293

Physiognomy; a tale, 244
Anccdotes of lary of Savoy, 85

Play-bill, singular onc, 209
of M. de Charrfurt, 141, 2:39

Robbery, a singular one, 246
MissrAmbrose, 2012

Royal Eclipse; or Delicate Facts, 195
Antiquarian Olio, 42, 97, 193

Sabina, or morning scenes in the dressiug-room
Apothecaries, the two, 210

of a Roman Lady, 30
Arcibishop of York, biographical sketch of, 208 Seymour, an English tale, 135, 200
Avarice, essay on, 78

Singular fashions, 56
Barbito, or the Ghost of Cuenca, 315

Somphronimos; a Grecian tale, 252
Bachelor, the old, 82

Spain in its present state, 23
Blue eyes; or continuation of Voltaire's Zadig, Speech delivered in a literary society, 189

Statistical Survey of Prussia in 1806, 144
Brothers, 301

Sweden, an original account of,
('amire; an American tale, 7, 74

The way to become a Marshal, 148
Cestus, or girdle of Venus, 322

Tour through Holland by Sir John Carr, 12
Cornets, an account of, 259

in Zealand, 155, 196
Copenhagen, sketch of, and manners of the Vienna, an account of, and manners of its in
in habitants, 261

habitants, 91
Connubial story, 324

Vicar's tale, 247
Criminal (the) a tale, 65, 146

War, a dream, 271, 299
('ure of old age, 241

Definition of a husband by his wife, 73

Description of Poland, 152
Dialogue between Somebody and Nobody, 238 Adjudication of Prizes, 159
Elephants, curious account of, so

Culinary researches, 44, 101, 215, 333
Essay on the effects of well-regulated theatres, Drawing, 216

Magnetism, 328
-on Politeness in Manners, 32, 128 Music, 38, 99
on the Imagination, 191

Physiognomy, 45, 91,214
on Flattery, 191

on Quackery, 192
on Learning, 269

Advice to lusbands and wives, 276
on the rage for Building, 312

Administration of 1506, 277

The Swallow, 49
The two Viziers, a tale, 105
The Filbert, 334
Woman, 335

Address to the Guardian Spirits, 163
Approach of winter, 334
Aurelia and the Spider, 218
Beauty, first idea of, 276
Caprice, 106
Concealed love, 275
Dead Robin, 220
Elegy, 218
First kiss of love, 335
Grasshopper, 47
Hungarian gipsy song, ib.
Lines on visiting the tomb of a friend, 103

on returning a ring, 107
Lachin y Gair, 219
Maria, or the mother's dirge, 47, 104
Mariner's dream, 162
Ode to Mary, 104

to Ludlow Castle, 161

to Childhooil, 017
Old man's comforts, 337
Picus Painter, 219
Sick Planter and his Slave, 213
Solitary Reaper, 106
Sonnet, 336
Solitude of Binnorie, 276

Criticism on Mr. Young, &c. 51

- on the new Performers at Drury-
Lane and Covent-Garden, 223
Errors Excepted, 110
Essay on the structure of our Theatres, 111

on the Stage, 279, 339
Maids to be Married, 50, 108, 175, 221
Opening of the Theatres, 168
The Critic, 111
Time's a Tell-Tale, 278
Too Friendly by Half, 279
Two Faces under a Hood, 338

Explanation of the Prints of Fashion, English

and French, 53, 113, 169, 295, 291, 341
General observations on the Fashions, 53, 114,

169, 226, 282, 341
Letters on Dress, 55, 115, 171, 227, 283, 343,



Songs by Fushions & Patterns.
No. 29. Duchess of Richmond. Masi.

Four Ditto.
No. 21. The Queen of Prussia.

M. P. King.

Four Ditto.
No (92. The Queen of Portugal. Hook.

Four Ditto.
No. 23. Princess Christiana of Den-


Four Ditto.
No. 24. The Queen of Etruria. Addison.

Five Ditto.
No. 25. The Duchess of Brunswick. Kollman.

Five Ditto.
No. 26. (Supplement) All the Cartoons of Raphael.





FOR JULY, 1807.


1. An elegant Portrait of the DucHESS OF RICHMOND, from a Picture in the possession

of her mother, the DUCHESS of GORDON. 2. FOUR WHOLE-LENGTH FIGURES of Ladies in ihe London Fashions for the Month. 3. An ORIGINAL Song, set :o Music for the Harp and Piano-Forte, expressly and exclusively

for this Work, by Mr. MASSI. 4. A new and elegant PATTERN for NEEDLE-WORK.

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SCIENCES. Her Grace the Duchess of Richmond....

3. On the Power of Music upon Animals.... 38 Her Majesty the Queen of Spain.......

The Antiquarian Olio....

42 Culinary Researches.....

44 Familiar Lectures on Physiognomy..

45 ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. Camite; an American Tale.......


7 A Tour through Holland; by Sir John Carr 12 Original and Select.

47 An Historical Essay on the Secret Tribunals in Germany


PUBLIC AMUSEMENTS, Essay on the Effects of well-regulated Theatres

19 Maids to be Married; by M. Picard ...... 50 Spain, in its present Physical, Moral, Poli Criticism on Mr. Young, &c. at the Hay. tical, Religious, Statistical, and Literary

market Theatre

51 State ....

23 Singular Fashions.


LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, , Sabina ; or, Morning Scerres in the Dressingroom of a Roman Lady

27 || Explanation of the Prints of Fashions.... 53 The Ladies' Toilette; or, Encyclopedia of

General Observations on the present Siyle Beauty 30 of Fashionable Decoration....

ib. Essay on Politeness in Manners, 32 Letter on Dress....

55 A Tale of Former Times

35 Supplementary Avertisements for the Month.

London: Printed by and for J. Bell, Proprietor of the WEEKLY MESSENGER, Southampton-Street,

Strand, August 1, 1807,

A very extraordinary and most valuable Historical Print, consisting of six whole-length

Portraits, embellishes


Being the Nineteenth, of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE;

Published on the First of July, price 2s. 60.
And which concluded the Second Volume of this work, with the termination of the Half Year.

THE Subject of the present Print is that of the first introduction of the Emperor ALEXANDER of Russia to the Queen of PRUSSIA, by the King, her husband, who is seen in the act of presenting his illustrious guest to the Queen-Her Majesty, accompanied by the Countess Vonness, receives him with an air of dignified complacency and august grandeur. At the termination of the Picture are seen the two Brothers of the King of Prussia, Prince William, and Prince HENRY. They are dressed in the military habit of the country; but the Queen is attired in a plain and simple manner, much after the Parisian fashion of dress which prevails generally in the Prussian Court.--The Figures are all whole lengths and correct Portraits of the august Personages represented, and so admirable are the Likenesses in the original Print from which this is most accurately copied, that the Emperor of Russia and all the Prussian Court were liberal Subscribers at two Guineas for each Print.

This Interview took place on the 10th of June, 1802, at, Memel, a city at some distance from Berlin, and situated on the Polish frontiers.

LEMENT may be had of any Bookseller in Town or Country; and those who ve not yet completed their Volumes, and failed of receiving it with the delivery of their last Number (No. 18.) are requested to give immediate orders for it to their respective Booksellers.

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