Special Consular Reports, المجلدات 54-60

الغلاف الأمامي
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912

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الصفحة 44 - Approving an issue of bonds to the amount of $550,000 bearing interest at a rate not exceeding 5 per cent per annum...
الصفحة 14 - Commissioner, be liable to a penalty not exceeding ten pounds, and in default of payment shall be liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month.
الصفحة 188 - They may also be repaid in whole or in part at any time. Interest is charged at the rate of 5 per cent., reducible to 4£ per cent, provided payment is made not later than fourteen days after due date and no arrears remain outstanding.
الصفحة 13 - Suitable containers for keeping moist food products such as sirups, honey, condensed milk, soups, meat extracts, meats, manufactured meats and undried fruits and vegetables, and wrappers in contact with food products, contain on their surfaces, in contact with the food product, no lead, antimony, arsenic, zinc or copper or any compounds thereof, or any other poisonous or injurious substance.
الصفحة 205 - Kingdom. (2) The comptroller shall consider the application, and, if after enquiry he is satisfied that the allegations contained therein are correct, then, subject to the provisions of this section, and unless the patentee proves that the patented article or process is manufactured or carried on...
الصفحة 137 - ... multiple system save where the anodes are rolled plates. Here the resistance between electrodes is as low as one-third that between electrodes in a multiple tank. The expense, however, of rolling the plates and the greater cost of stripping indicate that economv cannot be effected along these lines. " In a general way it may be stated that the cost of improving and poling anode material exceeds the saving resulting from increased output per horse-power of mechanical energy expended. The multiple...
الصفحة 20 - ... introductory remarks the first subject treated by the Governor was that of statehood, the message recommending the passage of a law for the submission of the question to a popular referendum on the part of the voters.1 To this invitation the legislature responded by creating a joint committee composed of two members of the Council and four members of the house of representatives...
الصفحة 205 - Kingdom to an adequate extent: Provided that no such order shall be made which is at variance with any treaty, convention, arrangement, or engagement with any foreign country or British possession.
الصفحة 96 - Ireland any of the articles liable to duty has been used, a drawback equal to the duty in respect of the quantity of that article which appears to the satisfaction of the Treasury to have been used in the manufacture or preparation of the goods...
الصفحة 205 - ... (4.) From and after the time when an order under SubSection (2) of this section takes effect the patent shall not be deemed to be infringed by the manufacture or carrying on within New Zealand of the patented article or process, or by the vending within New Zealand of the patented article made in New Zealand.

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